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16 July 2005

Sci-Fi Friday [More:]So... am I the only one that watches SG-1/SGA/BG? If not... any thoughts on the season openers last night?
I don't see the appeal of Battlestar Galactica at all--what am i not seeing?
posted by amberglow 17 July | 00:57
amb: nostalgia

i'm nostalgic about the old one, or was before the nostalgia bandwagon left town for me years ago
i hear the new one is good from medium to hardcore sci fi tv fans.
i don't know when it's on but i heard firefly is starting on scifi channel

you always have conan's angry man for stargate
posted by ethylene 17 July | 01:03
yeah? it's so totally different tho.
posted by amberglow 17 July | 01:27
I keep meaning to give the new BG a try. Haven't gotten around to it yet...
posted by agropyron 17 July | 01:37
The new Battlestar Galactica is the best SF on TV in my opinion, but i m really worried that they wont air the second season on Aus TV.
posted by dhruva 17 July | 01:41
i'm sure there are torrents for all of them, dhruva.
posted by amberglow 17 July | 01:47
Battlestar Galactica is fantastic. With the exception of firefly, it's easily the best sci-fi series for some time. I'd even consider getting Sky so I can see series 2.

As for the appeal, it's hard to explain why I like it so much. The mystical stuff doesn't hurt, and the old "they look like us" theme works with modern paranoias. Characterisation is fantastic, the physics is believable. The theme tune gives me goosebumps. (I believe the UK and US theme tunes were different in series one were different, but series 2 has settled on the UK theme tune).

I don't tend to like torrents, but for this I may be tempted.
posted by seanyboy 17 July | 03:07
the darkness is defintely part of the attraction. that the humans are no tthe dominant force
and then knight rider
posted by ethylene 17 July | 03:28
Sorry, even ST(whichever) seems pretty bland now compared to Firefly. Me, I wonder about the Farscape fans (I have trouble with that one) and the rabid legions of Babylon 5 fans.
posted by dreamsign 17 July | 14:57
Here's an intresting article on BSG. (nyt)
posted by dhruva 17 July | 21:09
I'm a latecomer to BG but my friend has burned discs of all the episodes from the TiVo and he will be lending them to me so I can catch up - I watched the miniseries DVD last night and liked it very much. I'm not a huge science fiction fan but I liked B5 and Firefly very much because they were just good dramas.
posted by matildaben 17 July | 23:31
I actually like SG:A the best. It is just plain fun. But as far as serious SciFi goes, BG IS the best thing in a long time. I'd put it above Firefly. I'm just not a huge fan of that short-lived show, despite being a Buffy/Angel viewer. For those that are huge fans, Firefly starts airing on the SciFi channel this Friday at 6 pm Central US Time, IIRC. Right before Stargate SG-1.

Speaking of SciFi, I would like to see a series dedicated to killing Kevin Sorbo in horrific ways each week. The first season of Andromeda was SO good and then he got rid of the head writer because he wanted the show to be "simpler" and then they totally ruined Tyr since he was more popular than Dylan by quite a bit... Sorbo is such an asshole. And the first season of Andromeda being as enjoyable as it was just goes to show you what could have been with someone else in the lead role, since Sorbo can't act his way out of a paper bag.
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