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23 September 2013

Did anyone watch the Emmys last night? Opinions on any and all aspects of it?[More:]

1. Thank goodness Breaking Bad won the best drama, because I was super pissed that Cranston and Paul got dissed.

2. LOVED the color of Tina Fey's dress

3. Really enjoyed the choreographer's contribution

4. Jeff Daniels needs to stop chewing gum

5. I love Veep, so glad to see some of the actors getting props there.
I watched a little bit, and was underwhelmed by the show overall. Nothing can beat the Tonys!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 September | 09:39
also: watching the Emmys is far better when you watch breaking bad instead and then just fast forward through. I missed Elton John, apparently. And something about the Beatles and JFK's assassination?
posted by gaspode 23 September | 11:27
I heard Modern Family won a thing. I don't like that show.

Also, and I just need to get this off my chest, but FUCK the Guinness Book of World Records. That book should be like 50 pages long. Every other "record" is some trivial nonsense that shouldn't be tabulated.
posted by mullacc 23 September | 12:57
I've been catching up on what happened online. I don't think I can see Edie Falco right yet.

That dance number was... yeah. The Veep bit was great, I love Tony Hale. I love Merrit Wever, surprised Jeff Daniel's won. There's an equal number of surprise yay! and surprise wha?
Jesse is totally winning it next year. Todd may have a good supporting chance, because he is becoming indelibly creepy in my mind. Casting amazes me lately.

I wonder who gets to vote.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 13:34
Finally a woman accountant on stage from Ernst & Young or PWC or wherever.

Jon Hamm's facial hair made him look like a Nutcracker.

Modern Family has had its day. Look elsewhere next year, please, voters.
posted by initapplette 23 September | 14:10
Heh. I think everyone hated that dance number except me. I thought it was hilarious!
posted by gaspode 23 September | 16:02
It was funny, but it didn't seem like it was suppose to be. There's not usually much intentional funny going on on these shows.

I'm always happy Anna Chlumsky doesn't get swarmed by bees at the end.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 17:40
It was after I slammed the first season of Veep that I realized who she was, and I think I had a good week of, "She's alive?!" which is really so very weird. And then with Hannibal--

Can we just make this a pop culture wrap up, because I just realized Downton Abbey has started and I'm so grateful for the internet I had to pause it for a moment of proper thanks.
I did not know how much I missed you, DA, except now Alfred looks like the perfect evil hitman.

I think I need tea.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 18:12
downton Abbey has started? I am hopeless at keeping up with stuff.
posted by gaspode 23 September | 18:32
Across the pond. Jan 5 for us american types.
posted by Ardiril 23 September | 19:03
Paraphrasing: my ass is international.
Ooh, I'm a cheerful charlie for a few moments of true deliciousness in there. Gah, go watch it so we can go all spoilery spoilerific! Blanks are gone, blanks are back, blanks are disgusting half-breeds! Blanks are going to go blankity blank in a blank!
I'd say dropbox but there's some dropout in mine that I could fix but in less time than it would take to otherwise acquire it.

One more thing: dresses! But who's, you may ask.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 19:40
Of course I mean more and typos. I'm surprised I care so much. I could be the refreshing lack of cops, rape and murder.

After seeing Hugh Bonneville play the lecherous scumbag in something and be a dope on DA, it's hard to ever go back to your good Lordship.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 19:50
I can't help it: MAGGIE'S GOT A NEW HAT!
Does it too have tumorous grapes? Can you stand it?!
posted by ethylene 23 September | 19:55
Downton Abbey has started?

I watched it on Sunday with Danf and Vicky. They are now an episode ahead of the rest of you, but will have to wait until the new year (or until streams it the day after it's shown here) to catch up.

Non-spoiler - the acting and plot were as risible as ever, but the costumes were beautiful, particularly Edith's green dress.
posted by Senyar 24 September | 01:56
Those two pointless drama arcs are stupid for even existing, but the few bits that work on past relationships and a wee handful of reaction shots are worth it-- plus there is something about Mary's speech that I think is interesting in a way the show often demonstrates. Yes, some people may have only 1 & 1/2 facial expressions but others--
Is it always going to be over an hour now?
Did anyone else see Silk or the Hour?
Is Natalie Dormer in half of everything now?
My questions about British shows/actors are legion.
My questions about television are legion.
Should I start the Hollow Crown or pass out--zzz
posted by ethylene 24 September | 02:47
Didn't even know the Emmys were on last night.
posted by Thorzdad 24 September | 18:54
I must provide some personal perspective for this... || My cartoon is in this week's issue of the New Yorker!