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13 July 2005

i have finally seen the phantom of the opera it would have been great if they could have removed all the andrew lloyd webberness.
it was under duress and at about an hour in, i broke. That odd level of not camp enough-- tell me some bunch of jaded jaded broadway folks have done a wicked parody. i've been avoid it for decades but i know those songs without knowing them. bollywood holds no candle against the dangers of andrew lloyd. it needs the MST3K so bad-- but if that was kiri te kanewa as minnie driver, she was gorgeous.
posted by ethylene 13 July | 00:59
artichoke hearts gave me the will to make chicken soup. you have roughly an hour before i finally eat something solid and pass out.
i almost kinda not really threw out a nubile young boy for you people! if he wasn't vapid he'd still be here!
posted by ethylene 13 July | 01:15
I read that Dame Kiri is being sued for pulling out of a series of concerts with John Farnham. Which brings me to my question: Lloyd Webber vs. Farnham - who would win?
posted by nomis 13 July | 04:32
all i know of farham is this
≡ Click to see image ≡
so i have to ask if they can bring back ups to the rumble
posted by ethylene 13 July | 07:20
it's almost just an nyc reaction, and i could go on about how weird it was to realize i was going to move to a place without the same tv channels long long ago, but ny local tv had broadway show commercials that have made a camp icon out of Mandy Patemkin(?) singing "you made a promise" in evita.
i loved cats WHEN I WAS TEN
but i have andrew lloyd webber damage
as do so many of us
and i want a brit to kvetch heartily of all your webberborn reaction

i tried, dammit, but imagine if you will that every time you almost found a movie watchable, everyone started belting who let the dogs out
but i tried
and now i never have to do it again without lots of booze and people screaming "he's ugly, let's kill him!" at the unmasking
posted by ethylene 13 July | 08:30
Did you lose a bet? Why did you see it? Was it a court ordered punishment? Are you part of an entertainment masochist club? A college prank gone horribly awry?
posted by Slack-a-gogo 13 July | 10:04
very close, but no cigar
i could speak of when i was literally forced while imprisioned to watch patch adams
or a far worse
but let me take a moment to bitch about amazon cards from burger king. i have an old history of hating amazon having to do with a bad bit of fraud.
but i got a freaking account to use those damn cards
and they didn't even credit them
posted by ethylene 13 July | 10:09
Have I mentioned that I really hated the last Star Wars film?
posted by dodgygeezer 13 July | 10:12
have i mentioned how it finally ended thirty years of cinematic enslavement for me?
i'm free! free!
posted by ethylene 13 July | 10:14
I told somebody I went to the opera a few weeks ago. I saw Tosca at the Met, the big old Zeffirelli production. My interlocutor said, "Oh, I saw Phantom this past Christmas."

Somehow without cracking a smile, I asked, "Is that Puccini or Verdi?"

"Oh, I don't know. I'll have to check. You do know Phantom, don't you?"

I'm such a fucking snot.
posted by Hugh Janus 13 July | 12:10
blogger is down
and i had that aria nailed for my audi tion
posted by ethylene 13 July | 16:22
I have been trying to determine if Weber is, in reality, a thirteen year old goth girl who fancies herself a poet, or a drag queen.
I saw the movie, I still can't decide.
posted by kellydamnit 13 July | 21:07
The Fire Next Time || is thomcatspike ok?