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Due to me not having the admin password of any shoutcast servers, no details can be displayed in this demo is Offline

Welcome to Radio Metachat

This is our community radio station DJ'd by your fellow Metachatters. Music is a big part of the this website and occasionally members like to play a selection of their cherished tunes for all to hear. We don't broadcast 24/7 and we may not broadcast regularly but check here or on the home page for upcoming "shows".

How can I listen?

Our music is streamed using Shoutcast which most modern players can deal with. Players known to work are Winamp, iTunes, Foobar, Audion (Mac), XMMS (Linux). Once you have a suitable player just click the "Listen" link in the top left corner (look, it's just over there - yeah, that's the one!).

Can I broadcast?

Yes, although there are caveats. Broadcasting is a bit like borrowing someone's car - it requires a lot of trust so we'd prefer it if we know you at least fairly well before we lend you the keys. Don't be offended if you are refused, just hang out here for a bit longer until we get to know you. Just e-mail mudpuppie and she'll get back to you as soon as she can.

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