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26 October 2005

*YAWN* sips coffee. smiles.
*sings, laughs, opens all the windows*
posted by taz 26 October | 08:22
"There was coffee. Life would continue." - W. Gibson
posted by deadcowdan 26 October | 08:51
mosch, you will definitely never have an oxygen deficiency, what with all that yawning.
posted by iconomy 26 October | 08:55
It's hard to avoid, when you're posting at 5:18am.



posted by mosch 26 October | 08:59
"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love", Turkish Proverb
posted by tr33hggr 26 October | 09:01
*rubs eyes, eyes close; slaps self, eyes close; snaps toothpick in half and props lids open, eyelids droop; toothpicks bend, straighten, bend, begin to splinter; eyelids grow heavier, suddenly snap shut, splintering toothpicks, spraying blood and tears*

AAAAAAAAAAUGHHHHH!! Holy fuck, I've got wood stuck in my eyelids! Oh, it hurts bad. AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

*gets coffee*
posted by Hugh Janus 26 October | 09:04
*drinks 2 Red Bulls*

--it really sucks being an Astros fan sometimes. Here I am sleepy, unshaven and sockless, up until 3 AM only slept til 5 AM. Long day ahead.

BUT! I get Civilization IV delivered to my door today. I am happy.
posted by WolfDaddy 26 October | 09:14
wolfdaddy: things could always be worse. You could be a padres fan.
posted by mosch 26 October | 09:43


Thanks, mosch!

*snuggles deeper under covers sipping tea, watching the rain fall and city come to life*

Hugh, I hope you have a better day today.
posted by Frisbee Girl 26 October | 09:54
mosch: true, but at least the climate would be better. And more pot and less guns.

Also, thanks for the wake-up song. I didn't clicky til now :-) *sings in shower*
posted by WolfDaddy 26 October | 09:58
*eats breakfast composed primarily of gardettos and pickled banana peppers with cayenne*
posted by brainwidth 26 October | 10:23
mosch, do you need an image for your profile?

I think this is hilarious:

≡ Click to see image ≡

Fom here. he's "Mosch", apparently:

Mosch - the Kaept'n

The kauzige and strict commander of the Politibongo is an old war hero: In the kasikosmischen wars of liberation he earned himself its sporen as a combat pilot. From this time it brought some medals and 23 survived crashes and crash landings also. The crisis advice fetched Mosch back from the retirement and transferred it the special mission. In former times Mosch was a correct woman hero, but that is for a long time ago. Today its hair grey and became borstig. Mosch became somewhat short-sighted as a space veteran still drahtig, unfortunately however.

*google translation

posted by taz 26 October | 11:03
Thanks, Frisbee Girl. Yesterday was the worst of it, though work will continue to impinge on my on-the-job play. I may be somewhat muzzled and absent here over the next few weeks.

But by the end of it, I'll prolly be able to buy a computer and rock with you guys, all night.
posted by Sick Duck 26 October | 11:38
I just wasted a perfectly good sock puppet!

posted by Hugh Janus 26 October | 11:39
*kisses sick duck*

First big laugh of the day!

You'll be conspicuous in your absence, but that'd be a welcome reward. We'd rock all night with you anytime.
posted by Frisbee Girl 26 October | 11:45
taz: perfect.

Now if I can clear the bad data from my profile, I'll be all set!
posted by mosch 26 October | 11:50
Why, mosch! You're borstig! And so very, very drahtig!

posted by taz 26 October | 12:06
*points at sick duck's Hugh Janus and lauuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs*
posted by WolfDaddy 26 October | 12:25
Why, mosch! You're borstig! And so very, very drahtig!


You noticed!
posted by mosch 26 October | 13:22
noticed? hell, i emailed people about it!
here's some of the rest, so you don't feel out of the loop:
--just woke up with a nosebleed.
there is nothing like lifting your head from the pillow just in time to watch two thick drops of blood ruin a beautiful pillow and pillow case.
i rinsed them out already but you never know with blood.

oh crap, i was going to say i don't know about the costume now, i was hoping to have the time in these days before it but i don't even now if i should go.
it's really tiring to get gawped at by rubes everywhere i go
if i'm lucky maybe my headache will pass in time for me to get to the library before it closes.
my head will probably explode but that's the price of the powers that be.
da bastards.
posted by ethylene 26 October | 17:31
Improving Bittorrent speeds? || The NBA season begins next week.