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14 July 2005

Downtime. We've had a few database timeouts today. Apparently a few people who share our database server were hammering the hell out of it. The ISP has used their spank-ray and we should be OK from now on. Sorry 'bout that.
Well...erm...ok. I'll forgive you this one time.

*shuffles off dejectedly, reluctantly flips the switch of the Death Ray to the "off" position*
posted by iconomy 14 July | 13:51
*ditches plan to post sql error message to front page of Metafilter*
posted by carter 14 July | 13:56
*wipes tears from eyes, hyperventilating*

Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-ok, if you sa-ay-ay-ay-ay so....

*hugs teh dodgygeezer*

posted by Frisbee Girl 14 July | 13:56
mmm. spank-ray.
posted by quonsar 14 July | 14:01
well thank geezer
now maybe i can get some sleep
this whole flaming sky ball business you people do
it's madness

the novelty of it does make it kind of pretty
posted by ethylene 14 July | 14:24
irc me!
posted by ethylene 14 July | 14:25
MySQL error!

Lost connection to MySQL server during query(Errno=2013)

Your query:
SELECT DISTINCT ID, post_author, post_issue_date, post_mod_date, post_status, post_locale, post_content, post_title, post_urltitle, post_url, post_category, post_autobr, post_flags, post_wordcount, post_comments, post_renderers, post_karma FROM (evo_posts INNER JOIN evo_postcats ON ID = postcat_post_ID) INNER JOIN evo_categories ON postcat_cat_ID = cat_ID WHERE cat_blog_ID = 5 AND ( ( post_status = 'private' AND post_author = 423 ) OR post_status IN ('published','protected') ) AND post_issue_date

Oh hey, look: lunch!
posted by Frisbee Girl 14 July | 15:33
what sites are y'all sharing with?
posted by dabitch 14 July | 15:54
beware the irc, it's freakin hell mob in there
quell beezare
posted by ethylene 14 July | 16:06
So if this place blows up, can we go to meta-metachat?

*listens for sound of one hand clapping, tree falling in forest,etc.*
posted by jokeefe 14 July | 16:06
not really, but full of pubescence
posted by ethylene 14 July | 16:06
i know, it's been awful today
and by today i can give you a 24 hour time line
posted by ethylene 14 July | 16:07
I'll keep on pestering the ISP but if nothing happens i have a back up plan.

Sorry I wasn't on irc more but real life got in the way.
posted by dodgygeezer 14 July | 16:08
really? my plan was to sleep and dream it better. you are on it.
ugh. those kids are all hopped up on the junk
posted by ethylene 14 July | 16:09
likeable but i'm tired
posted by ethylene 14 July | 16:10
More here, less there.
posted by Hugh Janus 14 July | 16:15
Well it seems the spank-ray is in the spank-ray repair shop so we'll just have to wait a while - I hope to hear more soon.
posted by dodgygeezer 14 July | 16:56
Embedded SQL? MySQL doesn't do stored procedures? Gaaaahh!
posted by matildaben 14 July | 18:03
Where does your name go? || Kill me now.