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03 July 2005

filled with explosions and banjo music or at least a lot of yee hawing going on outside. What's up with you?
i'm debating on using flickr space to show doodles of my "metachat superhero trading card" doodles or becoming drunk according to the dictates of the jingoism around me
posted by ethylene 03 July | 21:57
I'm drinking cheap wine (which is dee-licious, by the way) and listening to the kids outside fire off premature bottle rockets. I am intermittently playing with Ultra Fractal and bemoaning my complete lack of artistic talent. I am trying to decide whether I should shave my legs tonight, shave them in the morning, or just say "screw it" and wear pants tomorrow.
posted by LeeJay 03 July | 22:03
Oh, and Intervention is on A&E and it's the creepy video game addict episode so I'm set for the next hour.
posted by LeeJay 03 July | 22:04
thanks, i'd almost never procrastinate without you guys
and that is a big fat lie
btw, i didn't call plexi or anything. i just played the probability engine
posted by ethylene 03 July | 22:06
try veronica mars if you find the mood
posted by ethylene 03 July | 22:06
I just got finished ripping the last of my CDs into iTunes. It was long and excruciating, but now that I have nothing to accomplish, I'm kind of bored.
posted by invitapriore 03 July | 22:16
Also, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong's tribute to Porgy and Bess is liable to cause a black hole of awesome right now.
posted by invitapriore 03 July | 22:18
should i ever figure out my torrent problems, we should set up seed times
posted by ethylene 03 July | 22:20
invitapriore: A bit of honesty. I have never listened to the Porgy and Bess soundtrack although I am fairly sure I'd enjoy it. I have an album of the Broadway cast recording downstairs just sitting in storage. I really should dig it out.
posted by LeeJay 03 July | 22:25
I'm cleaning the house and blasting Ray Lamontagne.
posted by puddinghead 03 July | 22:32
Yeah, it's enjoyable. I only recently discovered it, on the recommendation of someone who knows much more about this stuff than I do, and I'm pretty glad.
posted by invitapriore 03 July | 22:34
I'm plumb exhausted. I wound up driving all over the place trying to find an old-fashioned charcoal grill, and of course, all that's available in my area are "propane and propane accessorries", overpriced, wheeless(!) merch and flimsy pieces of crap that would inspire anyone to weep with rage.

Thankfully, however, there are the internets. But the summer ritual of the Searing of the Harvest will have to wait until the post 4th of July sales.
posted by Smart Dalek 03 July | 22:36
i say let the cat drive
≡ Click to see image ≡
and will i try to suck up day after fireworks?
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by ethylene 03 July | 22:42
Sorry, eth- no way your friend's steering my ride!
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Smart Dalek 03 July | 22:50
*can't find the image i want dammit!*
meanwhile i fear them making this into a movie the way i feared for girl, interrupted
posted by ethylene 03 July | 22:53
Just make sure you watch out for cops.
posted by LeeJay 03 July | 23:23
Just back from the weekend trip to Toronto -- all the traffic leaving the cap from July 1st so relatively clear roads going the other way. Rental car garage closed so in a parking space to be picked up before 8am and returned on the way to work. Relaxing at home, putting off unpacking.
posted by dreamsign 03 July | 23:32
half the people i know have done the enviromental swap this weekend: major city to minor, country to town and visa versa, whether for weddings or running away for a break, and all before the bank holiday.
posted by ethylene 03 July | 23:37
Watching the Deep Impact probe on Nasa TV; it's hitting the comet in about an hour, and it's fucking RIVETING, I tells ya!
posted by interrobang 04 July | 00:26
ironically the web says this is riveting:
≡ Click to see image ≡
and i have twenty minutes reprieve to figure out what i'm doing for the next time chunklet
posted by ethylene 04 July | 01:15
Greek themed evening. Smashed a plate for luck, drank retsina, feta cheese salad. Danced, had my photo taken through a bottle of ouzo. Drizzled honey over yogurt. Nothing to do with 07/04, but that's what I did and it was fantastic.
posted by seanyboy 04 July | 02:55
is there a greek day or can we have a greek theme thread day for the hell of it?
you know u want to, taz
posted by ethylene 04 July | 02:58
Heh. Every day is Greek day for me! Opa!
posted by taz 04 July | 03:37
exactly, spread the wealth
and the seafood
what was your swear definition?
the associated pages are bee tsar
posted by ethylene 04 July | 03:39
ooh... i forgot about that. What thread was that? ("To my balls". you get the idea.)
posted by taz 04 July | 03:44
that kind of explains the paris hiltonness
"To your balls!"
someone find some bejeweled huevos!
posted by ethylene 04 July | 03:46
I just found a large lump in my breast. || The most adorable xylophone player in the world.