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Archives for: July 2005

31 July 2005

French Erotic Film, or Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Christ :: [flash]

no idea, sorry
Long time ago in the faraway galaxy. Star War! Chinese translations of an American classic (thrice-removed).
Anybody want to talk about tonight's SFU?
What time is it where you are? It's 4 am here and I really shouldn't be awake.
Roxette. I was trying to sort out a Captain Beefheart clip but this'll have to do instead. 20MB DivX AVI.
I'm back. I've spent a long weekend in dabitch's hoods. God I love Copenhagen. Go there.
So did ya'll miss me? I brought tebirkes.
sunday morning dancehall turn up the music and drown out the voices
from the freshly linked musicalbear
Mangina Dentata --sure, it's the best blog name ever, but parody or real?
Sunday = time for more MeCha dreams. Now with 100% more taz and ethylene! And, um, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Read more...
I am still iPod-challenged
bacon & eggs - in the spirit of Sunday brunch (QT)
Being drunk from the last night is like a backwards search. Reforging forgotten connections. Hopefully.
Is There a Madness to Your Method? Has anyone else here experimented with "structured random" searches? Yesterday, I tried using Google and a rule of tenths to see where it led. Here is a (self) link to a discussion of this experiment. Anyone else have any examples? Anyone want to try ninths? Eighths? Etc.?
Logo T-Shirts Available These are in the European shop - they'll be available in the US shop within a few days. Other colours and styles available, just ask and I'll add them. Other stuff available here.
Sheepherding dogs herding sheep.
Our Nanobots add 23 inches, Guaranteed! "You'll know the Singularity is here, Tom, when your penis really does start getting larger . . . ." -- A useful warning from Glenn Renyolds
Here'a an idea for a fun collaborative project: Write a metafilter walkthrough, as though it were a computer game (and after all, isn't it, kind of?).

This idea via myself.
What would you do if you were 23 and your doctor called with news that was going to change your life?

30 July 2005

Gravatars? Should we? stupid? how about if we let other people choose ours? a contest? poll? ...
Help Me Baby The Frost. Rock and Roll Music. 1969.
I dream there is a lover who will know that I'm faking.
"--saturday waits, sunday always comes too late--"

29 July 2005

I ate potted meat 4 hours ago... ...and now I don't feel good.
Howcome the Farscape people, Lou Gossett and Beau Bridges and the computer girl from Hercules' show are all on Stargate now? What's up? Where's Sam Carter?
I love the smell of an incoming rainstorm. That is all.
What was that horrible rock venue website? It was posted here awhile back, and it had it all; animated GIFs galore, red-on-black text, and so on.

I've recently discovered that my dad's department at the university has a site that looks a lot like it, and I'd like to show it to him.

(He is in no way involved with the site, by the way, and he told me that he loves to hassle the department about it.)
Surely, we are told, such is a small price to pay to assure that we are not bombed into a fine paste that becomes a tasty treat for the rats and the sewer crocs. (rudepundit-filthy as usual)
News from Colorado Court: School's 'Phallic' Sculpture Doesn't Violate First Amendment. Some Say Bishop's Miter Resembles Phallus.
First MetaChat dream.
Fun With Words. Overnumerousnesses, eighteen letters long, is the longest English word that consists of only letters that lack ascenders, descenders, and dots in lower case. Honorificabilitudinitatibus, 27 letters long, is the longest English word consisting strictly of alterating consonants and vowels. Euouae, six letters long, is the longest English word consisting only of vowels, and, also, the English word with the most consecutive vowels.
Here there are lots and lots of cool photos. Did I mention "lots"? Ten pages of thumbnails, plus more if you click around (google translation). Photographer Kurt Salzmann.
post by: taz at: 06:30 | 9 comments

28 July 2005

WOOHOO!!! Ever quit a job on short notice? And you marvel at going to this job day to day with no end in sight, one minute, and suddenly the world is your oyster the next?
"Recent MeFi posts by Metachat users" Cool!
Ask MeCha about the next mix
A sort of natural Oolong. But this time, it's not a bunny, nor pancakes.
✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ too good to let pass by en toto. if you have a printer, pass out leaflets. The novelty of paper will cause much noise and delight.
Corpse Tennis begins to show results, but tragedy has already struck...Read more...
I've been paid a year's salary this month. Obviously, this is a mistake.
Now there's not even a JRun error Connection refused.
Pony So omiewise mentioned that he'd like to keep a beady eye on what folks from here post. I immediately thought "oh that's easy" rustled something up in about fifteen minutes which worked beatifully. And then it broke the site. I've got it working now though although we are rather at the mercy of MeFi's atom feed which can be a bit flaky - we'll see how it pans out. Anyway, all it does is match usernames in the MeFi posts with user names here - and that's as about as sophisticated as it's likely to get. Enjoy.
Take Back Metafilter Day!
I'm declaring Monday, August 1st as the first hopefully-not-annual "Take Back Metafilter" Day. I'm offering a $25.00 Gift Certificate from (your choice of) Amazon, Threadless, ThinkGeek, or Archie McPhee to the person who posts the 'Best' link to Metafilter on Monday, August 1st.

You are in luck, I am not in luck... Look what God did to us man...
One of the few weeks I don't mind living in Michigan. As they say 'round here, "good sleeping weather."
Warning: [a load of error message stuff deleted]

Just thought you might like to know.
Juvenile response syndrome. Kamal Butt? Are you serious!?
Show me DQ issue 3 A magazine, I found just lying around the web. You can flick through the pages to look at the bic-pen type illustrations, and when you reach the end you'll get the credits.
If it's Thursday, it must be songs about booze, drugs, and sex.
Marsupial Mania!

27 July 2005

The 3-Variable Funny Test --my results inside
ah, recycling. yes. it's from boing boing. so is this. Put it on paper, draw it out.
and they also said people who share music, buy music, maybe because they really like music. gee. wow. who'da thunk it.
Oh, OUCH! (image warning: this poor dog had a BAD encounter with a porcupine but is apparently healing) Read more...
Madness songs in commercials --why all of a sudden?

"Our House" for Maxwell House, and i just saw "It Must Be Love" in a car commercial.
Newsfilter Crap :: I was going to post this to MeTa, but I'd forgotten I only get one MeTa post per week, so you all will be subject to my rant instead....Read more...
Ask MeCha Need css/php/html-help. Please hope me.
a little well done soplisism never hurt no one
and for the cute addicted if chess is not enough
NY Hotels for Poor Are Under Pressure to Change Along the elegant side streets of the upper west side, the few remaining Single Room Occupancy Hotels for poor New Yorkers are under pressure to change. SRO owners are finding their prime locations can be marketed as youth hostels for young foreign travelers. And poor tenants who need a place to stay say they are being harassed into leaving.Read more...
2 MeCha Mix questions: 1) Has the next one been scheduled?

2) In the likely event that I don't have my desktop fully internet operational, is there anyone willing to help me participate? Deep gratitude and a special, personalized mix offered in exchange.
Android Ann again One track, if anyone wants to hear more, let me know. She is... different.

I apologise! On behalf of all Brits, I'd like to apologise to the people of the United States of America for the recent release of the "Crazy Frog / Axel F" atrocity via iTunes in the U.S.
You know why birds don't write their memoirs? I do. But what I don't know is the exact wording of the reason, or the exact wording of what Calvin and Hobbes say in the following panels. And I'd like to know, preferably without Asking Metafilter.
Please Kill Me Now It's 11.06 and the heat index is is 107. Read more...
Titanium Jewelry In London?
Cover Song Wednesday! Today's YouSendIt mp3 bonanza: Cover songs. The more unexpected, the better. Let's start out with a funky soul/gospel-tinged cover of Seven Nation Army with low-down female vocals, from Nostalgia 77.
Just for Giggles. Please post the first thing - text, graphic, quote, anecdote, photo, headline, whatever - that made you laugh today. (ps: happy hump day!)
bunnypony! I have this sudden urge to be able to sort MeCha threads by if they have links in them or not so that I can go through links or chatty threads I've missed depending on time and mood. Possible pony?
Freaky deaky psychedelic weirdo illustration
All about some naked girls on intergalactic exploration
Enjoy the strange artistic style and the bold coloration
But do not browse while you're at work or face contract expiration

26 July 2005

any DailyKos members here? i made a rare post there
Delectable pop truffle Tuesday! A new institution. Pop song tuesday! Post yours (You Send it only lasts for 7 days or 25 downloads, but it is easy to use)

My choice is "Never Forget Where You Get Them" by Go Back Snowball (2002) - a collaboration between Robert Pollard (of Guided By Voices) and Mac McCaughan (of Superchunk). Delectable pop truffle goodness.
I'm hung over and my heart hurts. If I get some serious work done this morning, what's the earliest I can leave and go home?
I'm back from NYC! Did you miss me?
Charm City Cakes Check out the Groom's Cakes and the Special Events Cakes. Tasty. Baltimore. Tasty.
Music to be a dick to. I'm tired of hearing the other end: music to make you feel okay when someone's a dick to you.Read more...
Members, grab your tools! Pick up your toys, pack your bags, and call in the vampire zombie bunnies, we're moving here. Surely we have a glazier, a mason, a woodworker, a landscape architect and an interior decorator among us?
Metachat limericks. (Possibly not safe for work.)

25 July 2005

Flipbooks! --make your own or just look at the others--some very fun and cute ones already up. : >
Why, why, why, why, WHY? WHY must you use the bathroom stall with the door unlocked and ajar?
F, B, D# and G# or B, F A and D? Or Eb, A, C# and G#?
Is anyone available now via email (or IRC) to help with an emergency PHP question? (An EZ one, at that...)?
Cute thing of the day Omiewise finds Marzipan Bees. (Sorry, they are not bunnies.)
The JRuns took my Mefi away
The Puzzled Fox is a rare 19th century Currier and Ives "picture puzzle" lithograph, with lots of hidden creatures and faces. I've managed to grab a couple of images of it from the net, though unfortunately, neither is complete. Peek inside if you feel like playing.
ShopDropping - it's backwards shoplifting
Paging mr.marx Slightly different Vampire Bunny T-Shirt as requested. If anyone would like this design on a different style of t-shirt then just ask and I'll add it to the store.
Family Guy Movie BitTorrent - for academic study of the appalling effect internet piracy has on our community.
don't eat the yellow goat, but she was without xanax and tequila made the stain greenish
Testing!! 1, 2, 3....
Woot. I've been quoted in the Washington Post.
Have you ever seen an anonymous AskMe where the anonymous poster ended up posting to the thread with their real username?

24 July 2005

God it's hot. 95 degrees is my ass button.
The last 50 images posted to LJ --a script or something...mine included this one (MAYBE NSFW)
Human ass buttons? What (seemingly benign things) really makes you loose your temper? What tiny little things make you do the human eqvualent of elevator butt?
OperaGlass. Detailed information on many operas, including: Libretti, Source Texts, Performance, Histories, Synopses, Discographies.
A participatory site, contributions are welcome
Jrun is really pissing me off this morning The bugger won't stay up. Viagra, anyone?
Bunny Shop Update: Vampire Bunny Army clothing and bags are now available for Europe. More shopping here.
What makes you cry? Emotional manipulation filter: Commercials? Documentaries? Movies? Songs? The puppies in that old Pepsi commercial? The human interest stories during sports broadcasts about people overcoming incredible odds? A random song on the radio?

What's that one thing guaranteed to make you tear up?
All by myse-e-elf. Don't wanna be... I just got in from a night out at the bar and I am looking forward to chat. Alas, I am left to my own devices. Do you have any idea what happens when I am left to my own devices? It's not pretty.

23 July 2005

Is this going to be like that episode of Twin Peaks that Diane Keaton directed?
Peel Me A Grape Having been recently (and historically) declared one of the least romantic ladies on the planet, I'm interested in hearing what the definitions and ideas of 'romantic' are amongst the individuals in this group. Traditional? Offbeat? Overrated? Essential? Examples? (The comic and awkward, as always, are more than welcome.)

Wine and roses or PBR and paintball? Put it out there.
Sugarcrash move Mr. Sugar and keep the kid bouncing. : >
Daily Show spoof leads to firing of Broward Art Guild chief--it was bound to happen. Will they change the way they do them?
What are/were your favorite children's books? Baby shower tomorrow, and friends have, (thank goodness), requested books for their child.Read more...
Fulfillment Service? If we had one, we could be the world's only one-stop shop for cocktail bitters and other rare ingredients.
an iPod question Actually, a few.

What does compilations mean, on the iPod menu, and how do I make one? Is it sort of like a playlist?

I made a playlist in iTunes of songs that my son likes. When I updated my iPod with the playlist, all of the songs I had on the iPod previously were taken off, and now only the playlist is on there. How do I keep all my songs on there, and add the playlist so that my son can listen to them while we're driving in my car?

Is it possible to put music on an iPod without using iTunes? If so, how?

I wish winamp would make a portable MP3 player! I'm not a big fan of the iPod so far...
Famous Humans
Mrs.Pants' Sketchbook. Please welcome our newest member who has a superb collection of drawings and paintings. May include bunnies.
Public Service Announcement The Ruins are awesome.

22 July 2005

Okay, it has come down to Ask MeCha. Who was the
FIRST TV/radio cowboy to whistle for his horse?
Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus is part documentary/part road movie/part good and weird. Pentacostals, honky tonks, and Sheffield's Jesus Is Lord Country KitchenRead more...
One has not truly lived until one has visited the David Hasselhoff Compendium.
JazzChat I know it's been done before, but I'm looking for suggestions in the contemporary jazz segment.Read more...
It seems to be the consensus among lady-fancying humans that Scarlett Johansson was more attractive than Thora Birch in Ghost World, and perhaps even stole the movie. But this is insupportable. Insupportable!
Harry Potter Spoiler (and now other spoilers) inside
102 with high humidity
Ich komme aus Egypten. You guessed it. Yes, I'm sorry, but, Ich bin, in fact, Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil.
I need some advice.
Judas! The legendary moment when Bob Dylan was heckled with a cry of “Judas” at a 1966 concert is to be shown on film for the first time. Now there is something I would like to see.
Bunny Hop Shop. Items for sale - all in one place for your convenience: If you want these designs in additional options or with different placement then just ask.
My favorite horrible website happens to belong to a fine venue for live music, but the site - it's so very bad. View in Firefox for maximum badness.
Famous Togolese
Ladies and Gentleman... Bloodhag "BlöödHag play short heavy metal songs about science fiction and fantasy authors." They also pelt their audiences with books.
Famous Canadians
Reverse AxeMe Where is it from that I know the song City Of Angles by The Distillers from Ethylene's mix? I don't have the CD or a compilation featuring it, was it prominently featured in a movie or tv show or video game or ad sometime in the past few years?
If you've posted anything in the last ten minutes don't be surprised if it's dissapeared. I've moved us over to a different database in the hope that it'll reduce the slow downs. Thanks.
Celebrity orgy. Who's invited?
They Paraded Their Gods Through the Streets and it continues all through the summer. Fukuoka has several summer festivals, and it seems I can't go out this month without bumping into a bunch of men parading giant floats. Read more...
Online proxy site request Howdy. I'm behind a work proxy that knocks out a lot of sites (email, etc.). One of the sites I visit a lot (a cousin of Friendster) has been blocked today, and won't allow me access to it because it's "interactive content", which they charge for. Does anyone know of some good proxy sites? (Not proxy servers, because I need to point my browser at the company server just to get out of the building, but http accessible proxy sites like
Critical Incident Stress Once more with feeling. Perfect Tommy says "Be cool. Just be cool."
MetaChat-Please Hope Me! My transitions in Corpses are sucky (which, in case you don't know, is a technical art term for "no good"). Any pointers? I'm color-blind, which I want to blame it all on, but fear that I can't.
This is a big ad. A very big ad. warning: it doesn't play all too nice with firefox on my mac.
Metachat - The Novel! After seeing that it's relatively easy and cheap to create your own books, and knowing that folk around here love a creative challenge I find the the idea of a metachat paperback book kind of irresistable. So I thought I would poll people for their opinions on this.
Unphotographable I really like the idea behind this site, a kind of text-only photoblog, where each entry describes a picture never taken. What snapshots do you wish you had captured, but were unable, or unprepared, or not equipped to take. I, for example, would have loved to have caught a picture of the guy I saw riding a tandem on his own one morning as I sat on the bus, heading to work. At that moment it somehow seemed so unexpected and inexplicably poignant.
Late night toad poetry
CTS. I've been starting to feel Carpal Tunnel-like sensations in my right arm. What should (can) I do?
There was a gecko in my computer this morning. Read more...
UNGGH!! I got a tetanus booster shot yesterday and my arm hurts like hell and is completely useless. It's kind of swollen, too. Read more...

21 July 2005

I just realized something...
Ladies and Gents, The Polyphonic Spree This is what happens when musical hippies breed. (Takes a hella long time to get to the main pages, but when you get there, it's not remotely worth it.)
NY City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly Says To Watch For People 'Sweating'... (from Drudge's front page)

So they're going to start random searches in the subway tomorrow. The temperature forecast --93 degrees--aboveground. Belowground--way over 100.
People you want to see naked.
Stalker central
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster When the band is jamming in the studio and they are all wearing headphones, what is that about? Noise cancelling or what?

People you wouldn't mind seeing naked. Bjork
Thom Yorke
Jennifer Tilly
Harrison Ford
that guy who busses tables at the Saucebox who's way too young for me
Speechify! I was particularly happy to find the movie speeches section.
I have a new t-shirt idea. However to print on black it would need to be done in vectors. Would anyone be willing to re-work this for .ai .cdr or .fh format? Does anyone have any other ideas for t-shirts they can draw in vectors? Technical specs are here.
People you hope never to see naked. My list includes David Letterman, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Keith Richards, Barbara Walters...
first call for audiohaul give us your poor, your tired, you're so burn out on tracks-- i know what i want, but you almost might have to ask
Biological Art - Wellcome awards

Here's all the contestants or finalists or whatever - too bad they are small. Paracetamol crystals for the win.

Mimi the Bunny Was this posted already?
Shoutout Hotpants Not as cool as dame's - but still essential for your next meet-up.
switch instruments otherwise you'll get bitter and jaded, or just pedantic
Too stupid a question for AskMe
Too Many Questions for Askme Which one should I pick for the green? Give me answers, oh Mechazens, I plead. Read more...
Whiskey. What's a good one?
Scientists gear up to study northern lights Unmitigated infatuation-filter.

20 July 2005

I just killed a man with a screwdriver and I'm trying to decide what to wear to the eventual arraignment. A paisley skirt would highlight my taut, hairy calves, but green taffeta goes brilliantly with my eyes.
how weird is weird? not that weird
For the lovers. *

(*Where "lovers" = readers/music fans in the US.)
fine, i'll do it then *sigh* ignore the link per usual. just mouse on over and come right in
Press Any Key. When your computer asks you to press any key, what key do you press?
a colony of rabbits? or an abandonment of orphans? or an array of luminaries? what are we as a we?-- ambush by mefi widows
Compromise Maybe it's okay if these folks advertise on the blue.
Whacha think? Should I put this on Bunnyscape? It made me laff real hard.
Which finger is your favorite?
Butterfly Alphabet Funny faces & figures in nature. I thought it was rather cute.
Otherwise, funny faces in photobooths might be more your style.
The fifty films your child should see. The British Film Institute has compiled a list of 50 films that children should watch by the age of 14. It includes a diverse mix of movies from animé to Italian neorealismo
Google Moon Don't forget to zoom all the way in.
Lemon problem. What should I do with the juice of twelve lemons and two limes?
There must be a pony... speculations on design.
Beer corollary. What's your favorite beer slogan?
Beer What beers do discerning MeCha folk drink? And what does your particular favorite say about your realization as an empowered personal individual?

(First post ever, anywhere! Yipe!)
I hope it's not Illinois v. moift o'clock. Such was my thought just now.
Anyone here good with colors? I'm repainting a room on the lower floor of my house. My wife wants to give it some color other than a boring off-white.Read more...
Post Traumatic Stress... something Note the man on the left in the foreground... (recent uses of this photo have edited him out completely)

19 July 2005

A present --brickout wise. Go there, click on custom mode, then load game, and type in e407833735
Shopping the MeChat shop idea: so the kids and cats and farts among us want a store to call our own. I wanted to talk to PsychoKitty about her cottage industries as well-- so let's all talk shop: Meh O'Clocks? Shirts? Mugs? Candles? Dream it and we'll make it come--
Corpse Tennis: Players, meet your opponents.
Afternoon tea? Crumpets and chat? Pop in and have a bit of whatwhat. It's pleasant and refreshing, I swear.
488 cats. That's gotta be a new record.
Jrun micturated on my carpet It really tied the room together.
Secret Agent man greyed into Edward Longshanks. I find it impossible to separate Patrick McGoohan from his early TV work.Read more...
Rock out with your mock out Following up this, consider:

There are three stages to a man's life. First he likes AC/DC. Then he likes AC/DC ironically. Then finally he can enjoy them unironically again.

greasemonkey security warning I don't pretend to understand this but if you have the greasemonkey extension for firefox installed you might want to read at least these 2 warning list emails. Nothing else has come up about it on tech sites yet as far as I can tell.
Addendum to my covers mix. (mp3 link) I realized I left this fine cover (by Ted Leo) of Kelly Clarkson's hit off of my mix. Actually, I just found it online yesterday, although it's old. Enjoy.
Permanent Metachat Audioblog? Ethelyne had a great idea and I thought I would run it by everyone to see what they thought before I started working on it.Read more...

18 July 2005

save me from jerson's lawyers
What's with all the bannings in #metachat?
Because YOU Demanded it 2 cents from the sale of every shirt goes to the save the Capn fund.
Sky Kingdom: I think I may have found the religion for me. The giant teapot is very compelling, as is the umbrella... (post inspired by this boingboing post.)
So I am a vampire named YHBC, but I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing yet . . . Read more...
This is comical. The 1971 and 1979 versions of how computers work. We've come a long way... (from slashdot)
I have chills. They're multiplying.
screw you, clown! a classic joke that may or may not be of the level of one some people made a movie about--
original post idea: dripping in irony-- what the hell is EB on about?
Summer Reality TV. Fess Up! I know it's not "cool" or "hip" to watch reality tv uhh... ever. But you know you watch it. Admit it.

Big Brother 6? Average Joe: The Joe's Strike Back? Hell's Kitchen? Rock Star: INXS? I Wanna Be a Hilton (ok even I wont cop to watching that show!)?

What are your guilty pleasures? Did you hear about the big scrap this weekend at the BB6 House? How awesome was the invasion of the beach by the hot guys on AJ:TJSB, when the weird dude kissed the guy that looks like Donny Wood from New Kids on the Block?
Seattle Lebowskiesque Meetup We're giving away perfectly good white people, er, caucasians, um, White Russians. Grab your balls, we're going bowling.
Unitards uber alles For those times when a top hat just won't's Chinese unitards!
Yummy! That's one big bunny.
I miss Dame I haven't seen her in a while and if she told everybody she was going to be gone I missed it...
"Bed and Board is a comedy about marriage, the desire to escape it, and the craftiness involved in running from one’s own desires. Antoine tries to achieve the 'essential' by getting married, only to attempt escape through an affair and then to duck the affair by returning to the marriage. Like a fretful child, he’s drawn to subvert whatever situation he’s in". Writer/director Noah Baumbach's essay on the François Truffaut film.
(warning: main link leads to a commercial site)
Rum , buggery and the lash
Bums, sumggery and the smash
Mum, huggery and the mash
Gaaaaah my tummy itches!
So, I'm going to be in NYC this weekend. I will be there Friday-Monday. Anything interesting happening that I should know about?
Road Trip Mr. deborah and I are going on a road trip in a few weeks. We're driving from our abode to Edmonton and, possibly, Calgary. I'm hoping to make a side trip to Lake Louise/Banff. Anyway, me being me, I did a Google image search for images of Lake Louise. Then I looked for old postcards of Lake Louise. That search brought me here (scroll down). I followed the link at the bottom to more and more and more old postcards. And as they would say in Quebec - tres cool! Then I clicked on the site map. Holy cow on a crutch. There are tons of vintage postcards at this site. Truly, for us old postcard freaks, a treasure trove.
Jrun pooped on me
neat trick
Corpse Tennis, anyone? Some discussion aways back interested a few MeChatters in taking this whole exquisite corpse thing to the next level, which is, of course, one-on-one competition. And you can play, too!Read more...
Q: How familiar is your disappointment? A: JRun
Q: How badly can a rock band sell out? A: This badly.
hr. hat has disappointed me as if i don't make my intentions clear for those who choose to care

"i say good day, sir!"
Have you seen the Flickr page of MeFi Mail Art? The organizing blog is here (and it's linked from our right-hand sidebar, for future quickclicking).
post by: taz at: 04:15 | 8 comments
Tuskless Elephants! Horrible, and sad.
Taking the MeCha dream to the next level
I'm back from vacation I notice that MeFi isn't. JRun again.
Yes, I'm dumping all the "not ready for prime time" links I've been collecting over the past few months in one swell foop. Here's a real one - Irregular WebComic! If you haven't been checking it every day, you should.
Ristoons Funny pictures to email.

"Look, Mom! No hands!"
post by: yhbc at: 00:01

17 July 2005

The Museum of Soy Henry Ford had a soy fiber suit. Who knew? Now you do.
I think Tom Friedman made history in his NYT column the other day--actual links to other newspapers in a newspaper Op-Ed not about computers or blogging? A blogvertorial?
Screw Jrun: Ask MeChat So, guys, have you ever heard of a "traditional" gift for editors? I've been asked this, but in my experience every publication handles this situation differently. What's a good present for to mark the exemplary tenure of an editor who is stepping down? Something classy and awardish she can put on her mantle, or is there actually a traditional present I don't know about? Help, bright lupines! And thanks!
Have we done this yet? Movies in 30 seconds. (Re-enacted by bunnies.)
Not Mozart I'm not religious (I've been known to give clues) but this is my favourite piece of music. I think it says more about man than God. Hope it facilitates your chilling.
Dog day afternoon. I was quite interested to see photos of the people the movie was based on. And here is a picture of what Ernest looked like after the sex change.
My little chickadees
Found. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes strange. Sometimes creepy.
Silkworm drummer Michael Dahlquist died in an auto accident on friday. He was killed along with two friends while they were out to lunch from work by a woman intent on taking her own life. You can read the Chicago tribune's story here.

girly sounds for leejay and andrew cooke some time today miss lee jay invites you to audioblog along with us
warning: lower your volume
Do you ever worry that you'll leave home without your pants? Does this phobia have a name?
Blues Before Sunrise is on right now. Click here for a Real Audio feed. Hosted by Steve Cushing, Blues Before Sunrise is the greatest radio show in the history of the universe. Steve owns every blues record ever recorded. Sometime he'll say "Now this is the only copy in existence as far as I know of this 1932 recording..." Check it out!
The Book Spoiler Spoilers for tons o' books.

16 July 2005

Get in to IRC! Or don't, whatever. It's cool.
the spoilers of war or actually me being sad to forever miss the con *sigh* but actually i'd like to again mention a possible mechat meet up in october?
The favicon is a bunny!
Mozart I'm not religious (I've been known to give clues) but this is my favourite piece of music. I think it says more about man than God. Hope it facilitates your chilling.
Bunnies. Where the hell did...
Miroslav Tichy's universe * is made of female figures -- the photographer captures women strolling through the city, sunbathing by the swimming pool, chatting with neighbours, or going shopping. Other women are photographed from the TV screen. Sometimes they are unaware of the observer, sometimes unopposed, sometimes angry. In a nearly obsessive manner, equipped with self-made cameras build from scraps such as metal plates, crown caps, rubber bands, cardboard, scotch tape and plexiglass, 79-year-old Tichy has built a, ahem, body of work that will be shown at the Arles Festival and in Berlin.
* (some images may be marginally NSFW)
IRC FAQ What should go in the FAQ? Here's my first rough draft but I'd like to hear what you think should be in there. If you use it and find it confusing or unclear then please let me know. All corrections are welcome.

I'll update this post as we go along.
To your left you will see links to the feeds. To your right you will see a link to #metachat (an FAQ is on the way). Up above in your address bar you'll see a little blue bunny. You may need to clear your cache otherwise the bunny vanishes.
"one of us, one of us" link us up geezah! caw. right o
emcee 3 all done now. Set Three of July's emcee is now complete, so go have a look!
OMG First ever homicide attacks in European history. Courtesy of Fox News (where else).
Go JRun off and play in traffic.
Are you fucking kidding me?

15 July 2005

Weird. My mom took photos recently of the house of an old friend of hers who had just died. Read more...
Finger Lakes Has anyone spent any time around this region? If so, recommendations? Looks like I'll be there for a few days in September.
A piece of your heart? (Or any other body part that seems appropriate.)
Audioblog on LeeJay? mlis and the kids wanna voice it up, is your blog available?
I'm going out to get some beer. Anyone want anything?
I've been looking at this all day. These photo collections hook me every time.Read more...
Warning * SPOILERS INSIDE * Warning
Are we not we? We are mechanisms! Are we ourselves, or our usernames? If someone else signs on as us, are they taking us over and becoming us, or are they someone else wearing our skin?Read more...
I gave my password out on IRC I'm an idiot.
#metachat is now fully up and running
When are you? just say plus or minus. it makes it much easier to know if you're online or hiding from the man
emcee iii ! (mostly.) My, these corpses are exquisite! There are still two panels out on the third set, but here are the rest of the sets (by popular demand). Mousing over will show you who did what (or look at the contributor list at the end of each set), and if you click on a panel, you'll see the slice that player received, their finished panel, plus the last 15-pixel slice of their panel that got sent to the next player. At the end of each set, you'll see a link to the next set.
Violet, you're turning violet! So I just came back from seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and... wow. Put this movie on your list of things to see this weekend. Read more...
What's the word for one who frequents MetaChat? MeChites? MeChatters? MCs?
The Traffic Sutras (self-linky) It's a quasi chinese (taoist) parable type thingy about how to deal with traffic. Set in bangalore, India.

14 July 2005

Let's try this again Here we are. Register your nick.
Pictures. Where is a good place to find an easily searchable index of photos in the public domain?
Is the size of a man's penis gourd a sign of Status?
Deja vu! Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.

Could not connect to JRun Server.
post by: dg at: 19:56
Here lives the great music / Of humanity The Trafalgar Square vigil for the July 7 dead began at 6pm with the London-based Nigerian poet Ben Okri reading 'Lines in potentis'.Read more...
If you see an SQL error then make a note of the time you saw it and e-mail the details to me as soon as you can. The ISP says everything looks OK now, I need to be sure that they're correct. Thanks.
Summer camp
Conspiracy Du Jour All your weird worries, rolled up in one handy site. You're not paranoid, they really are out to get you.
Rabbit Field is an infestation of inflatable rabbit-like forms, filling their display space and inviting tactile interaction. They cover much of the floor, and any other available surfaces, growing in number each night over the length of the conference. Each rabbit is self inflating using a simple computer fan, and can sense its internal pressure state by monitoring its fan speed. If a rabbit is squeezed, and partially deflated, the rabbits around it respond, as if out of empathy, deflating themselves. In this way, a wave of deflation ripples out from the squeezed centre. Enjoy, you rabbit-obsessed freaks.
So I saw Sin City last night.
Downtime. We've had a few database timeouts today. Apparently a few people who share our database server were hammering the hell out of it. The ISP has used their spank-ray and we should be OK from now on. Sorry 'bout that.
Where does your name go?
Yurt! Yurt yurt yurt! Yurt!
#metachat, bizznatches. #metachat channels now live on the standard lo-grade Efnet and shiny new slashnet versions. I recommend the latter.Read more...
Pseudonyms for stage, screen, and pen. If you had a fake name, what would it be?Read more...
Hey, do we have lurkers too? Come out, come out, wherever you are! : >
Danger Will Robinson! A while ago I reminded people to check their browsers were up to date. Well since then there have been more secuirty updates. Firefox 1.0.5 is out now and contains 12 security fixes. Internet Explorer is affected by one of the three security updates released yesterday so Windows users should go to Windows Update to get themselves up to date. Be careful out there.
Stephen King, dead at 58

13 July 2005

If you were a superhero, who would you be? Read more...
the amberglow's working on a puzzle each of my 25 tracks is dedicated to someone and/or something. two bonus tracks inside
Eccentricities and quirks So tell us some of your odd little habits or things you do that you deem perfectly normal but have other people raising an eyebrow...
A treehouse and some short films. And couches. No, I am not insane, I just like the word "couch" and decided to look it up. Little did I know...
Anyone going to SirenFest? None of my friends are going, what should I do? :(
One-oh-five in the shade.
WHERE'S ICONOMY? i'm worried that she's not on holiday. she better be on vacation. she did three(?) emcee panels?
Which MeFites have the best nicknames?
"Unauthorized and Proud of It" free screening. Any Mefites (a) living in San Diego, (b) attending the Comic Con there, or (c) living in London: come see a documentary I helped make.Read more...
ask my ask me! my questions have been unsued for EVER
who needs it if gaspode doesn't want it?
All of her breath leaked out. On June 3, 2005 at 10:45 p.m. in Memphis, Tennessee, Dorothy Gibson Cully, 86, died peacefully, while in the loving care of her two favorite children, Barbara and David. All of her breath leaked out.Read more...
Mr Crosswalk has a new friend (found around the corner from my place)
I have an issue with a Bunnyscape entry. Who's responsible for this? It's not a bunny, it's a lamb. You're fired.
So Yahoo news says... "Bush: No comment on Rove"
Then right under that, it says:
"WorldCom's Ebbers gets 25 years in prison"
For a second my eye combined the lines, and I thought it said:
"Rove Gets 25 years in Prison"
Trillian keeps trilling at me but when I look at it, nothing seems to have changed. What is it trying to tell me? I'm not used to running Trillian on a computer that has sound.....Read more...
Lingo, make me smile! Draw down the revolvers...
I am not satisfied with these answers. Please impart chili-wisdom.
Soul winning, anyone? Think Bob Jones University is too liberal? Then Hyles-Anderson College is just the place for you. The handbook (PDF alert)must be seen to be believed.
Pancakes in Software -- I'm putting together a bit of educational software which teaches vocabulary and I'm really craving pancakes this morning. [mi]
is it worth buying a brown betty? or should i just set my hopes to a nice french press someday, for coffee, tea, or tincture? i do love those french coffee drips that sit atop a tall glass--
My first ever MeCha dream
Pac Man Widget This OS X Widget's been hit with a cease and desist. If you're on Tiger and like Pac Man, grab it quick. It works pretty damn good. via Waxy.
is thomcatspike ok? what's up? he disappeared. i'm worried.
i have finally seen the phantom of the opera it would have been great if they could have removed all the andrew lloyd webberness.
The Fire Next Time Kalispell, Montana, is a little slice of America where differences over logging, economic development, and the role of government have become reasons to hate and harass. In a riveting sequence of The Fire Next Time, a radio talk-show host rails about the "eradication" of environmentalists ("green slime") as he broadcasts their home addresses. An anti-government group called Project 7 is discovered with a stash of guns and a hit list of local officials.

Alternet: A Community Divided

(I was a consultant with the Kalispell people confronting this trouble. I wish I had cable so I could see this.)

12 July 2005

Shameless self-link/favor-asking inside.
Shall we dance? Is there anybody out there?
Closest Calls? Anyone care to share times in your life when you nearly shuffled off the mortal coil only to be rescued at the last possible instant? I'm curious to hear other stories because this past Saturday was almost my last...Read more...
Web 2.0 If you ever find yourself trying to explain what Web 2.0 is all about, here's a quiet, excellent example you can point to.
Bob Jones University: Residence Hall Life No Christian rock music, no unfiltered Internet, DVD players, no movie posters, no fireworks ...but bring your pistol.
MySQL error!

Error establishing a database connection!

1. Are you sure you have typed the correct user/password?
2. Are you sure that you have typed the correct hostname?
3. Are you sure that the database server is running?

I refreshed the page and it went away. Whew!
I missed lunch today because I had to go to the Post Office.Read more...
Steak! New York City people: where can I get a decent steak in NYC (preferably Manhattan) for a decent price? I'm thinking cheaper than a steakhouse but still good quality. And they have to know what rare means! Someone? Anyone?
Zeppelin Rules! I just bought the new Chuck Klosterman book yesterday. Along with other delights it contains a three page meditation on Led Zeppelin.Read more...
Google question... Why are so many blogs starting to show up as news sources on Google News? Does Google pick them? Did they submit their own names? What gives?
Log on, tune in, drop out Dabitch and I request the pleasure of your company. We were both able to log on, just keep trying!
Are you happy?
Who gets the last word on MetaFilter? I was curious, so I did a tally to see who's made the last post in the most threads. [mi]
can tuesday be pony day? or kitten day as i really don't want anyone to start vibrating again--

11 July 2005

eMac vs. Mini advice So I want to get my mom a Mac. Was considering a mini but someone local's selling an eMac, a computer I know zip about. ==>
A MEDIA-STUDIES POP QUIZ cute! by Simon Dumenco

New York Times reporter Judith Miller got sent to jail for:
A. Buying all that crap about WMDs, and thereby aiding and abetting the headlong rush into war with Iraq.
B. Selling her ImClone stock based on an insider tip.
C. Stealing Bono’s pants.
D. Robert Novak.
I am so alone, it hurts. There are only so many conversations one can have with oneself.
Best cures for the break-up blues. (In honor of Specklet.)Read more...
Up in the air I just installed a wifi network in the house and am having kooky DNS problems...Read more...
Mix-up Rolls Out. If you submitted a mix you should now have received an e-mail containing the download details. If you've been missed out then please e-mail me. You can discuss the mixes here although most people seem to have posted track listings here.
Owie. I have blisters on my tummy.
How friendly are people where you live? I just moved into a new house. It's been a week and no one has come by to introduce themselves. I moved from a townhouse community where, if you said "hi" to someone passing by, they would pretend not to hear you. This is all in Bellevue (just east of Seattle.)

What's it like in your part of the world?
I had a dream.
No Karma Records MP3s I know today is the day for the MeCha Mix, and I've posted mine (it's all cover songs!), so I'm going to have more new music than I know what to do with by this time tomorrow. In the meantime, I found this site. It's filled with the kind of pop-y indie stuff that was featured on many of the mixes from June, so I thought people might like to check it out.

Recommended so far:
Lesser Birds of Paradise
Clyde Federal
Morning Recordings
Good morning. Coffee?
Coke dislikes the real thing Coca Cola India demands "unconditional apology" from photographer who photographed four waterpitchers in front of a "Drink Coke" sign. His mistake was to exhibit his art on a billboard in the city of Chennai in south India where "coke" and "water" are touchy subjects these days.
full disclosure self-link, contains image of billboard etc
Locally famous. I've decided to become locally famous. It's about time. Kellydamnit advised against it, but I'm going to do it anyway. What's your advice?Read more...
The Greatest Comment of the Past Ten 15 Minutes - In just one comment, I got the pseudo-self-link; replying to the argument forty comments ago; and the Nazi reference. In other words, I think I'm sooo funny. If you don't find me funny, the thread has potential for the ever-amusing-mefi-meltdown.

10 July 2005

I beg your pardon?
post by: dg at: 23:44 | 16 comments
I'm outta music... Tell me what I should search for right now to listen to while I sew:
London Hurts ? A livejournal gone tasteless.

London doesn't hurt. Anal sex hurts when attempted without lubricant.
Afternoon y'all. I'm eating MSG by the spoonful and chatting with kellydamnit and dodgygeezer over on Efnet. If anyone wants to partake in some neurotoxins and say hello, we're here.
Gulf Coast People! So who is in the path of Dennis the Menace?
For love or money? ...Or both?

Inspired by some personal life evaluation I've been recently doing, I'd love to hear what fellow MeChas do for gainful employment.
What is your favourite Beatle record?
So, frankly, I'm fucked up right now Is anyone the same? I'm chilling after many cold beverages, watching Dave Chapelle. Nice!
Stupid animation driving me nuts question. Is this the first question of this type to pass through AskMe unanswered? It's now driving me nuts as the show's definitely familiar. Anyone here know the answer? Both answers so far relate to Japanese animation. I'm pretty sure it's not... for some reason I think it's french originally, but aired dubbed.
So what? Songs? Lyrics? Gimme a break. Please...
NYCers: Did you all notice that today is one of those rare days where the sun is aligned just right at sunset to shine straight down all the streets in Manhattan?

09 July 2005

Why is it Impossible to Forget Song Lyrics? Once you've learned them - whether you wanted to learn them or you had to since they were on the radio every single day when you were 13 and riding in the car pool to school - it seems like they never go away. A lot of other things go away, like Macbeth speeches and the quadratic equation - why not song lyrics? Is there a special place in the brain for them? All it takes is one note and the whole song comes back, or at least the chorus. WTF?
Early Bodybuilding Eugene Sandow was apparantely the first modern bodybuilder ( pic1 , pic2 ..barely SFW). The Sandow Museum celebrates him and other historical bodybuilders. Site also has a calculator for "Grecian Ideal" measurements for males.
More Reminders. One: Don't forget the Metachat Mix-up. The deadline is Monday 7pm UTC. More info here.

Two: On looking through the logs for this site I've noticed that about 5-10% of users are using out of date browsers - this could be a security risk for yourselves so I'd encourage those of you who can to upgrade. Internet Explorer users should be on version 6 (except on Mac), Firefox on version 1.0.4.
Anyone tried Jobster? Thoughts? Give a brother an invite?

08 July 2005

Metachat IRC? So kellydamnit mentioned here that we really need a MeCha IRC channel. I think it's a great idea myself. How about it? Does anyone know how to go about setting one up? I am an IRC n00b.
Tell us about your animal pals. I like the “What do you have on your desk?” type of posts. I got in from the food festival tonight and this post made me very sad. So I want to know about your pals now or in the past.
Who else is staying in tonight?
Orthrelm's OV: kickass or totally sweet?
FUNNY CATS (back me up here)
What Kingdom Claims You? I can't seem to find a definitive/authoratative answer online and it's driving me nuts: is yeast an animal or a fungus?
Slimy foodstuffs we know and love. Aside from okra, Read more...
Hey London! Doing OK? Here's some useful tips about Critical Incident Stress. (PDF)

The things to try are actually good rules for everyday life.
Walking Off the Fat, Across the Land :: This week, his 13th on the road, has been the hardest thus far for Steve Vaught, a 400-pound man trying to walk across America....
List 3 things that make your glasses fog. Stolen from the Knowledge section of the always entertaining Pete's Compendium of Knowledge, which has been around since the beginning of time.
I feel so violated... Last week I didn't even know it existed. I found out through MeCha, and then asked a simple question and a very kind soul from MeCha emailed it to me.Read more...
Reminder post. Just a couple of things I want to bump back up to the more active part of the page...

Voices of MetaChat: If you haven't seen it, go visit seanyboy's wonderful thread inviting users to post sound files of their voices, and add your own so we can hear what you sound like. (It's a fantastic thread, and only place to hear genuine jonmc karaoke, and LeeJay schooling you on how to get off the couch - Maryland-style.)

emcee 3, the July edition: We still have at least three or four spaces open (current status), so if you're interested in helping us make corpses, and didn't see the thread, email me to get in on the fun. (I've started setting up the pages for these, and they look great!)
The Ban Hammer. Can somebody who has priviledges please add my name "Cryptical Envelopment" to the roll? I made a self link to a U2 mp3 whilst questioning Matt's browser habits. Not so impressive, I know, but worth a mention. And q, watch your ass...

07 July 2005

March of the Penguins There's a trailer.
Damned kids! What the fuckitty fuck is wrong with the kids today?
Pizza! As one who has recently become obsessed with home-baked pizza I love this. Topping suggestions are most welcome.
Okra fans, unite. You've already outed yourselves. It's time for us to start a crusade, and to start converting the anti-okra heathens.Read more...
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Metropolitan Police Service in London is accepting calls from people seeking information on their friends and family at 0870 1566 344.

Inquiries regarding American citizens should be directed to the U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas Citizens Services at 1-888-407-4747.
You decide! wonderchicken : dick or asshole?
quonsar : thread or menace?
ParisParamus : cheesehostess or small ball of fluff?
Invention! I've been thinking about a device which has the external appearance, texture, odour etc. of a banana and yet the internal machinations providing functionality as a 'phone. A hybrid, if you will, of the two objects, their essences in complementary symbiosis. Suggestions?
I wish I was wearing a sweater. Well, not really, but I wishRead more...
Ew! The creepy co-worker who ogles me non-stop and has no social graces has just sent me an email asking me out for "coffee or lunch"! Gah! He knows I've got a boyfriend, I've never shown any interest in him at all (in fact, I've done what I can to discourage him without yelling "piss off" to his face), but he's clueless! Quick quick! What do I reply? Yick!
London Can Take It! The Mayor's remarks reminded me of Harry Watt's documentary London Can Take It!. This Quicktime clip at The British Postal Museum and Archive is moving and oddly surreal today.
Cowards and murderers. Tomorrow we can talk about proximate causes and political reasons. Tomorrow we can blame the hegemony of the west for creating the conditions in which global terrorism can exist. [more]
Londoners: please check in. Let us know you're okay, and tell us what's happening.
MeCha User Mashups? For example, a mashup between interrobang and arse_hat might yield the ever-popular "arse_bang". Loquacious and Hugh Janus could fuse to form the stimulating "LoquaciousAnus", and... Well, you go now:
The One That Got Away I dunno. Seemed to deserve caps.

06 July 2005

Single shoes on the side of the road. How do they get there?

(I'm obsessed with this today.)
SA SA SA! I've *got* to find out what the name of this song is. I've heard it in Peru and blaring from some cars here in NC. If anyone has expertise in Latin music, por favor, lend me a hand. Gracias!
hi quonsar
Fix my back! Q: My neck is killing me. WTF? I can look left, right, and up. When I crane my neck down (chin to chest), the entire back of my neck hurts as does the top 1/4 of my spine. Yeah yeah, I will go to a doctor in the morning if it still hurts. (I have not fallen or anything like that.) Any suggestions (besides "Don't look down.") to eleviate pain until then? Stretches? Positions? Bueller? Anything?
J-Run raped my dog and threatened to call the RCMP on me. I blame Karl Rove.
Essay by nutjob: $99.000,000.00 Finding weird shit on eBay: Priceless.
What is a Coyote Breakfast?
Super sweet kittens and puppies thread! Meow meow meow, woof woof woof!
Words like "fuck" and "shit" sometimes appear on the front page.
bunny thread for 7/6/05 [Edited to add: You may want to read comments before viewing.]
You can't spell y without x. Words within words.
Ways to Remove Cat Odor? So my cat peed in my suitcase. It's one of those soft duffels with wheels. Any advice on how to remove the smell? I'm afraid a simple spray of Febreeze won't really remove the smell once the clothing is pressed in there for a long flight. Thanks for any suggestions you can give!

05 July 2005

Apropos Comics from "That's So Vader" to "Super Eye for the Reporter Guy (or Gal)"
Cicada Sounds! This is what I'm hearing outside right now. The sound of summer in Kansas. What are you hearing?
Forehead Inflation Consider yourselves entertained
stinking badges? the only one i ever liked just for itself is the suncircle nonsmoking pin. i just think it's a bit too rude for me to smoke with it on.
blogging from the pub see you later losers!
The Hooter Shooter For those whose drinking problem stems from early weaning.
Bubblewrap I found a couple other bubblewrap postings on MeFi but not this one.
Big Black's Songs About Fucking. Play it aloud, loud. Use it to drown out any residual jingoism and the picnics of those who get today off of work, too.
Fun with the Necronomicon. Read it aloud, summon the dead! Read more...
I’ve got a crush on you, sweetie pie... ...all the day and night-time give me sigh... Have you ever, as adults, shared your feelings with the girl/boy that you had a crush on back in fourth grade?
Fafblog Constitutional Theater Presents: Public Religious Displays With Secular Intent!
Read It Aloud! A Parent's Guide to Creating Communications (excerpt) Read it aloud! Take it to your picnic and create communications!
VCR Online Service Manual. Read it aloud. Adjust the clock with confidence.
In search of answers to Meatbomb's How to Start a Cult AskMe question, I found this, which I really like. Other ideas for great "How-to" articles?
post by: taz at: 05:24 | 4 comments
Finally, a MeCha dream The short of it: me and jonmc and peacay were chilling in my hometown in New Zealand. peacay was talking about science and jonmc about the Texas Longhorns football team. Now I know very little about football, and nothing about college football, so I don't know how that got in there. It's very strange to dream about people whom you have never laid eyes on.
de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom Read it aloud. Take it to the picnic.

04 July 2005

Memory and Place I just came back from a brief and intense road trip to my old hometown. I got swamped in memories and it was - weird. Disorienting. Like I couldn't quite step out of the sink of memories. Never having read Proust, I still think I had a couple too many madeleines. And you? How does place affect you, if you live there, or when you don't anymore? Read more...
The Magna Carta. Read it aloud. Try and work out what the hell it means.
The Declaration of Independence Read it aloud. Take copies to your picnic.
French Film Posters 1959-1967 (from the always excellent
I saw a giant bunny. Is this the correct forum to post this?
Question: (Paraphrased) I am trying to [create, write, play, perform] something good, but as of late nothing has inspired me. I have some good ideas, some [samples, rough sketches, outlines, paragraphs, noodlings] but I just don't know what the deal is. I don't follow through. What do you do to get out of the slump?

Answer:
Ads in RSS feeds How do y'all get rid of ads in RSS feeds? My old-fashioned solution is to un-sub from a feed that starts carrying ads, but that's whittling down my feeds to none..... Isn't there a way to adblock them by now?
i claim this day in the name of France mechat: all theories exist until disproven: my last abuse of theRead more...
Little Chief Nipple-Twister and other odd and compelling names for flies, slime-mold beetles and trilobites.
Obligatory 4th of July thread. What are your Independence Day memories?Read more...

03 July 2005

Pinenuts! From an unexpected source (NSFW).
i read a book once given to me randomly a long time ago, called "easy travel to other planets." i loved that book.Read more...
The most adorable xylophone player in the world. She's just too cute. This is a few years old and I swear it's been on Mefi before although I can't find it but I just had to share.
filled with explosions and banjo music or at least a lot of yee hawing going on outside. What's up with you?
I just found a large lump in my breast. Read more...
Metachat Mix-up returns! We'll be having another online mix swap session so get your mixes ready. The deadline is 7pm UTC on Monday 11th July. Please indicate in this thread if you intend to take part. Also, I'd welcome any contributions to the Mixup bandwidth fund.
WTF is this? (Bizarre NSFW photoshop or synthetic image inside)
In Soviet Russia, Spam eats you! Dear Bunny: I love my Gmail account, and get almost no spam - except for Russian spam, which I get quite a lot of. (No, I have no idea why.) Gmail allows one to filter with "Has the words:___", but not "Has any of the words___", which would make it pretty easy to just drop in a ton of (Cyrillic) text from a few of these, and have messages with any of those words sent straight to "Trash". Is there anything else that I can do with a filter to keep these from showing up in my inbox? Sbasiba.
Strangest experience ever (out of context).

The context?

02 July 2005

Record setting ride in today's opening stage of the Tour de France.
Map Hacks on Crack My new favorite headline and a fun little article to boot. Maybe we'll get our surprise MeFi pony sooner than expected.
i want to believe but i'm an old fogey
twenty years, fucking 'ell
and i've seen too much
For all my Ganesh homies here on MetaChat Five image gallery pages of the sweet elephant god, plus wallpaper. And here's a nice background article by one of my favorite writers. And here's a wallpaper I made just for you.
capturing the way if feel via plexi via leejay via mefi
"--it will put itself back together whether you know it or not--"
but i'm still sorry for bringing all that pornography into our lives
"Just do it... Winning your personal battle against pornography is a tough fight." Free e-cards for pornography addicts and the people who love them.
What's your favorite Metafilter memory? So we all know that Metafilter can be a cesspool of pedantry, pessimism and snark. But it can also be touching, hilarious and joyful at times.

What are your favorite Mefi moments?
What's on your computer desk?

01 July 2005

be yourself in public and don't ever apologize for having fun
Error Numbers I Hate What error numbers do you hate? I'm particularly pissed off at -2147221005 right now.
So you've grown a second head. What's it saying to you?
Is anyone else weirded out by this? Doesn't the suddent uproar that the new Iranian president may have been a kidnapper seem very odd/frightening?
Annexation "In a worrying U-turn, the US Department of Commerce (DoC) has made it clear it intends to retain control of the internet's root servers indefinitely. It was due to relinquish that control in September 2006, when its contract with overseeing body ICANN ended."

The announcement was made here. Some related links: Internet Governance Caucus, Brazil proposes sweeping Internet Governance reforms and the somehow relevant Brazil, The Gentle Giant Awakes.
post by: gsb at: 09:07 | 4 comments
Poor Impulse Control. Woman gets *that* casino's name tattooed on her forehead.
Time to start emcee 3 ! Are you ready to get with our Exquisite Corpse for July? Here's how it's going to work this time: if you want to participate, send an email to the address in my profile (I've changed it for this) and I'll send you your 15-pixel strip as soon as it becomes available. (Be sure to send it from an address you check often!) Once you get your strip, you have two days to create your panel and send it to me (though if you finish sooner, so much the better!). If you are late, you may get skipped over. For the next two weeks ('til July 15), we'll continue to add participants and arrange for as many sets as we need to accommodate everyone who wants to play. After July 15, you'll need to wait for the next one to sign up.Read more...
Bugs Bunny #1 There are a few bugs I have to sort out on this site. I don't have a lot of time available at the moment so I'm asking for help. First bug - some people seem to be unable to post images in comments. Could you all try and post an image in this thread and report any errors you encounter. The important thing is that the tag must be in this format: <img src="imagepath" /> and it must not contain line breaks (as this will insert a <br> tag). If it doesn't work then please let me know what browser you're using and copy and paste the error.
Bugs Bunny #2 This is more of a cry for help - an appeal to all the Javascript experts out there. Once again Javascript in IE has me stumped. When a comment is posted the text from the comment box is copied to a hidden form and then submitted from there (this allows the posting form to have two separate actions). For some reason in IE it chokes when you try submit a comment with more than 1500 characters. Try it in this thread and you'll see what I mean. Any Javascript wizards out there encountered this before? Anything I should try?