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22 December 2005

Steady on: there's no definitive proof yet that suni is susie and vice versa.
posted by PinkStainlessTail 22 December | 13:30
Sure, I'm wondering more about the deleted comments at this point. Over a dozen at least includine one of my own (a first!).
posted by panoptican 22 December | 13:31
Susie Ghahremani posts a lot at as user boygirlparty, and she uses a lot of punctuation, and periods at the end of her sentences. Suni (from mf) never uses periods.

The Su and the ni, though...that's one of those things that make you go hmmmmm.
posted by iconomy 22 December | 13:33
While there a brouhaha over at, about the owner offering, for a fee, to post advertisements disguised as FPPs or editorials, I'm sure Matt would never do such a thing.

And even if he did, I'm sure Matt would be up front about it.

And Matt consistently removes comments about "Pepsi Blue" or any speculation about a poster's real name.
posted by orthogonality 22 December | 13:37
It does look suspicious, but from these two answers in AskMe, it would appear suni is of the male persuasion.
posted by gigawhat? 22 December | 13:50
Also, in one of suni's comments, the poster claims to be in Berlin. The artist is in Rhode Island.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 22 December | 13:53
Also suni used the expression "PJ Dickrider" in the thread about Kong being a flop, which is a blanket forgiveness expression for self-linking.
posted by Divine_Wino 22 December | 13:55
I think they're two different people, and suni just thought that the wallets were arty and cool. I wish he/she would post again in the thread tho.
posted by iconomy 22 December | 13:56
If I weren't getting laid off in a couple of weeks, I'd pony up $5 for a "PJ Dickrider" sock puppet. It would look so good on my mantel next to my "the shitty Baldwin" account.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 22 December | 14:00
One of my comments was deleted, natch. All in a days work I guess.
posted by KevinSKomsvold 22 December | 14:17
Someone in the thread found suni's website. They really are two different people. This suni, he does not like the periods.
posted by iconomy 22 December | 15:15
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