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29 July 2005

i'll be ready to think about homesteading then
posted by ethylene 29 July | 12:19
Sit right back and you'll hear a tale
a tale of a community site
founded by MeFi refugees
so they could yap all night

the admins they lived in Yerp,
taz and dodgygeez,
they provide a place for us to play
when metafilter doth freeze
when metafilter doth freeze

now we're all here posting stuff
just to kill some time

with ethylene, that drunken guy, quonsar, and someone's wife, the professor and Divine_Wino,

Here on MetaChat Isle....
posted by jonmc 29 July | 12:41
Cagematch Rules On Metachat Island:

Two users enter
There must be an audience
Taz is the acid queen/tina turner
Dodgy and his Geezer are masterblaster and get to pot shot randomly from the audience as well as one Second each chosen by the participants
Weapons are chosen by the challengee or the audience in case of spat fight

spat fight: a hasty challenge issued midthread to be finished in said thread

do you dare?
posted by ethylene 29 July | 12:58
The world of Tlön?
posted by peacay 29 July | 13:16
jonmc, that was perfect.
posted by LeeJay 29 July | 13:21
i call Maryann! (and i think dabitch should be Ginger, six months after a wild night with the skipper and Thurston Howell III)
posted by amberglow 29 July | 16:51
could i at least be gillian instead of gilligan?
or a beatnik?
posted by ethylene 29 July | 16:54
I'm totally the professor. Only hotter and more like a mad scientist.
posted by Specklet 29 July | 17:18
And, on this Island, I'm Hurley, full of bad luck and good pot. Just don't cross me or I'll give you the numbers: 4..8..15..16..23..

So how do y'all like the golf course I built ya?
posted by pandaharma 29 July | 22:07
Oh man...does that mean I'm stuck being Mrs. Howell? I don't want to be Mrs. Howell. Well, I'll take the money, I mean, I'm not stupid...but her matronly and not a stitch of black...
posted by PsychoKitty 30 July | 01:48
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