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19 October 2005

Actually, it's probably more for those who aren't rabid Zappa fans, since anyone worth their Uncle Meat already has this song in their collections.
posted by me3dia 19 October | 00:57
Too true me3dia. I have Freak Out! on Vinyl, along with several other FZ albums. (I'm kind of proud of 200 Motels complete with the enclosed libretto)
posted by eekacat 19 October | 01:25
Yay, Zappa!
posted by kmellis 19 October | 04:36
when I worked at Tower Records, a guy came in buying literally 20 different frank zappa records.

I said to him "this is my favorite ring up all day! you're going to love these albums!"

him: "I've already got them, and everything else he did, on vinyl. Also on tape. And I have hundreds of bootlegs."

me: "Oh. Um... nevermind then. Can I shake your hand?"
posted by shmegegge 19 October | 07:31
correction: buying 20 different fz CDS.

christ, if there were a word in that story not to fuck up...
posted by shmegegge 19 October | 07:31
My favorite Zappa story: a friend of mine was around 15 or 16 when Freak Out came out and he and his best friend were just starting to test the musical waters with "weirder" artists. They went to buy Freak Out, but since it was a double it cost more than either of them had individually. So they pooled their money and bought the record and in front of the store tore the record sleeve in half and each took half home. My friend ended up with the the weirder two of the four sides and to this day prefers Zappas more odd stuff, while his friend got the funnier/more conventional disc and still prefers that side of Zappa. And yes, by "more conventional", I am comparing it to other Zappa releases.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 19 October | 08:54
Thanks me3dia!
posted by Specklet 19 October | 15:01
shmegegge, I don't understand. Did they used to sell records in some other format than CDs?

I have this little segment he did, very early, on the Jack Parr show. He played music on a bicycle. Should I find it for y'all?
posted by stilicho 19 October | 22:53
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