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05 December 2005

MetaCheeze Here's the 1970s swap mix you've all been waiting for (YouSendIt link). I will post the cover art and tracklist in a subsequent comment.
P.S. I apologize for removing "Montana", although otherwise I was true to the orignally proposed track pool. It just didn't fit musically, and at over 6 minutes long, it made the mix go over the 74-minute limit.
posted by matildaben 05 December | 11:36
P.P.S. Full size tracklist on flickr.
posted by matildaben 05 December | 11:37
Nice one, matildaben. I'll give it a listen when I can. As soon as I read your track list, the chorus to Dave Mason's "We Just Disagree" ran through my head.

Because of the cheese, not because we disagree.
posted by Hugh Janus 05 December | 11:39
THis will make great office party psych-up music for my company's open bar shindig tonite. It's amazing how much some of the chicks in the office deck themselves out for this. Lotta cleavage and tight jeans for a cold day.
posted by jonmc 05 December | 11:46
It's got Brandy! And a unicorn! Today's turning out to be a great day.
posted by jrossi4r 05 December | 12:01
Jon, that totally makes my day.

Further credits:
Original track selections made by the Portland MeFi/MeCha meetup crew in November (unfortunately I don't know exactly who since I was down on the other side of the table; maybe Lipstick Thespian can shed more light).

Cover art jointly produced by Lipstick Thespian and matildaben, additional track selections by LT and MB, primary track sequencing by MB with assistance from LT.
posted by matildaben 05 December | 12:02
Finally DL'd and extracted it. I just fired up "Jailbreak." That song brings out my inner delinquent. Makes me wanna bust windows and loiter and shit.

God Bless Phil Lynott, wherever he is.
posted by jonmc 05 December | 12:18
Wow, great stuff matildaben. Made my day. *bows*
posted by keijo 05 December | 12:43
This is great. It's shitty out today, so this is a nice surprise.

I love "Bloody Well Right". Thank you.
posted by kortez 05 December | 13:53
LT can't post from work, but he says he thinks the compilers were togdon, yodelingisfun, miles, and himself. Props to them.
posted by matildaben 05 December | 14:05
That? Is seriously cool, matildaben. I will download it tonight.
posted by gaspode 05 December | 14:54
Oh, hell yeah. Thanks, matildaben!
posted by everichon 05 December | 16:15
I actually found the original list when I was cleaning my house the other day (no idea how it came home with me, other than it appears to be in my writing). We re-purposed the Table Tots sign, and started compiling the list as a suggestion of 'awful' songs we'd rather hear than the ones that were playing at the bar...

Thanks for compiling it, shame that Montana couldn't fit.

posted by togdon 05 December | 16:30
No John Denver. Sob.
posted by DeepFriedTwinkies 06 December | 00:56
There was music at the bar?
posted by rebirtha 06 December | 09:45
For the first time I was able to download a large file from YSI! Though I had to do it twice... maybe that's the trick?

And... you really, really cheered up my morning, matildaben. For Midnight at the Oasis alone, I kiss you a thousand times.
posted by taz 06 December | 09:57
This is excellent, matildaben (& contributors). I'm all over jukebox hero (my mom had that f'ner album). Thank you!
posted by safetyfork 06 December | 11:06
So wonderful! I never thought this would see the light of day. Sounds great and bring on feelings of fromage I never knew I had. Thanks for warming my winter heart!
posted by miles 06 December | 13:04
I'm up to "Goodbye Stranger" and having so much fun blasting this through the lab. So awesome. Thanks again, matildaben.
posted by gaspode 06 December | 14:54
Kids, kids! This was a blast to make with Matilda. The Unicorn brought the entire fromagilicioius event to a apex, no question. Please note the amazing Fruit Stripe Gum Unicorn hide for extra 70's kickassedness.

Even though I didn't pony up the 5 bucks, Portland mefis are awesome and deserve a shrine.

Oh, and for present-day Cheeze, may I present the current Video Awards on VH1, Big-Ole-Something or Other 2005.
Hold me...
posted by Lipstick Thespian 07 December | 00:56
Some early Neutral Milk Hotel demos. || Eat a Peach t-shirt