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22 December 2005

I need an online greeting card I can send *in the body* of an e-mail. Where can I find such a thing?
Don't do this. Such greeting cards often a) capture the addresee's address for future spammimg, and b) contain embedded image links ("webbugs") or scripts.
posted by orthogonality 22 December | 13:54
You wouldn't happen to know what e-mail client the sendee uses? Most clients will render html in the body.
posted by danostuporstar 22 December | 13:55
Hmmmm, good point, orthogonality.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 December | 13:57
Have a look at this
posted by essexjan 22 December | 14:10
essexjan has the right idea. Of course, make a copy of the resulting jpeg, and host it yourself, or better, send it in the email as an atatchment.

(Thunderbird, for example, by default does not display linked images, precisely in order to maintain security.)
posted by orthogonality 22 December | 14:13
Hmmm, that's definitely a step in the right direction- this is for my company, so I need something without the ad. You might be right- doing the in-email image might not work for spamming purposes.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 December | 14:17
Another alternative, for users of Windows and Outlook Express.

Google some OE stationery, and find something you like (be warned, though, the vast majority of OE stationery sites are utterly revolting, unless, of course, you're into angels, teddies, 'country style', kittens, clowns, etc.

But there are a few decent sites that do good, animated stationery. There's one called, I think, flutterby, which has some cool stuff amongst the dross.

Download one you like, create an email using it, but instead of sending it, save it to your desktop as a .mht file. Then you can attach it and send it with a plain text email and, all being well, it'll open in Windows as a html file showing any animation/music.
posted by essexjan 22 December | 14:20
Just paste this image into your email. (SFW. kind of.)
posted by Doohickie 22 December | 14:44
AHHH David Hasselhoff. So scary.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 December | 15:15
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