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29 July 2005

Howcome the Farscape people, Lou Gossett and Beau Bridges and the computer girl from Hercules' show are all on Stargate now? What's up? Where's Sam Carter?
I think it has something to do with Henry Winkler on waterskiis.
posted by Smart Dalek 29 July | 21:14
ahhh... I kinda had a feeling it might have.

he's still hot tho, and still a really bad actor. Daniel looks wonderful still too.
posted by amberglow 29 July | 21:18
Is Stargate the one with the dude that has the gold silly putty thing on his forehead? I like that show and hope the sharks stay away for a while.
posted by DeepFriedTwinkies 29 July | 21:21
posted by amberglow 29 July | 21:22
Actually, Amanda Tapping is pregnant, and is on leave for awhile. Richard Dean Anderson got tired of commuting to Canada and back, though still helps to some degree in producing the show. Sam Carter's father was killed off in the season premiere, and Don S. Davis' contract wasn't renewed. This was due to money issues; Davis would've loved to have done another season, but the other actors wanted a raise in their salary (see likewise re: Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends, etc.). The additional characters fill up the vacancies Corin Nemic, et al left behind during the changeovers.
posted by Smart Dalek 29 July | 21:23
Which Farscape actors are on Stargate? Not that I'm inclined to watch Stargate based on my (failed) attempt to watch SG:Atlantis before the beginning of BG last week.

Farscape and BG are the best space SF shows I've seen in years, since the better portions of B5 (I tried to watch the first season of B5 in order to watch the entire series, but couldn't stomach thost first episodes). I guess that shows that I'm not so much a SF-geek as I am a "good TV writing" geek. :)
posted by kmellis 29 July | 21:25
My ex-roommate's s/o went on a Netflix frenzy and got all the Stargates available on DVD. She didn't leave the house for the entire weekend. This was definitely a case of too much Richard Dean Anderson no matter how cute he might be.
posted by DeepFriedTwinkies 29 July | 21:27
The male lead and the actress with dark hair. The latter is essentially comic relief - imagine Joan Collins playing greedy/cowardly Dr. Smith.

Conspiciously, many of the effects were scaled back, in favor of set design, and the aforementioned casting and billing.
posted by Smart Dalek 29 July | 21:31
She didn't leave the house for the entire weekend. This was definitely a case of too much
I had nothing to do with TV shows at all for a number of years and still don't watch broadcast or cable TV. But, a few years ago, Buffy and Sopranos both got me watching on DVD and 'net the supposedly good shows. And this has, more often than not, worked out to me watching hours and hours and hours of continuous TV shows. I don't work--I've watched a bunch of shows like I usually read, almost all my waking hours.

This has fucked with my head more than once. (Same thing, though, with some books in a series--I read all six of the Thomas Convenent books in a week one time when I was a teen.)

I did watch some episodes of DS9 when it was on and pretty much agree with everyone that think it's the best Trek series. So, last month, I decided to watch the whole series. In, I guess, two or three weeks, I got through season five before I went on vacation two weeks ago. And I was thinking about DS9 all the time. It was disturbing. I'd wake up thinking about the characters.

I've watched a few season six episodes--the first six, I think--since I've been home. It's pretty much the least of every TV series I've watched this way, so I'm not highly motivated to finish the series. I figured I'd stop until it seemed interesting again. I've been reading this week, I guess six or so books since Sunday.

On preview: "The male lead and the actress with dark hair." The two stars of Farscape? I think they were both pretty good actors. Pretty much everyone on Farscape was a good actor, relative to most of SF TV. In my opinion.
posted by kmellis 29 July | 21:40
They are good performers. The Powers That Be, however, thought it would be funny for Daniel Jackson to have a comic foil/sidekick. The end result could've used more work.
posted by Smart Dalek 29 July | 21:53
and where'd the Doctor go? the one with the alien daughter?
posted by amberglow 29 July | 21:58
(i think they should have brought the muppet things in too)
posted by amberglow 29 July | 21:58
Her character was killed off last season. For dramatic effect/obligatory "one will die" episode. Which sucked, because Terryl Rothery also did the voice of Heimdall (a sorta Muppety alien).

posted by Smart Dalek 29 July | 22:10
Oh, reminded by your nick: include the new Dr Who on my list of "best SF series in (some number of) years".
posted by kmellis 29 July | 22:13
no way! they killed her? what about the daughter? that sucks.

The new Dr. Who is incredibly great, but i'm worried now that it's a new Doctor, and i hear they're bringing back some old "assistant".
posted by amberglow 29 July | 22:22
I haven't caught the new Who yet. But I've heard positive things about the program.
posted by Smart Dalek 29 July | 22:39
Carter comes back in episode 6 or 7, I think. Claudia Black is temporary too unless fans like her so much that something changes.
And you know, I am not so sure that I like where SG-1 is going. They finally get rid of the snake-heads and what do they do? They introduce NEW "gods" to the series. Sigh.
It's been on too many years i guess. They should just end it.
posted by amberglow 29 July | 23:41
well, not yet. there is too little television i can stand, at least i can watch this even if i bitch about it. =P
ok then--one more year. : >
posted by amberglow 30 July | 01:26
I love the smell of an incoming rainstorm. || I ate potted meat 4 hours ago...