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12 July 2005

can tuesday be pony day? or kitten day as i really don't want anyone to start vibrating again--
i don't really wanna own this pony but i'm taking it out of the stable: i'm always checking when people are (what time it is where you are).
it would kind of be nice if i didn't have to leave site to do it.
someone wanna tinker one up without bothering the geezer or is it just me who does this?
all prepared for it to be just me
posted by ethylene 12 July | 05:50
note: i'm gonna be online on and off and up for a while (in part because i have daylight hour stuff to do today). i don't know who of you can irc at work/ while working, i'm thinking few, but right now you're my chosen distraction
posted by ethylene 12 July | 05:54
"--rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit--"
i'm taking this track as a personal dedication
posted by ethylene 12 July | 06:14
thank god, i was afraid i might start a dog and pony show
posted by ethylene 12 July | 06:39
this can be an "um, excuse me"/ "goddam grateful for metaswapsies" thread if you want, because i am so happy to be rolling in music (amber's earth wind and fire is giving me boogie flashbacks right now) it's like breathing fresh air.
i haven't even unzipped them all yet (and i downloaded all of them) but so far the m3u's work great and kenko's and bdave's don't translate directly into playable form.
posted by ethylene 12 July | 07:10
I don't pay attention to time zones too much but I do wonder about it occasionally, especially when it comes to posters on other continents. I have no idea what it takes to implement that sort of thing though.
posted by LeeJay 12 July | 07:38
i just figure we may have some users who are better, more fluidly able, in one area or another. i'm not ready to jump back into brushing up on algo-rhythms or java, etc. at the moment but i bet some else might be.
like when EB was asking for a metafilter status toggle. it's an idea, and i bet someone could come up with one if they really wanted and had the time/inclination.
i don't want more ponies from dodgy and taz, they've done so much already, i just wanted to see what else people might want or be able to bring to the table.
if people haven't noticed from some of my posting, part if why i like sites like this is it is an easy way for me to get back into html and handtagging.
i never was much into the html editors because i have to know what the application is doing to use it properly and i like playing as i re/learn (even though i learn lots of things backward)
in the same way, someone who is fiddling with some other web/tech aspect might like to use metachat as a reason/rationalization for their fun in learning.
you lovely freaks gave given me an excuse to get back into playing with html, photoshop, audio stuff, etc. and i fear getting back into video as i can't possibly have enough memory left--
posted by ethylene 12 July | 07:59
dabitch asked about being able to change the timezone in the same way as you can on metafilter. I've not spent any time yet looking at how easy or difficult this is to do yet (what can I say, I've been busy, lazy, busy, lazy, busy, lazy) but if it's easy I'll do it soon.

Now ethylene, you just want to know what time zone people are in? Well if I do dabitch's pony then I guess I could do yours too to make one mega-pony (more of a mini-stallion really)
posted by dodgygeezer 12 July | 08:04
i'm just babbling in text because i've been doing a lot of typing, doing little things as i wait for things i have to do when people wake up, and absolutely giddy and optimistic with music.
i gravely apologize to people reading by recent comment

no geezer! i want somene else to do it!
posted by ethylene 12 July | 08:06
i use this just as easily with much less bother to you
posted by ethylene 12 July | 08:08
it's only really a mechat problem when you have things due by UTC or you want to catch certain people. i don't want you to have the whole thing go kaboom for a short horse who can't pull its weight. i think you're resources are probably better spent elsewhere in bugwatching.
trying to make things accessible to the slower speeds and older computers is a trade off to being all geeked to the gills
posted by ethylene 12 July | 08:14
you are resources but that's almost a typo
i get that all full integrations are going to end up in your lap but if you had a bunch of "grad students" or AP's helping in the same language, less work, no?
posted by ethylene 12 July | 08:16
as i already broke my three post rule here:

note: there are still problems when one does other things when the page is loading, like when you are posting or spell checking and you are loading a different tab or window, or doing other things at the same time. this in some part causes some of the double posting problems, etc. i type this for people who have these problems to notice or speak up, not to make php commentary or similar blahdeblah blah

my point is to say to speak up when it's a fixable problem or you can help, not a call for bitchy whiny venting. and not to make a bunch of threads on each hiccup or flood the geezer with email, but ya get it--

note: i am willfully ignorant on some web/tech aspects because i occasionally check things for people on an "alien" non tech user level.
(aside to amber) like in the Alienist, it's all about having an alien who is willing to communicate as well as being able.
posted by ethylene 12 July | 09:03
Somewhat related to the subject of timezones: I've noticed on a few profiles that the 'locale' field says 'en-EU' and then they turn out to be in the States. I had though that 'en-EU' meant 'European Union'. Does it really mean 'Estados Unidos and I'm just being obtuse? And then what would be the difference between 'en-EU' and 'en-US'?

posted by Frisbee Girl 12 July | 14:36
oh bugger, i forgot to take the locale out.
posted by dodgygeezer 12 July | 15:12
I did ask about something related to this some time ago and I think it was for the same reason as ethylene - if there was an indication on the site of what time it is wherever the timestamps originate from (UTC?), it would be easier to see when comments were made. As in - was it five minutes ago or last Wednesday? It seems simple but, for the mathematically impaired among us, that would make life a tad easier and is almost no work to implement.
posted by dg 12 July | 18:26
and is almost no work to implement.
Dude, if it was almost no work to implement then it'd already be there. I've had a think about how I want to do it and it'll probably be up in a few days depending on how my time works out.
posted by dodgygeezer 12 July | 18:39
man, you gotta ride that pony if you want it so bad
if you're mathematically impaired, how you gonna saddle up?
crikey, now we'll have a crankygeezer
posted by ethylene 12 July | 19:07
Sorry, I meant that adding a simple "current time" stamp to the site is almost no work to implement.
posted by dg 12 July | 19:28
thank you for your specific clarity
and the only golden earring track i would want
posted by ethylene 12 July | 19:36
No problem. By the way - it is Wednesday, not Tuesday.
posted by dg 12 July | 20:07
so you ask for a pony after pony day
and now you try and sass me
i just made a boy child cry
i've been awake almost 24 hours
ask yourself this question:
did you use golden earring as a buttrock fan excuse to buy the vision quest soundtrack?
don't speak. respect the silence.
and fear what inxs has come to
almost ten years ago they said they were using that superfurryanimal
and now?
posted by ethylene 12 July | 22:32
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