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Archives for: December 2005

31 December 2005

Is it over? Put the year behind you yet?
I need YOUR help to make a mix... Bunnies, please hope me. I need the following mp3's to finish making a mix for some friends. If you can hook me up, I'll get you back. Promise. You'll see.Read more...
Dick Clark? Regis? Ryan whatshisface? MTV? --bitch here, Americans. ABC is already showing some asinine thing with Ryan.
Happy New Year's from Berlin! Somehow, this year turned out six hours shorter than usual...
Bunny! OMG! i apologize in advance
Mies del Dolor and alternate versions. Very pretty. Cheers!
Milk. (.wmv file) Amusing.
Predicting the Shit Out of Stuff --what are your more unlikely predictions for 2006?
Weebl and Bob An eponysterical episode. Everybody else may well know about them already, but I didn't, and I've just been going slowly through them and laughing like a loon for hours. So happy weebl & bob new year!
You're Elected!? Donald Trump to run for NY governor??
My Last Audio Post of 2005. And fittingly it's an odd one.

Bob Landers with Willie Joe & his Unitarians - Cherokee Dance.Read more...
Random Radio Matildaben - D Edition Today's time-zone-shifted episode is brought to you by the letter D.Read more...
Indianapolis: How is it? Besides cold. Looks like I'm headed there in February. Never been.
A new word I have come up with a new word:

Deliberance: n. The act of thinking about whether or not to sodomize someone.

ex: Locked in deliberance, Nathaniel stroked his chin and gazed at the languishing anal beads.
For some of our bunnies, it's already 2006... So I decided to go ahead and put up the New Year's bunnyhead! (refresh if you don't see it.) Happy New Year, everybody! I kiss you!
MC King Kong? Why am i parsing this as "Rapper Chimp released from prison"?
Facts. To amaze and confound you.
I'm shaving my beard! I am doing it gradually as to not upset the boy. When I was young my dad shaved his beard abruptly and it was very disturbing. Any who 2006 is going to see a clean me.
This computer kinda sucks Sucks a lot, actually. So does being in Memphis. Hello hi how are you?
Ask MeCha: looking for royalty free or inexpensive photos that would be appropriate for... an online tax school. Preferably with different races represented and not children. Anyone got any links/suggestions?

30 December 2005

I jingled all the way
Radio Matildaben - Random C The third installment in our random radio series. Brought to you by the letter "C". Starting at approximately the top of the hour.
I want to share something cool, but it kinda feels like bragging. But I've been told I'm allowed to brag about this, though it makes my typical sense of humility quiver. Read more...
HAPPY THREAD!!!
Billboard --weird average sound snippets of every #1 song since 58--reminds me of Capn's contest, but is completely unrecognizable.
FUCKABEES
Jack in the (Witness) Box, reports AP Abramoff's cooperation would be a boon to an ongoing Justice Department investigation of congressional corruption, possibly helping prosecutors build criminal cases against up to 20 lawmakers and their staff members.
Most Overhyped/Underappreciated Band of the Year?
AskMecha: Would it be OK to post a "commercial" web site I am working on to get some feedback?Read more...
Least favourite songs of the year
My favorite albums of 2005 Insipred by the "favorite song of 2005" thread below.Read more...
Friday Flash Funny Fighting Something for the end of the week, end of the year, end of the world as we know it.Read more...
Finally, I finished Cloud Atlas. Anything we need to do before the 6th? How's it going to work? How many others have, will have or will not have finished reading it by then? I'm looking forward to talking nonsense about books!
Roger McGuinn's folk corpus. I found these poking around Gutenberg today.Read more...
Isn't it about time we did another Exquisite Codec? Post a link to a song that is connected in some way (artist, title, general theme) to the song posted previously).Read more...
Hand-cranked Lexus.
Radio b - Coincidentally 100% Walrus-Free Coming up at approximately the top of the hour.
Now with less flavour! So two products, a mouthwash and a gum have been launched in my market (and maybe yours, I dunno), both proudly proclaiming "NOW! With Less Intense Taste!"Read more...
This morning, I would like to smell like a hint of a best beloved's cologne, a touch of campfire and sea water after an extended romp of nightswimming.

How 'bout you?
You will do well to expand your business
Best MetaFilter (Blue) FPPs of 2005? My favorite, off the top of my head.
I Am The Walrus Beginning at 12:15 EST: sixteen different versions by fifteen different bands. Why? BECAUSE I CAN!!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!Read more...
I need help with math or statistics or something Read more...
I smell like Jack Daniels and cigarette smoke this morning. How 'bout you?
Hi! Can I stalk you? Or maybe you can stalk me? Never had my own stalker before. Unless of course you count the guy who used to call my house in the middle of the night and say dirty things.
A change of policy. Lately there have been instances of Metatalk squabbles being brought over here and also discussion of Mefi users without their knowledge. This needs to be dealt with and here's what is going to happen.
Hey Chicago! I'll be in town next week.
I would just like to congratulate jonmc...
Paging Flopsy
Some pop. Because I'm in the mood.
Tunes for a post-NYE-hangover open house?
Radio Mosch maxin and relaxin.
Ask Meatchat. Anyone have a chili recipe to share? Read more...

29 December 2005

Radio yhbc in just a few minutes, when matildaben is done. A short, randomish set.
Warning: Flash. Warning: Your Favorite Band Sux. Warning ... I wouldn't dare post it to MetaFilter ("Shill! Shill! Pepsiblue!" "Dude, flash totally SUCKS!!!" "So why is this here? What do we care about this, when people are dying?"), but the band Stereophonics has what I thought was a pretty cool flash-based website, and I just wanted to share it.
post by: yhbc at: 21:57
Yo, Philly! Come out and play!
How Many Condoms at once? Let's hear it for science. Photos may be considered NSFW.
Followup to the posthumous xmas AksMe
AskMeCha: Travel Which of those destinations would you choose? (i may have a week off at the end of Jan)
Random Radio Matildaben - B Edition Random song titles beginning with B - starts at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Oh, and flaming squids on ice!
in dastardly bastard fashion
mierda my old Uni's been the target of a terrorist attack.
Emerald Nuts. Their ads make me laugh. And you, too, can enter their ad contest.
Amusing banter.
C'mon out and play, y'damn kid! Serious mommy/puppy love, puppy seriously overwhelmed. Cuteness abounds.
There is something wrong with my ears. I hate earbuds. Hate them with a passion. They won't stay in, they hurt, they are a huge pain.

And, they came with my new mp3 player.
The Kid From Brooklyn dot com. [nsfw] All you Noo Yawkahs probly know of dis guy, but I hadn't hearda him til today. Most amusing.
Someone has a sense of humour. So at the video store today...Read more...
My shoes arrived... I like 'em. Thanks! :)
I'm sick...
Two sites I like lots.
CabbageHead Redux A few people have asked me to repost this mix, so here it is. (~100mb)
Jane Smiley post at HuffPo on differing mindsets and politics--is what she says true?
Wiki wiki wah! Things like this can get lost so I'm just dropping in a little reminder: we now have a wiki so please check it out, help yourselves, think up clever uses, etc. If you need help then just ask.
50 across. 5 letters. Electric catfish. Although I refuse to Google this, I see nothing wrong with asking you for help. (2nd letter is an A) Bless you.
My neighbor moved his/her router and now I can't get pirated WiFi and be on MetaChat when I'm at home. Hold me.
I just wrote a new song
Sonic the Hedgehog. As played by a piano. [oh noes! google video!]
What new hot trend is right for YOU?
War and Peace English translation
2-year-old gets drunk; baby-sitter charged -- hon -- can you pass the Dubonnet? Thanks. Love. Kisses.
SPAM SPAM SPAM i go to my gmail SPAM box and there's 1) SPAM e-mails do i want to see SPAM e-mails NO! [well maybe when there's funny names like 'pinto brada' and 'masato boss' and hilarious shite like penis growth patches i mean picture that--some dude walking around with a PATCH ON HIS WILLY! haha] but then in the SPAM box there's also 2) RECIPES USING SPAM! that's right ALWAYS TEXT ADS for RECIPES USING SPAM salty screwy 'meat' [?] in a tin recipes which NO ONE WANTS TO SEE! [and i'm a vegetarian] am i RIGHT? does this happen TO YOU!? [does google not have more sense than this or is it a joke?]


Thank you for your time.

28 December 2005

Defend Your Temple --a timely flash game for Hanukkah
This is a test. This is a test of Wadio Wendell. If this were an actual emergency, you'd be on your own.
Brokebush Mountain --Cowboys. Neocons. Lovers. : >
Alyson Hannigan is still the sexiest woman on TV. But Marissa Jarett Winokur and Kirsten Vangsness are nipping at her heels. This is what years of painstaking research ahve tought me.
mitil "I am always recruiting the work of the picture. I will welcome the request of the picture from foreign countries."
Random Radio Matildaben (A edition) Starting approximately on the hour (6 p.m. PST) - all random songs starting with the letter "A".
The world is ending in some strange, prescribed way. You can only have one of the following for the rest of your life: The company of people; the company of animals; music.

Which do you choose?
What do you wish you were doing immediately before you responded to this post?
SQL Bug I occasionally get the following bug when clicking on the (n new) comments link. I only started seeing this today. Firefox 1.5 on Win2003 Server.Read more...
What were you doing immediately before you responded to this post?
Random Radio II In which I'll spin for an hour until matildaben gets home.
Random radio. In which I tell WinAmp to play 20 tracks from my collection of 15,000 at random.
2005 Year in Review News Quiz -- Bush | BTK | Terri Schiavo | Pope John Paul II ...
Radio Dodgy Just a quickie...
Term coinage I propose the following challenge to the Mecha masses...Read more...
What notes do you have on your desk? And what do they say?
Some Callahan. Because I'm in the mood.
A responsible adult can use the Jesus doll to teach young children. But what can I use it for?
Winnar!!! Also, answers, inside...
eleek, inc. lighting Hand crafted metal work out of Portland, done with patternmaking: "the old world craft of making patterns --- detailed wood positives from which molds for metal castings are made."
ooh! A couple drops of rain just splashed against my window and I turned to look, barely in time to catch a fleeting rainbow. Rainbow inside!
Slice. A desktop (1024 x768) for anyone who wants it; the dual monitor version is here. (Thumbnails inside.)
Not that I want to start a trend. But I now sport my new name! Thanks ever so much, dodgygeezer. I feel shiny.
-mecha formerly known as yoga
Postcards from beautiful Britain. Brought to you by the fine people of The Caravan Gallery.
What's the very first site I pull up after being away (!) from the internet four whole days...?Read more...

27 December 2005

Splitting AVIs I have a huuuge AVI file (video: DiVx; audio: MP3) and I want to select few segments and export them as AVIs. Quickest way?
Everyone hop in the IRC hot tub! Get in, it's nice and warm.
The Quitters Club So... I'm throwing my hat in the "I will quit smoking in 2006" ring. We should totally form a club or something.
Tuesday! And this is the second gis hit. Is it a sign? It is a sign.
Noise radio. Soundscapes, random bluprs and other various loud and abrasive things.
Cheese Horns The saga Continues.
m4a files.
Fairytale of New York in high-quality video [80Mb].
More year-in-review pictures. Some incredible shots (warning: some are graphic).
Attention Torontonian MeCha Members! I will be in your fair city this coming weekend... up for a drink on Friday?
My dad picked me up at BWI rail station last Thursday night.Read more...
Reminder In case you missed the first two threads. Now there's $200 on the line.
Presents Ive seen a thread about what presents you lot got for Christmas; now what did you give?

Me, i bought a hardback copy of Banksy's graffiti work for my mum, some slo mello jazz for my dad (was thinking about some pharoah sanders but went back on that), and some lush latin-jazz party tunes for my sister.

What gives?
A few days late but ... There are no words to describe this. Well, there are, but I would go blind writing them. (mp3 file)
Update: For what it's worth, police now say that the woman who swallowed her cellphone, previously reported as having swallowed it in an attempt to keep it away from her boyfriend (discussed, quite passionately, in this thread), was, in fact, apparently the victim of an assault. Maybe dame and ortho can be friends again.

Brief NYTimes article, p. A21.
So. What do you want to know?
So what were the good books this year? Or have we already done this?Read more...
My father had a machete that was...
Mr. Gackt! We have to go! Possibly NSFW, video launches upon clicking.
Time for some fine whine
Help. I Need to Install Some RAM Walk me through this, please, oh technically gifted mechazens? Read more...
Some Oldham. Because I'm in the mood.
This is A Thank You Post for the Metachatters Who Made My Christmas Great! This is a post of thanks to Mechatters who made me happy this Christmas and why
1. Matildaben for the Chinese Food, videos and utterly great CD's (Epynt! Epynt! you go, Gruff!)
2. Mudpuppie for saying she was a reindeer and letting me hang my laundry on her antlers.
3. JonMc for all the kickass Peter Green downloads.
4. Agropyron/Diva Despina for Indian food, and numerous great evenings at their house.
5. Dame for calling me Smootchie.
6. PinkSuperHero for the whole PinkSuperChihuahua back-and-forth, and for the chat that started "Okay, WHO ARE YOU??"
7. Eideteker for the great spinsets.

Now feel free to add to this list, I know you wanna!
Ask Mecha: I need a free medium-sized (c. 5 million words) corpus of representative American English. I do not need parts of speech tagged, just the text itself. [mi]
Falling sand You are getting verrrry sleeeeeepy.

26 December 2005

Someone upgraded my account!
When you're sitting on an airplane, do your elbows venture past your arm rest into your neighbor's space? Do they, perhaps, jab into your neighbor's side? If so, I have words for you. Read more...
I'm sad that I had to leave IRC My family is sucking right now.

Dingle bunny! I am so in love.
Easy To Slip It's so easy to fa-ah-all. Let your memory drift into nothing at ah-ah-ah-a-ahl.

Well the whole world seems so cold today.

But I had sex with Ernest Hemmingway.
Contest is GO! See here for info
Party in #metachat! Come on down!
This week's charts: Jingle Rock Bell tied for #1 with Eartha Kitt!
Russian Cannibal Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Cooking Friend. It's not the story so much as the stock photo they used. Makes the NY Post look staid.
10 Things You Don't Know About Me - Redux Read more...
Music Box I'm starting with some hip-hop, then maybe something else. Listen in, if you're so inclined.
Book Club --i hope you're all reading or have finished Cloud Atlas. Email me with suggestions and problems or puzzling things about it--i'm formulating questions now. : >
Happy Boxing Day! May the drunkeness commence!
Committing musical crimes for charity. Inspired by mosch, I have a musical contest for you and I will donate 100 Canadian dollars to a charity of the winner's choosing.Read more...
Xmas Miracles thread
This is the Robitussin whining thread. That is all.
Listen to the radio for the next six hours.
Also, Derek Bailey just died.
Have you ever made a font?
midnight radio mayfly after panoptican i will be playing you some music that may or may not be jarringly random.
Nixon's favorite musical? To test my iPod, I'm playing a musical both I and, reporttedly Richard Nixon, enjoyed in the 1970s.

Nixon, it is claimed, had a song cut from the movie version.

Name the musical.
Penis Variations on a theme. Also cheerfully lifted from MoFi.

25 December 2005

Kongdingle The new King Kong was beautiful. Full of metaphors, too many to count. Quite the cliffhanger as well, mostly literally. He should have flung poo at those damn biplanes, but I guess he was too classy a dude.

Speaking of which, isn't dingle the clumped stuff that occasionally hangs off a bunny's ass?
Woot's offer today? --a bag of crap for a buck. : >
I need some Metachat cheer.
Imagine ... Liel and Bill Clinton in a duet Imagine singing this song ...
it's easy if you try
you may want to know the lyrics ...
before you answer aye
Radio Dodgy Quick one hour session. On now.
I just watched Queen Elizabeth's Christmas broadcast (transcript, video available on the right) and I must say I was impressed. Read more...
Is that mistletoe AND dingle our bunny is holding? I love it!

Many Kissmas kisses!!
I was right! David Tennant is great as Dr Who!
Radio announcement! (I like the holiday logo!) Tomorrow, from 9am to 3pm PST, I'll be broadcasting music by artists on the Nurse With Wound list, along with some NWW and Current 93.
It's my gift to all of you.
They were trying to get the lights to work. In case you were wondering. I was, but then I'm kinda dimly witted. Via Sk4n on the other side.
Merry Kissmas!
Minor Mainstream Media Mention of Jingle Rock Bell. The story is mainly about Jon Solomon's long running and awesome 24 hour Xmas musix Marathon, which you can hear here. Right now he's playing Lord Buckley's Scrooge.
Blogging options for PostgreSQL Lovers? Seriously, what's the deal with none of the blogging software working with postgresql? How hard is it to write a program that works with more then RMDB? Bleh.
hey guys <3 Happy December 25th. Thanks for all the music, entertainment, and great company. HUGS FOR EVERYONE!
Happy, young, hip clipart couple They're happy because now they don't have to worry about building their own super-computer, one of the greatest challenges for a young, hip, skinny couple on the go
Anti-Christmas Radio. But not really. Mostly just a bunch of tunes.

24 December 2005

I didn't recognize your face at first... And then my eyes flew open wide. Read more...
I don't celebrate any religious holiday in December. How 'bout you? Read more...
Do we really need the Happy Holidays Backlash? What is this thing where people are all militantly "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays" this year?
santa said "ho ho ho!" and was sued for sexual harassment Read more...
Bon noël lapins
I am very bored on Christmas eve So I am broadcasting radio kellydamnit EBM and industrial stuff now.
And I am on IRC.

And I really don't feel like wrapping presents.
Weirdest location you've been kissed in? I don't mean "spot on the body," I mean your surroundings.Read more...
Does anybody know what this says, or at least what language it is? Stastne vianocne sviatky v... Read more...
49up? anyone know of torrents for it? was it good? sad? How's Neil? (uknova didn't have it)
Ladies in Hades radio. I got an early present from my Santa baby -- a wonderful comp called "One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found." Lots of familiar lovely things, but some I'd never heard before and that I've already fallen for, hard.

So if you're up and you like the soulful ladies, you should listen to some selections, as well as a few I'm throwing in just because I'm fond of them.
My deepest apologies to Clement Clarke Moore and wuffles to the rest of you. Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a bunny;

23 December 2005

Radio Mecha--DJ mixes Right now it's DJ Riko's 'Merry Mixmas.' Next, who knows?
post by: box at: 23:44 | 5 comments
How old were you when you found out Santa wasn't real? My niece is 11, and she still believes, and it kind of worries me.
Do you care what others think? It seems like a certain group of people (many of them MeFites) considers it highly desirable to have no care for what others think. How much do you care? For example, how much would it bother you if you knew that 2-3 of your coworkers were always smirking about you behind your back?
Help me be Mrs. Santa (advice needed)
Ack! A. Ottawa is cold goddamn cold.
Creepy First Date Quotes/Questions So have you ever been on a first date where the other person said something REALLY weird?Read more...
I just had an hour-long telepnone conversation with my ex-girlfriend Read more...
Radio Mecha Trivia Game Tonight - 9PM Eastern. Cash prizes.
Folktastic Radio. For those of you who have actually finished holiday shopping.
Radio Matildaben No one seems to be on and no one claimed the spot at the end of dodgy's, so I'll rerun a few of the songs from last night and probably slip in some more as well.
Microwave recipes
What's your favorite?
Christmastime for the Jews --Shown on SNL last week, with Darlene Love singing--a TV FunHouse animation. : >
NORAD’s Santa Tracker -- This is the 50th Anniversary that NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa. The tradition began after a Colorado Springs-based Sears Roebuck & Co. store advertisement for children to call Santa on a special "hotline" included an inadvertently misprinted telephone number. Instead of Santa, the phone number put kids through to the CONAD Commander-in-Chief's operations "hotline."
Radio Dodgy Just a short set [at half past the hour] as I'm sure everyone is busy elsewhere. I'll try my best to do any requests.
Is anybody here in London? The sister-in-law of a good friend is currently having some severe issues and is in London. We need to get help, either to an airport to the United States, or possibly to a hospital. She may or may not be able to walk.

Details are sketchy, but the fact that I've been contacted means the situation is reasonably desperate.

Can anybody here point me towards an appropriate place to call for assistance, in London?
My favorite christmas song ever No one can say happy holidays quite like Shane MacGowan.
Of course I forgot a bunch of you Because I was drunk. I have no other excuse.
Are there any more questions?
You people crack my shit up. Will you be my friends?
You are all special, wonderful and pretty. It's true.
Music Box I can't sleep, so here's some music.
post by: box at: 04:36 | 9 comments
Alfred, Lord Tennyson's great-grandson Hallam, 85 found stabbed to death. “Normally you worry about your teenage children, but we were worried about him." I hope I can be so active at that age.
No illusions: Please come to IRC. It's my last night here before leaving for a few days, and I'd rather not have to do something productive like, oh, clean the bathroom. Come kill time with me?
Future Perfect "is (a blog) about the collision of people, society and technology, drawing on issues related to the user research that I conduct on behalf of my employer - Nokia."
What's your favorite charity?

22 December 2005

Out of ideas for last-minute Xmas gifts? How about a semen detection kit? Make sure to read the customer reviews:

"We used this test in regards to our daughter and wanted to be sure we bought the right one."
A Holiday Song From The Band Hi all. I hope a lil' self-link action is ok. Our band recorded a quick holiday song. I wanted to share it with you. Happy Holidays.
I love you guys, So here's a neglected Xmas classic I just stubled upon going through my collection:

Cheech & Chong - Santa Claus & His Old Lady
Woke me up... ...a good thing.
Welcome, newcomers. As some of you know the tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances.

I got a lot of problems with you people!
Sites that do annoying and obvious things in Javascript? I want to test something. Can you point me to sites that make annoying and obvious uses of javascript?
Hate Christmas shopping? Scratch your armpit for yes. Scratch your bum for no. Poke your thumb in your eye if you're not sure.
or shopping without pre-defined outcomes

Don't post a reply.
Marion Post FSA photographer. One of the lesser know FSA artists but one of my favorites. Read more...
MORALS NOT SPELLING! After the Weekly World News' Ed Anger pussed out heavily, I've needed a counterpoint. I think I've found it.
(via here)
Radio Matildaben Broadcasting until 4, when Mudpuppie starts the Santa/Jesus onslaught!
So, what's everybody planning to do in 2006? Hmmm?
Aussies! The sun is directly overhead in Rockhampton, yes? Read more...
Sometimes the headlines just write themselves!! Should i go first?
Look ma, he said Uranus!
Ho Freakin' Ho. Metachat Holiday Radio™ to be rebroadcast this afternoon at 4 Pacific.
Skin your Roomba! Because nude Roombas are not to be tolerated.
Yay! Strike Is Over! Find your own damn links.
Radio b - the Mid-Life Crisis edition. Coming your way at approximately half-past the hour. Read more...
I need an online greeting card I can send *in the body* of an e-mail. Where can I find such a thing?
Too chatty? Matt deleted a good thread, let's carry on here:
If you were going to relocate permanently from the present day to Rome circa 100 BC, and you could bring only one piece of luggage (standard carry-on dimensions) what would you pack?

Also: what's the reasoning behind your selection? posted by alms
Christmas came early this year
Ask MeCha Help me find some mac software to give as a gift.

Difficulty: giftee is not particularly technical, and as it's a gift, free software won't do.
Why Sea Kayaking Is Not a Good Idea warning: SFW but links to video & ebaumsworld, so beware the popup monster.
Holiday free-for-all All these mentions of family fights made me start a list of all the things I can't talk about with various members of my family during the holidays...
Psychology of the Short-timer [Google Video, some bad language & a brief pussy shot]Read more...
I'd like to propose a holiday greetings thread
Metachat Wiki! I thought it'd be useful for us all to have a place where we can store info, colaborate, etc so I installed a wiki. Please feel free to make use of it.
Catfish
Hey Black People one of the greatest dub tracks ever.
Last night I dreamed I was trying to shave with my USB memory stick.
Vague Photoshop Tip: I saw this tutorial on how to color b&w images linked from delicious, and decided to give you my own favorite technique, kinda. (see inside, for the more...)
Yo, Brooklyn! I'm going to be in your fair city this Friday night with a friend and I'd love to meetup with some of you if you're so inclined. We plan to wander around aimlessly eyeing cute hipster boys...anyone want to join us/point us in the right direction?
You aint gonna believe this update on our United Airlines son called from the RALEIGH airport as he actually got in at the regular time instead of when UNITED he gets to cool his heels for an hour and a half as we jump in the car to go get him.Read more...
Jingle Rock Bell ... the video Look what I found made.

21 December 2005

Mary Christmas: The world's greatest tree Courtesy of two overly creative friends.
I hated union ever'where,
'Cause God likes unions
And I hate God!
Touch-typing hurts. It hurts! Especially the damned exclamation points.
United Airlines is getting coal for christmas. My son was supposed to arrive at the Raleigh airport tonight at 11pm. We got a computerized call that because of flight delays it will be 8 in the morning. No weather delays, according to the website it was "customer service" reasons.

Customer service my hiney. Haven't seen him for a year! WAAAAAAAA!
A very brief, non-Christmas oriented Radio MetaChat featuring the MeFi mix I have yet to send. [it's going into the mail tomorrow, I promise]
Recurring MeTa Deletions
I have an extra MefiSwap CD
LIVE NUDE SWINGIN' CANUCKIANS!! Err, sort of. Ok, not really. I'm very, very afraid.
Those Swinging Canadians -- Canadian Court Lifts Ban on ‘Swingers’ Clubs -- Group sex among consenting adults not a threat to society, it says
Is anyone preparing tofuck for the holidays? Sometime Mefi outdoes itself...I'm trying to laugh silently at work and it's not working!!
Someone hold me.
The best thing about being at home all day is being able to make a hot lunch!Read more...
Breaking news: Toussaint responds to mayoral and gubernatorial comments Didn't get all of it because I'm not a stenographer.
The Neanderthal Past of Pop Music Okay, I just read on's Essential Mix that the Bloodhound Gang's recent album contains this euphemistic gem for sex:

"Cattle-prod the oyster ditch with the lap rocket".

Um, no thanks.
Anyone else out there want to weigh in with the worst sex euphemisms you've ever heard?

This one makes me wanna holler for "oyster ditch" alone...
Off in the Christmas Cosmos ...further adventures in holiday obscura, courtesy of Sound Opinions.
Dear Santa...
Happy motherf@#$#ing birthday, Sam Jackson!
Rocket Santa! via BoingBoing
Hey, did you hear, they're doing a new CSI all about internet crime and IM perverts? Read more...
A Holday Gift for the MeCha Weird Music Geek ContingentRead more...
Virtual cigarette break
The Gilded Moose presents the 2005 Guide to Modern American History As Told Through Anne Hathaway's Hair in Brokeback Mountain.
post by: amberglow at: 11:01
Do you have Troll Doll Jingles?
How about some strike sex? Sometimes I just love Gawker. (linked ads probably NSFW)
Last night in my sleep I stuck my thumb in my eye.Read more...
And a MeCha Solstice to you, sir. For most of us, winter begins today. A good season full of whatever-warmth-you-can-find to everyone! users - let's get a Harvey Girls image up. Go vote "yes" for the proposed image so we can give The Harvery Girls a face on
post by: taz at: 06:54 | 9 comments
Hahahaha! Hahaha! *drys eyes.* That is all.
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Radio KMA~ Just some stuff I threw together so mudpuppie could get away from Xmas music. Probably will go about 1 hour starting at 10PM Pacific.
metafilter contrib index is fsck'd Either that, or matthowe, johnmc, and wendel have only been around for one day.

Also, tdecious pwns us all.
Vote Now! For the MeCha book club book of the January!Read more...
This post is for Mudpuppie and Matildaben Hello all. This is just a post on Metachat because, well, you know, I should. It's wrong to not post. To continue or start conversations. To whet the insatiable appetite of the internets. So, say hi here. If you want to, that is. Otherwise, well, don't.

Merry Christmas, Mudpuppie. Merry Christmas, Matilda.

20 December 2005

What's the IRC record? We've got 17 right now.
Abducted: Toga Reward: Many fishies!!
MeCha holiday tunes start on the hour. Also, holiday party -- with eggnog! -- in IRC.
Dover court rules that Intelligent Design is not science. I'm not going to post this on the blue because I know it'll degenerate into the usual religious wars.Read more...
I know the love has been flowing freely around here lately But for reals, I've been listening to MeCha mixes all day, as well as random tracks that everybody has shared, and y'all rock. So many new artists for me, and lots of songs that I had completely forgotten about. Happy times! Thanks everybody.
The Oracle, 1928 -Forgotten Associations--cool blog from Mefi's very own deafmute
post by: amberglow at: 18:13
I propose a "wow' thread. Just to sorta balance out the pouting thread, y'know.Read more...
Email sent by mistake Back in 1998 I was working for a huge software company, in their tech support department...Read more...
Pentagon: gay law school groups a "credible threat" of terrorism
Did I miss this on MetaFilter, or did no one FPP it?
oh my god i'm so hungover
MeCha Holiday Radio Later today, I'll be broadcasting all of the songs you uploaded in the xmas music thread.Read more...
Do you love your pod coffee maker?
Since I've now bit the bullet and done something I'd been considering doing for a while, I thought I might as well go whole hog and post it here as well. Some sample tracks from MeFite/Cha member Fake. Enjoy!
I propose a Pouting Thread.
Haven't heard about any MeCha dreams in a while... and this one's pretty weird....Read more...
Kedeng kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng
Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng oe oe
Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng
Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng Kedeng oe oe
A classical music puzzler for you. Identify the composer of this lovely cello concerto: Movements I, II, III. (Or don't worry about who wrote it & just enjoy.)
Aaahr, I need a pirate! No, really. I need a really simple jpeg of a swashbuckler who looks like the Capt Morgan rum fellow. {MI}
This is a fucking thread. "The Daily Schedule of a Porno Copywriter" is my favorite.
Eyes on a CabbageHead (~100 mb) My recent mountian music/folk music mix for the MeFi cd swap.Read more...
20thC classical music on the radio from 9am to noon PST.
Is Fark a better resorce than MetaFilter? Lately, I've been seeing more interesting stories on Fark than on MetaFilter. (I'll still maintain that MF comments are better than Fark comments, though.)

Step inside, and I'll point out which Fark links I wish I'd seen on MF....
Ask MeCha: Where to get off?
Happy Birthday, Dame!
SWF recompiled (safe for work)
This comment I made made me curious. Also, I'm a cat. What links are on your bookmarks toolbar?
Is anyone else having problems with Firefox right now? It keeps not opening and giving me a message that it has shut down. I'm on a Mac, 10.4.3 or so.

19 December 2005

NYCfilter: TWU Local 100 rejects final MTA offer
Looks like this strike is gonna happen.
radio Moonbird: Monday Night Mellow Minimix On for a short spell - beginning at 20 past the hour.
The Master and Margarita: On the BBC world news today I heard that a 10 part adaptation of Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita is going to begin airing on Russian television tonight. I don't speak more than a lick of Russian (for those who do, here's the official site for the series), but I'd love to at least see this, since I'm somewhat familiar with the story. Anyone know of any good Russian torrent sites that don't require membership where I might find this?
Christmas Music! Judy Garland Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Read more...
I witnessed a car wreck today. A fifteen year old kid stole a car, drove like a bat out of hell down the road I was on, swerved around me, was blocked in by traffic, hit a curb, tried to pull a uturn, crashed into a woman heading the other direction, totalling her car right in front of me, then sped off with a cop on his tail.

Good thing? Woman alive, not hurt. Air bag good. Mitsubishi good. Bad thing?

She had just gotten her car out of the shop after repairs needed when another car had rearended her.

I am so thankful I didn't have to see someone get killed in front of me. For a moment I thought that was what I was seeing.

Twang time. Country-fied radio starting on or around the hour. (I need something to listen to while doing computer work.)
Oh dear. Christmas lights.
Remember that song from Ocean's Twelve where the thief dude was dancing through all the funky lights and stuff? WellRead more... is back up For anyone chomping to jump back on. Was down for two days I think.
Remember the JCB song? It's Top of the Pops. You remember it, right? The charming song about the boy and his dad riding along together in his JCB digger? If you haven't seen it yet, the video is here.
Candy! mr. g and I are at the final stages of christmas shopping -- buying candy to fill stockings. What's some good candy to put in the big socks? The candy is for both adults and kids.
A complete set of the 1968-1974 Alcoholics Anonymous comic strips.
Outburst Inside
Attention all ye self-identified pirates!
And for Pete's sake don't let any kids see this. Because the next day they'll be sticking bike spokes into the schoolyard bully from across the playground. Believe me you don't need this kind of trouble. Like I said — let's keep this between me, you, and a handful of other "hotlist" customers. More deep and deadly insights here.
Where can I get Dommelsch Bier in the US? Read more...
In death's other kingdom, Waking alone / At the hour when we are / Trembling with tenderness / Lips that would kiss / Form prayers to broken stone.
Strangely poignant tale of the death of Asheron's Call 2. From Wired.
SF Weather Living in Calgary I can usually tell whether an immigrant comes from BC or the Prairies. BC refugees think the weather sucks and people from SK/MB/Northern AB think the weather is great. I wonder how many of the people insisting the weather in SF isn't very good are from other places in California and how many are from say North Dakota.
Yesterday a wild-eyed woman
You last drink would be...?
FireFox Minihacking Help Moan Request!!
Attn graphic gurus: I need to cut & paste into a letterhead design some of that Lor ipsum Voldemort dummy text. Where can I grab some?
Your last meal would be...?
Apropos of nothing, I really love Metachat. And I love all of you too. Really.Read more...
Aquarius Records haul
Sand Sculptures Good stuff.
We've gone away with the Pixies who top our charts this week.Read more...

18 December 2005

MetaChat vs. Webcomic Forums
At long last! A list of films ordered by uses of the word 'fuck'.
I miss you people. But I have one last paper to do, and it's due Tuesday. Grr.

Reasons Why Mudpuppie Should Move to Portland 1. Powell's.
2. Powell's.
3. Powell's.
Don't turn around (uh-oh!) dar Kommisar's in town Yes, we're (hopefully) debuting Radio YHBC (bam!!!) in just a few minutes - something old, something new, and even some a cappella too ...
I want a lollipop shaped like Santa's boot.
"I would strongly recommend a spell in prison to anyone" . Tenzin Tsundue, the "new face of the Free Tibet movement", in the New York Times Magazine.
Who will watch Chimpy tonight? I don't want to watch it alone. Like an old man, I'll start yelling at the TV.
Natural Radio goes on air at 7PM EST.
The two best rock and roll Christmas songs ever Read more...
Michra Ghara Dhum (8.4MB mp3, 9:13 real time) - Some Ravi Shankar & Co. for a Sunday evening or a Monday morning.
Radio Mosch Coming up in 5 or 10 minutes, after Radio UWS finishes setting his awesomely high bar!
Law and Order - SVU Marathon Surely i'm not the only SVU addict? Well, there's a marathon on USA Network, just in case you aren't aware.
i've seen everything. (nb direct link to page that auto-loads audio that may be nsfw if picard talking about boobies is nsf your w.
from over on the blue)
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Stop in the name of love... I promised my daughter I would quit smoking after the new year. Read more...
I just learned about IRC and I need some non-IRC advice. So come talk to me!
While I'm Feeling Generous My love for MeCha is exceeded only by my love for the specific subset of MeChazens who participate in Radio Mecha, both as DJs and listeners. In honor of how much this group has given me this year, I have made a donation to keep Radio Mecha running for the next 3 months. Please enjoy.
Wonderful things
That's a Ten (.mov on how to eat ice cream)
I need a new cigarette brand
Darn it. Waffle House won't serve my chopped steak rare anymore.Read more...
Bringing Down the House. I just finished it - I think it would make a great movie.
Nice weather for ducks... I couldn't decide what to get you all for Christmas, but I think I found something that fits everyone.

Untie the ribbons and rip off the wrapping paper here and here.

Wishing you all the best during this holiday season.
Stones Throw Holiday Mix by Peanut Butter Wolf Rudy Ray Moore, James Brown, Dudley Perkins, Beat Happening... Perhaps you'll like it.
post by: box at: 12:23
Ice breakers for meeting interesting looking strangers? Last night at a classical music concert, my husband and I saw a fun looking couple about our age in the lobby. Read more...
Book Club January Selection Nominations! Rules are here. Nominations will be open till around 12 noon on Tuesday the 20th.Read more...
I want to bring oranges to your villages! I don't even know what that is in reference to, but it makes me laugh so much.
A couple of desktops for you: 1024 x 768, for dual or single monitors. I put them all on the same page, because I'm just that lazy today. The "lady in snow" image is from this image, at this nice site. Thumbnails inside...
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You just missed Radio Mosch.
What I get for passing out
MeChaMusicalRadio followup... Has anyone sucessfully done this with a Mac? I went looking around to download Shoutcast, but it seems pretty clearly a Windows only application. I'm using an iBook, OS 10.2.8, obviously no WinAmp. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
I think I want to make cream cheese fudge as a holiday treat for my little nephew; do you have a great (easy!) recipe?
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17 December 2005

Super duper awesome amazing radio. In which panoptican sticks it to the (wo)man and also plays some faves. One artist will be repeated because he specifically is extra super duper awesome amazing.
Radio Matildaben Thanks to mudpuppie!
Improptu MechaSF meetdown? I'm heading into town tomorrow. Anyone want to have a wee get-together?
Madamism (as in Wayland Flowers and...)
Abbreviated radio mudpuppie for a rainy saturday afternoon.
MeCha: The Musical. I'm thinking of asking for the keys to Radio Mecha, in order to play a set consisting exclusively of pre-1970 Broadway show tunes. Question: will you all run screaming, or will you listen, dabbing a wistful tear from your eye, as Robert Goulet sings "If Ever I Should Leave You"?
MeCha Poker?
AskMecha: I'm thinking about winning the lottery tomorrow. If I do go that route, I plan to purchase a grocery store. One of the big box ones. It's Rainbow Foods up here in Minnesota (though I could perhaps buy a Piggly Wiggly and move it up here). How long do you suppose the food will last me?
Some remixes Sia - Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix) (yes, this is a remix of the song from the last episode of Six Feet Under).
Calexico - Black Heart (Jazzanova's White Soul Dub) - the remix really honors the wintry feeling of this song.
What can I say to my crazy neighbour? Please consider this as a short story.Read more...
Radio Dodgy. Blast from the past edition. In fifteen minutes.
I'll Give You Something To Smile About...
paging ortho, paging ortho --email me. I got an email from someone trying to reach you, but your email bounces. it's something about galaxql, if that rings a bell.
Hot librarian trading action You know you want to "collect" them all...
MetaChat Poll: 1. If you use an IM client (of any kind) do you have logging turned on or off?
2. Do you feel that when you're IMing someone, there is the expectation that hte conversation is not logged? Or is your expectation that the conversation may or may not be logged?Read more...
Arctic Monkeys I was about to remove these live cuts by the most hyped kids of -05 from my blog, but I thought you might like to download them first.
Btw, I saw AM live last week and they were awesome. Effin kids.
So sue me Rather than pollute the question thread itself, I'm just going to vent here that I'm sad that the question even had to be asked.Read more...
Impromptu Radio KMA~ Going on right after BoringPostcards. Nothing planned, I'll just wing it.

16 December 2005

Friday Night Radio Going to play a set of some random (likely kinda loud) tunes in the next ten minutes or so, starting before midnight Eastern.
How do you Pronounce 'Meh' ? Do you say it in real life ? Do any of you use other web-centric expressions or acronyms there, too ? Perhaps this has been asked before, but life is short,
and there are only so many times you want to Google, if you know what I mean. So, I thought
I would pick your brains. So to speak.
Outfoxed? I downloaded FireFox 1.5 and damn, is it slow. Crashes hourly. Lost all my previous settings. Anyone else have this problem?
Radio Kenko, after a fashion. From 6-9pm PST (starting in under an hour, that is), I'll be broadcasting on KZSU, and you can listen. Playlist will be updated here.
People who listened to my metachat radio broadcast may find some of it familiar, but it's finals week and I haven't had time to properly gin up a whole new program.
Radio Moonbird: Friday Night Speziale ...begins in 5 minutes. A variety pack for those of us at home deviod of other plans.
Ask Mecha: Alternatives to PayPal for Donations? I'd like to solicit donations on my website. Is there a decent alternative to Paypal for this?
Paging Languagehat and other wordnerds There should be a name for the event of someone posting the same link you were typing up, and you see it on preview.
2-0-5 -- JibJab presents George Bush's Year-In-Review.
Insanely twisted rabbits There. I've made my obligatory bunny post. That is all.
What should you be when you grow up? username: "ceridian"
password: "lifeworks"
(via Count Ziggurat)
Face Recognition Have we played with this webtoy before/recently?
come talk to me For some weird reason, I can't make my name show up on this page. Hrrmmm.
"May God damn this newspaper for running the photo of the snow penis online. I am no prude, but this display was truly pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Is this why you became journalists?"
I give you an anthem-rock band of brothers (and former Irish fiddle champs) covering Sham 69. Somehow it works better than you'd imagine: Mama's Boys - If The Kids Are United.
There is a slim chance of Radio b in about half an hour. I'm attempting to resolve some technical difficulties on my end. The hangover isn't helping.
Knock, knock.
Celine Dion Doesn't Live Here Anymore Anyone listen to this week's CBC Radio 3 podcast? Lots of good indie rock, a little bit of electronica, some prarie hip-hop and just a touch of leiderhosen.Read more...
Imagine "Today NECA is proud to unveil our first John Lennon 18" Action Figure w/motion activated sound. Coming in Spring 2006, this is the first officially licensed John Lennon Figure ever. He will "speak" authentic John Lennon phrases and is known as "The New York Years" John Lennon."
Car Insurance Question Since I no longer have a car, I have no insurance. I am renting a car for the week to drive to see my family in TN. What kind of insurance do I want to get to cover my ass?
I paid for my scrambled eggs on a roll the other day with a new dollar bill and three West Virginia quarters, which I idly turned over and over in my hand as I waited.Read more...
AskMecha: Car insurance. My friendly local f*cktarded insurance agency dropped me because they lost a payment. Oh, and because I have 7 points (insurance points, not the license kind). Who can recommend an agency that will not bleed me to death?
Get out of your sexuality FREE! Prompted by the jonmc/Divine Wino love-fest below...Read more...
It's Friday! So what are you doing this weekend?
All About Om. The meaning of this sacred syllable -- and how to practice om yoga meditation. Read more...
This is a <BIG> thread.
7 a.m., and no word on the strike Anyone going to work?
Free Music Kristin Hersh's new band, 50 foot Wave, are giving away their new EP. Read more...
Hey man... slow down... [SFW, but this site was blocked by my work's proxy... fair warning]
If it's nine days before christmas, it must be Frisbee's birthday!Read more...
well, since this got deleted - what do you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/year-end-holiday of choice?

15 December 2005

eek spooden huminuh-huminuh-huminuh
I gots me a smokin' hot Harvey Girls sticker! In fact, two of them. And a piece of paper that leads me to believe that someone at Harvey Girls HQ smokes, but it smells like those foofy euro-cigs that smell more like pipe tobacco, so that makes it kind of OK. And there was a CD too. Oh, boy!
The news is that there's no news Listening to the live announcement on NY1, I'm wondering why they called a conference to let us know that there's no progress on the MTA transit negotiations?
a twofer: first, in honor of the coming transit strike: Nobody Else, Daniel August (QT music video, sorta german expressionist i think), and then, in honor of all of us birthday folks this month: SIGUR RÓS: Hoppípolla (WMP music video)
I just got a new camera and I am at work. What should I take photos of?
On Air. Show starts in a ½ hour (7PM PST). Tune in whenever.
Food. For the weekend.
food for when you feel nauseous
we take great pleasure in answering at once the communication below, expressing at the same time great gratification that its author is numbered among the friends of nro:

A tale of penis pipes and Homeland Security
Makin' Whoopee (~7MB mp3) Some acoustic jazz for your Thursday evening courtesy Martin Taylor and The David Grisman Jazz Quartet. From a wonderful album of standards called I'm Beginning To See The Light.
Did anyone lose a camera? Or, do you recognize these people?
People who make top-n lists, how do you organize your music? By year? Do you just know which new-to-you music you've heard in a year has come out in that year?Read more...
I have a new drug of choice.
Alrighty then. Here's a mix for y'all.
* rages pointlessly *
The Long-Awaited Death of Prog Just as a reminder, I'll be playing my überlist of die progressif musik one last time tonight for you Left Coasters, between 7pm PST and midnight same time zone.Read more...
If a radio plays in the forest and no one hears, is it really on? dodgygeezer, in a rare lapse of judgement, has given me the keys to Radio MeCha. I was thinking I might take it for a spin tomorrow, around this time. Are there people who A) can listen at this time, and B) would want to listen? Or should I wait until the weekend?
This is for amberglow part deux This isn't one of Michelle's funniest posts but I thought this was particularly timely considering well, you know...

Love you all.
I WIN!
Music is the universal language ... So what the heck is *this* saying?
You Say It's Your Birthday
Can we talk about poop for a minute? Poop is ruining my life.(Not for the weak stomached)Read more...
The My Humps saga continues. "...hearing this song for the first time was 2005's most sobering musical experience."
Holy Sh*t I'm mad. I've literally got some some aventricular tachycardia going on.

IDF practical joke Helmet at the office: Veteran troops convince new recruit office ceiling unstable; army unimpressed. via Jewlicious
Custom printed M&Ms - What would yours say?
Meanings of music library song ratings I spend all day at work listening to my digital audio device and then at the end of the day, I sync it up with my music library software (guess what they are; they both start with "i"). Read more...
These shoes... boy shoes or girl shoes?
Ask Mecha: Will My Heat Work Without Power? Fairly new oil furnace in basement, thermostat in hallway. If the power goes out, will the heat work? Read more...
Transit Strike The deadline is midnight. Will it happen? Will I ever leave my house again?
Atilla "California Flash," A mid 70's hard rock band who's lead singer later changed his approach radically and became hugely famous. A great period piece.
I feel like I'm not getting the most out of... breathing, and... I dunno, walking around. What are your favorite breathing and walking around hacks?
Library Thing Is any one else losing time to cataloging books on this awesome site?
HELL YES HAPPY DANCE! Ice storm closes office! I'm going to bake everyone a cake!
Some Ass Ponys for you... (Because Chuck Cleaver rips a mean lyric. One of my favorite song writers...)Read more...
HEY! is it bad form to put 'let it be' on a mix cd?
This is a reminder. The internet is fucking fantastic!
MERRY CORPORATE CHRISTMAST What could be more fun then watching late 20s, early 30s aged people sing karaoke to early 90's alternative bands Perl Jam and Nirvana? Doing it drunk.

14 December 2005

Hanukkah Rocks --a new album by the LeeVees (one Zambonis guy and one Guster guy) Click on the frying pan to listen.
I'm really proud of me
Don't click on the post right below this one! Read more...
Take the Bem Sex Role Inventory Test It characterizes your personality as masculine, feminine, androgynous, or undifferentiated. The BSRI is based on gender stereotypes, so what it's actually measuring is how well you fit into your traditional sex role.
Gingerbread! Photographs taken at City Centre Mall in Seattle of a gingerbread building exhibit. Trust me, you just have to see it. Clicky, clicky!
Am I on acid? Did someone drop LSD into my lemonade, or am I really watching "Christmas In Washington" on TNT, hosted by Dr. Phil?
Are you a Vampire, Melvin Laird? Another thread where I ask you for music. Bad me!
But it's good music, and for a good reason.

What I'd like is Ed Sanders' Truckstop and Wildman Fisher's An Evening With Wildman Fisher. Read more...
Whale freed from net, says "thanks." Who says there's no kindness in the world anymore?
It's my birthday, and it's raining buckets out.
I need to drug my dog. Please help me. Read more...
Its only Wednesday And I want to drink...
a former Fox News producer speaks on the War on Christmas and Fox and religion.

Internet Doppelgängers Do you have an Internet Doppelgänger? Someone with your name who is not you and who comes up when you self-google? Are they cooler than you and are you half-tempted to take credit for what they do? Or are they embarrassing and do you want to send them a nasty email telling them to stop disgracing the name?Read more...
Ha HA! Right now I'm watching through the glass as my boss interviews my replacement. For real.Read more...
MovieChat:: John Wayne quote
Cleaning the catpan
I'm supposed to be working right now damnit! But instead I'm listening to random Mechas talk. I only just discovered that nifty link in the sidebar. It's been a while since it's been updated though. How about an audioblog revival?
Things to do with a doctor's examination table... ? And anyone know how I can get my hands on some school lockers? Read more...
If you could be one place in the world right now, where would it be?
Seriously f--ked upbody mod. Most body modding is not a big deal to me, but I've never seen anything like this and it is super-creepy. Also what the hell is 'straight-edge' in the body-mod scene and why are brass knuckles associated with it?
Re-rebroadcast? Jokeefe has requested a West Coast rebroadcast Thursday night. When?Read more...
Sorry. It's a companion to this thread.

13 December 2005

The Army Men Homepage "...a 22 caliber bullet will usually pass through Army Men doing little more than making a big hole. Unless it hits an arm, leg or head, which it will sever."
post by: me3dia at: 23:56
Marcel Duchamp agrees: I have exactly two things I need to say right now.Read more...
Music Box - 1 2 3 A B C This Radio Mecha playlist consists of songs titled from 1-9 and A-Z (if I stay awake that long), and it's otherwise kind of all over the place.
american edit - green day mash-up album get it today. only. it's f*cking great! plus, the music industry lawyers say you can't have it. you know what to do!
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is on UPN right now!
Favorite things/recipes for what to put inside a crepe and wine suggestion?? Read more...
Dodge a bullet. [flash, may load slowly.]
IRC via Trillian 3 Howto
giant transit rally right now on 42nd st. opposite Grand Central---- giant portable screens, Jesse and Al... : >

(they might strike on Fri.)
Pencil or pen? I just noticed that I'm using the venerated Dixon Ticonderoga; quite accidentally, of course. What's your writing implement of choice?
Christmas at Chez Fris Orphaned and familially blessed alike, are welcome. Definitely Christmas Eve, possibly Christmas Day, should the mood/desire last that long.Read more...
Makezine: how to make cool stuff like a bacon-frying alarm clock, a tiny RC controller helicopter, or a soda-can Van de Graaf generator. has reset More lots available to build, 1 new item, still kinda boring yet addictive.
How was it for you? Five years ago today Al Gore phoned George Bush to formally concede the presidency. So what is the Bush legacy after half a decade? Here, six top American commentators - from the left and the right - deliver their verdicts
Looks like someones been bustin' up a chifferobe...
You know that scene in LOTR:The Two Towers where the opposing armies gather before each other and then rush to attack?
Drunken Santa Walking (flash) Get Santa from drink to drink - if he touches the railroad track he gets electrocuted.Read more...
It sure is amazing what they uncover when they restore these old films and put them on DVD...hysterical retelling of a beloved classic. : >
I ain't afraid of girls. From the founder of QbaDisc and my homeboy (kmellis', too), Ned Sublette. Live at CBGB, I think.
Wil Wheaton explains the sweater. I knew my Wil wouldn't let me down.
X-Box Live. Is it worth it? What do I need to set it up? Read more...
La Mort Joyeuse Brand new mix. Music for Panoptican to fuck up WalMart with. Punk's not dead - it just has newer, louder fuckin' toys! Not safe for epileptics or the weak. VERY LOUD AND ABRASIVE.Read more...
Remiss is a neat word. It has something to do with this image too.
I can't sleep.
Salsa and scrambled eggs ... are really really good.

Favourite breakfasts?

aside from bacon, bacon, ham, bacon, & bacon
Stanley Williams, dead at 53
I took over. It was not hostile. It'll be mostly like this. Ambiguity is awesome kids!

12 December 2005

On the Radio Again Just some random tunes, nothing planned.
#Metachat for Trillian users How do I make it work?Read more...
What's the point in trying to make a good post? After I saw that the New Yorker had republished Anne Proulx's original "Brokeback Mountain" short story, I spent about 20 minutes looking for supporting links, and found a recent interview and recent discussion with her.

The thread immediately got derailed into chat about the movie and gay cowboy jokes, which had been done before. Only one of the first 20 or so commentors read any of the links, and they commented to bitch about it. I might as well have just posted the words "Brokeback Mountain" and saved myself the time and effort of trying to put a good post together.

What's the point in trying to make a good post if no one's going to read the fucking links?
MeFi self-links OK "if they're good"? And "probably a few get through"? Of course they do, but I suspect the number is objectively more than "a few".Read more...
I'm sick and cranky, and I want a pony. But I'll forgo the pony if someone links me to an intersting short story on the internets. Read more...
Forests Forever (Flash; fancy photos flogging Fuji Film)
This is just a modern prog song by the 90 Day Men, entitled "Night Birds".
Hey, baby. What's your sign? I'm a scorpio.
While my ukelele gently weeps Who said the ukelele was dead as a serious rock instrument?
Rolling Bomber Special In which our hero does very little to either save or destroy the Earth, as assisted by similarly disorganized agencies of whatever.
I need you to tell me something good.
I liked this sign so I thought I'd share it with you.
When did you realize that you were an "adult"? Read more...
For yoga, as requested Not nearly as ultra cool and urban chic as the Christmas Ladder (tee-em), but everyone has their humble beginnings.
Radio KMA~ Rebroadcasting last night's soulful 74-minute set for those in non-USian time zones. Starts in 5 minutes.
At the baby bush toy company ...we offer an exiting range of products for the resoundingly average child.
Fabrizio Riccardi Art of a quasi-surreal kind.
Some examples for the lazy busy.
Rocketboom So what's the deal with Rocketboom? It's really popular with some people. Popular enough for TiVo to pick it up. But I don't get it. The young, perky anchor is certainly attractive, but anything else?
Draw a house for fun and profit! Actually it's some kind of "personality test," but you can put your houses together with friends' on a street. Fun if you're looking to kill some time, and we both tknow that's why you're here. (Link goes to constructing a house to add to MetaChat Lane)
You should not eat babies.
Insomniac Radio and/or I live in Austalia.

11 December 2005

Some families are weird. Like mine.
I'm sorry, but it must be said. I'm afraid the quality of posts around here has been falling off lately.Read more...
Plagarismo! Alright, who else besides me thinks the gloves are finally off between The Simpsons camp and the Family Guy camp?
Blah Blah Radio Announcement After mayfly wake, I bring YouCanCallMeRadio to the 'netwaves. YCCMR: The Slightly Mopey Sunday Mix. Probably around 9PM EST.
temperature and pressure does anyone know the conditions under which gasoline and kerosene are stored in the large tanks such as those that exploded today in the uk? there's a physical phenomenon called the joule-kelvin effect wherein gases can either heat up or cool down as they are throttled through a small aperture (eg a pinhole leak) depending on the initial conditions of the system.
So this may be the last update. I feel kind of weird posting all the details of what's been going on out here on the internets but you guys have been such a help I figured I could tell you what happened one more time. I mean without your advice there probably wouldn't be anything to write an update on.Read more...
Stupid Question Time: I don't understand IRC.
My First Radio MeCha ...featuring much indie pop and twee and folk, and also some strangeness. coming up after matildaben. :)
Ah, listen to that … The guitar. The electric guitar.

I had seven or eight uncles called "George"—and then there was auntie George.
post by: kenko at: 17:40
Corporate Hangover --things to do at your company's holiday party--NOT. ; >
Radio Matildaben begins ~1 hour This will be a preview of my MeFi CD swap mix. It's 74 minutes so I'll probably run it twice for people who've missed it. I'll be on IRC too. By my calculations, that's 16:00 EST.
What's your pleasure? This morning I was talking about the things I enjoy and it made me want to know about yours. Little pleasures, big pleasures, whatever you will.
Rebroadcast starting at 10AM EST (in about 45 min). Listen. IRC.
Giant pink bunny on Italian mountainside! Can't believe no one's posted this yet...
I didn't want it to be true.
Why does the Washington Post never tell us Selman is a Jew?

But the article mentions he's "Bronx-born" and eats vegetarian Chinese food, and that "questioning" is part of his "culture"? Code words?
Oh, my. I kiss myself. I love me. Here's why:

I made red beans and rice today (well, beginning last night, really), and it's rocking the universe. (There! Just now! Did you feel that? yep. That was me.)Read more...
post by: taz at: 06:17 | 8 comments
A Christmas Story in 30 seconds. Performed by bunnies. You'll shoot your eye out.
The War Nerd Funny writing about an unfunny subject. Ah, Fresno. Old for some but new for others I hope. (It was the Bakersfield reference that fired this synapse, that a certain nostalgica for Total War when men were men and killed each other up front and honest. Oh, and Pearl Jam's first album. And beer.)
Freakin' awesome! Buck Owens is cool beyond words. Almost made having to stay the night in Bakersfield bearable.

10 December 2005

In memoriam, some Richard Pryor mp3s. half of Richard Pryor, live in concert. (83 meg zipped) Couldn't get the first half unfortunately.
Is it bad form? Should I ask for contributions from users of my Firefox extensions? (So I can offer someone top dollar for another no longer manufactured magic Touchstream keyboard?)
Rado Panoptican. Coming up at a quarter past the hour.
Real tacos + freakin' hot salsa = flu medicine. Read more...
In honor of mudpuppie I saw this dessert box lying in my kitchen waiting to get thrown out, and got an inspiration. I'm not the best Photoshopper, but I made this while I was listening to mudpuppie's radio interview. [more inside]
Talk only in spam.
Goodbye to the funniest, most scathing, insightful comic to ever walk the earth. We'll miss you, great one.
Help me get a clue with audio stuff, part 2. So I listen to a lot of music on my PC...Read more...
Gottgedammt I can't seem to find it... It being a website that had an unreleased prog album with drummer Tony Williams up on it.
The site was Scandinavian, though which of the Nordic lands, I couldn't tell you. It also had Pink Floyd live sets on it.
I could have sworn that it was linked through here, MoFi or MeFi, but I can't find the damned thing. It might have also come from, but their search function blows... ARG!
(Anyone know what I'm talking about?)
(I am a nert).
a moment to spare
Brians Guide Cute Bunny Art.
Betty, our beloved yellow lab, is 14 today! She was flown over as a pup from Finland and is the hairiest creature on Earth. She has excellent grill supervisory skills, and is a serious napper. She rode in the front of the truck with me all the way from PA when the wife moved down in 2001.
PDF techie help, please? Edited and crossposted from my LJ.Read more...
Merry Xmas All. It's a card and a quiz, and it's inside.
lsxhlf!?!? Anyone else up for drunkenly mashing at the keyboard?!? fokrfferooefok;oif;o;i??
Radio Matildaben As soon as Eideteker is finished.
The mushroom thread is blinking. Or is it just me? Everything after the comment linked is blinking.
Not enough ladies in #metachat
I would like to thank mygothlaundry for introducing a beer-gourmet like me to the budget wonder and power of PBR. w00t!

09 December 2005

Lets play word association!
Madlib made a mix for MetaChat. Or not. It will always be a mystery.
The 5th season finale of Curb Your Enthusiam Watching this now. Larry learns he was adopted -- and that he's a Gentile by birth. Hilarious.

But why when he's doing Gentile activities like fishing, hunting and drinking, is background music "Three Little Maids from School" from The Mikado???
For those interested, here's my attempt at an approximation of the position of the crashed SW 737 in Chicago. [Inside]
Prog Radio starting around 10PM EST. Playing tracks all longer than 6 minutes, most longer than 8. Prog rock for those who haven't got a life on Friday night.
Currently a post-party radio by UWS Don't blame me for what comes up.
Share my shame.
AskMecha. To unplug or not to unplug?
By the time I read this, I'll be drunk
If we locked orthogonality in a room with grahamschmidt, do you think he'd come out normal?
Any NYCers in Manhattan up for Happy Hour? I'm leaving in a half hour.
Cop vs. Cop "Taser, not just for grandma anymore!"
Wedding Present or Cinerama?
it's 40F outside. should i go running? or go to the lab to work on the laser.

How are you going to fix it?
What's wrong with you?
Too embarrassing for my livejournal (HomeEcFilter): I just tried to make my first salad.

Stop laughing.
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 -- Hurley hits twice! "Lost" numbers are real, at least for the lottery in Ireland.
I'm hung over. Not fair.
Well, that's that. After several attempts to resign, I just found out that my position is being eliminated. At least, there's some finality to this saga. Stiff drink, bottoms up.
Holiday Wishes! I think it's probably a silly e-mail forward of some sort. But maybe not, either way, it's funny in light of the big 'ol controversy this year.
Ask MeCha: mom's having email probs. Emails my mom sends have the receiver as the reply to. WTF?Read more...
Jameson Irish Whiskey - Why or Why Not? I can't come up with a cogent theory myself - yet. But maybe you can. Read more...
KLNG Bear with me... I'm gonna be playing, well, mostly stuff that I've been listening to over the last week. I'll probably zip it up and post it on my blog once I'm done.

Testing, testing (Audion to stream?)
Dengue Fever Here is a track from Dengue Fever, a strange and wonderful L.A. band influenced by Cambodian pop and dense psychedelic garage rock.

Sui Bong
I've always wondered... Does Faint of Butt have an anus? Is the lack of one why his butt is so faint? If so, why does MetaFilter attract so many anus-less users?
How's your weather, you?
The Top 5 Troublemakers in Webcomics Of course it makes sense that the first time I heard about this was from a rant on Offender #4's website. For comics nerds only.

(Which means that yes, I'm a comics nerd.)
Help me brainstorm! I need a name for a new literary journal. Read more...
A request. It has been a long time since I have called myself a Christian but St. Mary’s College helped form the best parts of who I am today. An alumnus, James Loney, has been sentenced to death in Iraq. Read more...
Problema grande El estudiante suspendió para el español de discurso
Will one of those iTunes TV shows look good at fullscreen? I have 1280x1024... will it look like monkey turds at that size?
Meh. I'm soooo sick. *whine shiver* I'm certain it's bird flu. We're all frickin' doomed.
Images via IRC (may be most likely NSFW) there's a Merry Tubgirl on the "browse all" page now, but it's interesting, in a random way.

i warned you. ; >

08 December 2005

Out, out, damned spot! It's like 6 am here, and I'm writing a grocery list (yes, I'm that weird)... and it suddenly struck me how very strange modern man's need for soap is. In the bathroom I have bar soap and liquid soap for the shower, as well as two kinds of shampoo, plus liquid hand soap for the sink, and special face soap; in the kitchen I have liquid dish soap for the sink plus soap tablets for the dishwasher Then there's detergent for the washing machine, plus another kind for hand washing clothes. That's a lot of soap. (And I'm not even counting the heavy duty stuff for housecleaning). This has never seemed bizarre to me until now.
A different kind of radio kenko. I was finally cleared to be on the air at KZSU. Yay.
Radio (Victrola) Goatdog. Back by popular demand, a replay of my 1920s–1940s set. Broadcast starts at 11 eastern.
Confessions inside...
Radio Panoptican. A mess of noise, hip-hop, and some indieish, folkish, popish stuff. I'm not very good with labels though, so maybe not.
Scumbags. It's down to five.
This one's tailormade for this crew. The great mp3 blog Locust Street offers musical tributes to whiskey.
Audioscrobbler plugin works fine but then disappears completely after using Shoutcast I posted this morning on the forums but have gotten no answers yet. Any ideas?
What's a good program to draw graphs and crap in?
I gotta draw a buncha line graphs for a project that'll show my economics teacher that raising minimum wage won't result in the apocalypse.
UWS noises on the radio
John Waters on New York Public Radio's "Sound Check" Plays a couple of (too short) clips from his christmas album and discusses his one man show.
Pirate or Ninja! Since I'm new here, I thought I might as well get this question out of the way: Which are you, a pirate or a ninja?
Bunnies to teach female sexual gratification [via] Videogames, bunnies, and sex - the magic trifecta.
Disney replaces Christopher Robin with a six-year-old girl. In 3D. With a bicycle helmet. Victory goes to Satan!
Buck The Animated Stag Move over Talking Billy Bass. Video [wmv].
Hey, Funeral got nominated for a Grammy. Yeah, they announced the nominations today.
Ask Mecha: Enhanced CDs. For my birthday yesterday (yay!) I received "Matisyahu Live at Stubb's!" You might recall him as the Hasidic reggae superstar. Anyway, it's one of those enhanced CDs, and it won't play on my car and is killing my office computer. Is there any way to isolate the audio tracks for listening in anything other than a PC? Gracias in advance!
Rice Offers Assurances on Torture Just had to share this amusingly worded headline.
Mary Ellen Mark has portraits of dozens of celebs including a haunting Jodie Foster, a great Paul Newman, a too prescious Natalie Merchant, a jolly I.F. Stone,and a creepy Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith. She also has pictures that prove the circus is creepy in any nation.
Sick gaspode! I've got a bad cold. Help me, please...Read more...
Enter the Comic-Nerd Dome! I'm curious as to whether anyone here is A) reading Seven Soldiers of Victory, B) likes it or dislikes it, and C) has any theories as to how Mr. Miracle is going to fit into the rest of the storyline.
Who's Your Firefly Crush? Zoe, Kaylie, River or Saffron? Or, if you ride sidesaddle (or bareback); Wash, Mal, Jayne or Simon? Note: the character we're talking about here, not the actor
Stop doin' that and get back to running Metafilter. In which the NYT works out that one way to get articles linked to is to have them written by the editors of the websites doing the linking.
Run For Your Life Fiddy got nothin' on John Lennon. via
imagine if no one ever used John Lennon's Imagine to promote any thing ever again. it's easy if you try.
why won't they try? *sigh*
'A man would not be able to shorten human life but a machine can.' You can't kill a person, but you can set a timer that allows a machine to count down to.. oh, I don't know... could you go flip the, ahhh... Well, it's on the wall with the breaker, next to the....
Did you hear this tonight? "Tissue Time" on Howard Stern's Sirius station. The premise is that it's phone sex over the air. Tonight however, the "special guest star" was Blue Iris, the geriatric porn star.

argh argh argh Magic keyboard still dead, can't be seen on either new computer or old computer.

So, uh, anyone know about low-level USB diagnostics?
Some Ethiopian "Jazz" because I'm in the mood.
Baby Bush Toys featuring a "Twisty Thing, That is Red" and the "Terror Alert Xylophone"
Euchre opponents requested on aisle 3.

07 December 2005

Prostitute Robot Made by SONY.
Kyle Gann may be an effete east-coast downtown microtonal intellectual, but his uncle makes some powerful chili.
Ouch, quit poking me. Damn, I'm feeling the full the weight of that there popular opprobrium today. Anyone else feeling that opprobrium?

I think I need a fuzzy bunny or something.
When ripping mp3s how do you handle hidden tracks?
Radio Matildaben begins 9:00 EST Featuring variety mix, mostly indie rock and pop, but who knows what I might throw in.
Last chance to make a reference to Alice in Wonderland... 983 posts. Yes, I'm obsessed.
Have you heard the one about the spineless jellyfish and the impotent aardvark?
What should I spend it on?
Blitzen Poop! --so a remote co-worker sent me a really really expensive present, and i was only planning on spending like 10 bucks on her...

Are you sick and tired of rolling up extention cords, LAN cables, headphones, or rope, only to come back to a tangled mess?! Tired of spending hours untangling rolled up cables?! THE SOLUTION IS INSIDE!Read more...
Can I start a fire using a stapler? I'm at work for three more hours. I have no lighter. I need a cigarette. All the other offices close at 5.

In 20 minutes, my window of opportunity for smoking will be gone.

How can I light a cigarette? Help. Give me some MacGyver ideas. I may die.
Radio Boring Starting in the next ten minutes or so. Featuring a great Beach Boys remake, a solo tune by one of the members of Kraftwerk, and other mellow pop goodies for a grey Wednesday evening.
Most of us have seen that you can order 9,000 live ladybugs on Amazon, but did you know that you can also order 7,000,000 nematodes for just $21.95? (Even more bugs here)

In the spirit of the Mushroom Thread, here's something that I actually would like to get for Xmas...
Alfred Eisenstaedt "Photojournalist of the Century" An amazing number of iconographic images.
index 1 2 3 4
William Schaff makes really good art Perhaps you recognize his artwork from Songs:Ohia's Magnolia Electric Company release or maybe the beautiful artwork from Godspeed You Black Emperor's Lift Your Skinny Fists... either way his site haas a huge collection of his scratchboards, paintings, collages, and mail art.

Hope you enjoy!
Probably not worth a Mefi post, but I found this article on radar detection kinda fascinating.
So, last night I tried to watch the Charlie Brown special... Read more...
When my dad was in high school,
History of 'The Producers': Part III During an early staging of The Producers, “a Jewish guy got up and stormed out of the theater. He saw me standing at the back with my wife. He said, ‘This is an outrage! I fought in the Second World War!’ I said, ‘You served in the war?’ ”—and here he stops, takes a beat, then pounces on his punch line—“ ‘So did I. I didn’t see you there.’”
Heh heh. He said "fanny."
Heh heh. You said "bong."
Just for the Holidays! My special curse for December. Read more...
Eyeballing France & Spain - Pages Jaunes is a map to photo zoomy arrangement that lets you see everywhere around French and Spanish cities from a pedestrian's (photographic) perspective. This is rather cool in a totally naive wannabe stalker or real estate junky kinda way. [via]
Graphics mavens, help me to antialias [mi]
Widdle Wabbit is your special little friend. WWEFD?
What Would Elmer Fudd Do?
A very special message from Coke Machine Glow. 1266 words of bile. Think of this song’s meaninglessness as a vacuum, a black hole. And, just like a black hole, it sucks: it sucks in the notion of “logical” pop music; it sucks in our need for melody, for dynamism and for form; it sucks in our taste for lyricism, elegance and nuance; it sucks in our innate thirst for motion, for rhythm, for dance. It sucks. It sucks. It sucks it sucks it sucks.
Someone play euchre with me. That is all.
It's now Wednesday in my time zone. Thus, it's yet another Sagittarian Mechabirthday. I've had 33 of these so far. Read more...

06 December 2005

Radio Mecha I'm playing some jazz, with an emphasis on multiple versions of songs. Won't you join me?
post by: box at: 23:48 | 8 comments
Why whuffle when we wish whimsy would whoosh westward? Read more...
Fixed column widths considered harmful
Help from fellow MeCha DJs! Am I missing something or is it not possible to play protected .aac files with winamp for broadcasting or broadcast from a Mac? I've got all this music that I'd love to play, but short of burning and ripping it all, I don't see how. ARGH
A slideshow app that can handle flash movies AND static images Does such a beast exist?
Fun for everybunny. Magnet 2 is the sequel to Magnet from SKT Products. You're a bunny with a magnet for a head! What more could you ask?
912 Comments! The Mushroom thread lives on...
Edible Radio, starting at 7:30 EST
(ending probably around 9:30)
Another fake AskMe? "Years ago I slept with a married celebrity, now reporters are digging up dirt."
I don't like being "the hive mind." It sounds itchy. I liked "...and ye shall receive" better.
Has Star Jones' career inspired you in some way? Has her life been influential to you and you'd like to share your story?

If you or someone you know has been inspired by Star Jones and you are willing to appear on the Dr. Phil show please tell us about it.
Shiver me timber! You haven't seen a pirate movie like this before. [NSFW! Immediate flash w/sound]
Playboy in Braille 'Nuff said. Now I'm gonna go feel me some centerfold.
MetaCheeze Vol. 2 ... Taking Requests Several individuals have approached me with opinions about songs that they wish had appeared on the original MetaCheeze compilation of 1970s tracks. This is the open thread for requests and suggestions for Volume 2. Please also feel free to post any 70's-type images that you would like to suggest be incorporated into the cover art.
When I say (blank) you say (what)?
See that thread below this one? It's broken.
You're a Good Magnet for Holiday Ads, Charlie Brown Charles M. Schulz's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" — the animated television special about love conquering materialism that airs tonight on ABC — now fuels a $1.2-billion-a-year global publishing, merchandising and marketing machine.
So I was on vacation in Borneo...
Neat Facts About the Ocean And just for the heck of it, porifera, annelida, and chordata <GeorgeTakei>(oh my)</GeorgeTakei> of Ross Island & McMurdo Sound.
I'm going to whisper something in your ear now. (You know who you are.)
A Charlie Brown Christmas It's on tonight. Just a little public service announcement.
Finished Cloud Atlas on the plane last night. Am I first? If so, do I win?
Fart-astic! -

"Three weeks." One blogger, known as Iconomy, stated. "That's the definite answer. Exactly three weeks. But only if the sex is good. If the sex is lousy you have to wait six weeks."

The "Sex and the UniverCity" column of the Daily Campus shouts out AskMe, and our girl iconomy, in their column "Having a Gas".Read more...
Gay On The Range - awesomely badly titled pulp books from the 50s and 60s. Hollywood Homo and Gay Whore are my favorite titles. Read more...
AskMecha: Christmas Carols with Guitar Chords A student in a rock band asked me to bring music for her to accompany the rest of the class in singing carols.

I know not what I seek. Please help.
25 years later, Lennon's death still lingers for men who were there I was ten years old at the time, living on the farm where I grew up. I remember coming home from school to an empty house (not so unusual or irregular at that time and place) and turning on the TV and hearing the news. I remember it as a moment of great import but not my specific emotional reaction. I can remember how I was sitting, what I was wearing and the quality of the daylight in the room. Thanks to my Mum the Beatles were a huge part of the soundscape of my childhood and as an adult and particularly as a musician I have come to appreciate them even more. R.I.P. John.
Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album. A year old sure, but it never hurts to remind you people. And perhaps there are those who hadn't ever heard it. The Christmas set earlier reminded me.
72 anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition! It's today.
The three emotions I'm working on a theory of emotive motivation. It seems like, truly there are only three or four emotions, and how you think of them depends on contextual cues. I mean, emotions have a physical component (a 'tingly' sensation) and that physical component all we really feel. My feeling is that the only emotions are: Joy, Desire, Fear and Anger. But I'm not sure that Fear and Anger are separate, or just felt together.
Radio Mosch Presents The Floor-Stompers.
First quonsar and now this! Western Michigan is a truly blessed place.

05 December 2005

Fellow flickr folk, esp. those with pro I have questions, please.Read more...
I had my first Metachat dream last night. In it I got into an argument over the definition of the word "punk" and then I had hot sweaty floor sex with one of you.
Is it still OK to talk about Metatalk here? Read more...
Radio (Victrola) Goatdog. Music from the 1920s–1940s (with a couple from the 1950s).
Kos = douchbag So, one of the three charges against DeLay was dropped because the crime took place before the law took effect. Now Kos calls that a 'technicality'.

How can a rational person make that claim? Actually, isn't "technicality" just a term diehard authoritarians use to describe constitutional rights in general?
radio free sciurus: A Not Very Traditional Christmas. Playing kitschy and cock-eyed Christmas carols for the next little bit.
I'm in Austin for a couple of days. Anybody who's around want to grab a bite or a drink tomorrow evening?
Problem loading page The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.Read more...
This is almost painfully beautiful.
I'm a dumbass. I just electrocuted (okay, not really. if i had, i'd be dead. what's the non-fatal version of electrocute?) myself putting up Christmukah lights. What stupid thing have you done recently?
What are some fun Google searchs that your site comes up number one for? Read more...
What did you really want to be when you grew up? Read more...
Mecha radio (warning: may contain Cat Stevens).
Jonny Cash, biopics, lip-synching, and all that-- So, after seeing Walk the Line this weekend, Johnny Cash has taken over my brain (to be honest, this happens a couple of times a year). The movie really put the hooks in me, despite a bunch of things that I knew were at least a little inaccurate. Read more...
This is the thread where you bitch about work. Read more...
I really want to start a thread, but I can't think of anything to say.
Let's talk about kissing.
Santa’s coming.
Eat a Peach t-shirt
MetaCheeze Here's the 1970s swap mix you've all been waiting for (YouSendIt link). I will post the cover art and tracklist in a subsequent comment.
Some early Neutral Milk Hotel demos. May be old news to some as it was on PFM and TMT but I just found out about them. Another here and here.
"It's an on-going experiment. We've seen him blossom from idiot to imbecile." Podcast with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington.
Burning Down the Goat. I bought my ‘julbock’ yesterday, and, having read this report, am now tempted to set it on fire...
Part 3 of the saga. In which our hero crashes and burns.Read more...
Today, I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about MetaFilter. Read more...
Einstein the parrot [embedded 12mb .mov]
More myspace magic So my friend told me to sign up for myspace, because 'thats where the babes are' And I stumble upon this 'lovely' thing. Myspace is a weird fucking place.

04 December 2005

WWYY2KD? What would y2karl do?
From a Whisper to a Scream. I'm posting this Elvis Costello / Glenn Tillbrook duet because I can, and I can't seem to get it out of rotation. What is stuck on your (figurative) turntable?
Ladies & Gentlemen. Radio Jonmc (special thanks to my main man scurius) (I'm in IRC, too)
I'm considering getting this. So, is XM worth it? The dealbreaker will be the quality of their "public radio" programming and world/dancy music.
Sunday songs
Matilda's car trouble, part deux It's finally time for the tow truck.Read more...
Where are the Christmas lights?
Sunday morning instrumentals.
feed said deaf fat tiff Spurred on by this thread, I'm learning to touch type. Woo for me. As you can see, I can do "t" and "e" and a coupla extra letters. Read more...
What's your favorite song and video about making cake? mine's this one.
Radio mudpuppie broadcasting for a while, mostly for the IRC folks. The rest of you, meh.
For people who really care about simmering. Someone just told me that you can put a paper plate on a viking range at its lowest heat setting, and the plate won't burn.

03 December 2005

Safe balloon launch Are there enough biodegradable materials to stage a safe (i.e. green) balloon launch? Biodegradable balloons, string, paper, etc.? Will all the little seals die?
Shout Out!
Radio Free MeCha. Come for the music, stay for the IRC.
Let's try that again, shall we? And this time I mean it.
What the heck? There's a black squirrel in my backyard that thinks its a crow. Anyone ever seen this? There's a squirrel - I'm *sure* it's a squirrel that's sitting in a fir tree cawing like a crow. It needs a few squirrel clucks to get warmed up, then it starts cawing like a crow.

And the neighbourhood crows are replying!


One of the damned things cached a half-squirrel-eaten chocolate bar (with nuts) on top of my garden-hose reel. Normally it's just nuts and pizza crusts, but this is one of those "king-sized" bars.

Crazy squirrels.
Once upon a time there was one funny skit on Jimmy Kimmel's show (wmv) (site has NSFW ads, video itself is a little racey)
Santastic! Holiday Boots 4 Your Stockings--mashup album, all downloadable.
post by: amberglow at: 17:27
Game night, anyone?
How to make vanilla syrup w/ vanilla extract? Anyone know a simple way to make Vanilla Syrup when all I have on hand is vanilla extract? I did a search and all the solutions are how to do it with vanilla beans.
Oh no, here comes Radio Moonbird! Well, here goes kids. I haven't done this since my pirate radio days...Read more...
Radio Mecha guest DJ now playing. So, yeah - speaking of radio... I thought maybe I would put up this mix I like by a friend of mine. I'm going to play the first song (Cleopatra in New York) again at the end, because I like it especially. If anyone else wants to play a set, though, please let me know - I'm just filling some "too damn quiet" time. :)
OK, It's noon. I've started drinking and it's too damned quiet in here. So, I offer you music from a man who, politically speaking is an absolute moron, but man did this guy crank out some great riffage back in the day.Read more...
Interview questions. I was asked in a recent interview what my favorite joke is.Read more...
How are everone's weekend going? Mine's going OK.
35 Years Ago today in Bridgeport, CT, a child wailed his way into the world.Read more...
Christmas party recaps
I've been so busy!! I haven't had a chance to read and comment much at all, and I feel so far behind... I'll never catch up! So let me just say "happy, happy happy birthday!" to all our beautiful Sagittarians, congratulations on papercake nuptials, "holy balls!" to melissa may, "welcome back" to mudpuppie, "you can leave your hat on" to mrs. pants, "thanks for the email help" to stilicho, "I love you!" to all mecha radio DJs... plus specklet, your song "rocks my Goda"! I've missed you all, and to make up, I have a little gift for everybody inside.Read more...
Describe your favorite Scrabble memory. Tomorrow I'm going to play Scrabble for the first time in quite a while and it's made me remember the distinctive moments in my Scrabble history. Now tell me yours.

02 December 2005

Po/bun-ny request When I'm making a comment, I don't know how long it's been since the last comment was made because I don't know what time zone it's pointing to. Could there be something on the right hand side of the post/comment that says "current MetaChat time is HH:mm"? Please?
Name the 75 bands in this picture. I'm hopeless at this kind of thing. Metachat, help me!
radio shark now playing a low-fi nothing set
Fuck yeah! I just finished (another) grant application. Too late to send it to NIH, but it doesn't have to be sent till Monday. I'm off home to get drunk on some NZ wine I've been saving for this very occasion.
jonmc!!!! My coworker and I are arguing over the song "Queen of Hearts".

He says (and is older and therefore probably right) that the song was originally done by Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe.

I only know it by Juice Newton.

Internet searches aren't helping...
Radio kenko Tomorrow, at, uh, 3pm, PST.
The Bunny movie star... Anatomy of a bunny? Mrs Bunnyson? Bunnysferatu? How many can you name? (quicktime, large file, cool animation worth the wait)
Inspired by Specklet Music from the birthday people part deux:
Here's mine (I wrote it, but I didn't sing it.)

Ok, Jonmc, you're next, buddy.
I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky. Okay, for reals...have you ever had a dream where you can fly?

I haven't had one in awhile but I have had them often. I love them. Seriously, my favorite dreams.
10cc? I know that, y'know, people like 'em and junk. My father's mentioned 'em more than a few times, though he doesn't seem to own any. Me? I get 'em confused with Godley and Creem for some reason.
Can anyone recommend/YSI some tracks to me? Godley and Creem (if I'm even spelling that right) would also be appreciated...
I would like to share with you...
Ads of the World Do you use your DVR to skip those annoying commericals? Or maybe you don't watch TV at all, but still need to know what Madison Avenue thinks you need. Catch-up on your viral marketing. Some of the ads are not from the US, so they may be NSFW.
is it ok to name a dog "motherf*#ker?" (i mean does the dog know)
For those who enjoyed the TSO Christmas music. You may get a kick out of this, too. I wish it had been played just a tad less literally, but still.
Looks like someone's got a case of the Fridays! So, how will you waste time today? Where will you take that extra long lunch, and what will you eat? How will you dawdle on your way back, and what's your excuse?
Tangled up in blue Some stellar Jerry Garcia here.
I'm So Totallly Talking To Myself Not that it isn't entertaining but -
I've been re-writing the Bob Dylan entry at Wikipedia. So far I have corrected and re-written lots of stuff, just for good writing. I pretty much re-wrote the intoductory paragraph tonight. And most of "The Early Years" is mine. I am going to keep going. Any advice or facts or fiction that I should include?
L.A. Through Vintage Postcards A collection of vintage Los Angeles postcards.

01 December 2005

In a little over two hours Amberglow will pass the torch as it will be MY birthday.

Wrinkles and gray hair and liverspots, oh my!
Frisbee Girl has demanded an update on my situation, and an update she shall have! Read more...
Yoshi keeps on rucking. With all the birthday talk today I just hope I age half as well as this guy.
Children's stories that scar for life... Inspired by this metafilter discussion, I ask: What kids' books and shows are the most likely to scar for life?
Today at work the steering column of my car froze I can drive forwards and backwards, but not turn. Who ever heard of such a thing!
What important things happened on your birthday? (continuing the theme) : >

Mine is, of course, Rosa Parks.
@#!*&%#!~!% So I was going to go home early because it is snowing like a motherRead more...
A stream of AP quality photos just came up on my flickr home page. Interesting and weird.
Can't find a mefi post. It involved a batshitinsane couple who were playing mind games on FBI agents during a road trip?Read more...
Hi. It's snowing. Nothing is happening here save a raging debate whether "Cat Scratch Fever" is a right-wing Nugentian salute to mastubation. Toodles.
Ask MeCha: Event planning for MetaChatters
Who do you share a birthday with?
[confidential to dodgygeezer]
This makes me very unhappy *shudders*
Even a 330 million year old scorpion can creep me out if it's 2m long.
Goodnight Reality
Goodnight Moon given the good old Stalin treatment. article.
Thanks. (The Swap went underground last month I think).
my friends and i tried not to be gangsters any more but it was too late so we're stuck in the game. advice?
More devendra banhart I see him at the top of the lastfm list so there must be a lot of fans here. Largehearted Boy has some Antony & the Johnsons up which feature banhart on vocals.
I have taken a day off
Happy birthday to me, I'm a hundred and forty three... : >
Freed babies run amokHeaven doesn't want 'em and Hell is afraid they'll take over.Read more...
Car Radio All actin' tough.
I bought Spoon's Series of Sneak's after getting a track off of their All The Negatives on a mixtape, and loved it. A cheatin' girlfriend kept the CD after borrowing it, so I've been a few years without. It showed up on one-a them downloading places what where the album is... And BAM!

Car Radio is the best minute and a half of pop music in history, even better than Guided By Voices for economy of awesome.
David Byrne warned by the RIAA. Who's the hand here, and who's doing the biting? The fact that the RIAA has no more respect for a professional musician than you or I is charming. Blah blah anti-RIAAfilter.
Make your own snowflake This would be a double post on MeFi, but I still think it's cool enough to post once a year. December 1 seemed like an appropriate day.
I'd like to apologize for my bizarre and frankly vulgar displays over the past few days, especiallyRead more...
Mall kills katrina christmas display I sware I am not a paid viral marketer for gawker media.
Help a feller out! I downloaded the Golden Palomino's Visions of Excess from eMusic (legit!), but the mp3 of "Boy (Go)" gets cut off a minute or so early. Anyone got it? Can't find it on, uh, that other legitimate download service I use.