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27 July 2005

I apologise! On behalf of all Brits, I'd like to apologise to the people of the United States of America for the recent release of the "Crazy Frog / Axel F" atrocity via iTunes in the U.S.
A search for "never go broke underestimating intelligence public" yields no fewer than four attributions for the famous quote (or a variation thereof) on the first page:

G.B. Shaw
P.T. Barnum
George S. Kaufman
H.L. Mencken
posted by gramschmidt 27 July | 13:16
bim bim bim!
posted by Capn 27 July | 13:23
We shouldn't be apologising to them, we should be threatening to give them something similarly appalling, every month until they get a new president.
posted by veedubya 27 July | 13:30
Apologise? I think we can now say we're even.
posted by dodgygeezer 27 July | 13:33
I'm very ashamed to point out that the fucking frog is a Swedish creation. I didn't vote for it though.
posted by mr.marx 27 July | 13:35
I like the frog.

*tiptoes away*
posted by mygothlaundry 27 July | 14:45
At the very least, veedubya & dodgygeezer, you should be embarrassed for your country's infliction of Jive Bunny & the Mixmasters on the world.
posted by Smart Dalek 27 July | 14:50
On behalf of all Greeks*, I'd like to apologise to people everywhere for western civilisation, which didn't work out quite the way we hoped.

*okay, well - as you know, I'm not really and actually Greek. And I just took advantage of this opportunity to make a pretty cheap and easy joke. Yet... I still think it has a ring of truth.
posted by taz 27 July | 15:34
Smart Dalek, Jive Bunny got me through puberty. I'm not proud of it, but there it is.
posted by veedubya 27 July | 16:56
I like the frog, but it's only been released in NZ for about two weeks.
posted by tracicle 27 July | 17:31
This "frog" bullshit has got to stop. Make it stop! (especially after my son saw it and it brainwashed him into wanting to listen to it over and over again. Its almost as bad as the one time he heard "Who Let the Dogs Out")!
posted by Quartermass 27 July | 17:47
I'm another one liking the frog. Long live the frog!
posted by Kimberly 27 July | 18:13
Schnappi would schnapp the frog and eat him. In a schnapp.
posted by mr.marx 27 July | 18:58
"wedding tackle" - heh!
posted by Carbolic 27 July | 20:08
I heard someone use the phrase "nether petals" this evening. On the BBC, no less.
posted by blag 27 July | 20:27
Your apology is not accepted. No mere apology can make up for that abortion masquerading as music. The first time I heard that on my local radio station, I decided the time had come. I turned the radio off and it has not been on since. I may never hear any new music again, but it will be worth it to not hear that awful sound again.
posted by dg 27 July | 23:21
DEATHMATCH between das kleine krokodil and the crazy frog! Yes!

mr.marx it's not just the animation that's Swedish, also the annoying sound which is Daniel Malmedahl fooling around. Only the DJ is a brit, what the hell was he thinking!??
But scareier still they're planning a movie after the album, and maybe a TV series! (see here) God help us.
posted by dabitch 28 July | 03:07
More crazy frogs. This is only funny to swedes, or people who like to laugh at german, or people who like ads, or people who like to hate Ikea, so mr.marx, por vous. (QT movie)
posted by dabitch 28 July | 03:12
This is profoundly satisfying.
posted by o9scar 28 July | 14:19
OH NOES!!! || Welcome To My