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03 July 2005

Metachat Mix-up returns! We'll be having another online mix swap session so get your mixes ready. The deadline is 7pm UTC on Monday 11th July. Please indicate in this thread if you intend to take part. Also, I'd welcome any contributions to the Mixup bandwidth fund.
To submit a mix
Get together your selection of tracks as MP3s only please. Your selection should have a playing time no longer than 74 minutes. If you wish to include other files such as a CD cover or notes then please do so in a file format that can be easily used on different systems (JPG, PDF, TXT). Zip them up in a file named Go to this URL: Enter the name metachat and then upload your file from there. Upload as early as you can to avoid disappointment.
To get the other mixes
You will be sent an e-mail on the deadline which will tell you where you can get the mixes from. You should ensure that the address in your profile is correct.
To send money for hosting
It costs approximately two dollars per user to run the swap - you can read more about that here. If you'd like to send money then Paypal is the only method available at the moment. If you don't use Paypal then please find someone who does and send it via them. Login to Paypal and send the money to the e-mail address in my profile. Thanks.
me me me.
posted by mudpuppie 03 July | 12:06
moi, autrefois
posted by matildaben 03 July | 12:08
I have mine ready from the last one (which I missed).

You will have it tomorrow.
posted by bdave 03 July | 12:10
A lot of my songs were ripped a year or so ago and are in WMA format. Any advice on how to convert them to mp3s without deleting and re-ripping?
posted by mudpuppie 03 July | 12:22
Yeah, don't do it. Re-rip.

I'm in.
posted by kenko 03 July | 12:36
posted by arse_hat 03 July | 12:50
yes, and thank you, and yes.
posted by omiewise 03 July | 13:09
Me again.
posted by dame 03 July | 13:09
Yes, I'd love to, plan to, and have already made my mix. Now if I could only register on the friggin' site, I'd be set.

(I've been trying every day or so, continually get error messages, have sent a message to admin, hoping for a reply.)

Or perhaps it doesn't matter? Can I go ahead anyway?
posted by jokeefe 03 July | 15:27
To clarify: I mean this site.
posted by jokeefe 03 July | 15:29
I am in.
posted by gaspode 03 July | 15:49
Now if I could only register on the friggin' site, I'd be set.
Dude, that's a completely different swap.
posted by dodgygeezer 03 July | 16:12
I'm in! Rather than wait until the last minute (like I do with most mix swaps) I decided to knock this one out right away. Here's the cover:

≡ Click to see image ≡

and here's the tracklisting.

Thanks again dodgygeezer for making this mixswap party possible.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 03 July | 18:44
i'm in but i'm flat busted in the non boob sense
if i can figure out my torrent issues i wouldn't mind figuring a seed and feed time for that as well.
posted by ethylene 03 July | 19:49
I'm in also and am considering recycling a MeFiSwap mix that I did.

No money from me this time, unfortunately, but I will try and make it up next time.
posted by dg 03 July | 20:59
Mine's uploading. Spartan (ie, no cover images or like that) as the last, but with actual songs and shit this time.
posted by kenko 03 July | 21:44
Dude, that's a completely different swap.
posted by dodgygeezer 03 July | 16:12

Dude. Then it doesn't matter. I will upload soon, then.
posted by jokeefe 03 July | 22:36
dodgy, if you get two files from me, the larger is the correct one.
posted by kenko 03 July | 22:37
Mine's a-coming.
posted by mmahaffie 03 July | 23:06
I'm-a gonna try to be in this time.
posted by stilicho 04 July | 00:26
I'm cheatin': mine's an old mix from 2003. Most of the songs on it are from earlier than that though, so it's more a time capsule of my taste at the time than of the slamming hits of that far off year...
posted by PinkStainlessTail 04 July | 01:01
I'll be in it, huzzah!
posted by Jimbob 04 July | 01:44
Dude. Then it doesn't matter. I will upload soon, then.
posted by dodgygeezer 04 July | 04:29
As per dodgy g's declaration in the last swap, I'm allowed to choose a title, and you all have to use it. Henceforth, for all MeCha Swap related activities, I shall be known as: Captain Capn!

And, yes, I'm in, to put the funk in your collective trunks.
posted by Capn 04 July | 10:05
Oh, also, for the love of Pete everyone, please include a .m3u file in your mix? It's a royal pain to make and re-order 15+ playlists.
posted by Capn 04 July | 10:07
posted by jokeefe 04 July | 13:26


posted by arse_hat 04 July | 13:36

(it's a Rothko)
posted by Capn 04 July | 14:29
Or if you don't include a playlist, rename the files so they'll sort in the correct order automatically.

And only include mp3s! I'm looking at you, matteo.
posted by kenko 04 July | 14:47
Oh, also, for the love of Pete everyone, please include a .m3u file in your mix?

I don't even know what an .m3u file is. Would Pete know? Is that why we need to love him?

Can somebody confirm that my last mix did download as MP3s? My computer "conveniently" shows all of my audio files as windows media player files (all of the mixes from the last mix showed up this way in my file manager). It's something I have to figure out how to shut the fuck off, but I haven't been able to yet.

All these years I've been happy with how I make mixes on the computer and felt like I was sort of tech savvy, and now that I'm dealing with this mix swap I suddenly feel like a Luddite dunderhead.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 04 July | 15:19
Can somebody confirm that my last mix did download as MP3s? My computer "conveniently" shows all of my audio files as windows media player files
They were indeed MP3s. I think what you're seeing there is program association - in other words MP3s are associated with Windows Media Player. If you use another app to play MP3s then all you need to do (assuming you're using XP) is right click on an MP3 file and select Properties. In the Properties box you'll see Open With: and a button next to it labelled Change - click it and then select your favorite MP3 player. Now just click OK and OK again and you should be fine.
posted by dodgygeezer 04 July | 15:26
I don't even know what an .m3u file is. Would Pete know? Is that why we need to love him?
Ooopps, forgot this. An M3U is simply a playlist file and most apps that play MP3s should allow you to create one. Check your MP3 player and see if it creates playlist files.
posted by dodgygeezer 04 July | 15:31
posted by iconomy 04 July | 16:34
iTunes playlists don't save as m3u. As far as I know; I haven't been able to figure it out. I'm using Winamp to make the m3u's instead.
posted by matildaben 04 July | 18:18
iTunes playlist files are XML, I think.
posted by dg 04 July | 18:55
i'm in. : >
posted by amberglow 04 July | 21:59
Done. With artwork and everything.
posted by bdave 05 July | 01:33
posted by bdave 05 July | 01:33
Uped the "down with the clown" mix. Hope no one dislikes clowns. ≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by arse_hat 05 July | 02:09
On second thought, I'm un-in. Just not feeling it this time. But I will throw some money in the pot.
posted by iconomy 05 July | 10:26
Which hopefully will allow me to download the mixes but it's ok if it doesn't. I feel really apathetic and blah right now so I don't particularly care either way.
posted by iconomy 05 July | 10:41
Well, I uploaded it. Off to put the tracklisting up and send some money.
posted by gaspode 05 July | 14:21
Tracklisting for my mix is here.
posted by gaspode 05 July | 15:01
I, too, will participate.

iconomy: You still have five days. Moods change.
posted by gramschmidt 06 July | 17:12
Uploading "Drive|Time" now. Recycled MeFiSwap mix - sorry. Short of time and money this time around, but will try to do better next time. For what it is worth, I put quit a bit of thought into the mix when I made it, although it is probably not nearly hip and obscure enough for most.
posted by dg 06 July | 19:34
I have 4 mixes from an old Cmonkey swap... iTunes tells me they're all 1.2 hours long. Is that too fucking long for you people? Spend the extra dime. Buy 80 minute CDs.
posted by dobbs 06 July | 22:22
No problem for me - I won't be burning them to CD anyway. Other beings may disagree. Depends on the size of the .zip file more than the length, I suspect.
posted by dg 06 July | 23:18
Well, I sent over $10 so that should cover me, I think.

Now, where the hell does iTunes put these m3u files? Spotlight ain't.
posted by dobbs 06 July | 23:21
oops. I just realised I labelled my tracks wrong (1,2,3... instead of 01,02,03) so they are not in the order I intended. Oh well...
posted by gaspode 07 July | 14:44
ok, so we've now got eight mixes in. thanks to everyone who's contributed funds - i'll do an update on that when the swap completes.
posted by dodgygeezer 07 July | 14:47
Any tips on finding the playlist file? I made the playlist in itunes but it's not in with my tracks or where my prefs says it saves it. And spotlight can't find it neither. WTF?
posted by dobbs 07 July | 21:43
iTunes doesn't make m3u files. You can write them yourself (the format is dead simple), but it will be much easier, and almost as effective, if you simply prepend track numbers to each filename: 01, etc (01, not 1, is important).
posted by kenko 08 July | 10:27
Thanks, Kenko...

I just tried to upload mine but it's 86.4 mb. Is that normal? Seems huge to me. The files non-zipped are 88.3. WTF?

I'm on Mac and used CleanArchiver to create the zip. What size are the zips generally?
posted by dobbs 09 July | 14:32
That's normal—mine was larger, I think. Zipping can't really significantly compress mp3s (or really anything to which a highly specialized compression has already been applied), so it's really just for the convenience of having one file to manipulate instead of many.
posted by kenko 09 July | 16:16
okay, thx. I uploaded.
posted by dobbs 09 July | 16:54
Track list
01 Laboratory of Sonic Discovery - 537HZ.mp3 0:56
02 Jan A.P. Kaczmarek - Video On The Bed.mp3 1:21
03 Aarktica - Indie.mp3 6:50
04 Titonton Duvante - Foreplay.mp3 5:43
05 The Falcon Project - Orange Power.mp3 5:03
06 Keltech - Chewy.mp3 4:33
07 Ceiba - Rainbow Warrior.mp3 6:33
08 Kath Bloom With Loren MazzaCane Connors - Swing Low Sweet Chariot.mp3 4:25
09 The Postal Service - Iron And Wine.mp3 4:10
10 Jamie Cullum - Lover You Should've Come Over.mp3 4:49
11 Delerium - After All.mp3 4:51
12 State Of Trance - Alien Prophecy.mp3 8:17
13 Sigur ros - Untitled 4.mp3 6:58
14 Monster Magnet - Lord 13.mp3 4:09
15 Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marlain.mp3 2:56
posted by arse_hat 09 July | 19:19

(Artist - Title - Album)
01. Faun Fables - Apple Trees - Early Song
02. Eberhard Weber - More Colours - Colours of Chloe
03. Richard Thompson - Small Town Romance - Small Town Romance
04. Tom Waits - Innocent When You Dream (78) - Franks Wild Years
05. Clarence Ashley - House Carpenter - Greenback Dollar
06. Doc Watson - Hicks' Farewell - The Vanguard Years
07. Lyle Lovett - Simple Song - Pontiac
08. Tim Buckley - Buzzin' Fly - Happy/Sad
09. Mountain Goats - Jenny - All Hail West Texas
10. Akron/Family - I'll Be on the Water - Akron/Family
11. John Cale - (I Keep A) Close Watch - Fragments of a Rainy Season
12. Nico - Frozen Warnings - The Marble Index
13. David Sylvian - The Heart Knows Better - Blemish
14. King Crimson - When I Say Stop, Continue - VROOOM
15. Arab Strap - New Birds - Mad for Sadness
16. Jewlia Eisenberg - Guinea Tee - Trilectic
17. Anthony Moore - track 11 - Reeds, Whistle & Sticks
posted by kenko 09 July | 21:26
It pains me to write this, but hell, I won't know unless I ask.

Compressing my mp3s-- I've never done this before. I have Stuffit Deluxe 7.0. It gives me a bunch of options for encoding: Bzip, Gzip, archive LHA, Unix compress, etcetera. What's the best one to use? And afterwards, I "zip them up"? In a folder? Or is there another something I have to do?

Yours in embarassed technical ineptitude,
posted by jokeefe 10 July | 01:07
jokeefe, i just picked regular "zip" as I know it's good on windows and mac. The others may be as well but I wasn't certain of it. If you can put in a folder that's probably best but I don't think it's mandatory.
posted by dobbs 10 July | 01:19

01 - gybe! - Dead Flag Blues (edit).mp3
02 - Kammerflimmer Kollectiev - Sie tranken Regen.mp3
03 - Hochenkeit - Two Fish Kissing.mp3
04 - Polmo Polpo - Rottura.mp3
05 - Jackie O Motherfucker - Pray.mp3
06 - Papa M - I Am Not Lonely With Cricket.mp3
07 - Gas - Sechs.mp3
08 - Stars of the Lid - Anchor States Part I.mp3
09 - Dead Texan - When I See Scissors, I Cannot Help But Think Of You.mp3
10 - Loop - Shot with a Diamond.mp3
posted by dobbs 10 July | 01:22
Thank you dobbs, but I figured it out. Should have just messed around with it before I ran for help. :)

Now to upload.
posted by jokeefe 10 July | 01:43
i'm in.
posted by soi-disant 10 July | 05:55
track list

01. David Sylvian - Answered Prayers - Gone To Earth
02. Brian Eno & Harold Budd - Dark-Eyed Sister - The Pearl
03. William Basinski - Untitled No. 2 - Melancholia
04. Alexander Scriabin - Piano Sonata No.9 op.68 - Vladimir Ashkenazy
05. Jonathan Coleclough - Periodic - Period
06. The Hafler Trio - Dream Adjustments (side a) - Who Sees Goes On
07. Birchville Cat Motel - Cold Herds Travel - Chi Vampires
08. Shinjuku Thief - A red room/A slow dance - The Witch Haven
09. Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd - Memory Gongs - The Moon And The Melodies
posted by soi-disant 10 July | 07:05
Done. appears to be allergic to Safari, btw; I was only able to sucessfully upload after switching to Firefox. I included the track listing as a .txt file, but there's no cover art; I've just gone back to working nine to five in the last couple of weeks and time is short.

I ended up calling this Sweet Melancholia; there's nothing hugely obscure, and it runs from blues-ish through to Southern rock, country, and folk. Requirements were that it be slow and gorgeous (with one sort-of exception). If it's here, it has, imo, a melody to die for, a huge swoony chorus, or both.


01 Church In Calhoun. Boxharp, The Tailored Soldier
02 Drunk Kid Catholic. Bright Eyes, Three New Hit Songs From Bright Eyes (EP)
03 Driving Through Texas. Summer at Shatter Creek, Summer at Shatter Creek
04 Look On Down From The Bridge. Mazzy Star, Among my Swan
05 Porchlight. Neko Case & Her Boyfriends, Furnace Room Lullaby
06 Black Star (Live 09/24/04). Gillian Welch, Live @ Minneapolis, MN
07 Reprise. Granfaloon Bus, Exploded View
08 Everglades. South San Gabriel, Welcome, Convalescence
09 Filming The Desert. Boxharp, The Tailored Soldier
10 Dead End Street. Ellen McIlwaine, Spontaneous Combustion
11 Dust Radio. Chris Whitley, Living With The Law
12 Silver Rider. Low, The Great Destroyer
13 No Hex (Live 08/26/04). The Court & Spark, Live @ Great American Music Club August 26th, 2004
14 I Will Sing You Songs. My Morning Jacket, It Still Moves
15 Starting/Ending. Granfaloon Bus, Exploded View
posted by jokeefe 10 July | 13:13
And reading

WTF is this? || I just found a large lump in my breast

is a bit odd.
posted by jokeefe 10 July | 13:24
im in...this time new and improved mutual exclusivities...

will your head asplode? Who knows?
posted by Schyler523 10 July | 14:02
Oh, i forgot to make a's my playlist:

01 Fly Robin Fly - Silver Convention
02 Valley of the Dolls - Mylo
03 ABC (Saleem Remi Krunk-A-Delic Party Mix) - Jackson 5
04 Perfect (12” Remix) - The The
05 Do you remember - Earth wind fire
06 All This Love - The Similou
07 Born To Be Alive - Hernandez
08 Do You Wanna Funk - Sylvester
09 Show me - abc
10 Summer Of Love (unrel) - B52’s
11 High (higher mix) - Cure
12 Waiting For The Sirens’ Call - New Order
13 Baby Love Child - Pizzicato Five
14 This Is The Day (Disinfected Version) - The The
15 My Ever Changing Moods (12 Inch) - Style Council
16 Accidental Beatnik - Coconut Monkeyrocket
17 Wonderful Night - Fatboy Slim
18 Dreamers disease - New Radicals
19 To the sky - Cure
20 Early Morning Rain - Paul Weller
21 Wishing You Were Here (live) - Alison Moyet
22 Oomingmak (inst.) - Cocteau Twins
posted by amberglow 10 July | 14:04
here's the cover pdf
posted by amberglow 10 July | 14:39
Track List for "Random Summer Drive":
01 - Placebo - Pure Morning
02 - Imperial Teen - Lipstick
03 - X - Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not
04 - 50 Foot Wave - Clara Bow
05 - Art Brut - Formed A Band
06 - Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
07 - Dog Faced Hermans - How We Connect
08 - Gang Gang Dance - Glory In ItselfEgyptian
09 - Rjd2 - The Horror
10 - Pitty Sing - Radio
11 - Dismemberment Plan - Superpowers
12 - Tv On The Radio - Satellite
13 - Lcd Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
14 - The Ponys - She's Broken
15 - Sons And Daughters - Blood
16 - Uncle Tupelo - I Got Drunk
17 - Gas Huffer - The Piano Movers
18 - Enon - Carbonation
19 - The Gits - Second Skin

Here's my cover (the PDF is included in the zip, this is just a jpg).
posted by matildaben 10 July | 14:51
P.S. Mine's got nothing really obscure on it (except for the out of print Dog Faced Hermans album), it's basically a rock mix. Some of the rips are from CDs I've had since 1993 or so, so the sound quality is lower on those (I guess mastering just wasn't as good back then).
posted by matildaben 10 July | 14:54
Well...I was forced to make a mix from my live music collecton, as the rest of my collection is in limbo until I buy another external enclosure. Another limitation was that i had to make the mix with a computer with no sound i am unable to limit crowd noise and/or applause at the end or beginning of each track. So apologies in advance, but here is the track listing...

01 - Grateful Dead - The Eleven (08-21-68)
02 - Blind Melon - Time (03-17-94)
03 - Lou Reed - Viscious (01-27-73)
04 - Jerry Garcia/David Grisman - Dawg's Rag (05-28-77)
05 - Talking Heads - Born Under Punches (02-27-81)
06 - Ditty Bops - Sister Kate (11-05-04)
07 - King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man (12-16-69)
08 - Miles Davis/John Coltrane - Walkin' (04-09-60)
09 - Ween - Zoloft (04-26-02) - I was at this show. Woot!
posted by Schyler523 10 July | 16:05
So here's my list. I posted the link upthread, but it might be better if it's with the rest. NOTE!!! that I labelled the tracks wrong (1, 2, 3 instead of 01, 02...), because I'm kind of dumb. I'd really like them to be played in order, because I'm a bit obsessive about track order.

1. Jesus I was Evil -- Darcy Clay. From: Darcy anthology, 2002
2. Mysterex -- The D4. From: 6twenty, 2003
3. Evolution -- Dimmer. From: I believe you are a star, 2001
4. Save my Life -- Bike. From: Take in the sun, 1997
5. Firecracker Firecracker -- Half Japanese. From: Sing no Evil, 1984
6. Like Eating Glass -- Bloc Party. From: Silent Alarm, 2005
7. In Like Flynn -- Girls Against Boys. From: Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby, 1993
8. Panda Strong -- Oxes. From: Oxes, 2000
9. Bad Note for a Heart -- Straitjacket Fits. From: Melt, 1990
10. Pink Frost -- The Chills. From: Kaleidoscope World, 1985
11. Syndicate -- Candy Machine. From: A Modest Proposal, 1994
12. Harmonic Generator -- The Datsuns. From: The Datsuns, 2002
13. Death and the Maiden -- Stephen Malkmus. From: Under the Influence (compilation), 2004
14. I See Red -- Split Enz. From: True Colours, 1980
15. Schallblute -- High Dependency Unit. From: Fire Works, 2001
16. Allison -- Slowdive. From: Souvlaki, 1994
17. Spacing -- Straitjacket Fits. From: Blow, 1993
posted by gaspode 10 July | 16:37
What the hell, here's my play list:
The Falling Asleep in a Bathtub Full of Warm Chocolate Mix CD - Jimbob

01 - Bowery Electric - Floating World
02 - The Underground Lovers - Ways T'Burn
03 - Stars of the Lid - Requiem for Dying Mothers (Part 2)
04 - Flying Saucer Attack - Space 1999
05 - Dj Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World
06 - The Velvet Underground - Chelsea Girls
07 - Windy & Carl - Set Adrift
08 - The Tindersticks - Dying Slowly
09 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Straight to You
10 - Doves - Sea Song
11 - Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space
12 - Dead can Dance - Wind that Shakes the Barley
13 - Joy Division - Atmosphere
14 - Tom Waits - The Piano has been Drinking
posted by Jimbob 10 July | 22:15
OK, to make up for the lack of musical content and the staggering mediocrity of the content that does exist, I wrote a bit about why I chose each track:

Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Pink Floyd [1:59]
Just something to start things off on a light note - it's only music, so don't take it too seriously.

It Never Rains - Dire Straits [7:54]
I love the way this song gradually builds and builds as it progresses, starting out very low-key and growing in presence.

Jump in my Car - Ted Mulry Gang [3:03]
A song from my younger years when cars were one of the most important things in my life. This sums up a lot of the stereotypes that exist about young males, most of which are true.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car - The Beatles [2:26]
As above, a song from my car-focussed days. Hardly new or unusual, but no collection of songs about cars would be complete without this.

Grey Cortina - Tom Robinson Band [2:11]
When I was about 18, I had a grey Mk II Cortina (well, more dirty white, actually), pretty much the same as the one described in this song. I was so chuffed that someone had written a song about "my" car, that the song has stayed with me ever since. Even then, it did not receive much airplay but, for all its simplicity, I love it.

Radar Love - Golden Earing [6:22]
Ah, the days when Gary Glitter and T-Rex ruled the airwaves. Radar Love was one of my favourites then and still is.

Echo Beach - martha and the muffins [3:383]
I think that everyone has their own "Echo Beach", where we go in our head when work gets too much to bear.

Time - Pink Floyd [7:06] - what more do I need to say?

Time of Your Life - Green Day [2;35]
This song was sung at a friend of mine's funeral several years ago and I hear it sometimes when life gets me down - I hope that I can say, when I am old and looking back at my life, that I had "the time of my life".

The End - The Doors [11:47]
This is the end ...
posted by dg 11 July | 01:54
A bit late to the party, but I want in too...
posted by anonetal 11 July | 12:33
well crap...i made a mix, but when i tried to upload it, streamload was not working for me...and now i dont have access to the computer i made the mix on.

I'll try to make a torrent of it and send it out via email, but that won't happen for a day or so...if not the next time will be even awesomer!
posted by Schyler523 11 July | 12:59
anonetal, i love the bollywood, but the files weren't tagged and there was no playlist. Do you have a tracklist indicating what order you want them to go in, and maybe some more info about the tracks if you have any?
posted by matildaben 12 July | 00:05
WTF is this? || I just found a large lump in my breast.