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13 July 2005

One-oh-five in the shade.
i'd be sitting in icewater
posted by ethylene 13 July | 18:48
105? Heh. :)
posted by loquacious 13 July | 18:51
a relatively cool 75 here--woot!
posted by amberglow 13 July | 18:54
it's called my crap AC on full blast with a cracked window to aid poor ventilation in here
and i wouldn't trade it for bugs and UVs but i think the bugs are low
posted by ethylene 13 July | 19:00
Can I come for some, mudpuppie?
posted by Frisbee Girl 13 July | 19:11
Ya know, that was supposed to have the word 'nightswimming' in there...must be sympathetic heat sickness frying my noggin.
posted by Frisbee Girl 13 July | 19:12
ack. you poor thing. the humidity here is doing bad things to my hair, but at least it's not that hot.
posted by gaspode 13 July | 19:15
Frisbee Girl, I was about to rearrange my opinion of you, until you added the nightswimming thing.

The answer, in any case, is yes.
posted by mudpuppie 13 July | 19:26
"Excessive Heat Warning"

Today's high is forecast at 114.

God damn I can't wait for monsoon season to officially begin. At least then it'll be wet and all crazy and stuff, with lightning and dust storms and whatnot. And there'll be plenty of entertaining news about the foolhardy and/or just plain dumb people trying to drive through flash flood filled washes and floodplains.

posted by loquacious 13 July | 19:30
They said this week would be 34 Monday to fucking Friday with a "humidex" (aka Satan's flatulance - SBD) of 40 and a "UV rating" of nine. The sun goes to 11. I almost went out and bought a machete but it was too goddamned hot. Today has been relatively (hah!) cool. It's 25 now outside but my place has been cooking for days so it is hotter inside than it is outside. Fuck. I should be able to heat my apartment next winter given all the energy stored in this place. Solar enrgy? Keep it!

Welcome to Ottawa-fucking-Canada. This is ridiculous. Canada is supposed to be moderate.
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 13 July | 19:51
Probably not a good time to mention that it's 73 and breezy in Seattle, I guess.
posted by bmarkey 13 July | 19:59
Can I impress you all with my knowledge of converting C to F?

Double it and add 30.

Thus Satan's flatulence = 110.
posted by mudpuppie 13 July | 20:23
You make it hotter than it is. :-( 40 = 104 and shade seems to make little difference. Satan is slow-cooking me, I swear. But that's why I'm here in hell to begin with, right?
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 13 July | 20:35
No offense to the Christians. It's all cool.
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 13 July | 20:36
Fine. I have one party trick and you pooh-pooh it.
posted by mudpuppie 13 July | 20:44
I....can't...stand... it

multiply by 9/5 and add 32

/pedantic scientist
posted by gaspode 13 July | 20:50
Very close to doubling and adding 30 (which is easier to do in your head, like at parties and stuff).

/pathetic layperson
posted by mudpuppie 13 July | 20:54
FFS. That's some nice thunder. Go Zeus!
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 13 July | 21:00
Sorry. I'm just a bit crazy from the heat. But a hard rain is falling and is cooling everything off.
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 13 July | 21:23
Ah, another Otawaan, CE -- yeah, this is brutal. I was working from home the other day (normally a pleasure) and was GLAD to get to nice, air-conditioned work.

Great storm, though!! Out on the balcony under the flashes.
posted by dreamsign 13 July | 21:50
Lovely lightening! That was cool cool cool!
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 13 July | 23:06
Dude, the best: slow lightning. I have no idea why it happens, but you get this huge, forked beast, just inching across the sky. Magnificent. Not that a blinding white sheet can't be brilliant, too. Mostly the flashy-flash here tonight, at least from my vantage point.
posted by dreamsign 14 July | 01:01
Midwinter here. A cool, lovely 20c.
posted by dg 14 July | 01:20

≡ Click to see image ≡

Today is supposed to be worse.
posted by mr_crash_davis 14 July | 11:24
isn't today always suppose to be worse?
the good old days sucked in their own way
posted by ethylene 14 July | 11:28
Mid twenties celcius/high seventies farenheit here in the Lower Mainland. Seems hotter.

My son-in-law said it was 43c including the Humidex in Toronto. Urgh.
posted by deborah 14 July | 14:56
WHERE'S ICONOMY? i'm worried || Anyone going to SirenFest?