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18 October 2005

Touch of Evil: [More:]I was under the impression that one of the charming things about this movie was that it had essentially been destroyed through re-editing by the studio, and made no sense, but in an interesting way.

So I borrowed it from the library the other day, and the cut I borrowed has been "fixed" to more closely follow Orson Welles's notes.

Has anyone seen both, and is what I'm going to watch "legitimate"? I really dislike watching movies when I know that they've been tampered with, either for good or for evil.
The restoration of Touch of Evil was handled through none other than Turner Classic Movies. You might recognize the name from Robert Osborne’s appearences as host for various segments – which, coincidentally was parodied on an installment of Harvey Birdman, Attourney at Law, on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, part of another of Ted Turner’s broadcast offerings.

*gets up from leather chair*

Osbourne, coincidentally, is a former president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and credits Lucielle Ball – yes, that Lucielle Ball – for inspiring a then–younger Osbourne to persue a writing.

*strolls about interior set*

All things considered, the restoration can be called meticilous,if anything. The edits are based upon various production notes, as well as thorough interviews with surviving prduction assistants from the movie’s era. In spite of the cynicism one can normally expect toward corporate re-workings of Golden Age Hollywood fare, the edits are studied, not sladash.

I’m Smart Dalek. Thanks for watching MetaChat.
posted by Smart Dalek 18 October | 22:58
Thank you for that, Smart Dalek.
posted by interrobang 18 October | 23:00
I couldn’t resist. The corrected version’s really worth a look.
posted by Smart Dalek 18 October | 23:05
Does it remove the opening credits from that stunning tracking shot? I know that was one thing Orson was upset about: he had made this little bit of perfection, and the studio put words over it.
posted by goatdog 18 October | 23:19
It was cleeaned up, alright – the DVD even inludes Welles’ infamous manifesto to the studio, where he outlined the corrections he insisted upon having.
posted by Smart Dalek 18 October | 23:39
How lovely, SmartDalek! I very much look forward to your next show.
posted by taz 19 October | 01:16
god, that movie is phenomenal.

"If you tell me how it can be 'injuly,' well then I'll go down on you."

good on you if you get that reference.
posted by shmegegge 19 October | 07:37
I get it, shmegegge!

In your depths of your ignorance, what is it you want?
posted by taz 19 October | 08:00
"If you tell me how it can be 'injuly,' well then I'll go down on you."
Get it? I've got the recording right here dude. If I get a minute I'll share it.
posted by dodgygeezer 19 October | 08:06
Powderfinger by Neil Young. || It's been a wild day on Mecha,