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12 October 2005

My job is currently being smurfed and risks smurfing. How's it smurfing with you?
Smurfy, thanks for asking!
posted by Hugh Janus 12 October | 09:39
I'm smurfily smurfing some smurfy smurfs! Do you know how smurfy much I smurfily smurf smurfs?

A lot, that's how much.

There used to be a site that would smurfilize any web page. I adored that site, and couldn't get enough of it. It was my smurfy little secret.
posted by iconomy 12 October | 09:43
I want someone to smurf me.
posted by Orange Swan 12 October | 09:49
dodgy, I hope your job doesn't get smurfed.
posted by iconomy 12 October | 09:53
There was an issue with some smurfs being the wrong smurf. I've resmurfed the smurf and using the smurf output, I'm correcting the smurfs. Hopefully reading and invoicing smurfs should work from now on.
posted by seanyboy 12 October | 09:57
This is NOT smurfilicious!
posted by iconomy 12 October | 10:00
I'm about to smurf the smurfs. All smurfing smurf.
posted by gaspode 12 October | 10:10
Go smurf yourself. All of you.
posted by jonmc 12 October | 10:23
Quickly everyone, smurf for your lives! jonmcgargamel is coming to smurf us!!!
posted by dodgygeezer 12 October | 10:30
My job? Don't ask. My smurfervisor is being accused of smurfism. And one of the smurfs that I smurfervise doesn't know how to smurf a smurf, which is extremely frustrating. Nevertheless, I'd like to smurf her--but that, of course, would be unethical, if not illegal.
posted by box 12 October | 11:14
I just got smurfed, but I sincerely hope you all get snorked.
posted by zerokey 12 October | 11:15
papa smurf, can i lick your ass? NSFW
posted by quonsar 12 October | 11:20
I'm feeling pretty smurfy because it's my smurfiversary today. Nine years and still smurfing!
posted by jrossi4r 12 October | 11:45
I am outraged. Clearly, the only ass-licking going on in quonsar's video is being performed by one of the many nameless male smurfs, and not by Smurfette - despite her persistent lyrical requests to perform the act, and Papa Smurf's repeated use of the word "bitch" in response to said requests.

If, in the future, we are again subjected to simulated cartoon analingus, can we at least make certain that it is simulated cartoon heterosexual analingus? I really don't think that's too much to ask.
posted by yhbc 12 October | 12:19
Ana lingua franca, yhbc; it's for everybody!
posted by Hugh Janus 12 October | 12:28
Smurf you right back, Jonmc. : )
posted by sisterhavana 12 October | 13:45
My cow orker just came back from a procedure which (she tells us) involved her face being dyed blue for a day. Disappointingly, she does not appear blue today. Just this morning I googled for, and then sent her, a picture of smurfette. Now a smurf thread here on the playground. hmmm. Coincidence?
posted by pliskie 12 October | 13:58
*You* work at a *cow orkery*?
posted by danostuporstar 12 October | 14:06
Well, it's really just an orkery. We handle much more than just cows, though that is the specialty of my aforementioned colleague.
posted by pliskie 12 October | 14:13
Man, I'm as smurfy as a smurf. It really smurfs that this is happening right before I'm smurfing to California.
posted by Specklet 12 October | 15:48
pliskie: You didn't smurf til the smurfin end of the smurf. Smurf it again, one more smurf.
posted by Edible Energy 12 October | 19:22
posted by Orange Swan 13 October | 09:24
I am reading a fascinating book: || Lost Peanuts strips