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Archives for: October 2005

31 October 2005

what do you know...
post by: sam at: 23:22 | 6 comments
Tell me a secret.
Halloween
What To Do About Halloween. "Are you haunted by the question of whether your family should celebrate Halloween? Here are some fun alternatives." A resource on redeeming Halloween made available by your friends at Focus On The Family.
Secret of the Pied Piper? Valerian? Who Knew? "Valerian has an effect on the nervous system of many animals, especially cats, which seem to be thrown into a kind of intoxication by its scent. It is scarcely possible to keep a plant of Valerian in a garden after the leaves or root have been bruised or disturbed in any way, for cats are at once attracted and roll on the unfortunate plant. It is equally attractive to rats and is often used by rat-catchers to bait their traps. It has been suggested that the famous Pied Piper of Hamelin owed his irresistible power over rats to the fact that he secreted Valerian roots about his person."Read more...
post by: taz at: 17:20 | 8 comments
Spooky music to download for tonight? What are some good songs I can burn to a CD to play to scare kiddies with?
I think my brain is loose.
Eight galleries of gigantic women, and one gallery of gigantic meat. The meat is safe for work. The women aren't.
What Are You Obsessed With?
I got an apple divider the other day, and it's really oddly satisfying. I find myself eating more apples now, just to be able to use it. What tools or machines do you find satisfying/therapeutic?
Circulus (38 MB .mov) More here.
"Never before in my time at the bar or on the bench have I ever had to deal with somebody who voluntarily allowed himself to be buggered by a dog on the public highway."
The Autumn of the Patriarch by GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ (Translated, from the Spanish, by Gregory Rabassa). More inside.

Pugs on Bikes! PetSmart's Howl-O-Ween Pet Costume Contest ...
Another Neutral Milk Hotel song Let's get more NMH on our charts, shall we?
Happy Halloween A "present" for you.
TRON. For your amusement, a networked 3D Tron lightcycle game. Completely free, multi-platform, and highly addictive. Live the greatest movie EVAR!
Your MeCha Halloween Rock Jukebox Starter Kit
I let her get away. So yeah, every time I upload something to yousendit, I drop you guys a link. Enjoy! Or don't! It's totally open-ended!
The Party is Dead. Long Live the Party. Yeah, that Bloc Party being number one was so faux-hipster of us. We had to go unseat those poseurs and make our top artist the unfiltered, undeniable brilliance of one Modest Mouse!Read more...
hi My Aunt just died (not distant). ask.mefi contains no data. What would you do? What should I do? ...hurting

30 October 2005

Pink Floyd Trade Freely. Not For Sale.
TOMORROW (the future) I will turn twenty-five. This means that when we approximate my age to one significant figure, I shall be THIRTY.

I was going to post this in the Ali thread on mefi... but Mefi died before I could post it, so here it isRead more...
Music Box Dub reggae, Afrobeat, maybe some jazz, you know how it is.
Quirks, habits and superstitions
Repent, sinners! The practice of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is really a sanitized take on the demonic Killer Spud of pagan folklore! Do you really want THIS to accept your immortal soul?
Yeah, Stephen Baldwin. He was in town and dropped by for church today.
I also saw two people I knew from the gym there as well. Come to find out I played at the wedding of one of them. (long story, short version being her m-i-l put the wedding together for her, and I was handy.)

So how was your Sunday?
Spoooky Here's a lovely, haunting song with enough musical saw to last you for a while.
MetaChat survey. Be honest, now How much food do you normally download off the internet? (Extra points if you use bit torrent.)
For Halloween, the Bride of Frankenstein suite, and Dr. Frankenstein screaming "It's alive! Alive!" from Frankenstein.
MetaChat Survey, Please Enlighten How much do you spend on groceries per week? (Extra points if you live alone.)
Thanks for all the Phish. A special shout out and thanks to all of the fantastic DJs at Radio Mecha! The good stuff played and the great variety makes me a little melancholy for the old days - like, 2002. Antenna Radio was still broadcasting, and y2karl was DJing drylongso, which was the most amazing compilation of swing, blues, jazz and folk, mostly from the 40s and 50s, some later, some earlier. They also had Otis Fodder broadcasting, and some crazy Japanese pop that was lots of fun. Anyone else remember it fondly, or know of other stations like y2karl's?
Now there's something i dont have One of the ads on teevee this Sunday afternoon was for a huge Philips MRI scanner.

Anyone else seen ads they dont understand why they were made?
Help me with my screen The yellow circle on the mecha front page, it's a circle not an oval, right?
I just want to say... that the Mythbusters episode where they are punching sharks (!!!) is the best thing I have ever seen on TV.

What is the greatest thing you have ever seen on the boob tube?
Leopard Skin Pill Box Radio How about a little Bob Dylan?
post by: box at: 12:22 | 7 comments
AskMeCha: Help! I'm going to see the Tiger Lillies!
Paul Smith's Typewriter Art continues to fascinate. This site's been around for a while, but it's always nice for a revisit. All the art was done on a typewriter.
Radio taz: A Sunday Kind of Love I've put together a sort of happy jazzy bluesy Sunday show for you... if I've done things right... Update: Now Playing!Read more...
It's my birthday, so you all have to listen to this song by The Residents. BYE or sell or buy bye or sell or buy...
Something for HalloWeenies: RetroCrush's 100 scariest movie scenes of all time. Boo!
post by: taz at: 04:07 | 3 comments
Ask Mecha: Any Audiograbber users here? I just installed it, and I have a problem I can't seem to figure out. It doesn't show (in the application itself) or record file information (artist name, song name, etc.). Here's a screen capture that shows what the tracks look like in the application, how the general settings are configured, and what the saved mp3 file name looks like.

Neither does the file info show up in winamp when playing an mp3 created with Audiograbber. What have I overlooked?
post by: taz at: 03:33 | 6 comments
turn your watch, turn your watch back, about a hundred thousand years...

/public service announcement
Damnit, Amberglow Stop deleting your posts. First I tried to comment on your bush picture thread and now with the time post. But noooo, you deleted it!
Big Ole Halloween Saturday Night I drank some beer, watched two movies and went to bed. What did y'all do? Read more...

29 October 2005

Help me, Metachat! Ok. For Halloween, help me quickly. There was a story that I read in a high school literature textbook anthology thing that was about a ne'er-do-well who screws up various jobs before getting hired as a professional mourner (due to his grave countenance). It's a sardonic little story, and I thought that iw was written by Brecht (or another German). Thing is, I can't find any mention of it and I can't remember the title (and I'm not even positive about Brecht writing it).
Can you help me? Does anyone else remember this? I don't think it was Wallace Shawn's Designated Mourner, since it was definitely a story and not a play...
Yellow Mustang Registry Who knew there was such a thing?
I've got some binnies, mister, fluffly little bunnies... [embedded qt]
Your #1 Internet resource for all cultural references to "Stinking Badges". This might come in handy some day. Or not.
Richard Thompson "Hot For the Smarts" The Richard Thompson song "Hot for the Smarts" is wonderful and hilarious. Does anyone know where it is possible to get it/download it?
"Just find a girl, with faraway eyes..." Do you know a girl with faraway eyes?

I do. Or did rather. I only caught her eye for a brief while. Still, she was one of the top three loves of my life.
Frisbee Girl is our linguistic overlord. Yesterday, she posts a wish for
. Today, it's the Word of the day.

I beg her to use her power wisely.
Glamorous Romances, January 1952, No. 57 (a complete issue--and caption contest, found via our very own joelf's culturehole)
Re-run Re-playing Boring Radio 2 for you daylight-hours types... Read more...
Buchanan & Goodman These guys were inadvertent pioneers and advertantly funny motherfuckers back in the early days of rock and roll. They more or less pioneered the concept of "sampling," which is the back bone of hip-hop, electronica and many other modern genres. And even got dragged into court for it.Read more...
This is the last straw!!!! It's a drizzly, dreary day, and I need some cheering up. If you do, too, go have a look at A Gallery of Color. It's like happy pills for the eyes.
post by: taz at: 05:38 | 7 comments
You are supposed to be here, now. You know who you are, Taz.
Boring Radio 2 now playing... ...hopefully a little more organized this time. :)
Friday night shut-ins! I need you! Come and chat!
CIA says: Slack Off Nice flickr set of a 1980s CIA manual on how to conduct sabotage in Central America.
The Onion's Revenge They recently were asked by the White House to stop using the presidential seal in satire... here's their revenge [via eschaton, kinda nsfw].

28 October 2005

Who coined "Fitzmas"? I started seeing the term about a week ago on the usual suspects' blogs: Atrios, TPM, and DailyKos. It's a great neologism.
Celebrated California composer and seminal Minimalist Terry Riley presents a concert of a broad range of his works. Performers will include Terry Riley, Fred Frith, Mills students, the Del Sol String Quartet, John Ingle, Sarah Cahill, Joseph Kubera, others.
I need help! Technical help, specifically...
Should We Ban Boxing? The usual arguments against the "sweet science" cut many ways.
There seems to be much suckage right now I wish there was a way to give everyone some real respite from the sadness and pain, but for now, may hugs and hand holding and soft susurrus abound and take the edge off.
NYC people free? I am in NYC for a few days. I am free during the day. If anyone in the area would like to grab a drink Sat during the day, I'm buying. I'm staying at over at Cent Park. E-mail me if you are free.

(And I posted this here because I think I am suppose to take time off until Sat. on MeFi).

I'm off to the comic book shop To get some good trades paperbacks. What are your favorites? I thought Top 10 was fantastic
Beat, beat, I need a beat Since a mixture of uploading problems and a lack of international timezone comprehension (I thought we were five hours LATER than GMT— please don't laugh at my American lack of dateline comprehension) led me to miss the official MetaChat Mix deadline, I shall visit upon you my vengence.Read more...
Linux: is it awesome or is it totally wack? Read more...
Hot Autism Titles! Is this ad from Brookes Publishing Company a little ill conceived maybe?
TravelChat: Milan. The amore—it is inside.
Metachat, my life was meaningless without you! No internet and no Metachat make LeeJay something something...Read more...
It’s my birthday: Pop a cold one, and help yourselves to some cake.
You can party until you pass out, but please, don’t drink and drive.

27 October 2005

Form as content. The subject of so many songs is the art itself...Read more...
music box While I wait for this pumpkin cheesecake to bake, here's some more Radio Mecha.
AskMeCha: I can't get a subtitle file to play with a movie--help!!
Fitzmas Gifts? Bets and predictions: who'll get what from Fitzgerald? And who, if anyone, has sung like a canary?

Get on the record while the indictments still remain sealed!
I don't like this, but some of you girls might. Too cutesy-pie for me.
post by: dg at: 18:54 | 10 comments
Oh my I can't even think of an approriately clever title for this video. But I can't help but be impressed.Read more...
Winger: "Oh, it's not the speed really so much, I just wish I hadn't drunk all that cough syrup this morning."
The latest liberal atrocity
Some left-wing stooge at the MSM rag USA Today used Photoshop's sharpen tool to turn Condoleezza Rice into a demon! Will they stop at nothing?
Paranoid but not fooled. Is sanity just a shared illusion?

Researchers at the London university found that schizophrenics are not fooled by visual illusions that easily trick non-schizophrenics.
Must be all those scallywags who post inline images! (in reference to this). But you can't see that thread right now because somewhere, a ColdFusion element is crying at its desk.
Anyone dressing up for Halloween?
Warriors, come out to playyyayy I totally missed this movie until a few weeks ago. They've been showing it to promote the new video game release. I LOVED it. I never saw it because it was a "boy" movie. I thought the same thing about "Jaws" and that's one of my favorites. What movies did you think you'd hate, but actually loved?
Don't you get the warm fuzzies when you look at this photograph? (nsfw)
But she did it very meticulously! And she sent a cute card to announce it! She's the most organized EVAR! [Newsfilter]
My dicshonery eskapps me
another desktop? See inside.
White Sox World Champions!! The start of a great Fitzmas? We await another grand-slam victory from Illinois!

26 October 2005

"hippie shit" --i had to look this up as i got to glimpse the ad in the bookstoreRead more...
Best song about the working week. ever. From my beloved Bottle Rockets.
This is not an elitist thing, really.
BUSH DOESN'T CARE ABOUT AWAY MESSAGES! A friend of mine put this away message up on GoogleTalk weeks ago, and it still makes me laugh. What funny away messages have you seen recently?
Greatest baseball sing-offs Given that John Cicada(sp?) just worbled in my earhole - who's the best youve heard, and exactly how behind the baseball am i? whitesox are up 3 points to nil apparently.
Uniform fetish 1) Am I unusual for having the hots for white lab coats but absolutely no interest in medical-instrument-play?

2) Is this Dana Scully's fault?
Car Karaoke! (mp3) A Renault Formula 1 V10 engine sings Queen's "We Are the Champions." (An explanation here.)
btw TARGET LIES: i mentioned in a comment somewhere about an unusually nice letter i got in receipt of my writing them. now i know why.Read more...
This reviewer's gonna get iced by a ninja if he doesn't look out.
Mixup Ends. All swappers will have got the e-mail now. Please don't submit any more mixes now, I simply haven't got the time to deal with them. Sorry. For those of you who got in on time: Enjoy!
I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody too?
Monkeyfilter down Oops, wrong forum.
Have you ever made notes to yourself... that make perfect sense to you, but would be baffling/amusing to others?Read more...
Stuff to read to kill time with
Christopher Anderson takes photographs of Lance Armstrong, of coffee farmers around the world, of infantrymen in a sandstorm in Iraq and their flags and their cigarettes.
The NBA season begins next week. Will Darko Milicic -- the gawky European teenager who was picked second overall in the 2003 draft and subsequently became a laughingstock as he languished at the end of the Pistons' bench -- finally be freed? Sign the petition!Read more...
*YAWN* sips coffee. smiles.
Improving Bittorrent speeds?
Boring Radio is testing.... Anybody awake at 3 AM (eastern) on a Wednesday? Read more...

25 October 2005

Superlager trading cards. I'm going to get the Amsterdam Maxinator for maximum street cred.
box radio Presuming it's working okay, I'm playing things right now. Let me know if you're listening.
Peanuts! I just finished watching It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with Pips. As realxing and life affirming as a hit of Valium. I imagine it is to most of my generation. But the question is this: which Peanuts character are you?
Hey, MeChas! There's a group of people over on MeTa trying to organize an active World of Warcraft guild again. See this thread for details.
Do you?

Actually, I don't believe but I think this is pretty clever even if it is fake.
Last.FM group stats! Hey, I'm just using this for people who missed the other thread -- you can join a MeCha group on Last.FM, and listen to our "group radio" whenever the MeCha radio is down. ;-)

But since we got enough members, they gave us group stats, possibly worth discussion.

Top artist: Bloc Party, followed by The Shins/Beatles/Go! Team/Radiohead/Beck.
Top songs: Shins, "So Says I", Radiohead, "Karma Police", and some Arcade Fire.

Pretty indie, not overly Radiohead-y, very little Coldplay. But the group radio, which I spent a couple hours listening to yesterday, is a lot more varied than that, because it draws from the entire recorded playlist of the membership.

There's a lot of trance/electronica, and a surprising amount of classic/roots rock, like Howlin' Wolf. (I'd blame jonmc, but he's not a member -- under that ID anyway)
Damn Portland weather!
Codes! Goodness gracious, I'm going crazy.
Askmecha: Please help me stay awake. I've had about 2hrs of sleep in the past 24 hrs. I'm sitting here at work practically in tears coz i'm so tired. I can't go home coz i was sick a while back and took a bunch of sick time so it will look bad if i just up and leave. I'm on my 4th cup of 4 extra shots (yah, 4) of coffee, i now have the jitters and generally feel like crap. I also have about 6 hours to go before i can leave the office. Any suggestions?
Have you ever made notes to yourself... and then couldn't decipher them?
Interview with an honest boss NSFW if your boss is within earshot and doesn't have a sense of humor.
Am I the only person who now chuckles whenever they see the word "consensus"? This is not meant to be a dig at anyone. I just, really, have this semiautomatic chuckle whenever I see the word "consensus" on any forum/BBS. Is it just me?
A Russian LJ with some cool photos Includes chernobyl pics.
Post yer favourite strip(s) from your favourite comic(s)
Weasels Your vote counts.
Entre Nous. I'm offering two songs for download. Both are about the same thing; something difficult to put into words. They're about the distance between two people in even the closest relationship. Do you know any other songs like these?Read more...
*YAWN* sips coffee. blinks.
I have issues! But everybody does, right? I think, though, that my issues are reely reely bad - but perhaps they are pedestrain. It might help me to hear what other folks' issues are. Being too chicken shit to come out and share my issues, I understand if nobody shares either!

Is this an omen? I was just about to post a call for a Toronto Meetup when the site went down.
Is this portentous of.... anything?
Now on C-SPAN2 "Intelligent Design" proponent whines about the persecution of his co-religionists.
Anybody want a desktop thingy? Here's the weird one I'm using right now, and here's another one of those kind of faux '70s things I was doing earlier. (1024 x 768 dual monitor. Thumbnails inside.)
misheard lyric thread: simple
the indiscretion thread: be as blunt or oblique as you like.
one rule applies: this thread is like vegas,
anything you say stays there.
Jello City! San Franciso in jello!
Wish Upon a Storm. It's raining in lots of places. Since you guys are so good about sharing music with me, I thought I'd share right back. My transcription of the lyrics here.
Always a Goonie! I just rewatched The Goonies last night.Read more...

24 October 2005

"give me your cheese-- --your pop, your tired old chestnuts--"Read more...
For amberglow I Love Paris. Les Negresses Vertes doing a tribute to Cole Porter.Read more...
Most significant world events you remember.
The original shock-rocker!
Hobosexuals. For lovers of old hobos, drifters, and railroad men. NSFW.
there is a jar full of caterpillars on my shelf Read more...
Dubai: The local climate is subtropical and arid, with a very high seasonal temperature variation. In summer (March to October) it is very hot, with temperatures around the 40° Celsius (105° Fahrenheit) mark during the day. Winters are much more bearable, with a drop to 10° Celsius (50° Fahrenheit) at times.

In other words, Dubai is the perfect location for a ski resort [WARNING: volume].
Home What makes a place 'home' for you?
I just got back from a week in new england and I see something in metatalk about a fundraiser. Cursory reading leads me to believe that Matt started a fundraiser with the goal being to get alex and dios to stop posting. Am I way off here or did that actually happen?
No Place for Children: Voices from Juvenile Detention, by Steve Liss. Read more...
Minutes away from just quittin'. But fuck it, I'll maintain; someday I'll be hittin'.
HI CALI! lookit! lookit!
Post Zombie Walk Report Cars, malls, dancing to Thriller, crashing a violence rally, and scaring a lot of people.
I'm the last thing you see
Anyone know where I can get a mongoose?
What are your three favorite smells?
Painterly Cloud Ceilings... Has anyone ever painted a cloud ceiling? They're so dreamy. And calming. I'm going to attempt one myself but had to share this kit, which has the added bonus of bunny templates.
Something new for jonmc You won't find much (if any)of this on mainstream Christian radio.
MeCha Charity Mix CD Silent Auction! (revisited) There seems to be a good amount of interest in participating. Shall we firm things up? [more inside]
A rousing anthem to manic-depressive wagering incl. tiyuri, feathers, coke cans, et al. Read more...
This is my official birthday post. Because it's my birthday, and because I can. : )

Also celebrating today: Kevin Kline, Bill Wyman, F. Murray Abraham, Caprice, Monica, Corey Dillon, Kenny Holmes, Ron Gardenhire, Mary Bono, B.D. Wong, and the United Nations.
Classic Poem Daily A little treasure in my email every morning. Read more...
eureka street: tell the dodgygeezer why he should make time to read this book
The Sculptor. Calatrava called the shape of his building “helicoidal”, then drew a human body, torqued like a tennis player in mid-swing. He then sketched a tree trunk. Finally, he drew a lovely spiral, and explained that what he had in mind was a tall tower that rose organically, in a way that echoed natural forms.
Santiago Calatrava's Turning Torso, Malmö.
* Looks in mirror. Sees fool. * I owe Jessamyn an apology for being such a jerk to her.Read more...
I am holding Richard Price hostage. I will consider an exchange for an undisclosed number of non-consecutive, unmarked beers at a pre-established drop point.
Tea Time. I'm having a cup of Stash Chai right now. It's heavenly; it tastes like Christmas. I found a tea shop that sells 10 bag sampler packs of most of Stash's teas. Via an AskMe post yesterday, I discovered adagio, and now Stash. I love tea - loose or bagged, red, green, black, or white. Tea lovers, represent!
Oliver's Army: who is the Oliver referred to in the song?Read more...
Something amazing is going to happen!
What is it? A charming unusual objects blog.
Have you ever eaten cornflakes on the velcro moon?
iClip has nothing to do with Apple. {flash and sound}
Teleology according to Guinness. An advertising approach you won't see in the States. Sigh. [Quicktime.]

23 October 2005

What's Cookin, Good Lookin?
AskMecha: One hour with tech support produced nada. For some ungodly reason, I can no longer upload files or send attachments through email... that would be POP or web based.Read more...
You can say that again! "You never want to hear the word 'tear', and you never want to hear the word 'fluid'."
How can I become a MeFi celebrity? What would I have to do to become a genuine MeFi celeb? I'm happy with my contributions so far and I try to keep a cap on any online addictions so I have time for family and all the rest but I am interested in the process so - any "celebs" got some advice on how you became so well known?
I wanted to do something to say congrats to dabitch. So I got a friend to help me write this. Read more...
Inspired by Smedleyman’s now-infamous FPP on MeFi, I’d like to post something which I feel is important and needs to be discussed. So without further ado, here are all 22,795 lines of Elias Lönnrot’s adaptation of the traditional Finnish Kalevala – including the Preface, Proem, and all 49 runes:

oh damn my keyboard's broken
Mecha Mixswap. Don't forget that the deadline is Wednesday!
I'm baaack!
TV Families. Which one are you a spawn of? Last night I was watching a rerun of That 70's Show and realized that my mom & dad are Red and Kitty. You?

And if that's boring here's a great Donnas song. (they remind me of the fluff-haired mallrat chicks I spent my adolescence lusting after)
Hear ye, hear ye. Turns out kmellis is a pretty cool guy after all. Read more...
braaaaiiiiiins Come on out for my zombie walk. 'Going to be a blast.
Stylistic Consistency Has Got Me Down Honour. Valour. Colour. I learned to spell not so much in school (though I thank them for teaching me to spell "business" and "cat"), but from reading. And, quite coincidentally, it appears that most of my books were written by British authors. That means that, as American as I am, I learned that flavour is spelled flavour, not "flavor". However, I was not raised British, and apparently the effects of British spelling have been restricted to the "or/our" variation, "paedophilia", and "diarrhoea". I never picked up "connexion" or some of the other differences.Read more...
It's the first annual (ever!) MetaChat Halloween Stuff-Carving Contest.
FoodPornWatch --exhaustingly extensive list of foodbloggers and when they last updated (i was looking for paris food stuff)

22 October 2005

I checked a book out of the library and the type is fucking Fraktur. How awesome is that?Read more...
How to Get the Man's Foot Outta Your Ass

I just watched Baadasssss!. It was very good. That is all.
Three-A-Day What three things do you try and do everyday?Read more...
Music Time. Me & the Mrs. are going to see James McMurtry tonightRead more...
me3dia's Charity Mix CD Silent Auction (bump): I'm really into doing this, both offering a CD mix and buying, and I don't want it to get buried. ] more inside, natch [
Fun With Jalapenos. So I sneezed while eating a veggie burrito filled with lots of jalapenos. A determined squadron of peppers somehow went right up my nose. I'd imagine getting a shot of pepper spray to the face feels similar.

Having just spent ten minutes flailing, thrashing and nose-blowing, I'm curious what similar food experiences you've had...?
Songs about Elvis There's one on the new Neil Young album, called "He Was The King". There's also "Porcelain Monkey" by Warren Zevon and, of course, "Elvis Is Everywhere" by Mojo Nixon. I know there must be others. Help a bunny out?
Time Travel Puzzle Ok, let's say you were able to go back in time - to medieval Europe (a popular time travel destination) - and you could bring one item with you... one item that would hopefully make you a formidable and all-powerful presence. What would you bring? The kicker is, you can't bring anything that relies on advanced technology(ies) to work (i.e. computers, guns, iPods, bullhorns). So what would you bring?
AskMeCha— MATH Ok. I got challenged by a friend to figure this out, and even with the combined efforts of my incredibly large brain and the large brain of my pal the math major (now an actuary), we couldn't get the solution.

There are two poles, one 15 feet high, the other 9 feet high. If you draw a line from the top of one to the base of the other, and vice versa, the lines intersect six feet above the ground. How far apart are the poles?Read more...
it has been a good day. i thank you all and hope to eat much seafood
Ack!! Help!! Talk me into something... or out of something - or something, won't you? Kitty lust story inside.
Rocket Mania!!! I hate video games but I love this one! The fuses remind me of Dr. Seuss. My best score on Normal is 212592.
Wooooo! I'm breaking the first rule! Posting under the infulence!!! What will I type here that I'll wake up in the morning and regret?! Find out inside!Read more...
"i want a bunny isle--" --that i can call my own
a funny bunny no one else can steal--"
I am so stressed that my left eye is twitching.Read more...
I don't know how to sew... but I want to make something.Read more...

21 October 2005

HOO! Hoo-Hoo! HOO! HOO! So, we have a Great Horned Owl living somewhere right behind our backyard now. Sweet.

Cats, you now definitely have to stay indoors after dusk.
One Question.... Caption this pic.
"I did it for Jonny--" --it's true. i said it before, suggested it since, but i'm asking for sanctioned back up nowRead more...
Has anybody invited Miguel Cardoso over here? He actually posted over in Meta today...I would love to see my evil twin over here in the bunnypatch.
* mixes up a vat of Jell-O *
the 김치 breath was refreshing so this is sad: "I give up. I just don't think I fit in MetaKos."Read more...
Waxhoff. And there was a great earthquake. The sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became as blood.
Gummer --that's Tom DeLay's Prison Bitch name. Get your own--they're all the rage in Republican circles, i hear. ; >
Minimiam pics--fab and delish.
MeCha Charity Mix CD Silent Auction! Based on a comment in this thread, I suggest we set up a charity silent auction of mix CDs by MetaChat folk. Read more...
Please hope me help a friend, bunnies!
it's already friday, and soon it will be friday night...
Radio Dodgy urbanwhaleshark. Another impromptu session happening now. By the way, please get in touch if you'd like to do a session.
For Omie Omie said he would marry me so I hereby consumate our interneted union with these two songs, very near and quite dear.

Bascom Lamar Lumsford - Little Turtle Dove

Henry Thomas - Bob Mckinnley (aka one of the best songs EVER)
Baby Bean! We had our first ultrasound this morning and I'm not sure if it can be called a baby yet as its just about nine weeks in now but I saw its little heart beating in the ultrasound this morning and I am EXCITED!
Do you smoke after sex?
Turd Blossom meet Snot Flower
Beware the Zombie Lesbian Bone-Eating Worms from the Deep.
Snakes on the brain So last night, I had a dream, and that python from the toilet was there. Read more...
Guitars, Cadillacs, Hillbilly Music... What's yer favorite country (countrified is okay for you dabblers) music?Read more...
I've been reading Flannery O'Connor all week; so this is my post about Elizabeth Cotten. It must be because I've been Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad (mp3).
A beautiful Perle is introduced to the world! Dabitch is a mama!!!!! Photo of da happy family inside.
Impromptu Booze-Up? Tonight Me & Divine Wino (and possibly Hugh) are going to be enjoying libations at our customary saloon (Antarctica at Hudson & Spring). Anyone else wanna come? We usually start around 5.
That shirt looks very becoming on you...
Office Monkey Hell This thread is to highlight the hell of customer service/technical support queries. If you've ever had to work with the public lets hear your worst stories. I don't want to hear any sympathy for the public either, make a new thread if'n you want to talk about miserable customer/technical support you've had.
Important advice for future generations: 1. The titles of all the best Paul Newman movies start with H. 2. George Jones albums: buy the ones which feature a cover photo of him with a crew cut; avoid the ones which do not. What advice do you have for our children's children?
MeCha Last.FM group I went ahead and created one. We've got one for MeFi and MeFi IRC, why not one for MeCha? Especially since this has been such a musically oriented place.

There will be no forum at Last.FM.

20 October 2005

how can you not enjoy this name and the story behind it? not to mentionRead more...
Not cool. I'm just jealous.
Carrot Juice is Murder! Coleslaw is a facist regime!
Please assuage my feelings of ineptness.
A clinic in effective web design.
48 hours. I think this might be my first post here. Actually less than 48 hours and I'll be a married woman. Read more...
A seasonally ice-free Arctic for the first time in 800,000 yrs? (PDF)Read more...
This is very disappointing. No orange jumpsuit? No drunken stare?
I'm bored. Play with me. Or ask me a question. Or something.
Anyone here have a Total Fark account?
Cuban Sandwich
Nice photos at Zendom. Some favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Thumbnails and categories at "archives".
So I go to get something to eat and... Read more...
This post has nothing to do with quonsar!


Radio Dodgy mudpuppie Stephy. (live bugmenot or archive)
Stephanie, how do I love thee? Let me count the waysRead more...
This website is a non-smoking area. Please extinguish all cigarettes before entering. Fine: $100.
This shit's BANANAS!
MeFi CD Swap Just a note to point out that this is back in action via cmonkey. I've updated the address in the right-side mefi-related links, so you can find your way there easily any time.
post by: taz at: 02:36 | 6 comments
I like looking at interior design books and magazines. Loft books. Nest Magazine. Etc. I also like smashing things up. So I'm curious: Read more...

19 October 2005

Inspired by the animated character thread: Let’s say you’re the Cobra Commander, and you need to choose an apprentice, Trump-style. Read more...
so I dreamt of Mefi last night.
Hank Scorpio What animated character would you like to be?
CampBlood--Horror for Homos their tagline: Be Afraid. Be Fairy Afraid.
"-- and when i win the lottery-- --i'm gonna buy all the girls on my block--"Read more...
Strangest MeFi Meme Ever. Driving up Hwy 101 in California, I saw an 18-wheeler hauling BIG pipes. On the cab was the name "Cabrera, Corona CA", but on the BACK of the cab, visible over the load of BIG pipes were (painted professionally, not graffiti) the words "Flash Friday". Wazzup with that?
Drinkin' music Drinking music
Radio Dodgy mudpuppie. Broadcasting right now, but just for an hour or so. Come on in.
Metachat Mix-up. Here we go again, a little later than promised. The deadline is 8pm GMT (3pm EST) on Wednesday 26th October
"The problem with Carlos is that once Erich was dead, he saw the entire musical world as a surrogate. When he cancels a concert, he is killing his father, when he conducts a great performance, he is identifying with him". Conductor Carlos Kleiber, "elusive Titan of the podium" and Erich's son, a perfectionist who intensely dislike recordings ("every unproduced record is a good record"), worked only sporadically (sometimes canceling engagements at the last moment), never gave a press interview, never hired a media agent and conducted all his own negotiations for contracts. His recordings are as few as one might expect. Of his recording of Beethoven's 5th, one critic wrote: "It was as if Homer had come back to recite the Iliad". Now, we can admire Kleiber in the "Carlos Kleiber - The Legend" DVD set. Read more...
You're a loose cannon, and there's no place for you on the force! I don't care if it goes all the way to the mayor's office! You got your partner killed, and you're gonna get yourself killed! Turn in your badge and your gun officer! You're supposed to be a cop, not a one man wrecking machine!
I like 80's art punk music, like the Talking Heads and Devo. But I'm not familiar with much else... {supplemental information inside}
Caption This Photograph This may not be safe for work. I really can't tell.
AskMeCha Looking for other peoples experiences and thoughts on undergraduate schools for non-traditional students. Read more...
Bill O'Reilly on Daily Show For anyone who didn't see it. I was hoping they would really throw down, and they didn't so much, but there was one great exchange:

: I will say this: We do add insult to injury --
O'Reilly: You do. See? He's an honest man.
Stewart: -- but you add injury.
Orson Welles vs Findus. As requested (sort of) in the "Touch of Evil" thread. And because you're all such swell guys, have a bonus Orson: Gonk!
NOAA's Ark - a virtual boatload of fins, fur, and feathers.
Ancient Game Pieces. I don't know if you'll like these... I'm just always fascinated by early artifacts that have to do with fun and leisure as opposed to tools (though also cool!) and houseware-type stuff.
post by: taz at: 07:45 | 6 comments
Hey you. What's your sign?
Holy-crap-I-was- on-tv-and-here-it-is!

in French and a large download. It's about Scotland Yard.
Cartoon Brew --chock full o' nuts cartoony and animated goodness.

18 October 2005

As difficult as it may be, I think Miss Dixie needs her own thread.

RIP, Miss Dixie. I'm sure you had a great life.

It's been a wild day on Mecha, so here is a picture of unicorns (in the tradition of Boingboing).
Touch of Evil:
Powderfinger by Neil Young. What the hell is that song actually about? I've heard it a million times and musically it's incredibly powerful, but I can't put my finger on the topic. Neil himself is mum on it. Are the protagonists frontier soldiers/homesteaders? in Vietnam? Drug smugglers? I'm baffled. Still a great song, though.
If you were president.... what song would you pick to replace "Hail to the Chief?"

I like the Kill Bill theme meself....what say ye?
See Thru Potty, Fun for the Whole Family Sadly, the Babywunder Deluxe Clear Potty is sold out. From the ad "Never again will you need to do the finger dip-stick or slosh-n-listen test."
This Ask-Me post really pissed me off. It's a shame that such a nut-bag has such a sweet username. The guy is ready to slander people as pedophiles over a disagreement about parking spaces.
Charles Rocket Has Killed Himself. A sad final note to a career that never quite took off.
Fun with Google Translation This is the thread, in which we speak only in the sentences, which run repeated times many by Google translation are left. Hardest to understand the best one.
Please help ostracize a child. I'm not enough of a dick to do this on AskMe (on MeFi, maybe)... But since the asker seems to want to come up with names that ensure a level of either persistant mockery or overt priveliged class association, I thought I'd post my suggestions here.Read more...
Cheney takes it up the arse! (We can't be blamed for living in hope.)
Let's have makeup sex. (I just got to the "Sometimes Metachat makes me sad" thread, and am only a little bit in.)
Dum (weeeooo) Da-da-da-dum (weeeooo) Da-da-da-dum (weeeooo) Da-da-da-dum (weeeooo).... Name that riff!Read more...
Guvf vf gur rapelcgvba guernq. Rirelguvat zhfg or rapelcgrq. Cvpx lbhe snibevgr nytbevguz.
The Climate Mash. Bobby "Boris" Pickett returns to save the planet. [Flash] [sound] [dreadful]
I feel like whining.
NutellaFilter: I'm confused. Does Nutella contain trans fat or not?Read more...
Super Metariffic MetaAskMe So, my questions on AskMe lately have been "What is this tune", for tunes stuck in my head. So my question now is about those questions. Why are there so few questions like that? Do y'all not get songs stuck in your head? Or is it that you do, but it doesn't bother you that you don't know what they are? Or is it that you do, but you quickly realize what they are and who they're by? Or is it that you have some other resource for identifying them?
"As dumb as a pancake"
Forging the future on an anvil of fire. Brainstorming ideas about discussion fora, and more mixed metaphors inside!Read more...
Scotty's last flight. Cool, but you have to wonder about the safety of the next folks into the final frontier.
Johnny Applejack - a new drink.
A candy-colored clown For three nights in a row now, I've had dreams where a certain someone from my past is, y'know, reaching out for my hand and saying my name and whatnot. How would you respond to this situation?
Worldly KitKats What flavors of KitKats do you have in your part of the world? Today I found Wine and Noir.Read more...
this post will be initiated by buffy quotes:
"Sometimes my life sucks beyond the telling."
quote as you will from what you will, but hey, some continuity or logic might be nice, even if only one non posting person gets it--
and hey, look, it's a new millenium
Sometimes MetaChat Makes Me Sad

17 October 2005

Where my dogs at? I've got a solo girl vocal cover of 'Straight Outta Compton' that all y'all gonna love to hate on.
Worst. Pizza. Ever
Judy miller wore a military uniform? not only did she claim to have a security clearance she would at times don a military uniform.

Did you mean: HURF BURF Oh, Google. I love you so. Where's your question mark, though?
Welcome to the new sex. Just like the old sex. The decline and fall of the Suicide Girls.
marginally NSFW
Black Helicopters. Because satellite pictures of military complexes are interesting, dabnammit.
What font is used in the Gizmodo logo? I tried a font finder web site, but it didn't find it.
When Celebrities breed, part 87 million ...She's also strict about laundry duties: If Lourdes leaves dirty clothes on the floor, "we take all of her clothes and put them in a bag, and she has to earn all of her clothes back by being tidy," Madonna said. "She wears the same outfit every day to school until she learns her lesson."
Welp, here I am! Wait a minute, this doesn't look the Coachella Valley and the Carrot Festival therein. Maybe I'll go ask the gent in the fancy knickerbockers....
I submit for your disapproval
I submit for your approval.
~~-! SNARK! thread!!!!__ ¿
Snakes on a plane --> Metachat dream.
I'm on TV tonight! And I don't have cable.
It's fall, I'm wearing boots...
I was gone four whole days! I missed you! ...Did you notice I was gone?Read more...
Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!
Secret salsa recipe? Jose Huerta, 78, refuses to taco 'bout it.
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. A Halloween costume question.
Hey dabitch! We were paging you earlier. What's the haps, momma?
A Statement of Porpoise... and a request. Metachat was created as a place for chat and silliness and friendly banter... Very specifically, Metachat was created for indulging in precisely the sort of play that Metafilter was not created for.Read more...
"I still strongly believe in everything it stands for as a forum. The immaturity, the petty grievances, the self-pity and lashing out, the coke, the hookers, I fucking love it all." No not Mefi but "I HATE THE STRAND!" Sort of a Waiter Rant for the bookstore crowd.
Bullguard Security Nudity! Totally not safe for work! (Funny, though, in a sort of oh-my-god-ow-that-must-hurt kind of way)
AskMeCha Obscure, out of print music

16 October 2005

Ask MeCha: How can I turn up the volume of my iMac? Read more...
Cat People- Why is it that I'm allergic to cats yet drawn to women with cats as pets? And is there any good way to deal with the allergy?
Can't recall? Can you ever get in trouble for 'failing to recall' during a trial? I mean, if you could remember, but just didn't want to say, you'd be committing perjury, but how could they ever prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you *were* lying?
Who's on MySpace? Roll call!
Document contains no Dada Mefi seems to have gone AWOL just as I was posting an exceedingly long and somewhat irrelevant answer to AskMefi.Read more...
What are your favorite songs?
Helvetica Guy in an Arial World I have 1,500 or so fonts placed into individual folders catagorized and ready to share. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!
FontFinder, FontFinder, find me a font. Do you know what this font is called, or do you know of one very similar to it? I have a hankering for this typeface.
Tasty mix! Or so I hope. I made a YSI mix for a cousin who's in rural Wisconsin and needs some cheering up.
But I figure that I still have about 24 of the 25 downloads left (even after posting it on my blog), so I hope that a couple of you might enjoy it too.
What's cooking, good looking? In my oven right now, roast chicken massaged with tarragon, rosemary, garlic butter, ginger glazed carrots, shallotts and asparagus.

What you cooking up this brilliant sunday?
AskMe(Cha): Today's Frank Rich editorial (subscription only) refers to former baseball executive and current President of the United States George W. Bush's appearance last week on NBC's Today show.

Is there a video clip of this online? If no, could someone who saw it corroborate or flesh out Rich's description?

"...where the image of [former etc.] Bush maniacally hammering nails at a Habitat for Humanity construction site on the Gulf Coast was juggled with the sight of him trying to duck Matt Lauer's questions about Karl Rove."
Funny overheard things. Share your tale inside.
Sandy's Opera Gallery. Index of tenors, sopranos, in memoriam Renata Tebaldi, autographed photos of conductors (my favorite), and so much more.
Radio Dodgy. At 8.30 GMT tonight I'll be spinning a few tunes. If you want to know what time that is where you are then click here.
Touching Your Life Great parody ad--"At Bush Cheney, we don't make the ..."
When looking around for information on incredibly large numbers I came across an interesting site... [MI]
How tall are you? I'm 5'3" (unless I wear chunky shoes).
It's official! quonsar has been permanently banned from mefi. Where do i go to get a refund of my 5 bucks?

15 October 2005

Lost. Because of youze guys, I've watched like four hours of this today. Non-stop. I'm my freakin' pajamas.Read more...
1.2 killowatts!? According to the elliptical I use at the gym, I'm burning about 1100 'calories' (I'm assuming they mean food calories) in an hour, or 2200 in the two hours that I'm on the thing. Now, I also read somewhere that Lance Armstrong puts out 500 calories, and that a hockey could "do that for 20 minutes and pass out"). Yet, according to google I'm doing 1200 watts for two hours. Does this mean I'm some kind of lance Armstrong like superman, or are my calculations screwed up? Seems like most people can do 1k watts for a half hour.

I'm still full of energy after two hours on the elliptical.
Car Bling. I found this via The Fix and jsut had to share, because it made me laugh out loud on a miserable depressing day.
post by: dg at: 21:54 | 9 comments
Goodbye Yuma
Men in kilts I spent today at Atlanta's Highland Games. Read more...
Look On My Works Ye Mighty and Despair Unabashed self link - my house is decorated for the season and how!
My in-laws hate me.
Fellas? Yeah? Fellas? Yeah? Has your grilfriend got the butt?
TiddlyWiki Add-on What's your favourite? Mine has to be this Calendar Generator.
curse of the were rabbit it is chuffing fantastic
Singing Jocks. What could be cooler than athletes rockin' out.Read more...
OK, this rain needs to stop.
Breed big beetles. You can love him and hold him and call him George...
a much less objectionable Bush revision for some (nuptuates and prenuptuates alike)
Badger steaks, anyone? Or perhaps a filet de labrador?
post by: dg at: 08:02 | 7 comments
As per the recent mega mecha irc chat here is my pumpkin, curry turkey soup.
Whoa! Check this weirdness out...
Is there such a thing as a truly selfless act? Read more...
It was bad enough that Bush had a phoney q & a thing with coached and rehearsed soldiers this week, but one of the soldiers wasn't even really a soldier--she was a pr person from the Pentagon. ... I mean, a public-relations person spouting the regime's line back at us? Instead, he pretended that they were all combat soldiers, not spokespeople. ...

14 October 2005

Sorry to bother you again, but (iPod ?)
Bunny Advice Enter a yes or no question and the mysterious Advice Bunny will give you an answer
Digital Music Channels on the cable TeeVee
iPod AskMeCha (I don't want to get beat up on AskMeFi)I think I may need an MP3 player. Read more...
It's Friday night. It's the end of the week. In what celebratory activities will you partake?
Mansion Impossible It took me 87 years and 4 months to achieve the American dream, and so can you!
Brown pants, white sweater, black shoes. Am I supposed to wear dark socks, or light socks? (My choices are black or off-white.) Help!
I'm off to the woods for the weekend... Woohoo! See you monday!
Best of AskMe: I don't know, what does it mean when a man puts on an anal sex video on a first date?
[Apricots.wmv] Really one of the more intense, nerve-rattling songs you'll hear involving apricots.
When I say, "Boom, boom," you say,
Radio goatdog commences at 2:30 Eastern, 11:30 Pacific.
Elliott Smith - Thirteen Elliott Smith - Thirteen (Big Star cover).
MetaChat Frapper group. You're either with us or against us.
Spam Comments Have Moved to a New Level I just got the weirdest spam comment ever on my blog. I had to read it twice to realize it was spam - but the links over every mention of plasma TV gave it away.Read more...
No guns allowed in the FEMA trailer park? Well, how am I supposed to threaten somebody when I need help, then?
Here is how it is with me...
Egg Toss
Friday Flash GAMES via RW
beware: i'm making tea for this-- the limitations of me answerphones has botched the idea of prerecording, so i'm gonna do it cold, after the tea
Mine eyes have seen the glory, and yours are about to.Read more...
Mashiro Fukuyama [some priapically NSFW] makes Samurai suits. Samurai suits as you have never seen them before.

13 October 2005

I would like to thank
Only 2% of black people like boosh! +/- 10%, according to wonkette. Two out of the 89 polled blacks did not like bush.
Another question. I was reading this AskMe thread and it reminded me of a question I have often had: How much urination is frequent urination?

Yes, I'll stop now.
Yesterday I had popcorn while at the computer microwave popcorn and today the keys feel greasy. It's discusting
loose ends, frayed knots --so is papercake on his honeymoon and where is dababy and [other things i can't quite recall just right now]? (seems i screwed up my atonement despite the fasting so post what you will as i go off aforagin')
Help me save my sweater! Inside are many specifics about my sweater and its problems.Read more...
Continuing my wacky Japanese movie theme This CG animated Godzilla film is apparently made to look like a 50's man-in-a-suit film. Rad! Click the big picture for the main trailer
Bunny of the Month Club Scroll down to "Here are some examples...." via mefi via my fellow Rockvillian frapper, amarynth.
Cathy the comic strip, finally become funny.
Ladies and gentlemen: Screaming Cathy
Stupid Major League baseball playoffs I just found out Fox cancelled House to show the playoffs. Can someone tell me when the playoffs finish, or tell me the best way to get into the playoffs, or who is the best team? Or all of the above.
New Cosmos of Photography (warning: commercial site, a few images may be very marginally NSFW). The judges. The gallery. The Grand Prix. I like Jin Ohashi. Bjork likes him, too.
"I rub my roast." Vincent Price gets down. In honor of Gaspode's dinner last night. From April Winchell's awesome mutimedia page.
There's a man who lives a life of danger for the MI5. And now they've given him a number, and taken 'way his name.
'A man found operating on a pigeon that he sedated with vodka...' (wrng: print pop-up)
Patriotic Posters I think this one is my favourite. Or maybe this one. [via]
AskingMeCh Stupid Questions: Do either Plep or Blort have RSS feeds. I'm looking and looking but I can't seem to find.....

Yes, I miss you all too. I'm not dead. I do read often, just very little time to comment. It'll be better after the election. Got an extra $5 or $10 - help us out, ok?
Zombie Biology. Waste five of your precious minutes looking at a page which describes zombie biology. (via popbitch)
Chicken Soup for AlexReynolds
I like the macqaque. I actually seem to have spelled macqaque right first try.
The New Black Black Mountain? Black Sabbath? Bah, my favorite is The Black Dyke Band.
As heard on the BBC with a girl named Charley who likes to get dirty.
Since I uploaded it for #metachat I'll share with you non-IRC losers. Black Mountain is a retro band playing early 70's style stoner metal. Rock on, dude.
Link this to AskMe when it unfucks itself? Could some *one* link what I'm posting below to the AskMe when that server gets its fucking shit together? I can't email the asker because his/her profile contains no data too. Thanks.Read more...
New Medical Procedure Invented

12 October 2005

Aaaaahhhhh Well, I got home from work, rubbed the lamb roast (and how I wish that were a euphamism), shoved it in the oven, put the potatoes on, got the asparagus ready to steam and then fixed myself a very large gin and tonic. I love coming home.
Color photographs from World War I. [Takes a little while to load.] In color, the people and the places seem so much less remote from our own experience.

These also remind me of this great exhibition of early Russian color photos at the Library of Congress.
MeCha music afficionados!
i know this was recently posted to mefi but it was too cute not to post here too.
Dang, there's a lot of posts this morning.
Today I had to cash in my change so that I could put some money in my bank account to avoid overdraft fees caused by automatic payment on my $40,000 school loan. What depressing thing have you had to do lately?
My Space Ettiquette? Are there certain unwritten rules to myspace?
Ask MetaChat: Does the document contain data?
Wow Can Bay Area people confirm this marquee is real?
So I'm sitting in this coffee shop, typing, with my feet up on a little table.Read more...
Hey Office Drones! What are you doing today/
Another AskMeCha tech ? re: overheating
Lost Peanuts strips I always figured Schroeder was gay.
My job is currently being smurfed and risks smurfing. How's it smurfing with you?
I am reading a fascinating book: René Leys, by Victor Segalen. First published in 1922 and still regarded as a masterpiece in France, this exoticized story of conspiracy and intrigue in 1911 Pei-king grows curiouser by the page: is René, our liaison with the Forbidden City, making it all up?

What are you reading?
Dream Talk.
Talk of dreams.
What is the best overall wikipedia entry? If I may perform an anatomical sexual impossibility, I nominate the F-word. Read more...
AskMeCha Tech Desk? Administrator, puhleese hope me. WindowsXP for Dummies, anyone?
Metachat Book. You haven't forgotten about it have you? The deadline is 31st October, there are more details in the link.
We See Things Differently A short story by Bruce Sterling. " This was rock and roll, I realized; that was the secret. They had all grown up on it, these Americans, even the richer ones. To them, the sixty-year tradition of rock music seemed as ancient as the Pyramids. It had become a Jerusalem, a Mecca of American tribes."
Haiku time!

11 October 2005

scaring people with the coldest civility was necessary and has somehow relieved me
i rarely know such pleasure as the relief from pain
now to enjoy it--

Ms. Netherlands is Black and Ms. Nambia is White For more, see this fark thread. if there's one thing farkers know, it's boobies.
La Brea...Tar Pits (Tar Pits!) HELP! Is anybody out there sitting on an mp3 of "Pico and Sepulveda" as performed by Felix Figueroa and his Orchestra and featured in the movie The Forbidden Zone, but not included on its soundtrack? Read more...
I lived! Just got back from an almost fifteen hour the polls.

Boing. I haven't heard that since I lost the flexidisc. Hooray for the internets.
What the heck is an APR? I'm still in college, and I have no credit history...Read more...
Playmobil - Security Check Point From the Manufacturer: "The woman traveler stops by the security checkpoint.Read more...
Demon Ducks of Doom?

*I just found my fake band name*
post by: arse_hat at: 17:38
eventually, unix will make you cry
I am being driven slowly but surely insane by Bell Canada's relentlessly upbeat faux-calypso hold music.
Has your brain ever mutinied? I think my brain is trying to jump ship this past week...Read more...
Tell me you wouldn't do the exact same thing. "Mi an dem fi go a di party but di three of them had caps an' mi had none so mi get two mirror one behind mi and di other in front of mi an' mi trim mi hair like a cap an' go a di dance," said Housen.
Squid penis. BugMeNot:
Waddaya Havin'?
I'm feeling warm and fuzzy. I never know how long these things are going to last, so quick -- kisses and tickles and scratches behind the ear for everyone.
More Cowbell Nothing can be more disheartening for the modern cowbellist than to find the sound of his instrument drowned out by the overpowering volume of today's electric guitars and drums.
The Squirrelly and ASD: Fantastic entry from Defective Yeti about his son's recent diagnosis of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).
What would you do for a Klondike bar Ipod Nano?
"They departed, the gods, on the day of the strange tide". The Man Booker Prize was awarded Monday to Irish writer and critic John Banville.
mmm... Saguenay Diving for lost cheese...
Dwight D Weisenheimer. What's your fake band called?
AskMeCha: ok, how the hell do I get this baby to start coming out?Read more...
A spanking from me Hey, before I run off to work the polls (geesh what a long day...)
If you DON'T like Pina Coladas... Here's something I hope you'll really like...Read more...
I love Alan Moore as much as anyone, but... Does anybody else find "Promethea" to be just a bunch of newage bullshit? Why is it so loved?

10 October 2005

Nevermind the Booker: "In 1979, science fiction writer L. Neil Smith created the Prometheus Awards, to honor libertarian fiction." He went on to win it in 1982 (the second year it was awarded), 1994, and 2001. Nice return on investment, that.Read more...
askmecha: How do I flirt? Help! I'm 26 and completely unable to flirt!Read more...
Demotic Geek spoken here Is this Frinky or what ? If there wa some way we could gene splice this onto Michael Berube on Critcal Theory or something ? I love love love this thread!
Something easy to listen to Timothy Monger is someone who, to my cooler friends, I just can't explain his appeal. But he seems up the alley of more than a few people here. The Great Lakes Myth Society is the name of his band (though this is a solo track), and I recommend listening to them as well.
Warning: It's lush pop that my girlfriend thinks sounds "like Heart" (to be said in a dismissive way).
But for you MOR NPR folks who don't consider themselves too hip for anything, give him a try.
Shining! featuring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall.
POT IS SHRILL AND UNFUNNY! posted by Kettle at 12:46 PM PST on October 10 [!]

MeTa 10312, truly the turd that sprouted a flower.

Break on through to the other side. AskMeChaFilter: Why don't my MeFi posts show up in the sidebar under "Recent MeFi posts by Metachat users"? I don't hang out with the bunnies too often, and my MeCha name is an acronym for my MeFi name, but I just wanted to know how it works.
How similar are you to your internet you? Specifically, how similar are aspects of your real personality to your online personality, and how "complete" is your online personality? [MI, of course]
*** For dame, who has a tender head today. This is the opposite of a shouting thread, because we luv you. No shouting! Only whispering...
Woo. I've missed a lot...I've had no computer for a little while transitioning between home and college 1000 miles away, but I'm back now. I think I'm going to go shout in the yelling thread now!
Relationship Tags I don't really understand this, but I do dig it.
I'd like to know what's up with you guys, but I can't bear to read all that caps-locked nonsense. Read more...
Pretty soldier girls from around the world. I think Israel's got the cutest girls, and the cutest uniforms. Love the sandals. edit: very slow loading - lots and lots and lots of images.
Dead or Alive? "At first, I thought it was a little weird. Then I found myself checking it every day." - Wayne W.
Happy Birthday Thelonious Monk! Listen to some monk all day at WKCR Columbia University radio online.
Mi Burrito... The last image on a Chipotle napkin looks a little... suggestive when viewed upside down. Conspiracy? Subliminal imagery? Or just the observation of a bored, twisted mind?
Bored at work? A new game to play... Right now I'm bored to tears so I am playing an email game with myself and some colleagues involving the hallowed Samuel L Jackson and his incessant mortgage payment movies (Snakes On A Plane, Deep Blue Sea etc).

Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to come up with a Title, tagline and a brief outline of a story for Samuel L Jackson to take part in whilst remaining one of the coolest cats in today's Hollywood lineup.
Bets are on: How big will this thread get? I'm calling 180 posts.
I didn't know that "frog prince" ...was a euphemism for fellatio. QT movie.
Historical dates and their number one songs Riffing off edible energy's number one birthday songs post, I found out that when Apollo 11 landed on July 20, 1969, the #1 song was "In The Year 2525" by Zager & Evans. On June 13, 1983, Pioneer 10 became the first manmade object to leave the solar system, and the #1 song was "Flashdance...What a Feeling" by Irene Cara. On August 12, 1981, the IBM "PC" is released, and the #1 was "Endless Love" by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie.

If my examples aren't clear, the idea was to find funny, interesting, ironic, etc. connections between the two. Care to find other/better ones?
The fickle gods of IRC no longer like me Read more...

09 October 2005

Seperated at Mirth? or... Napolean Dynamite meets the Rally Monkey
askmecha: Internet dating services What's the best way to introduce yourself to someone on an internet dating site like okcupid?
Adult braces fetishist Finally gets the braces he's always wanted. Scroll down for awesome pictures. And don't miss his dentist's
not-at-all creepy site.
[via mofi if you care]
Just checking, everyone knows about CBC's Just Concerts page, right?
Help me make a mixtape! URGENT! My best friend moved to Launaguet, France and the first week has been real rough. I'm sending her a care package and want to include a MetaChat mixtape. Please hope me!
Brits. Put down your Bittorrents and surrender. The Daily Show invades the UK. 8.30pm daily on the new channel 4 channel. (more4). I'm quite excited.
Dick Massage (incredibly enough, SFW)
AskMeCha Tech Question.
For "Lost" fans, a screencap from season 1 episode 3. Spot anything?
Bay Area Mefites, want my Eagles ticket? I can't go, you can have my ticket for the Oakland Coliseum on 10/12. Email me if you want it (free to good home).
Idalah-Abad two ways: raucous and reserved.
Radio Metachat gets it's own page. To celebrate I'll be doing a session in about 10 minutes time so check in and check it out.
Story of the Lovestruck Toilet Roll? Here's an AskMe to keep your eye on. Can't wait to see the answers.
Break Out The Jell-O Pudding Pops. Rockin' with the Cos.
Fritz Lederer - In the Eruv of Theresienstadt Concentration camp art.
Poignant stuff. I found it captivating and not overly disturbing, but I'm not Jewish. I think it's quite amazing actually. Your take on it might be different. I'm just trying to give a balanced heads up. [This is but one artist responding to the holocaust - lots more in sidebar] Delete this if it's been around though.
20 years ago, there was a Crisis in the DC Comics universe. Then came Zero Hour. Then Identity Crisis. Now we have Infinite Crisis. Confused? Catch up and get ready. This oughtta be good.
Serenity I just saw serenity. I thought it was very good, if a bit cheezy in the end. Your take?
"When sex goes out of business, so do we." Tom Ford poses with RealDolls (I presume) to hawk his new fragrance and cosmetics line. I wonder how this is gonna fly with my White Linen-drenched grandma and her mah jongg comadres...

08 October 2005

"What do you think I am, a clock?" What's your favorite punchline?
Nothing's Gonna Change My World, Laibach does "Across the Universe" from their remarkably bizarre "Let It Be" album. Read more...
I'm All Alone And I totally can't remember how to make myself show up on the sidebar. Hope me!
Hey, do we have any Parisian/French MeChas or MeFites?
Matt is quitting his day job. Will this mean a better performing, feature-filled MetaFilter network or just more over-moderating? I report. You decide.
The 'Louie Louie' of mullet rock The Music post to end all music posts.Read more...
Psycho as a romantic comedy and a few more remixed trailers in the tradition of "the Shining as a feelgood film".Read more...
Cheesy music --post the most cringeworthy. (i'll start you off inside to prevent brain damage to casual clickers)
I'm trapped with children. I had to open up the office this morning for a training, and the childcare staff didn't show. Now, I have a cadre of 4-17 year olds and need some creative things to do with them. All of them. At once.Read more...
Cat ever nibble your toes? A cat chewed the toes off the right foot of an elderly woman with senile dementia while she was asleep.
But I'm in the Church of the Poison Mind! It's a religious observance! Like peyote!
Where should we invade next? Americans share their views. What do we have against Australia all of a sudden?
HEY LADIES! I'm like, totally available!
Tom and Katie are likely to follow the church's "silent birth" guidelines. Creepy people breed too.
How do you explain MetaChat to people who aren't web addicts?Read more...

07 October 2005

HUMMER® Laptops You'll never take it offroad either.
Cuttin up eyeballs! Anyone watching the Pixices on INHD2? Very jealous I didn't see em on tour.
Poor Condi--can't get a date , even with Fox reporters trying to fix her up
The Fiery Furnaces have a new album coming out (October 25th according to that link, which is to a fansite). Anybody heard any of it? Is there a single legitimately (or hell not so legitimately) online any where yet?
wtf? First, Bush has no right to say "Trust me." He was elected to represent the American people, not to be dictator for eight years. (...) While Bush was still boozing it up in the early '80s, (...) Both Republicans and Democrats should be alarmed that Bush seems to believe his power to appoint judges is absolute. This is what "advice and consent" means.
Sincerely, Ann Coulter.
Overheard Cell Phone Conversation (Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria, Queens, just a few moments ago)Read more...
Specklet Claus is coming to town!
I just bought some more mulch.
AskMeChaFilter Does your document contain data? [more inside]
WolframTones Little pseudorandom musics made by elves cellular automata.
Songs about the Fab 04. Many wonders within.
no comments please
Pet Picture Thread! Because I just took a nice one.
Some meditate; I rock out.
Feel it vibrate. Another funky desktop for 1024 x 768 dual monitors. Here's the one for a single monitor. See thumbnail inside.
post by: taz at: 11:58 | 6 comments
Bahstahn I'm headed to Boston today. I should be there through Monday. Feel free to e-mail me if you're in that area. I'm not going to call for a meetup, but hey, it's always cool to meet Metapeople.
All Things David Hasselhoff.
The French New Wave: an Artistic School by Sorbonne professor Michel Marie. Enjoy chapter 1 and chapter 6 (all .pdf files)
Another word thing How many out there use the expression "pouring down" as in "it was pouring down rain"? I have just been told that it's unusual, that most people would just say "it was pouring rain," but I'm not so sure.
There is no stage, no set. The play ends in candlelight.
watch me vanish
watch me

Tom Stoppard in Belarus.
Stamp/stamp/laugh/meat/table/laugh. it made me laugh. also I think i may have a new job.
Whoo hoo! I'm off to see Gang of Four tonight...

Dreaming of Celebrities I hear it's pretty common to dream of celebrities, but I don't think I have before last night. What celbrity dreams have you had? Read more...
The Aimo Sonogram from Duck Young Kong [if you can get through the menus]. A digital ultrasonic camera for snapping your unborn.
happy palace --art, pics, music, film, etc
A weekend off! For a change, I get to take this weekend off from working on the house (or on someone else's house, computer, car etc).Read more...
post by: dg at: 00:07 | 5 comments

06 October 2005

Whenever I get depressed,
How many of these words show up regularly in your speech?
* Dude
* Awesome
* Man (as an interjection)
* Cool

At what point do/did these words mark one as a child of the 80's (or earlier)?
i spread a truckoad of mulch today
My flickr photostream I tagged a picture of me with 'metachat' but I have to wait for authorization before it goes live. They said I have to upload more photos in order to expedite the process, so I did. What do you all think?
Old, inherited laptops for dummies...
Just To Add To The Fun The power just went off in the rear three rooms of the apartment. The bedroom and the computer room are fine. The landlord's son usually takes care of this kind of stuff, but he's outta town. There's a switchbox in the bedroom closet with three black switches and one green one. The third black switch makes the rest of the power go out, so that wont help. Any ideas?
I have to pee, and that made me think of jonmc. I hope they waste that little stone but good. Here's to jonmc, long may he rock.
The Saga Continues... I'm back from the lithotripsy. The good news is that the procedure was a piece of cake except for the magnesium citrate. The bad news is, it didn't seem to destroy the stone completely, so I'll prolly have to go back for more. But knowing what I'm in for makes me less agida. Thanks again for all the support.
Bill O'Reilly's history lesson. My people came from County Cavan in Ireland. All right? And the British Crown marched in there with their henchman, Oliver Cromwell, and...
I'd like to nominate the exploding python to be the metachat runner-up mascot.
Do dentists kiss? My dentist was describing the most horrible things that can go on inside your mouth. To the dentists and hygienists out there: Is kissing still sexy?
Weekday dinners. MeCha peeps. Y'all are so good with food. Help!Read more...
Song of Pig by Xiang Xiang (Over 1 Billion Downloads in Asia)
I missed my bus. My right ovary is aching. And I'm a 3.

Read more... redesigns It's long overdue, and very pretty -- but wow if it isn't slower than Metafilter on Thorazine, at least for the moment.
kate bush ::falls to knees in worship::

king of the mountain
Elvis Christ Superstar Historical Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan (.pdf file) has a great story to share about a class he was teaching on the resurrection of Jesus. He was taken off guard when a student spoke up and said he had no problem believing the story that Jesus rose from the grave and made the rounds with his friends three days after he was crucified. Crossan asked how he could be so sure, and the student replied that it was because Elvis had also been raised from the dead. (More inside)
Paul McCartney's got it all upside down. If you've seen this, then sorry, but it's new to me, and I'm amazed. (pictoral evidence inside)
Got bright? I've been making these colorful, kind of psychedelic, kind of '70s wallpapers lately for my deskop, and I thought I would start to share some of them here, since a few of you might be able to use them. Read more...
Duct Tape
Ridiculous Things You Tell Your Pets. Or, silly words that only you and your pets understand.Read more...

05 October 2005

MeCha food Proof that a gimp like me can follow a recipe. Dee-bleedin-lish.
great gibbering gophers
Church Admits Bible not Factually Accurate In a stunning turn of reality, the Catholic Church has admitted that some parts of the Bible shouldn't be treated as, well, true.
More MeCha minutia: what are your "key words"?

Common knowledge. What's a thing you didn't know that everybody knows -- and your lack of common knowledge was revealed to the world in a painfully embarrassing fashion?
Celebrity jarred! My question to you is this: how many non-famous people car accidents of this severity (minor injuries, hospital visit), are there everyday? Would it be reasonable to say there were 9,999 non-celebrity and 1 celebrity car crashes yesterday?
Rarrrrgh! Mrrrmpf! Murrrrgh!
turn your speakers on, kids! This may be the finest website ever created: I I I I I I I I . Warning: sound.
I hate everything. That is all.
Radio mudpuppie commences at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific)
2005 Singles I am a big fan of "pop" music, and every year, I compile a CD of all my favourite pop singles. Read more...
Seeking 'Oh No You Di-int' animation
Coming Up On Zero Hour
The document contains no data [And suddenly, many hundreds of people, their dark reverie interrupted, recollect that the sun is shining outside and throw open the blinds...]
Gerd Ludwig has a nice set of photos for those who find this sort of thing interesting.
Oh Noes! Nick and jessica break up!! All aboard for the express sachenfruiden express!
Nice hand-drawn letters and things from the 2005 Graceful Envelope contest, sponsored by the US National Association of Letter Carriers and administered by the Washington Calligraphers Guild.

The winners, the honorable mentions, and the children's divisions. Some of the envelopes are too frou-frou for my taste, but the beautiful hand lettering and the attention to detail are really pretty damn wonderful. The theme was "something beginning with the letter P". Links to winners of years past here.
aaargh. Sorry... But I feel the need to moan for just a tiny moment. I just got off the phone from someone connected in some unspecified, mysterious way with a site I maintain.Read more...
I like to embarass myself. You do too.
Play with your food! One of my favorite things in this world is creative food photography. This is, without a doubt, my favorite: minimiam.
The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in MediumSizedCity is X dollars per month. The median price in MajorMetropolitanCity is 2X dollars per month. [more inside] So where do you think I should be looking to rent?
Cilantro tastes like soap. Who's with me?

04 October 2005

El Za Za Za I want Huevos Rancheros.
Ritmo Latino! "Ritmo Latino is an hour of eclectic Latin music that will leave you shaking your booty and speaking in tongues. (Really.)"
Here's a cool color blindness test... Be sure to take the whole thing. It's pretty detailed.
Cerveza más cerveza. (more cowbell inside)
Art Project. I can do this! You can too.
For desire. Great Poem by Kim Addonizi. (Most of the way down the page). Geocities, so I'll also post it as the first comment.
I hate walmart My daughter was hired about three months ago to work in the Walmart photo lab. I was shocked to hear she was hired full time. Well, today I was NOT shocked to hear she has been cut to thirty hours a week just in time for her not to qualify for her benefits.

Thankfully she has an old job to go back to and a boss that will be glad to have her back (and who will give her a raise to boot) but just on principle this burns me up.

I may have to go spend some money at Target just for the spite of it all.
Water, cat food, drain cleaner, sandwich.
DJ Bligh. Our first guest DJ is spinning the wheels of steel. Check it out bunnies.
Good night and good luck. What's a good book to read on the HUAC, Edward R Murrow, Red Scare business?
The Topology of Evolutionary Biology (pdf) Google HTML. I don't understand it (at all), but it gets me a bit hot just scrolling through the equations. It's nice to ogle after visiting Speaking Freely, which is about the current ID trial.
DJ Wanted. If you fancy DJing to the Metachat masses to test our new stream then please let me know. You'll need Winamp installed, the Shoutcast DSP installed, a bunch of MP3s and be free to talk to me on IRC at 7:30 GMT (1.5 hours from now). Don't worry if you don't get picked this time - this is just the first of many sessions!
Magazines. I have five magazine subscriptions.
SHOFAR TIME Gimme your biggest Tekiah G'dola!

Shana Tova, Metachat!
Contenders for best song ever.
Hot Prospect This man from Hot Or Not has indicated that he wants to meet me. And people say I'm only single because I'm too picky. Sheesh.
Listenings for your soul patches I'm not sure which gives me more of the joybone willies: Potsie's I Want To Believe in This One or the bedwetting hypnosis tapes.
* lights campfire *
Ask Mecha (potentially dumb WinXP question) For the first time ever (well, in 2 years), my Dell bluescreened for no apparent reason. Read more...

03 October 2005

ÖMG Indeed.
FEMA doesn't understand children. As if the FEMA rap wasn't proof enough, the link is a list from the FEMA of things kids can do to help when a disaster strikes.Read more...
Come to us for a nice kosher dish! Brisket, cabbage, gefilte fish!
another favorite of mine
Meta Tech Support Chat Can I copy the data, partitions and all, from one drive to another by doing some variant on `dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb', and if so, what variant? The drives are of different sizes (second larger than the first).
Like Hi I'm drunk. But I was thinking about human relations. IM(d)O I think that to tell someone that you like them is nicer then telling them that you love them. You can love a bitch, you can love a bastard. You can love a horrible person. But you can't like them. Like is a continuous condition, if you like someone then they are as likeable as the day you first fell in like with them.

In your lives, what person have you liked the most?
i've been clenching my teeth for two days -- it is not only unpleasant but will eventually cause the wings of my vertebra to grate my muscles:
amuse me
Do you like Janeane Garofalo?
Out of Five - Each week a theme, ten songs fitting that theme. Then gone forever. This week, "covers that eclipsed the originals."Read more...
Pie in the Sky I made a mostly margarine and vegetable shortening pie crust (dairy free ya know) and as this is really my first experience doing this, any tips I should know? I'll be buying a rolling pin tonight and I have a huge bag of apples I picked at this orchard.

Help me get fatter via pie.
Radio Metachat. Just got some hosting sorted so help me test it out.
The password is Metachat - click on the little 'edit' button to add or change text.
So, um...on Saturday evening... I went on a quasi-date...
Hey, have you guys noticed that we never post about jruns on MeFi anymore?Read more...
Hey! Zombies! Let's Move! I'm organizing a zombie walk in Toronto, I hope you all make special arrangements to come!
Pasta Shapes. What's your favorite?
A puzzle game that doesn't suck. Dyson Telescopes (yep, that Dyson) is a fun push 'n' pull game wherein you try to maneuver the ball into the hole through increasingly difficult levels. Once you've warmed up with the first 15, you can choose further levels from links and a dropdown menu on the left.
post by: taz at: 09:46 | 8 comments
Here you go. Knock yourself out
My favorite new comic Small boy and Monkey!

I recommend the astronaut saga which starts at #43.

02 October 2005

The Hard Drive is the New Bling (flash, weird, from Hitachi)
Interesting High Speed and Photoinstrumentation Photographs.

That's certainly a mouthful.
Some of these are pretty interesting, and for some reason I'm now thinking about our 35th president.
Ask MeCha: I... I forgot about this place completely. I was here when you guys first started out. I was here for the horse penis. I was here for the scary rabbit. I even made the carrots for the comments page. But then I left you alone for months and months without a word. It seems like you've been doing just fine without me. You've got a whole new look, and a bunch of new features. My question is this:

Metachat, will you take me back?
Flying Fish Airbrush artist Chris Coakley, a worker at Goodrich Aerospace in Everett, Wash., paints an Alaska Airlines 737, now called the "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon," to look like a giant king salmon Friday. A crew of 30 painters spent 24 days on the job.
Does this make you horn-y baby?
Kevin Smith at AICN talkback. Kind of funny, kind of lame, kind of sunday-afternoon-passing-the-time...

I'm neither a big AICN fan, nor a Kevin Smith follower, but it's fun watching the geeks writhe in an orgie of "OMG HE'S RAELLY HERE DO I SUCK UP OR INSULT HIM OR BOTH???!"
Blotto-I Wanna Be a Lifeguard Forgettable new wave novelty ditty from a forgotten band--Blotto, the pride of Albany, New York. From Lost Bands of the New Wave Era. More Blotto here. I wish they had "She's Got a Big Boyfriend."

Now I want to find some MP3s for the other regional bands of my mispent youth--The Reducers, New Johnny 5, and the Pajama Slave Dancers.
Wakey! Wakey! Some pounding drums to wake your ass up this sunday Morning.Read more...
Too Many DJs. Want to be a DJ? Fancy broadcasting to the good people of Metachat? I'm looking into the idea of setting up some hosting for Radio Mecha so members of the community can broadcast whenever it takes their fancy. As a DJ you'd need to run Winamp with the Shoutcast plugin (I'd be happy to talk people through doing this). Please note that this might not happen, I'm still just looking into it.
"i'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter--"
--probably for later in the month to remind me to take care of bills and ask me if i finished that thing--
jonmc would be so proud... mr. gaspode and I just welcomed in our 1st wedding anniversary at Manitoba's. That's across the road from 7B which is where we first professed our love. And in the time honored fashion, I'm now very drunk. Salut!
MetaFilter Filter Before the $5 membership deal, how (and when) were MetaFilter accounts handed out?

01 October 2005

I'm sorry. But I'm toasty. So here's something interesting. [via]
post by: moonbird at: 23:25
Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon at the FIllmore 10/6
The Tennessee Birdwalk No, friends. There's no need to thank me. I was glad to do this to for you.
Signups are officially open for National Novel Writing Month 2005 (otherwise known as NaNoWriMo). Thousands of amateur authors (and a few pros as well) will spend November attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.Read more...
Mmmmmm ...mashups to makeout (and maybe more) by.
For my fellow Italian-American MeChas If your nonna or mama sounded like this and you grew up in the 70's or 80's, this'll warm your cockles.
Unkle-Rabbit in your Headlights -- very disturbing and powerful video. (mpg, Thom Yorke is the singer)
Garnering Opinion Is it just me, or is Jennifer Garner... umm, y'know, not pretty? I like my girls with curves, personally, but she is ALL ANGLES. In this era of anti-gay legislation, isn't it odd that the conception of what's sexually attractive has shifted towards the mannish (or even manly)?
PHOTOSHOP CONTEST! I'd like you to make me pictures of Rabbits in Habits Links lead to some inspiration.
One of my favorite songs of all time