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21 October 2005

"I did it for Jonny--" --it's true. i said it before, suggested it since, but i'm asking for sanctioned back up now[More:] maybe jonmc will be nice and drunk and gone for a while so we can even try to keep it as down on the low as necessary:
PLEASE, METACHAT, help me help him help us.

What the heck am i on about?
i want jonmc to get the queer eye on.
please oh please please---
the low down:
jonmc lives in new york. they have been renewed and will take it on the road after some new yorking (i think.) he has said he has some new england connection in his upraising, so that helps, too.
jonmc, you eat like crap, you have stones, you're not the healthiest chap in the world and might enjoy a good spa day--
for the love of pips! please give it a thought!
now i've given you guff enuff but think of this:
there ain't no one here who knows what i look like. hell, most people i know don't know what i look like now.
so what if none of you did until you saw me on Queer Eye? Wouldn't that be fun?
As they like to have an occasion to work up to, here is my suggestion:
we plan a big ol' meet up (unless you have a personal preferential occasion) the future time frame will figure, at which i promise to attend so i can spearhead the effort unless someone better can
and you let them help you
Do it for us, Jonny! Do it for us!
Anonymous internet friends meeting for the first time to make sure you're ok--
--it's so new millenium, how could they refuse?
(i know how but that's rhetorical and i'm not going to delineate)
hey, it's a thought
and it's my birthday
*sniff, sniff, pout*
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posted by ethylene 21 October | 21:54
happy bday--eat something chocolate and have a drink on me : >

jon would be good on Queer Eye, but he's too strongwilled--you have to be open to the changes.
posted by amberglow 21 October | 21:59
Is it really your birthday, miss ethylene? Well happy birthday, girl! How are you going to celebrate the big day?

I think the Queer Eye thing is a great idea. I can so see jon doing that, and secretly loving every second. They'd have a field day with him, and he with them. By the end of the day they'd all be wearing flannel shirts. You know it.
posted by iconomy 21 October | 22:01
yes, my real actual day i was born in is today/tomorrow depending on your time stamp.
which i never usually say.
so yoga will be wed, as maybe a papercake, and dabitch can rest and many other things i was thinking of posting tomorrow but i'll do it here.

i may try to contact ted tomorrow in some fashion, but as the tour list states, others in the chicago area can back me up if they like. i'd go through all the proper channels and maybe pull in some old favors but, isn't it a shiny thought?
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:08
from the dredded wiki
*waves tentacled locks*
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:14
that reminds me to talk to chester brown--
my brother has sent me some dvd burns of dune I to III.
this tells you something about my brother.
or what kind of which i am. heh.
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:18
this drink on you thing, amber-- see it goes back to the "i don't do it with gay men" thing again
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:20
i'm just gonna let it happen, icon
i don't know what i'll stick to, keep up, attend, ignore--
just gonna be
that's how i roll
but they usually go a bit buffy style, so suck beyond the telling
but my best birfday ever involved being hugged by an ape and finding out i had been published in something, both out of the blue
and the second runner up has to do with a slide show preformance from a trip to disneyland that is my own version "got drunk and woke up in tangiers"

may explain further later somewhere

someone post something, five consecutive posts is my limit!
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:25
Happy birthday!
posted by arse_hat 21 October | 22:30
i am fond of hats
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:34
another thing, amber, while he poses stubbornly in whatever chosen niche of the day, he does appease to please.
the berating of five funny gay men who know of which they speak and only want to help?
it may sway a man--
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:38
i will even audioblog a kareoke cover of cher's just jesse james at him tomorrow
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:40
: >
posted by amberglow 21 October | 22:48
ok, peerpressurererers, i'm gonna have a drink just for youse, though not of amberglow even though that sounds like a cordial of a different color, right next to the thesaurian brandy--

iconomy, i need you to use your awesome powers over the ways of men and 'fites

*off to btend*
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:48
this may hasten the cher, beware
oh, amber, could you possibly fetch some of my YSI links from yesterday so i can have you zip me a selection of them once more for the mixswap?
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:50
sure hon, and i obeyed your order
posted by amberglow 21 October | 22:51
do you all know me drunk is like normal people sober, right?
oh jeez
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:52
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Mick Jones says Happy Birthday. Me too.
posted by bmarkey 21 October | 22:53
thanks, i'll take it for stiv and timothy as well
posted by ethylene 21 October | 22:58
Duke of Aquitaine
Emperor Juntoku
Alf Douglas and his wife
actress, stooge and all the rest--

--to the tune of gillian's island

i find myself in interesting company
as now and much
posted by ethylene 21 October | 23:20
follow up on my last comment in me3dia's post: i can't find my bindis.
i was going to be a snake charmer but i may just be an indian
and i was going to make a different post about some other 'moi' thing and leave a bunch of dots so people could put one on me forehead so they could spot me-- heh, hah, the krishna idea involved too much makeup i didn't want to wear-- ooh, i get to listen to dhruva's post now--

gosh, there really is a lot i'd like to share with you guys

oh, if jon would just do it
posted by ethylene 21 October | 23:35
chant with me...


or maybe...

posted by wendell 22 October | 00:03
when i get that feeling--
it's french, bitch
posted by ethylene 22 October | 00:09
all apologies per usual
and that metabolism thing i said if it makes it on the recording means nothing as far as fat mass
let us clench in unison for the unveiling
[in the crowd with you]
posted by ethylene 22 October | 03:47
Heh. Me and pips have joked about putting me on QEFTSG, but I have a feling if Thom saw our apartment he'd have a stroke, although I bet he'd be able to work out an elegant solution to my record collection storage problems. My immediate supervisor is a gay dude, he told me if I ever did it, he'd have to be made an honorary member of the Fab 5. I think I'd scare the shit out of Ted with my diet, as well.
posted by jonmc 22 October | 11:52
good god john, talk about late in the thread/day
i'm never going to make it to carmel.
but i could borrow mum's mobile and make a call--

just say you'll do it
and it will be a very good day

then comes the group effort/hug
posted by ethylene 22 October | 11:57
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posted by deborah 22 October | 14:50
posted by ethylene 22 October | 17:24
as i am having problems posting this in the caps lock thread and don't know if it when through or not, here it is:
moift: jonmc finally said yes, but it is now late in the game.

I'm gonna need the help of everyone's super powers to pull this off as i would like a massive meet up to be the "goal" they work toward for the show's "what happened next" wrap up second half.

That means we need to agree on a time and place and venue to reserve and the means to get all the equipment to live broadcast it to those who cannot attend as well as the time and space for me to assemble the wherewithall to get a ticket to ride to where ever it may be--

IF we can even get the Queer Eye Guys to consider taking him.

Not even to mention trying to get in preformance shape again and the songs that need writing for the on stage medley i'd like to have, as he sits on a stool and gets sung to, AFTER he performs "Nobody" by Silva or "Separate Ways" by Journey.

i would still accept something by cher as well, unless people have other suggestions.
if you would like to help or support this effort, send emails to philidia at the "gee!"mail (i am off to check if it still functions later) that says in the header/title/topic: MCQUEER EYED MONSTER

thank you and have a nice day.
posted by ethylene 23 October | 21:20
ah, i have been banned!
posted by ethylene 23 October | 21:23
Has anybody invited Miguel Cardoso over here? || One Question....