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26 February 2013

Ginormous congrats to ufez, who's been accepted to veterinary school!!
posted by Ardiril 26 February | 20:12
Hey, ufez, my cat is horking up hairballs all the time.....

(Just thought I'd get to the head of the line :)

posted by pjern 26 February | 20:17
Awesome, congrats!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 February | 20:31
Yay! Awesome!
posted by Twiggy 26 February | 20:32
Ooh, I think I know a totally awesome mad scientist punky chick going there to eventually cure cancer. Very attractive and subversive, just saying--

I think the excitement fuels the bowels & the fear empties them, so go to the loo and wallow in relief as long as you can; few things are as pure.

We need some kind of celebration with pin-the-correct-penis-on-the-animal and vet grade meds.

Suggested photo Friday: higher learning and animal wisdom
posted by ethylene 26 February | 21:00
Woo! Congrats, ufez!
posted by occhiblu 26 February | 21:15
Many thanks (not just for this thread, but for the support over the past few years)! Still kinda flipping out right now, but at least my hands have stopped shaking. Also, went back and dug up this thread from before this whole journey began. Kinda sweet in hindsight.

But yay, class of '17! Exactly 20 years after I graduated high school.
posted by ufez 26 February | 21:41
Yay Dr. ufez!!!!! I admire you for making this happen.
posted by Kangaroo 26 February | 22:08
Yeah!! ufez!! Yeah!!
posted by initapplette 26 February | 22:14
posted by initapplette 26 February | 22:14
Oh, crap. I borked that link. Here, from September '09.
posted by ufez 26 February | 22:15
But yay, class of '17! Exactly 20 years after I graduated high school.

Don't sweat it. I was 33 when I got my MFA, and 35 when I started teaching. I don't think I could have done my job at 25.

posted by Pips 27 February | 01:10
Great stuff!
posted by arse_hat 27 February | 01:42
How fantastic. I'm really proud of you.

I went back to school in my 20s and it was totally worth it.
posted by Senyar 27 February | 02:30
That's GREAT!
posted by rainbaby 27 February | 07:07
posted by Firas 27 February | 07:24
That's awesome - congrats!
posted by needlegrrl 27 February | 10:49
Many congratulations! It takes so much sticking power to go through the pre-requisites while working, like you've done. More power to you.
posted by altolinguistic 27 February | 10:50
That is so kick-ass, ufez! You've worked so hard for this.
posted by gaspode 27 February | 11:27
posted by brujita 27 February | 12:03
Congradges, ufez!
posted by Hugh Janus 27 February | 12:20
Oh, so very impressed! Isn't getting into vet school even harder than getting into med school? Also, in a different life I would have loved to have been a vet.

Warmest congratulations, ufez.
posted by bearwife 27 February | 12:33
Congratulations, and I have talked to a good number of people who have told me how difficult it is to get into vet school. You should be super proud of yourself, awesome!
posted by Sil 27 February | 13:27
posted by Slack-a-gogo 27 February | 14:19
Hooray! Congrats!
posted by bluesapphires 27 February | 15:41
Dang! That's more than impressive!
posted by mightshould 27 February | 18:44
Jesus, you all have made me all misty-eyed again. That's happened quite a bit in the past 24 hours.

Thank you so very much for all of the kind words. I've settled down a little bit, but it's still very surreal.

Isn't getting into vet school even harder than getting into med school?

I've heard that before but I can't really say either way. There are far fewer DVM programs, and they may have smaller classes, but I don't know what the relative numbers of applicants are. The odds are far better if you go in-state, though, since most vet schools are at land-grant universities and have legislative minimums for taking residents. The long-running joke is that med school students have it easier though since they only have to study one measly species.
posted by ufez 27 February | 20:05
Congrats (again)!
posted by gomichild 27 February | 23:28
Yay! Congrats ufez!! I remember that thread.

med school students have it easier though since they only have to study one measly species. um, there's probably a great deal more truth to that than snark, really - small animal vets not only have to understand mammals from various families (dogs, cats, rabbits, the various small rodents, etc...), there's several other classes (fish, birds, reptiles) they have to grok before getting a DVM. Large animal vets have it somewhat easier from that aspect, but farm vets are in a class by themselves owing to the pure physical danger factor - you are basically at a real risk of being maimed on a daily basis.

Just looking at the lists of things that are toxic to dogs and cats that have zero effect on humans is enough to make my head spin.
posted by lonefrontranger 28 February | 12:24
What's on your bucket list? || "Your handsome-ass grandfather had one blade. AND polio."