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07 October 2005

Specklet Claus is coming to town! [More:]She'll be in the SF Bay area next week and available the evenings of the 13th, 14th, and 15th. Where and when should the meet-up take place?

[This, of course, is open to MeFites as well, but as my access to MeFi is increasingly limited by server timeouts and other issues, MeCha is the easier place to get the plans rolling.]
Woo hoo! I am honored to be an excuse for gathering, my dears.
posted by Specklet 07 October | 16:45
*kicks dirt*

aww, some of us wish we could be there.

we're the ones kicking dirt.

*kicks dirt*
posted by mcgraw 07 October | 16:50
I'll be ~814 miles north of there but will be sending virtual duct tape with my mind.
posted by matildaben 07 October | 16:54
Maybe I could hold up a convenience store to get the money for airfare. Oh, I forgot. I'm not supposed to do that....again...
posted by warbaby 07 October | 16:54
warbaby! I was just thinking of you and how you've been a little conspicuous in your absence. Nice to see a post and please back slowly away from the Circle K.
posted by Frisbee Girl 07 October | 17:25
Fris! Stroll back to one thread ("My latest...") and you'll see whats been keeping me busy. After four months of active investigation, the story is breaking. Actually, exploding is more like it.
posted by warbaby 07 October | 18:21
Nope. Will still be stuck in greater metropolitan Nowhere, PA. Got me a sick mom.
posted by puddinghead 07 October | 18:35
have fun and shoutout to us! (i have to get back to SF--it's been 2 yrs already)
posted by amberglow 07 October | 19:11
I'll drive out and pick up fishfucker on the way.
posted by mr_crash_davis 07 October | 21:21
Hope your mom's OK,puddinghead.
posted by jrossi4r 07 October | 23:15
Wednesday night is best for me. What date is that? I'm in Monterey until then, and can snag a rental car and head up to SF from here for a Wed night festivity (provided someone is kind enough to offer a couch or a floor).

Anything else might be a stretch for me.


(or whatever. really, i just hope it works out.)
posted by mudpuppie 08 October | 00:19
Oh right. thursday's the 13th, isn't it. in that case, it may be moot. i might be able to make it any of those days (except that i have a job interview on friday afternoon, whatever day that is, and won't be able to get down there until late evening).
posted by mudpuppie 08 October | 00:21
I would be tickled to pop over on one of the days just to shout at amber and give Speck another 10 rating.
posted by DeepFriedTwinkies 08 October | 00:29
Thanks jrossi4r, she's doing OK. Just got out of hospital, can't be home alone. Am trying to figure out what to do next- she won't live with me.
posted by puddinghead 08 October | 00:31
Many my favorite Mechas in one spot, and me 2100 miles away? mcgraw, got any more dirt to kick?
posted by goatdog 08 October | 01:12
FG: What about this? It sort of died, but maybe it's resurrectable.
posted by ikkyu2 08 October | 03:44
Hi ikkyu2! I plan to do a cross-post once we get the details worked out here, but as I said above, between server errors and timeouts, my access to MeFi/MeTa is rather limited at times. I figured that I'd get the ball rolling here first and then spread the word. Hope you can join us!
posted by Frisbee Girl 08 October | 17:14
i am in bunny hell. pure. bunny. hell. Will you promise to have a shot for me? And take a picture?

posted by puddinghead 08 October | 18:23
*hugs pudding*

This just gives a great excuse do something when you get back in town. And we will, pudding, make no mistake about that.
posted by Frisbee Girl 08 October | 18:40
OK, Fris.

*wipes nose*
posted by puddinghead 08 October | 18:47
Hokay, I have finally confirmed that I have Thursday night off and have every intention of making the most of my one free night when Speckletina is in town. A casual dinner/food and drink thing sounds like it might be the best scenario.

Who's in? Specklet, should we do sushi?
posted by Frisbee Girl 09 October | 06:19
Of course we should do sushi!

*hugs puddin'*
posted by Specklet 10 October | 12:20
I have class until 9 on Thursday.
posted by kenko 10 October | 22:41
Thursday works for me, though I'll probably not stick around to late (long drive back, you know).

Someone email me details, nu?
posted by mudpuppie 11 October | 13:15
*kicks dirt* aw pooooo. wish I could be there.
posted by dabitch 11 October | 13:38
Aw, dabitch, maybe you'll be bringing a new bunny into the world and we can celebrate mightily in honor of both events.

kenko, I swear, it'll happen!

And these are the details: We'll be at Medjool, specifically on the rooftop terrace (bring a jacket) at 7 for food and drinks. Reservations are not necessary and this will probably be the easiest way to accommodate those who will need to arrive late or leave early.
posted by Frisbee Girl 11 October | 18:38
Oh, and I won't have a car.

I bet Specklet wants to visit Palo Alto, though.
posted by kenko 12 October | 00:15
catch us a scapebunny and make it flee with out collective sins
or just make some toasty atonement for me
oy to the vey
posted by ethylene 12 October | 00:25
So, is it happening this Thursday (tomorrow)?
posted by Jasper 12 October | 13:54

eth, we'll do what we can! kenko, I wish I could help you out, but I already made some kind of deal with the Devil to get the night off, but, yes, I am certain that Specklet wants to visit Palo Alto as well.
posted by Frisbee Girl 12 October | 14:17
I wish I could do nothing but hang with bunnies in places like Palo Alto, but alas, I'll be working... If I end up with free time, I'm your girl.

I'll see youse guys tomorrow!

Oh, and think healthy thoughts at me: yesterday I started coming down with a bad cold. I'm doing everything I can (ginger tea, Emergen-C, goldenseal and echinacia, homeopathy, vitamins, sleep, water water water) but am still feeling mighty poorly.
posted by Specklet 12 October | 16:07
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