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24 July 2005

God it's hot. 95 degrees is my ass button.[More:]Except it's too hot to be mad, or to be anything but whiny.
you sound like crash
posted by ethylene 24 July | 21:09
I think he sounds like you.
posted by mlis 24 July | 21:36
and you always think i sound like everyone else
and so we come full circle

BULLETIN: quonsar's son jogs
and nearly killed himself in the heat
posted by ethylene 24 July | 21:38
The hot dog I am roasting has been nick named "loquacious".
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 24 July | 21:51
whiny and cranky...i can't stand it, and this weekend was cool comparatively...we're getting that 100 degree stuff from the midwest this week.
posted by amberglow 24 July | 22:16
I'd say you sound like ethylene, but I don't listen to her because she's too fucking annoying.

posted by mr_crash_davis 24 July | 22:59
It's cold here. Cold and windy. The wind is whistling past my window, which is so poorly sealed that the papers fly off my desk.

I need some hot coffee.
posted by nomis 24 July | 23:01
and yet you follow me around
*adds him to list*
posted by ethylene 24 July | 23:02
much nicer than the gay violence link for crash i removed, for nomis to wake up to
≡ Click to see image ≡
it's not sobering so much as making me wonder if he was left handed
posted by ethylene 24 July | 23:07
Yum, tiramisu!

And the sun came out!

Now I just need to find that coffee...
posted by nomis 24 July | 23:21
here, these cats will help you look
≡ Click to see image ≡
i think they have a line on that hazelnut blend
posted by ethylene 24 July | 23:38
here's a warm up of a bestial blend
this is all amberglow's fault
he's a dragon
posted by ethylene 24 July | 23:40
The cute kitties! They helped.

Check out the francophone R&B while I'm gone.
posted by nomis 24 July | 23:48
ou bien
posted by nomis 24 July | 23:50
damn amazon cards! i finally set up an account after all this time after the horrible fraud incident in the nineties and they didn't even credit my account!
that chaps my ass button
posted by ethylene 24 July | 23:59
amazon card
That's beautiful.
And it's nature!
posted by nomis 25 July | 01:15
ah the smell of nature
≡ Click to see image ≡
i was going to add some pics of the amazon but let's just pretend it's easter
and sadly it's now that time
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by ethylene 25 July | 01:38
Welche Gruende es gibt, eine Suedamerikareise zu buchen?
posted by nomis 25 July | 01:40
I'm calling out with my pants || Have you ever seen