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08 December 2005

Stop doin' that and get back to running Metafilter. In which the NYT works out that one way to get articles linked to is to have them written by the editors of the websites doing the linking.
At 4:14 AM CST, that's the most confusing sentence I've read in the past hour. But after I figured it out: yeah.
posted by panoptican 08 December | 05:14
They still aren't getting paid for them, though.
posted by punch 08 December | 07:44
I didn't know about the one-click "Clear Private Data" function ... thanks Matt and seanyboy.
posted by danostuporstar 08 December | 08:06
I would upgrade... but I'm worried about losing chatzilla - others have said that it doesn't work with 1.5. :{

(and, woohoo, Matt!!)
posted by taz 08 December | 09:36
Chatzilla works - you just need to get the latest version.

I'm far from blown away by this new version. As the developers have said, this version is only really about adding in behind-the-scenes stuff in preparation for version 2. At least it hasn't got worse (well actually table rendering has got even slower but most folks won't notice that).

Supposedly it's more secure - anyone know any more about that?
posted by dodgygeezer 08 December | 09:42
(well actually table rendering has got even slower but most folks won't notice that).

Heyyyyy, now that you mention it, I did notice that. I just assumed that site was laggy or something.
posted by agropyron 08 December | 10:11
Stop doin' that and get back to running Metafilter.

Interesting. I had always suspected the NYTimes ran MetaFilter, given the number of single-link FPPs they get.
posted by Eideteker 08 December | 10:14
That's great for Matt. Is that the first article he has written for the NYTimes?
posted by mcgraw 08 December | 10:16
Nah, he wrote a review of some weird astronomy thing a while back IIRC.
posted by selfnoise 08 December | 10:20
taz, Chatzilla was just late updating. It works now.

As for Firefox, I think that 1.1 would have been a better signal about the level of visible improvement, even though there was major under-the-hood work (here's their "why"). I do find the memory management significantly better, though, which really helps (I burned out a stick recently and so I'm short).

Here are the 1.5 Release Notes. One significant "invisible" feature is an improved extension API -- one reason so many of them broke.
posted by stilicho 08 December | 13:51
Also, I meant to say this earlier, but I passed out... OPERA REPRESENT! I want the browser wars to become sort of like a gang war at some point with drive-by shootings and territory and bandannas and/or bananas.
posted by panoptican 08 December | 14:01
People often miss the point about why Firefox has been so important. The browser "market" had completely died and there was virtually no movement or innovation. Once Firefox turned up and getting a share of the market it started to scare the shit out of everyone else.

Now look where we are: Microsoft updated IE even though they'd previously stated there would be no updates until Vista and Opera is now available for free without obnoxious ads.

Even if you don't use FF you have to be glad about it's effects.
posted by dodgygeezer 08 December | 14:24
Very true. It wasn't so long ago that almost all of us were using the crapfest that is IE6. I am thankful that Firefox has brought innovation back to browsers.
posted by panoptican 08 December | 15:33
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