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25 July 2005

So, what items have YOU had confiscated?
posted by dfowler 25 July | 13:02
I had my CAPSLOCK key confiscated.
posted by seanyboy 25 July | 13:08
And, when I was 12, I has a chicken's claw confiscated after I spent a fun afternoon freaking people out by pulling the tendons on it to make the claw open and close.
posted by seanyboy 25 July | 13:16
lol! where'd you get the chicken's claw? the school cafeteria?
posted by dfowler 25 July | 13:21
I had the right to sit next to my best friend revoked when I was mistakenly identified as the noisy troublemaker.
posted by Specklet 25 July | 13:25
Bandages? Wow. Strict teacher.
posted by taz 25 July | 13:26
WHAT??!!?? I CAN'T HEAR YOU??!??!?!?!!
posted by carter 25 July | 13:28
Bandages! Yeah, wacky.

Also confiscated:
Bosley's Nu-Felt Weather Strip
posted by dfowler 25 July | 13:29
I grew up next to a chicken farm.
posted by seanyboy 25 July | 13:30
I was such a good kid in school that I never had anything confiscated. /teacher's pet
posted by gaspode 25 July | 13:31
I had a magnifying glass confiscated on a school trip to Chester Zoo. The kid had actually volunteered to have the sun focussed on his hand in the cause of science so it's always seemed a bit of a travesty of justice to me. I was 8.
posted by biffa 25 July | 13:35
Wacky Packages stickers in my 2nd grade class were like cigarettes in prison. The man was always coming down on the Wacky Pack trade at Fairview Grade School.

I had lots of things taken away by teachers in grade school. Off the top of my head I remember having to give up superballs, a pack of nudie playing cards, homemade rubberband guns, pocket flashlights, a tube of fake blood, a bag of broken tempered glass (that my friends and I insisted looked like diamonds), clickers, booze flavored suckers, a few pocket knives, firecrackers, and various candy bars and gums. I recall learning by fifth grade to be more selective who I shared my contraband with, which enabled me to hold onto a lot more.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 25 July | 13:48
I had my father's pocketnife confiscated after I brought it to second grade and threatened an older kid (who was in the process of beating up my friend) with it.

I thought it was gone for good, and it was a source of guilt for twenty-five years, until I happened upon it last time I was at my parents' house. It turned out that the principal gave it back to my dad that same day.

What was mild guilt turned to mild resentment.
posted by Hugh Janus 25 July | 13:53
I miss wacky packages. I had gum confiscated, little toys, baseball cards...--basically i got caught everytime i ever tried to pass to a friend in class
posted by amberglow 25 July | 14:48
Sits down quietly next to gaspode, opens books, pulls out Hello Kitty pencil and looks alert to the front of the room.
posted by dabitch 25 July | 15:04
What I wouldn't do for some nose putty...

...quite a bit, actually.
posted by me3dia 25 July | 15:07
I miss wacky packages.

They're back.

I found this one in the pack I bought.
posted by jonmc 25 July | 15:08
My teachers used to confiscate my books, which I would read instead of paying attention in class. /nerd
posted by goatdog 25 July | 15:14
And I had this tiny pack of cards that my friends and I would use to play euchre in chemistry class. The teacher dissolved them in acid. Which, admittedly, was pretty cool.
posted by goatdog 25 July | 15:16
posted by dabitch 25 July | 16:22
lick'em dip'em sticks and powder
as it may have been colored cocaine
so said me teacher
when caught mid sugar rush--
it was shop class, and during the film strip, he started eating it, at which point i jumped up and pointed at him with my pointy fingered sillouette.
he said he had to test it to make sure.
the class found this jolly fun.
this is the tamest story i could think of, short of a lie
posted by ethylene 25 July | 16:58
How come all those bottle caps got confiscated?
posted by nomis 25 July | 17:30
one can snap them or whip them across the the room
posted by ethylene 25 July | 17:31
That's some draconian confiscation policy! When the kids have bottle caps, the terrorists have already won.
posted by nomis 25 July | 17:38
so the terrorists won in the fifties?
fucking mccarthy
posted by ethylene 25 July | 17:40
MMM....lik 'em stiks! *drools, bounces off walls like the kid in that flash game i posted the other day*

bottle caps you say?

posted by amberglow 25 July | 18:30
MMM....lik 'em stiks! *drools, bounces off walls like the kid in that flash game i posted the other day*

bottle caps you say?

posted by amberglow 25 July | 18:37
as someone who had a personal closet in the princiPal's office, i take the fifth for now

amber: what about those wax bottle filled with zombie piss?
they don't hold up to the adult palette like those french burnt peanuts
and i recently found out they did not discontinue the reggie bar
although i never did find that wonka bar a friend was desperately looking for ten years ago

interrobang: yes, i, too, did find the cliched flatness of tim burton not to my tastes, but i think he possibly stuck in the gear of cartooniness, and i enjoyed watching people try to put on a good show despite the cgi overload, etc.
posted by ethylene 25 July | 18:43
disclaimer: no, i didn't pay to see it, and probably would have spent it on something else if at all, but most of the laughter seemed to be coming from the parents at the nuances of the actors
posted by ethylene 25 July | 18:46
eth, what are you talking about?
posted by Frisbee Girl 25 July | 19:02
Lick'em sticks and an everything Slurpee on the curb out front of 7-11. And a package of grape Big League Chew for the bike ride home. I'm buzzing thinking about it.

In my classroom I confiscate a lot of ringing cell phones. If I can figure out how, (I don't own a cell phone), I answer, especially if the screen says "Mom & Dad" or "Boo". Mom & Dad usually apologize a lot and make sure their child turns off his/her phone from now on; the culprit shrinks behind his/her desk, especially if it's mom; and the rest of the class thinks it's hilarious ("No he DIDN'T...!" "Oh shit, yes he DID! Ohooooh!") but fish around for their phones and make sure they're off.
posted by kortez 25 July | 19:03
eth, that amber is not me, you know..

who is that, anyway? dammit!
posted by amberglow 25 July | 19:08
Pretty_Generic just reminded me of this: I got my Mad Magazines taken away. Don't remember whether I got them back, but Laffy Taffy, Pixie Stix and this shredded jerky stuff that came in a plastic container that looked like a chew tin were insanely popular and always getting yanked.
posted by Frisbee Girl 25 July | 19:12
amberglow: i leave the outing to others
and i also rarely passed things before my double digit years without getting caught
even got detention for telling a joke, and that's three demerits-- ooh, can't wait to get to hell
posted by ethylene 25 July | 19:21
parochial school, eth?
posted by amberglow 25 July | 20:20
just a little
look, puppets!
jesus is of course sold out and bears little resemblance to who you thought

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posted by ethylene 25 July | 20:26
My wife has opinions on things... || bunny