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19 July 2005

488 cats. That's gotta be a new record.
Oh God. That's just cruel. How could did she... you know, there are no good answers to this sort of thing.
posted by LeeJay 19 July | 12:39
That's a lot of cats. I wonder if she ever played Cat Buckaroo with them? You could try stacking cats on cats on cats on cats on cat poop.
posted by loquacious 19 July | 12:41
Apparently some 200 of them were dead, and all but 8 had to be euthenized due to serious disease. Very sad.
posted by me3dia 19 July | 12:44
She must be cookieputz. Only explanation.

But, god, think of the smell. THE SMELL!
posted by papercake 19 July | 12:50
Think about it? I can smell it from here?

Oh, wait...

*wanders off to change the litter box*
posted by loquacious 19 July | 13:06
first laugh of the day, papercake. thanks
posted by ethylene 19 July | 13:10
sorry, all, but cat collectors are an odd lot
it's a strain of compulsive neurotic i find particularly disturbing, but i've seen in collector types.
i say this from amidst piles of paper but the weird part is that they usually know there is a--
ok, shutting up now, beverage, break
posted by ethylene 19 July | 13:13
488 cats... micturated on my carpet.
posted by Hugh Janus 19 July | 13:26
OMG. Amberglow, schyler, the bar for us has been raised. We'll have to live together to get close to that number of cats.
posted by dame 19 July | 14:06
I started calling my sister a crazy cat lady when she got up to seven, but this is insane. Uh, literally.
posted by Specklet 19 July | 14:13
Dame: for sure...I've never had more than 5. I had a 4 square mile backyard at the time too!
posted by Schyler523 19 July | 14:46
I actually dislike cats. Which is why I fear being a crazy cat lady even more.

(Though the cat that lives with me now is an awesome mouser and is therefore appreciated.)
posted by dame 19 July | 15:04
I am one of the crazy cat ladies. I mean, not that crazy...I only have 3 at the moment, two of which are almost 20. But when I lived out in the country, and had a few hundred acres for them to run around on, I think I got up to 11. But, all of mine were fixed, the additions came from strays that I fed, fixed and kept. I lurve my cats. I will be very sad when the two old ladies go...which I know is going to happen soon. My big tomcat finally passed away at 22, and the vet said it was the oldest cat she'd ever seen. (He was still chasing string and the other cats, then one day he just stopped. I cried for weeks. I still cry about it a little. Have pictures of him everywhere.)

I think I firmly qualify as one of the weird cat ladies. :)
posted by PsychoKitty 19 July | 15:52
you're not crazy, damne. you're just facing the wall of possibilities.
take in the view
posted by ethylene 19 July | 15:52
kitty, we must start a thread on cottage industries for the mechat store!
posted by ethylene 19 July | 15:54
When I lived outside of the city limits I had probably fifteen cats at one time. It was way too many. And I lived on five acres and they had a huge barn to hang out in.
I'm aiming for 512.
posted by mudpuppie 19 July | 16:13
I feel sorry for the cats and the woman. I'm sure she thought she was helping them. Eeesh.

Although I have only two cats at the moment (and three has been the most at one time) I'm firmly in the "crazy cat lady" contingent. When we move to a bigger place there will be at least one addition if not two.
posted by deborah 19 July | 18:19

kitty, we must start a thread on cottage industries for the mechat store! -- ethylene

Mmmmkay. But I'm not selling my cats. ;)
posted by PsychoKitty 19 July | 23:52
oh, good, the shipping is murder
posted by ethylene 19 July | 23:53
I can't imagine. I have one dog and he's enough of a handful! Taking care of two - temporarily - is about my limit.
posted by sisterhavana 20 July | 10:57
Jrun micturated on my carpet || Afternoon tea?