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13 July 2005

is it worth buying a brown betty? or should i just set my hopes to a nice french press someday, for coffee, tea, or tincture? i do love those french coffee drips that sit atop a tall glass--
i'd take the tablet
posted by mcgraw 13 July | 08:40
would that be tabula rasa?
posted by ethylene 13 July | 08:43
I lusted for Eileen for a time, but now I'm looking at her more subtle competition. Plenty of fish in the sea.
posted by shane 13 July | 08:58
Is Betty purty? I'd, um, kinda like a teasmade too.

I guess I'm just a slut.
posted by shane 13 July | 09:00
i kinda want a nostril pot
i haven't had vietnamese coffee in ages.
dean and deluca use to be one of my food porn sites
(coffee press set and caviar lunch box please, with the tst tube herbs on the side) with balducci's and so many more, along with a catalog/net gig that made meals from movies that came with movies, like Babette's Feast and Big Night.
i sent many a gift that year that said "nothing says christmas like chicken burritos"
they fell to net death before i could write up my food porn article
posted by ethylene 13 July | 09:05
the day is being kind
as that evil flaming sky ball is missing

and look, hugh, no bra
posted by ethylene 13 July | 09:08
oh, shane, you should record your voice a la audioblogger. i'm gonna do another one to secure my emcee deejay slot. and i want to hear you to write your part in the radio play
posted by ethylene 13 July | 09:15
oh, shane, you should record your voice a la audioblogger.

Okay. I can do that 'cuz AudioBlogger uses the phone. Otherwise my 'puter mic jack doesn't work. Can I still somehow upload it to seanbaby's collection?
posted by shane 13 July | 09:28
LeeJay set up a site just for it but you can put it on one of my instasites if you like
posted by ethylene 13 July | 09:36
or just set up a blogger account and post the link.
i want to do one that has some semblance of a speaking voice. kiwis have told me i sound like nicole kidman.
which is just too funny, esp. right now
posted by ethylene 13 July | 09:39
i'm sorry, i haven't the slightest idea what i'm talking about.
posted by mcgraw 13 July | 09:52
then you should say it with gifts
i'm starving
but i won't be fouler
posted by ethylene 13 July | 10:00
that ain't magically delicious!
posted by ethylene 13 July | 10:30
To get back to the *topic* of this thread, yes, a brown betty is always worth it. I'd keep one exclusively for black tea.

Once you get your brown betty, you can then start to explore the wonderful world of tea cosies.

Bonus points if you can get yer mum to knit you one.
posted by carter 13 July | 10:48
i'll probably crochet some to buy the tea
or at least some condensed milk
posted by ethylene 13 July | 10:53
Ah, yes. Here it is, dear ethylene. This is of what I spoked.
posted by mcgraw 13 July | 11:02
what, hophead ain't cool enough any more?
fancy schmancy
guess i have to just put it in my carhole

where's my big pig?
posted by ethylene 13 July | 11:06
btw: groovy, gasp. i wonder if anyone told whiz bang
posted by ethylene 13 July | 11:08
I have the basic french press--it rocks. (even ikea is selling them now if you don't want to pay Bodum prices--they're much cheaper here and in stores in the real world than that site.)
posted by amberglow 13 July | 11:22
I've always wanted a tea cosy for my teapot. Maybe I could learn to knit them, start an online business and work at home drinking tea and hanging out with my cats (who would play with all the unused yarn.)

Whaddaya think? Is it do-able?
posted by shane 13 July | 11:24
can't we just make voice over money to buy the good yarn first? how are you with sharp sticks?
i say crochet. one stick, not pointy, cat's love it and you can make bags to carry them in and horrible hats they resent but will carry around.
posted by ethylene 13 July | 11:38
amboglow, it's not really a necessity i can afford so why not dream? it's not like i have wishlists out or paypal buttons
but when we have our micronation volcano island, i'm hoping to score a nice exclusive deal to be supplied with wide ranging gourmand and gourmet nibblets as their test kitchen
right after taz finds us a villa to squat in for the homesteading rights
which i bet happens after she puts up the emcee5
posted by ethylene 13 July | 13:16
i'm waiting 'til she kicks out the jams
posted by ethylene 13 July | 13:17
I have a French Press, and I like it, but once I started using my stovepot espresso maker (like this one, except I got it for 50 cents at a thrift shop. Hah!) for regular coffee as well as espresso grind, the press just couldn't hold a candle.

I have a Brown Betty, 'cept it's blue, but this is the sort of teapot I want to get next.

Keeping my eyes peeled for abandoned villas on volcanic islands.
posted by taz 13 July | 14:17
hey look
someone's trying to prep us for broadcast
posted by ethylene 13 July | 17:10
I have a brown betty for tea...I love it.

For coffee...I really want one of these vaccum coffee makers, now that I can get an electric one. I think I'm going to leave a copy of this page on my husband's desk when we near my birthday.
posted by PsychoKitty 13 July | 23:37
i was gifted a very automated kitchen aid a while ago
after the one oprah loved died on me
(the pitcher plastic broke, oprah still has a great shopping staff)
posted by ethylene 13 July | 23:39
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