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12 July 2005

Who gets the last word on MetaFilter? I was curious, so I did a tally to see who's made the last post in the most threads. [mi]
And here are the top ten thread-enders, together with the number of threads they've ended:

1. dhartung (689)
2. mathowie (443)
3. troutfishing (421)
4. homunculus (370)
5. amberglow (357)
6. y2karl (356)
7. kindall (316)
8. ZachsMind (299)
9. five fresh fish (299)
10. baylink (294)
posted by Wolfdog 12 July | 07:53
Neat idea. How did you tally this?
posted by omiewise 12 July | 08:09
Pretty easy, really.
posted by Wolfdog 12 July | 08:12
Yes, neat idea. Is this good or bad news for those concerned? I hate being last in a thread, it's like being the conversation killer.
posted by carter 12 July | 08:16
or the perfect epilogue
until someone spoils a perfectly wonderful page by trying to have the last word
posted by ethylene 12 July | 08:23
that's very cool. I was afraid I'd be on the list if only because I seem to attend to threads long after they've died.
posted by dreamsign 12 July | 08:47
mathowie has an unfair advantage, being able to close threads...
posted by AlexReynolds 12 July | 08:51
i like threads that have fallen out of favor. it leaves it to the people who care about the topic over people who wanna jump in.
of course i never use the recent comments setting and rarely spend much consistent time at metafilter anymore. i like it in capricious bursts.
posted by ethylene 12 July | 09:11
btw alex: give us your sparkly MWAH. i can't find it anywhere.
posted by ethylene 12 July | 09:14
Mathowie wasn't even remotely in the running until I got back to the very early days. Over the past year or so, I think Amberglow's the frontrunner by a large margin.
posted by Wolfdog 12 July | 09:14
Aaah, but this makes me wonder...who gets the first word in most threads?
posted by dabitch 12 July | 10:05
that's very cool. I was afraid I'd be on the list if only because I seem to attend to threads long after they've died.

yeah, me too... it often takes me a few looks before I decide to comment, too, unless there's some little or particularly clear point I want to make. But when it's some 'big issue' type thread, I will often think, no, i'll just stay out of it, but then I keep going back to read and half the time I get dragged in at the end when no one cares anymore.
posted by mdn 12 July | 10:11
"...who gets the first word in most threads?"

Why, Frist P0st, of course. He's very prolific.
posted by mr_crash_davis 12 July | 10:53
You need to divide it by the total number of posts that person has made, to get a "thread finishing" ratio so you're comparing appropriately.
posted by matildaben 12 July | 11:06
ethylene, I have it up on Flickr: Mwah!
posted by AlexReynolds 12 July | 11:07
i'm number 5! i'm number 5! ; >

(i update threads alot when i see new info--i really want updatefilter! dammit!)
posted by amberglow 12 July | 11:15
just last night i updated like 3 week-or-more-old threads.

things move down so much more quickly now that there are so many more members--it used to be that the recent comments view would have things that had already tapered off, but not anymore, i find.
posted by amberglow 12 July | 11:18
Not me!
posted by Hugh Janus 12 July | 12:04
And that's the end of that!

*dusts hands*
posted by gigawhat? 12 July | 12:40
posted by Specklet 12 July | 13:56
Shit. Just spilled my coffee.
posted by mudpuppie 12 July | 15:02
Well, I held the commenting record for so long, it's barely surprising I hold this one too. But look at what amber and trout have done with their 5-digit user numbers!
posted by dhartung 12 July | 15:16
(Cleaned it up, though. Lots of paper towels.)
posted by mudpuppie 12 July | 15:25
This is not just because I want to be last in the thread or anything but I always find it a bit funny when people regard the last commenter as the killer of the thread. Or something like that of an antisocial inference.

So many times when I've perused old threads for whatever reason, I've come away from the thread laughing my head off simply because I find that the last comment is funniest.

But not now. *sigh*
posted by peacay 13 July | 03:03
Fat lady hasn't sung yet.
posted by dabitch 13 July | 03:34
Oh yeah?
posted by Hugh Janus 13 July | 08:47
Oh snap.
posted by AlexReynolds 13 July | 13:57
ok, the misuse of snap has gotten way outta hand
posted by ethylene 13 July | 14:05
...hand... ...hand... ...hand... [echo effect]
posted by Hugh Janus 13 July | 17:05
can tuesday be pony day? || Are you happy?