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08 December 2005

imagine if no one ever used John Lennon's Imagine to promote any thing ever again. it's easy if you try.
why won't they try? *sigh*[More:]meahwhile, who watched Project Runway?
Well, I'm at work during Prime Time, and honestly, if I weren't I'd still give that one a wide berth. Sorry, but the whole "reality" thing leaves me cold. Read into that what you will.

However, I would like to get on board your anti-commercial-Lennon juggernaut, if I may. Can we extend that to any and all songs from my formative years? Or anyone else's, for that matter.
posted by bmarkey 08 December | 04:38
i'm not a reality tv fan, but this show has an accelerated art school without pity aspect i find intriguing (got sucked in after the middle of the last season by accident, and iconomy check your email)--

the imagine thing always bugs me (lost all worth to me after use in WKRP the first time around) and i mention both because "they are happening again--" right now.
posted by ethylene 08 December | 04:46
i could have asked if anyone else has problems with a "not the latest" version of firefox freezing up on them, as it would probably be about as fruitful

meh. i like seeing people make stuff
posted by ethylene 08 December | 04:59
I can't wait until I never hear "Imagine" again, in any context.
posted by Hugh Janus 08 December | 10:41
I loved that episode of WKRP!
posted by jrossi4r 08 December | 10:57
"Imagine no possessions/Except for your giant white piano and mansions and..."
"Uh John, how about 'It's easy if you try'?"
"Suck it, hater."
posted by Alvy Ampersand 08 December | 11:03
--and stop making children sing it, and kill off that rigby woman while you're at it, also long spoiled for me--

--we can replace it with red wigglers, the cadillac of worms--

--must smash phone--
posted by ethylene 08 December | 11:11
I love Project Runway. I can't watch it because of stupid roommate issues, but I love it.
posted by SassHat 08 December | 13:22
My favorite Beatles song is a Chuck Berry cover.
posted by Hugh Janus 08 December | 13:56
Mine is probably Back in the USSR, I can do without Imagine as it seems to me to be the very platonic ideal of mawkishness. I really don't like being told what to do, except possibly in the context of lyrics with instructions regarding dance steps
Mawk! Mawk!

But I'm not a big Beatles fan, really.

Oh and :


posted by Divine_Wino 08 December | 14:07
Just let me hear some of that rock'n'roll music.
posted by Hugh Janus 08 December | 14:09
I'm glad ethylene is back.
posted by matildaben 08 December | 14:39
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