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05 July 2005

stinking badges? the only one i ever liked just for itself is the suncircle nonsmoking pin. i just think it's a bit too rude for me to smoke with it on.
I went to a Dodgers game this weekend, and the vendors were selling dark blue bracelets like these (or the Live Strong Lance Armstrong Foundation bracelets) in support of the Dodgers. Commercialism cheapens human compassion yet again.
posted by muddgirl 05 July | 18:52
i think there should be cooler stuff for under a dollar to wear or slap on your car
fashionably or otherwise
posted by ethylene 05 July | 18:59
i really dislike all those bracelets--what's the point?
posted by amberglow 05 July | 19:08
my point wasn't about the bracelets so much as with my meager means, i would buy some trinket for something if i liked it enough anyway, because i'm not a trinket person right now. but trinket people can quietly spread the word whether they know it or not.
remember rainbows?
posted by ethylene 05 July | 19:13
sure, but what does a blue bracelet mean? light blue? green?

i need a bracelet code, like the hanky code. ; >
posted by amberglow 05 July | 19:15
c'mon, who isn't sick of "ribbons"? but i know people who had to slap the things on their cars just to keep peace in the status quo.
now that is sad.
and just makes me think of that indian guy who was beaten when he went out to buy american flags for his gas statio on 9/11
i lack coffee.
posted by ethylene 05 July | 19:16
nice, ambi
it's like there can't be a subtext or "secret code" or "wink wink" without someone being so upset they're left out they have to rail against it.

i think blue is the opposite of code orange
posted by ethylene 05 July | 19:18
*looks for black arm band to mourn something*
posted by ethylene 05 July | 19:19
here let me derail myself with another true life tale on no great import:
Right after i moved in to this sad excuse for housing, the neighbor across the hall died.
Then the guy who moved in after him died.
Then i thought i should warn the new guy who moved in that everyone who moves in there dies.
never saw him that i could remember, but he was apparently "the tall guy". A particular problem there was he was often visited by another neighbor who was "the really tall guy" who i did happen to know.
The really Tall guy is Marfan's tall. i believe he has Marfan's. No one here is ever going to be as tall as the the Really Tall Guy.
So as i was leaving the apartment the other day, he was coming, and i thought, oh, that must be the neighbor.
Coincidentally i saw a neighbor who use to live across the hall but now lived next to me, and i thought, without thinking about it much at all, that was going to be the last time i saw her.
She died a few days ago and i didn't know.
So is the tall guy safe? Or has the curse moved next door? Or is it proximity to me?
Or should i just move so i can stop hearing about all the dead people?
posted by ethylene 05 July | 19:28
add and edit to your heart's content. i am. it is true though.
posted by ethylene 05 July | 19:31
trying to figure out where to put my hankie as i get ready for my GG (not allan) fix

btw i'm snapping at everything now and saying "oops, dead baby"
and that was my random nonsequitor for the next two hours
posted by ethylene 05 July | 19:47
maybe it's a haunted apartment? and all the previous tenants are making sure the new tenants die too? because of some terribly sad/touching/heartbreaking reason that no one knows about?

the whole bracelet thing is really like the hanky thing--do people know that a blue is for cancer and pink is for breast cancer and a green is for something else?
posted by amberglow 05 July | 19:55
oh i know why they keep dying.
there isn't really an international color code
there should be
green is so many things to different people
(gotta go for the mo)
let's figure out an international cootie shot while we're at it
posted by ethylene 05 July | 19:59
circle circle, dot dot dot! ; >
posted by amberglow 05 July | 20:39
if we make a metachat flag, we need colors
meanwhile look that the episode titles. how do you not love that? the best use of Wahington from Welcome, Back Kotter and Norman Mailer
posted by ethylene 05 July | 21:11
so far it's lacy leopard gold lame and white
which is not easy to pull off
glad we're not dark pink
posted by ethylene 05 July | 21:17
since when is blue cancer? i didn't get that memo
posted by ethylene 05 July | 21:52
So, why are they dying?
posted by taz 06 July | 01:07
in general, because they are trying to in a very half assed fashion
they're not actively trying not to

kurt vonnegut once said he was trying to kill himself very slowly with cigarettes
i always figured he'd accomplish it before i ever got to meet him
posted by ethylene 06 July | 01:14
ahh. Sad. I think the tall guy is gonna make it, though.
posted by taz 06 July | 03:44
I lost my "Save The Serial Killers" bracelet and now I'm worried others won't know I care.
posted by Stoic 06 July | 04:26
"dying because they're trying"

Lord knows I know a few trying people. Do you think you could send your landlord's contact info when next an appartment "comes free"?
posted by bonehead 06 July | 10:16
just send details and bearer bonds
posted by ethylene 06 July | 10:26
I'm confused. When I click the link, it goes to, but doesn't seem to carry any of the parameters with it...what is it that I'm looking for?

I feel adrift in the metastream...administrator, hope me!
posted by PsychoKitty 06 July | 14:38
don't worry and please don't vibrate
i was just talking about emblematic accoutrement in general.
Stoic should know they know (from all the lip prints if nothing else)
meanwhile, scotland is so lucky i'm not there
gosh begorah
posted by ethylene 06 July | 22:04
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