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Archives for: September 2005

30 September 2005

Dependable Renegade -- fab, bitchy pic blog
San Francisco–based Mechatters! Do you want to see Richart Thompson in two hours at the Fillmore? I have an extra ticket. If you email me within, say, one hour, with your phone number, I will arrange to meet you at around 9:30ish and give said ticket to you.
Off to Capture a Flag See you! wish me luck!
As kenko would say, this is a song you can listen to.Read more...
Get Out Yer Hankies! Here's one of the most shameless tearjerkers of all time. It never (especially after a few beers) fails to make me get misty. I'm sure you have some, too.
Lyrical. Maybe you already knew, but this is the best lyrics site I've ever found. And trust me, I've been looking for a while.
People suck. Merry Christmas,everyone!
Karen Hughes Asks... which one doesn't belong!
UpdateFilter The test results are in!
Every journey begins with a chubby footstep. Quicktime, 48MB
Radio Dodgy. For a limited time. I got some new CDs today so I'm celebrating. Come by IRC and make some requests (or here).
This morning and every morning...
Top 10 Worst Movie Sex Scenes according to Manchester Online. I haven't seen any of these movies except Showgirls, which I've tried to blank from my mind.
Get Me A Clue Filter: Having trouble finding a site that explains how to add tabs to a web site.
Read yourself Raw. Nice profiles and recommended pages for comics artists and their work.
Camp Songs with abominable midi. I've sung most of these uncounted times, except the Mormon ones that I've never heard of.
Origen is Microsoft's marketing campaign for the next-generation-defining console Xbox 360. Origen is also the oddly designed website of the same name.
Origen currently contains a tree surrounded by cute little bunny rabbits.
As time has passed, the tree has sprouted mysterious looking fruit.
The worst movie title ever. With the worst cast of characters.
A question about pirates
Music for your freaky Friday. Even if you think you don't like Ween, you should give this one a shot.
Japanese Movies Abound! The Japanese Quick is a great source for inspiration
The shining redux a feel good movie for the whole family!
Three years of lure-carving competitions with themes such as "Alien Insect", "Mermaid", "Sea Serpent" and "Very Superstitious". (Click images for larger views.)
post by: taz at: 02:27 | 9 comments
Everything That Creeps Creepy but beautiful (to me anyway) dioramas and sculptures by California artist Elizabeth McGrath. My only gripe is that the pictures of the shadowboxes are a bit too small.

(Flash site, small bit of music when the gallery first loads)
I am just a little bit hungry

29 September 2005

Giant ship model 1/10 Yamato scale model at Kure city
Length 86.29 ft. It's the perfect size for your navy. If your navy is made entirely of cats.
I still don't like Bunny Head.
ListChat: How many of these have you read?
The Yankees Are Coming! Nothing roils Boston like a visit from the despised — and dreaded — New Yorkers (Yankees Suck!).

To say the least -- this should be an intense final weekend of the regular baseball season with the Yankees facing off against the Red Sox at Fenway Park!
Are guys allowed to do the penis thing?
Cool me off, I'm soooooo hot.
Existensial Question. Why is the bus so more depressing than the subway?
Be honest. How many of you have successfully quit smoking?Read more...
101 Things you might not know about Rock and Roll, some of which might not even be right.
I reckon it's time for a new desktop thread. here's mine!
Let's Jump!
Two things I thought of while reading the "Ten Things" thread.Read more...
I need help. (Speculations on what sort of help not necissarily needed.)

How deliciously absurd!
Food pansies. So, one of the ten things you now know about me is that I'm taking a cooking class, and in last night's class, there was in interesting divide amongst the students... Read more...
How do people with only one sink do their dishes?Read more...
My portrait as described by google image search. Yours?
I hereby wish quonsar a happy birthday. And bestow upon him all privileges and rights appertaining to another year successfully stood down.

28 September 2005

Surreal photography [some NSFW] flash + resizing of window + clowns + the odd elk
You know that squid theme we were discussing? I think it got loose and broke MeFi:

While trying to retrieve the URL:
The following error was encountered:
* Zero Sized Reply
Squid did not receive any data for this request.

I'm scared.
post by: dg at: 22:44 | 5 comments
I just watched Field of Dreams again and I'm bawling like a baby. "Hey dad? Wanna have a catch?" "I'd like that."
MetaChat, Please Advise Now that I am getting my condo, I am looking at furnishings. I really really like this rug. It is white. Am I doomed?Read more...
What's a penis? I've been seeing the word penis around here lately. What does it mean? Please explain it to a non-english speaker (moi). Danke!
I just got suckered into joining a gym. I may as well use it to work on the 'ol bod. I will load every song you suggest for motivational purposes onto my Muvo for the first session. Merci!
Specklet in SF. Oct 13-16. Who wants to organize activities?
Who says we have to wear clothes? I believe Greeks believe in being natural or "without clothes". This artwork states, "Who says we have to wear clothes?".Read more...
10 Things You Don't Know About Me
Because it'll make me feel good... Some selections from Ronnie Spector, the Queen Of Rock 'N' Roll.Read more...
I am working from home today So I effectively have 3 more hours in the day (gained from my lack of commute). What wonderful things can I do in that time?
let's hold hands on the porch swing
I am now officially a man...
Huddle up! Okay, what's the game plan?
Jake and the Fat Man
Can I remind everyone that we’re all out of MeCha wine bottles and now have to use metal cylinders instead? Can you please modify your packaging labels accordingly? We can’t afford to have a boxed theme this early before the hollidays.
"Work In Progress" from Industrial Light & Magic. In a workshop built by Terry Gilliam, two peculiar inventors squabble over their latest creation. What’s more important, concept or implementation? Quicktime link may take time to load, worth the wait
Can I change the title of the post below to force mandatory compliance with today's theme?
Odd Elk Knot Aww, the Todd N Lokken MeTa Thread has been deleted. Remember folks, Todd N. Lokken is straight up gangster
Can I change my underwear?

27 September 2005

Can I change my username?
I deleted about 20 goofball answers... in the Chinese Finger Trap AskMe Thread. Please put deleted goofball answers here, as well as any answers that were too goofball to even try to post...
Butter Boy - Old Aunt Dinah. It's called "eephing."
I just found $3000...
  • Helmut Boner (IBM Employee)
  • Stella T. Krzelj (also IBM Employee)
  • Semon Kokhlov (semen cocklove)
Apologies to our latest wine label artists. I was a bit tardy updating the most recent emcee additions! I suck. But I'm drinking seanyboy's bunny brew right now, and it's delicious! (PS: a couple more days left, if anyone wants to send me any more.)
post by: taz at: 17:07 | 5 comments
The Stones Return...
Where the ladies at? I can rarely remember who is a lady-woman and who is a gentle-man here. I mean I'm usually pretty sure, but then when it comes time to post I am suddenly filled with panic and self doubt, and end up with akwark gender avoiding constructions (like here). So anyway, can we get, like, blue homme and little pink femme and little.. I dunno, green other/unspecified icons beside user names? Read more...
The document contains no data. Most annoying error message ever?
The Metafilter Drinking Game
Bill Watterson Interviewed by Fans From Around the World (via Bookslut)
Chairman of the Bored Halp! Work is boring, and they're working on the roof right over my head, so any time I even start to get in to the grove, someone drops a hammer or industrial air-conditioner right above my head jolting me out of it. Also I work in a cube farm and someone who gets a lot of calls has his cell phone ringer set to a midi version of AC/DC's Thunderstruck.
Guh. Photoshop experts, please help: Weird colorspace issues in PhotoshopCS. I would have figured some folks would be all over that AskMe post. Can you help? Answer here or there, either.
Testing, testing... Inspired by quonsar's streaming yesterday I'm trying a stream from here. Anyone able to try it out?Read more...
Seattle Ethiopian Food Meetup - again Please rsvp in the MetaTalk thread, since spinifex needs to tell the restaurant how many peeps are coming.
New DJ mix! Clicky, stompy, crunchy techno.

Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.
Ray Charles, Ramones, Pixies, Elvis Costello, R.E.M., Emmylou Harris, Jerry Garcia, and many other hi-res jpegs.
I love Natalie Dee. Share who you love.
Did you know that Pat Robertson can leg press 2000 pounds? It must be all the pancakes he eats.
Music from that 80's quiz thread
I'm going to tear my ears off in a minute. My coworker (the one with the perfume) has a radio at her desk.Read more...
The Exorcist in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies.
Happy Birthday! In honor of Google's 7th birthday, I invite you to post your favorite crappy animated Happy Birthday gif found via Google's image search.
AskMecha: Keyboard options... I am making so many typos lately and I'm really struggling wit this Dell-issued keyboard. Read more...
33 day countdown with bunnies Strange thing from Xbox and AKQA (yes it's some sort of ad - bewarned!). People all over are reporting on changes, bunny-movements and speculating what will happen when the countdown is finished (all over the web. All I wanna know is, what's with the bunnies?
. . . you know what to do...
Help with OS X's Mail App
post by: dobbs at: 03:31
Object Lesson [via] Heatwole's wonderful link blog Campheatwole, damn why doesn't he post?
This is a song you can listen to. It is by a group called "Red Pocket".
Cooking with metachat! I was bored tonight.
So I made a cookbook blog of all the killer amazing recipes everyone has posted.

Oh, and I finally stopped being so lazy and typed up one of mine. Read more...

26 September 2005

Inspired by LeeJay's good news- What funny stuff does your family do?

My Dad would occassionally come downstairs in the morning wearing shirt, tie, suit jacket, socks, shoes, carrying a brief case and wearing hideous plaid boxer shorts- no pants. He'd say, "I'm off to work, kids. I've got the worst feeling that I've forgotten something..." be the first on your block! limited time offer! the qTunes® shoutcast stream!
From The Big & Dumb Department The guitar riffs are ham-fisted, the drums lumber and shamble along like drunken rhinos, and the lyrics range from dunderheaded to savantish.Read more...
Deep Thoughts. A good way to threaten somebody is to light a stick of dynamite. Then you call the guy and hold the burning fuse up to the phone. "Hear that?" you say. "That's dynamite, baby."
inflatable pants with fitted penis sheath! Order one today! makes a great gift.
Hyper Frame (shockwave game)
I'm stuck on level 11
Bowling Bunnies! It's a game! crazy!
An incontinents of yellowlegs and other collective nouns for birds.
What do you get if you combine grandiose, Jim Steinman-sized rock ambitions with decidedly English-as-a-second-language lyrics?Read more...
Grief Bacon and Dragon Fodder Looking for that perfect word? It may just not be in your language...
Cigars all around! I know this could potentially be a GYOBFW sort of thing but I'm so excited I just had to share. I'm going to be an aunt! Read more...
Evil cats. Ok, talk to you later.
So many have you have shared lovely music. Would you please go back through your old posts and link them here? I'm a lazy Specklet, and don't want to miss anything.
It's Not The End Of The World by Super Furry Animals. I'd forgotten just how great this song is - it's beautiful man.
Cleveland MeChatters? Any MeChatters in the Cleve, OH area? We need all the members we can get for a meetup.
Iron & Wine and Calexico at the Warfield on 10/19Read more...
Coochie coo? Bugger off with your coochie coos! "Who's a little bunnykin" you say? Take that bunnykin and stick it where the sun don't shine!
Eggplant (Aubergine) Gratin: One of my favorite recipes. Since I went through all the trouble to type it for this AskMe, I thought I'd also share it here. You got any recipes you wanna throw into the pot?Read more...
post by: taz at: 13:58 | 4 comments
Ampelmaennchen I've never been to Germany and don't know much about this little crosswalk fella except that he's determined and jaunty and inexplicably cheering. Tra la la.
no more rss? looks like the MeCha rss and atom feeds have been down since sometime on sunday.
Help me find some fabric-
Wood that works [flash] I don't know if I like these or not. The patterns are mesmerising but I think the novelty would soon wear off.
Updates, please!

25 September 2005

Quick and dirty IQ test, that is.
Ask MetaChat: Do you use Flash on a Mac? I'm looking for Flash Mac users (with a single or double button mouse) to help me with a simple operating system specific test. It would only take a few minutes of your time and I'd really appreciate it if you could help.

All instructions are contained within the FLA. You'll need MX 2004 or greater to open the file. The code is not malicious. If you decide to help, please reply to this thread showing your interest.


Ask MeCha: What is "the Divide" in Willa Cather's O Pioneers and On the Divide?Read more...
HomeworkFilter: If you were to write, say, a 2-3 page (non-research) paper on anything having to do with Machiavelli's The Prince tonight, what would it be about?
Even less evil? Magnatune was previously mentioned on MetaFilter, and was pretty well received. Now they have gone a step further and are allowing you to share with your friends (a bit) the music you buy from them.

Listen closely - that sound you hear? It just may be the winds of change don't hold your breath, though
post by: dg at: 18:12 | 1 comment
I dreamed last night that DaShiv bought us all tickets to a Dodgers game, and mudpuppie, gaspode, Fris, and I were especially invited (because DaShiv loves us Metachat geek girls).Read more...
StewieLive - I've been playing with this for the last few minutes, anyone else want to help find words that have unique results?
What's Your Blog Worth? "Some bloggers have sold their blogs to outside firms eager to gain access to the audiences these blogs attract. What's your blog worth to potential buyers? It depends on what you're saying and who's reading."
I hereby declare that MetaChat will no longer be bunny-themed, but rather squid-themed.Read more...
While My Ukelele Gently Weeps [quicktime]. Stay for the solo. More here.
Giant pink bunny The dong is, I think, implied.
Getty's Looted Art, Museum attorneys say half the masterpieces in its antiquities collection can be traced to suspect dealers. Italy seeks return of 42 items.
There's been some changes to the code around here. You shouldn't notice anything apart from a slight speed increase. Let me know if you see any errors or weird behaviour. Thanks.
Do you feel lucky, punk? Now this is lucky!

A manager who was saved by his mobile phone during an armed robbery has re-opened his jewellery shop. A gunman had aimed a bullet at Darren Prior's chest, but the bullet smashed into the phone which was in his inside jacket pocket, missing the 23-year-old by inches.

Link points to a video concluding the article.
The #metachat list seems not to be working. How will anyone ever know that I'm there, waiting?
After the theater we went to his house. He's a very generous Cordoban.

24 September 2005

I have my life back!
I am a little teapot, short and stout. That is all.
Yo. Hilarity ensues
Lady Justice Lucy
* bats eyelashes, gives come-hither look *
Cube Wired (flash) - Click on the people.
dead or alive, you are crafting with me robocop is bleeding. robocop's mom is beading.
Ask Mecha Help me buy a Tablet PC. [mi]
Not just one song... ... lots.

some great stuff on there. Free to play, register to download.

right now im loving Lo fi fnk - Change channel

Smak blap indeed.
Gonna Fly Now! Pips says that when she hears this song coming through the speakers, she knows she's gonna wander into my room and find me shadowboxing or running in place. I admit it, it gets me pumped. It probably has to do with being part Italian-American, and the son of a big boxing fan (The amazing film Ring Of Fire has a similar effect for the same reason). But the scene where he runs up the steps, and after the fight when he calls out for "Adrian!!" always has me a bit verklempt. I know Stallone has been more or less a total tool since, but he won my heart with this movie. I'm sure you have your corny favorites, too, so I pay tribute to mine.
Hello, cowboy
"Every once in a while a film comes along that changes our perceptions so much that cinema history thereafter has to arrange itself around it."
The JRuns It's spreading...
PopStation2 Video Review Stunt Double for the PSP
Santo: El Enmascarado de Plata (a fotonovela) Though I don't speak spanish I found this pretty awesome. And no more posts from me today, I promise!
Help! OS X not accepting login password
iCommentary iCommentary is a hastily-named Application (Written in Applescript Studio) that uses Mplayer and LAME to rip DVD audio tracks to MP3, and (optionally) place them in your iTunes library. Thank you, Adam Kempa.
It's Gumbo Day at Casa Taz! Kids, be happy! I'm making my world famous voodoo gumbo today... And here's where I'll share my personal recipe. Read more...
I'm going to a wedding! So everyone think good thoughts for my very nervous friends Chuck and Alyce!
They went to high school together, and she's finally making an honest man out of him.
YubNub. I guess I'm late to the party as per usual, but this looks like a pretty smart idea to me. Explanation here and how to "install" here.
The word of the day is Server Error! Good morning boys and girls! Can you say, "The server response could not be read because of an error?"

I knew you could!
The hunt for black light scorpions
Dance like there's ass in your pants. What's your favorite danceable song? The linked one is my favorite, Fela Kuti's "Jeun Ko Ku (Chop 'n' Quench)."
hot crusty baguettes. Like you had anything better to do on a Friday night.

23 September 2005

Uh... So can I just post... anything? Like, even this? Or am I about to get bunnynated?
Book Bags for our resident handbag fetishists. : >
Mecha mix-up. Did I miss the last one? When's the next one?
The Ghosts of Partition Street ---a serialized novel.
I was messing with this online typing test and afterward, it had a link to the worlds fastest typer, who can maintain 150 wpm for 50 minutes! They also had a list of the 100 faster typers of the week.Read more...
Sad country music songs make me cry Does that make me gay, or a lush, or what? For example, He Stopped Loving Her Today can make me tear up so much I have to pull over to the side of the road until my eyes clear.
An obscure component manufacturer somewhere in the Pacific Rim announces a major order for some bleeding-edge piece of technology that could conceivably become part of an expensive, digital-lifestyle-enhancing nerd toy.
Indie Tits. Boobies, too! [sfw]
Look, I know it's late in the day and all, so you probably won't bother,Read more...
Image Retrieval Question: HELP!
Sexy! SFW though.

Frank the Bunny Costume & Mask -- up for auction at eBay.
Dog Sauce Dogs being renowned for being picky eaters
I'd rather have chicken friend chicken... Little space bugs on Titan eat Acetylene?

Also you might want to read Titan by Stephen Baxter, which in more ways than one is looking less like Sci-Fi and more like a long magazine article that fell into a time machine.
turn around, bright eyes-- i woke up to this a few weeks ago (missed the bonnie tyler part) but give me their genie in a bottle, baby--
Let’s make Sept 23rd annual mathowie day.
Without Him we wouldn't be here.
Giant pink bunny errected on hillside by Viennese art group Gelatin.
Hey, what's up?
Why software sucks (And what to do about it) Perfect timing: I've been banging my head against a wall for the past few days because of sucky software.
post by: gsb at: 08:10 | 3 comments
Dangit Thinkgeek (et al web-shops) , I hate paying customs fees on gifts sent to me!Read more...
You know those times when the lights go out just briefly, maybe an eighth of a second? It happened at the courthouse today and it sparked an old thought I had when I was growing up.Read more...

22 September 2005

Barbie's Nightmare Human Ken doll crafted from over 30 surgeries costing nearly a quarter million dollars.
Note to Firefox users: You should look to upgrade to 1.0.7 as soon as you can as a nasty exploit is currently out there.
This has been a public service announcement
Pink Bunny Invades Italy Plans to settle down for 20 years or so, or until the furries find her, whichever happens first.
Penis. (Must. Continue. Trend.)
Desert Island Books When I moved countries, I took 2 packs worth of stuff with me to start the new life. I decided I had to limit myself to 5 books (out of my many hundreds). Which 5 books would you take with you to a new country?
I vote for Vampire Bunnies. Like Matt says (follow the link...) - pirates are tired. But according to the commenters in the thread, so are zombies, vikings, robots, cowboys, ninjas, unicorns, cows, and monkeys. So what's left? Only Vampire Bunnies, because we can't make fun of gypsies anymore.
Be gentle with me.
bambilambkinsschip'n'dale'turkabobsparroribs and SQUABDUCKCHICKEY!!! Hurry before we're sold out!

21 September 2005

Lost! Season Premiere : who else is getting their emotions fucked with by JJ Abrams?
Bored? Thanks to Mr. Davis's comment I've been reading through some old MetaTalk posts (only a few months before I started lurking). Very entertaining.Read more...
Move Over Rapping Granny ... make way for Hassle The Hoff.

It is being reported that Ice-T will be producing David Hasselhoff's first hip-hop album.

Ice-T is said to be convinced that the 51-year-old Knight Rider and Baywatch actor can take on the biggest names in rap.

What next? Shit The Shat(ner)?
Kleine Potpourri: Some glass, some abstract art, some impossible art, and a thoughtful article on the subject of "Tolkein: FICTION OR REALITY?". Peace 'n' joy.
Pop [some NSFW adverts]. How do they get these shots. Is it all in the timing?
I love you people. I mean it. This place brings me so much joy. With bunnies!

I just had to say it. Hope you don't mind.
You can't make an omelet without breaking a few mirrors.
Rapping Granny (Skittles Ad, video, etc, etc)
Warm fuzzy thread, for those who might need it today.
I need some fishing line.
The Maestro! Some basic Tom Cruse Gossip, but I found the end of this article helarious.
Night of the Lepus! "The rabbits aren't even jacks or wild, mangy old hares; they're little Norwegian bunnies with fluffy cotton tails and the cutest little markings.
What do you wish you could do? I wish I could control my temper sometimes. I wish I could trust that things will work out.
Ghost Stories! Anyone here ever seen one? ...or some other unexplained phenomenon/event?
The Archimedes Palimpsest. If you were putting together a palimpsest, to be unearthed and restored in the far future, what (of your work or the work of others) would you hide?
The most ginormous bunny ever! No, really. 200 feet long. Huge.

20 September 2005

What can you do? I can recite the prologue to the Canterbury Tales in its original Middle English. I can also name all the colors in Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

What can you do?
This is the last goodnight... Anberlin. Amsterdam.
Oh my God... The Environmental Protection Agency's new rules on human testing, which the agency said last week would "categorically" protect children and pregnant women from pesticide testing, include numerous exemptions -- including one that specifically allows testing of children who have been "abused and neglected" . . .
More About Beer Katrina™, The Drink? -- Louisiana lawyers in sleazy bid to cash in on deadly hurricane.
I hear a tiny clinking and a meager "meow." If this story doesn't make you all teary-eyed you are a BAD BUNNY!
What is it called when one adds an extra syllable to a word. For example, "alcomahol", "saxamaphone".
This comment by scody reminded me of a wonderully haunting and poignant paragraph in the prologue of the classic Anglo-Catholic take on inter-war upper class England.
This really, really sucks. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so. (Check out the poll to the side, too.)
Weee-ner-neee, nee neener neener noo; Ka-kang, grap; ka-dung dung, grap. Mo nock nock nee-aa-wing, boo lack-ka-bow, deedle do back-kack-ka kow back ka dranna, wanna, no; doo-dalitt-da doo-dackachanackacha-chackacha-bomp. Da-Daaaaaaaaa, a, a.... Bomp!
New for the Metachat shop! "Bunnies" baseball shirts are now available in the US store. Europeans will have to swear on a stack of bibles that they'll buy one if they want it available in the European store. Also available from the US store and the Euro store:
  • Dingle T-Shirts and mugs Thanks me3dia
  • Metachat Logo stuff
  • Vampire Zombie Bunny Army stuff Thanks mudpuppie
  • The KKK Took My Bunny Away stuff
  • Shoutout Hotpants Thanks dame
  • Meh clock [Cafepress in a choice of flavours: Vanilla or Bunny] Thanks Capn
Does this remind anyone of anything?
Does love level all ranks? Is it officially your opinion that love is a platform upon which all ranks meet? Even if the object of your affections occupies a station in the lower middle class?
Worst would-be cult-leader ever! Intense eyes: check.
Speaking slowly so they hang on your every word: check.
Ponytail: check.
Charisma, ideas: ...
From Yum to Yecchhhhh Have you found in your life authors that you've enjoyed when younger that you presently dislike/loathe/despise now that you are older?Read more...

19 September 2005

PlaceOpedia Google maps and Wikipedia come together.
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, incidents, and dialogue, except for incidental references to public figures, products, or services, are imaginary and are not intended to refer to any living persons or to disparage any company's products or services.
A Little Miracle: the power went out... Share a small miracle that happened to you today.Read more...
Giant Monument Erected In Honor of Metachat An enormous pink bunny has been erected on an Italian mountainside where it will stay for the next 20 years.
Seal of Approval
For reasons pertaining to national security, the CIA has to erase your identity and relocate you. You are asked to choose an entirely new name. What do you pick?
Let's hear it for the Stones! Kidney stones, that is.Read more...
Whoah, whoah! Weird weather! One minute everything is perfectly still and quiet as I was sitting here in the heat with my fan blowing... and the next moment things are banging around on the balcony and outside the building, and all the doors and windows in the apartment are slamming shut. It's twilight here, and the sky is this totally weird illuminated flat grey color... Very strange. Also the lights are flickering from time to time... So I might be losing you here any second. Good thing Greece is totally not a hurricane/tornado zone...
Ask Mecha (not about Caractacus's uniform) How can I play a .wmv (Windows Media) movie on a Mac (Tiger OS)? Will any of the built-in apps do it? Can I avoid installing the official Windows player for Mac?
Help me out here.

18 September 2005

Just back from the movies... and I think I finally have a way to describe how I feel about the Bush jr. presidency as a whole. I call it "The Aristocrats".

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? And hell -- is it playing anywhere near you? (I know it's been banned in certain places)
Fish Puzzles Each puzzle has a little surprise in it!

(I bought one today!)
lemmings --because the Emmys aren't that wonderful at all...
wtf? I've tried to post a poem two or three times and i get this:
"Recording post...
Post not publicly published: skipping trackback, pingback and blog pings...
Posting Done..."

Hope me...i really want you all to read this poem.
Cube figures Part Lego part dilbert they're cute. Remember you are the boss. Right,I think I will go and do the personality test now : ) Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

17 September 2005

Boredom cure-izzle in da hizzle, fo shizzle.
Because I'm Hanging Around Being Lazy: The Big Five Personality Test. I found it via this, which is a bookmark on my loaner computer.Read more...
I am bored. In this thread, good people of Metachat, I do humbly importune you to entertain me. I know that you are equal to the challenge.
Ira Cohen - more horrible photographs

More here too.
Mostly of India.
[And yep, clicky the tongue]

Ask Mecha: I have to put together a list of fights historical. Rather arbitrarily, I want to limit the list chronologically -- starting from the first Athenian victory of the Persian Wars, in which a Greek soldier ran over twenty miles back to Athens with news of the victory, and ending Napoléon's last battle.

Oh, and I need to list these fights in order categorical. Can Mecha help me?
Happy Natl Day of Prayer & Remembrance ok!

16 September 2005

I'm a monument to a good ass gone under. RED LIP

Seventeen years later I sat down on a rock. It was under a tree next to an old abandoned shack that had a sheriff's notice nailed lie a funeral wreath to the front door.
Things in rubbers Sorry, no bunnies (unless pig tongue counts).
You can learn a lot about someone from their handwriting. Let's see yours.
Ask Mecha: What's your favorite/best way to find cheap airfare? I'm a total n00b when it comes to jetsetting.

Colourstrology Navigate your birthdate, surround yourself with colour!
I say "awesome" way too much. What do you say that you kind of wish you didn't?
A quick reminder: Don't forget your contribution for the Metachat book!
Too much time on my hands? Maybe so... maybe so.
What is your all-time favorite cartoon?
(Show And/Or Episode)
1-800-588-2300

15 September 2005

Wow, I didn't find the apocalypse too crunchy! Mispeakings. (avocado in this case)
Somebody come talk. On preview: Cool, it's January 1, 2000 again! There's so fuckin' much I'd like to do differently.

Thanks, dogdy and taz! You're the best!
Where'z Frisbee Girl?? Just wondering.
Her last post was 9/8. It ain't the same without her.
Homeless quonsar poses intergalactic mystery Or at least that's what I thought the headline said at first glance. I think my made up one fits tho, except for the homeless bit.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the gallery of online galleries.Read more...
Iceland Woos America With Lamb and Skyr : Whole Foods will start selling traditional Icelandic delicacies. I recommend trying the skyr, it's DELICIOUS.
omgomg Britney had her baby!!! And I could care less. Let's talk about... bunnies!
A PC Mod for all the lonely nerds. (NSFW & via)
New York mini meetup next week anyone? I have landed a short courier gig to New York next week. Anyone for beers Tuesday or Wednesday evening? Read more...
Is this for real? And here's the Reuters photo.
Particle Cannon. You have a particle cannon. You can use it to destroy...Read more...
Site Testing Some folk have said that when they post a comment they just get a blank screen. If you've had this problem then please comment in this thread and hopefully it should now work.

14 September 2005

I don't need no stinking treadmill... Fat? I'm not fat...just a little elephantine. Who ever saw a trim and toned elephant anyway?
I wish I could find another book... Yesterday's book thread went swimmingly, so help weretable out and cough up your "terror"izing book recommendations.
OH MY GOD that's beyond fucked up.
Frisbee and mudpuppie! Your presence is requested in the bay area meetup thread.
Huge NASA Galactic Image -->[Dinos inside]
Solely, MeCha Members? You can still answer my askme question, and read it in the comfort of your own MetachatHome™ (which is my way of saying "more inside").
Shelve the tedium, dame! There's kite aerial photography to see.
Spell it out I started with A, Animal's "Go Beached Whales." Pick a B artist or song and let's do the alphabet.
If you had three hands what would you do?
the Washington "Freedom Walk" Did anyone read any good detailed articles about it? I figured someone would feel the need to FPP about it after the event, but apparently not. Was it as strange as it seemed like it would be? Was the media exclusion really that successful? Pro or Con, whatever, I just want to read more about it and know what happened.
The Exorcist Convention. Pope greets convention members, urges them to continue good work
MeFi's downtime Apologies if this has been explained in detail before: could someone explain to this non-technical user why MeFi is down with such frequency? I've done some front-end web design freelance work for friends, but that's the extent of it. It's the server-end of things that I confess almost total ignorance. What is it about MeFi's particular architecture which makes it so unreliable? What would improve it? I don't mean it so much as a gripe then I do a genuine technical curiousity. Of all the sites I hit on a daily basis, MeFi seems to be down twice as much as any of them. Why is this not true of other sites?
Threadless Does Katrina Ts . Click on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to see alternate views/colors.
Rock the bell (.wmv) Read the entry, click the pic. Snicker.
justify your answers: should i move the computer into the bedroom/book area or keep all my major electronics in the "living area" (there is now basic cable in the bedroom)
my near future sweating depends on your honest response

13 September 2005

The Haunting of Hill House By Shirley Jackson. That's what I am reading at the moment (for the third time.) What about you?
I'm curious... what do you think? (via here, then here)
Here comes sunshine...
*sigh* Damn thee, vile haiku:
Syllabic ineptitude,
Poetry's cheap whore.
Odd Event of the Day
Where's Defective Yeti? All I'm seeing is a blank page. That's bad.
Seperated At Birth? Here's a good one: Larry David and Jonas Salk.
Bunnypants? I don't get it. Please don't tell me he has enlisted in the vampire zombie bunny army.
... a kind of camp Nirvana, or God loves Flags. ...he twirled more effusively and pirouetted more extravagantly than anyone else. He flung himself en arrière and en avant, he pirouetted under the posts and jeté -ed across the fifty yard line. He was terrific. Some people in the crowd got a little wound up, apparently annoyed that a gender boundary might be in danger of subversion on the very altar of American masculinity’s defining ritual. ...
Woohoo! Web Fun for Winos! Emcee 5 is on! Create a wine label for the Mecha Winery.Read more...
Possibly the worst website ever. Shall we count the ways?
Sixty amazing but true facts Including gems such as "In 1843, a Parisian street mime got stuck in his imaginary box and consequently died of starvation."

12 September 2005

Woo! Chuck Brown
Soccer Practice [innuendo, nsfw, mp3]
Salt on watermelon?
Home Theater System Me clueless.
Tips for a good cover letter?
Come Rain Or Come Shine "If the story was true that George Gershwin was his hero, then as far as I'm concerned, the pupil surpassed the teacher".
The bittersweet life of Harold Arlen.
Olsen Twins, Activate! Form of: twin 13-year-old boys!
Got a question for Mickey?
Join me for lunch? Here's what I ate, and what I saw at lunch today. Tell me a little something about your lunch?
Beedogs .com is the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes. So there.
Declaration of Revocation "The 2.15% of you who are aware that there is a world outside your borders may have noticed that no one else plays "American" football. You will no longer be allowed to play it, and should instead play proper football.
Initially, it would be best if you played with the girls. It is a difficult game. Those of you brave enough will, in time, be allowed to play rugby (which is similar to American "football", but does not involve stopping for a rest every twenty seconds or wearing full kevlar body armour like nancies)."
Great Lou Reed Poster [see inside].
post by: taz at: 03:45 | 3 comments
Organic HTML Grow flowers from URLs. or something.
Ask Mecha: The Korean laundry I patronize has been bought out by an Iraqi. Can Mecha help me to learn how to write a washing bill in Babylonic cuneiform?

11 September 2005

Accidents can happen An untimely end for rabbit and friends.
I am famous You can be famous too if you like.
Craft Grrl gives you something to do with the last of your weekend.
Silber, The Light of Reason, and a blog's end When a dream dies...

(warning-sadness making--more inside)
Go hiking today! Just found this by chance and it's pretty cool. Myself, I can't decide on whether to do this one or maybe Max Patch.
It's saturday night and I ain't got nobody, and despite appearances, I'm not in IRC twice.Read more...

10 September 2005

Kisskisskissy boys I always knew Maxim was a magazine for gay men who don't know they're gay ... yet. NSFW coz it's got guys kissing. GROSS!
Absolutely ginormous collection of photos from this year's Burning Man.
Ask MeCha OK, i just woke up (circa 9:30), I'm still drunk from last night, and I have a lot to do today.Read more...
Mecha Wine Labels? What do you guys think of this idea as a change of pace for our emcee collaboration? Here's how it could work: [more inside]
post by: taz at: 06:16 | 8 comments
Metachat Mix-up Free-for-all. We've got a little bit of spare bandwidth left over from the last mix session. Please help yourselves.
Illustrator Gary Taxali. I really, really like his retrogrunge collage style. (note that there are four sets of gallery pages with 20 images each; navigate from the "portfolio" links at the top.)
post by: taz at: 03:53 | 4 comments

09 September 2005

Pretty people posing while thinking of Oreos.

edited to add: NSFW image included in comments inside. turn images off if you are at work. -taz
Mail Art: file under "Stuff to Look At." Though I posted this to the mefimailartswapblog-a-doo earlier in the week, I believe I've been remiss in publicizing the upsurge in uploads. Potentially, MI.
Rock out with me here. A recent cover of a long-forgotten-if-ever-known rock anthem from 1982. It's been making me happy, anyway. Had to share.
A picture of steak for starters.
Penis. (Bugmenot login: latimes/latimes.)
"you live in a dream world." What's your favorite MeFi moment?Read more...
Really nice rock posters. That's pretty much it! Really nice rock posters. Here and here and here and here. I can actually afford most of these.
requisite courtesy introduction thing: I wonder what this button does...
Experimental Feature: Under the link for the IRC you should see a list of currently logged in users. Let's see how it goes...
"[K]nown as the taz" Only one German daily, die tageszeitung (known as the "taz") uses Berliner format, and another, the junge Welt relaunched in a size very close to Berliner in 2004, abandoning the unique slightly-larger-than-A4 size that had marked it out since the early 1990s.
How come if the white man ain't the devil...
Defensive Marriage: The new strategy illiterates are using combat the "gay agenda."
norwegian hip-hop summer hits While unsuccessfully trying to find a song that got stuck in my head while on vacation in Norway, I did manage to turn up this video.

It's by Ravi & DJ Løv, called "E-Ore" and was a chart-topper over in the land of vikings & north sea crude this summer.
This is an attempt to really dump the shit that belongs here.
Rwanda Genocide Sorry. I have been reading a book by Romeo Dallaire. It makes NOLA seem fucking tiny. Really. Blame "Bush"? No: blame Bill Clinton for letting a half million Rwandans die.

08 September 2005

John Gruber presents The iTunes 5 Announcement From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal User Interface Theme
Apparently, Lying is Free Speech Too An appeals court in Washington State (US-Centric, sorry) has ruled that a state law "prohibiting political candidates from lying about their opponents is an unconstitutional violation of free speech" partly because the law also allows candidates to "proclaim falsehoods about themselves". Meanwhile, the Delaware Supreme Court heard arguments this week in a case in which they will decide whether an ISP must disclose the ID of an anonymous blog-commenter whose kindergarten-level invective against a local politician sparked said politician to sue for defamation.

So. How much of a jerk can one properly be?
Rockville, Maryland public school teacher urges "predicts" the shooting of liberal traitors "...A[n Al-Quada] WMD attack must be coordinated and launched against two distinct targets, preferably East and West (Left) Coast cities. A nuke or two, even if low yield, will devastate America. A Hobbesian 'war of all against all' will emerge as the criminal, opportunistic, and seditious elements strike out. Expect heavily armed and infuriated conservatives to launch a cleansing war against the traitors. The armed will mow down the mostly unarmed segments, especially those elements that devoted forty-plus years to anti-American hatred to destroy this country." [via Daily Kos]

Also, Mr. Lopez-Calderon details his "irreversible break with the Left".
Shitty video and a worse codec (VHS -> WMV) And a despicable decade. But it's some interesting John McLaughlin and great guitar playing. Feel free to add links. He is a new musician to me, and I like what I see. :-)
The ghost village of Imber It's not easy to find the "ghost village" of Imber. On maps its location is a great big blank space, and it doesn't appear on any road signs. You only know you're in the right area when you spot a single "Tank Crossing" sign about a mile south of West Lavington, and glance across to the unassuming little single-track road bearing the notice of whether the roads through the village are open or not. "Not" is nearly always the answer - Imber's only open to public access on a handful of days every year.
It's finally downloadable! My weirdest foreign language cover. Yousendit is working for me again. Enjoy! Matteo get your ass in gear and check the translation.
Don't fuck with stuff on your face. Sound advice from fellow metachatter (and my current favorite artist), Mrs. Pants.
A haiku for you:  
The autumn pumpkins
Glow orange, but their vines, they itch
* slathered in ointment *
Blatant bragging.
sticker on the subway window today: "If cops are told to shoot to kill our own citizens during an enormous disaster, those cops should turn around and shoot to kill their superiors." (pretty exact--maybe a word or 2 different)
voice of the people Dick Cheney feels the love. (WMV, NSFW)
Dictionaraoke Songs set to the pronounciation samples from online dictionaries. Don't miss Copacabana.

[ via ]
All's fair in love and war.
post by: deborah at: 16:22
Out now! Katrina's first solo album - Turn the Tide
What's that? A flood? Fuck. I'm getting drunk.
I just ate a shitload of Bison Jerky...
Underpants! While donations of clothing and other household supplies for hurricane victims have been streaming in, there is a shortage of undergarments for men, women and children. Brad Graham started the Underpants Drive, which is raising money to purchase and donate underwear -- you should help!
CrudCrud is one of my favorite mp3 blogs. He consistently posts great tunes from unexplored corners of the universe, most of them lifted from 45's that he bought for under $5.Read more...
yo, jonmc in that deleted thread over on metafilter, you said:
Retired Teachers Get Fingerprinted in U.S.

07 September 2005

The buddy break-up
Aviator Blues: A fantastic Royal Trux song that I had forgotten about until I was ripping some discs last night. To be played at maximum volume.
Kuro5hin Anybody here post (or in the past posted) on

Just curious.
We Got Our Own Refugees! Raleigh now has 400 Refugees/Evacuees which includes 8 dogs and 2 cats.
Paging Specklet! Your expertise is called for.
Cultured Traveler Excellent articles/travel stories to anywhere and everywhere in the world. E.g. Sacred Tibet, Macchu Picchu , Manu Rainforest (I just did the latter two last month :). Click on "story search" for browsing.
If you want to play soldier with me, I will make you play it a lot longer than you had in mind. (Best DirectNIC / Outpost Crystal post yet!)
Valmeyer, IL moved (the whole town!) 2 miles. To escape flooding. The US Gov paid to move the town. A story of rebuilding and weird hope. Ignominiously posted to MeFi with nary a comment, but the story is a really good one. (The article is good too.)
For people who like to build things out of legos
(being one of those posts where people look at the link, mutter something about it being interesting but not postworthy and then go back to the world)
Navy Pilots Who Rescued Victims Are Reprimanded "I felt it was a great day because we resupplied the people we needed to and we rescued people, too," Lieutenant Udkow said. But the air operations commander at Pensacola Naval Air Station "reminded us that the logistical mission needed to be our area of focus." [mi]
Looking for Help from NYC Peeps. My best friend from New Orleans and her s.o. are Katrina victims and I want to help them find a place to stay for free temporarily in NYC while they try to pull their world together. She's an award-winning photojournalist, and he's a well-known jazz musician. They have their dog with them.Read more...
post by: taz at: 02:07 | 8 comments

06 September 2005

I'm Going to Die of a Shin Bruise Or, How Do I Stop Being Such a Hypocondriac Because Being Convinced I'm Going to Die of Stupid Things Is Both Disruptive and Boring?
Some more questions.
Dingle changes its name! And we just got the labels printed up...
From last year a National Geographic article about possible doom for Lousiana's wetlands.
Skype Prank. "A profile is put up with a girl's name and picture, and put in "Skype me" mode. Within minutes some seedy guy will invariably try chatting, and there's a little program I made which will partner up people 2 at a time, and send messages from the first person to the second, & vice versa. This way both people think they're talking to a girl, when they find out, well, they're not normally too happy about it..."
How do you imagine other MeChatters?
Ask Fark - there is money to be made. Sorry for my business. Preview doesn't work in Safari.
Some questions 1. Tie tacks: does anyone wear them anymore?
2. Champagne glasses: when did flutes overtake the saucer-shape?
3. Spaceballs: Is it being given a theatrical re-release? Why now?
Hypothetical Katrina Fundraiser
1. Punch this bitch in the mouth as hard as you possibly can.
2. Give to the Red Cross.

05 September 2005

A 'jaguar' shark "I wanted to check out the mud flat between the rock outcrops. Hugo turns the sub around and…there it is, gracefully swimming a few inches off the bottom in the blue light, all in bright glowing yellow spots – my Jaguar Shark!" Full story.
Someone please kick the box. The Katrina discussions have been mostly excellent and a great source of info. So please, Matt, press the reset button.
The End of the World. I haven't been able to get this tune out of my head all weekend.
Buy lifetime hosting, donate to Katrina aid organizations.
Displaced designer offers bed & office for any creative displaced by Katrina. I just wanted to find some news that wouldn't make me weep, and am glad to see that some people are trying to set up temporary lives, offices and housing for those who can not return home yet. I'd like to see this idea for all sorts of people. Have you seen anything else sorta like this? Please link it.
Eye of the Storm. Sun Herald reporters Mike Keller and Joshua Norman provide heartrending, personal photojournalism and stories from Mississippi.
Cajun Diaspora
huh? Big white dot spotted at end of deleted thread.

04 September 2005

Jesus wrote a blank check. One I haven't cashed quite yet.
Mr. Bill Knew Mr. Bill in a June 2004 PSA for a fundraising campaign for the Louisiana wetlands. I got it off Rude Pundit; apologies if it's been posted before or elsewhere, but I'm just so furious and this is so prescient and chilling, I had to share.
Seen on LJ Who is responsible? Who do you fire?
New Orleans spirit alive in Detroit The Regal Brass Band played the Jazz Fest even though their homes are destroyed and they don't know where all their players are.
post by: stilicho at: 04:29
Close to the Edge Who knew Yes! was so awesome? I get up! I get Down! Where is everybody?

03 September 2005

BUSH DOES REHNQUIST to deflect attention from Katrina failures. Administration insiders say he will nominate FEMA director Mike "Brownie" Brown for the Supreme Court post.
Atheists for ID? In this AskMe thread,the user named Independent Scholarship makes the claim that "There are actually many ID people who do NOT believe in God." This was news to me:Read more...
I need this space!
HELP PLZ Is it possible to develop Tourettes later in life? Like, real Tourettes, not just cussing up a storm because it's fun.
Stuff happens. "W. drove his budget-cutting Chevy to the levee, and it wasn't dry. Bye, bye, American lives."Read more...
The Calamari Wrestler is an action comedy about a young girl who falls in love with a giant squid, who is a championship wrestler. Things go out of control when an evil giant octopus and lobster scheme to take over the Championship for themselves.
Modern Rules of Advertising. Can anyone think of any more?
At that point, Mr. Ballmer picked up a chair and threw it across the room hitting a table in his office. Mr. Ballmer then said: "Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I'm going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to fucking kill Google."
Feelin' Existential: Does anyone else go through life with the sneaking suspicion that the world is just humoring you? or is that just me. I think this started when I was i kidergarten. I started halfway through the year. The other kids learned something in that first semester that I'll never know.
Red Cross records. Some of the artists on CD Baby are donating all their profits to the Red Cross. If you were thinking of buying something there then now might be a good time.
Turn, turn in my arms... I hope I did this right.

02 September 2005

Wow. Vince Laforet is one of the NYTimes staff photographers. Amazing photos from hurricane katrina. (please respect his copyright)
post by: jba at: 22:52 | 4 comments
Anyone watching the NBC telethon? Kanye West just did a bit of an ad lib on live television and ended with: "George Bush hates the black man." Mike Meyers looked like he was gong to punch him in the face.
Project Backpack Some friends of mine put this together, and I made the link to buttons. So, I feel a little weird putting a link up on Metafilter. So I thought best to show it here. It's a relief aid of sorts for the NOLA children displaced to other states without any school supplies.
I thought I was doin' ok
with the return of the fall, so have i-- wow. so much has happened in a month. i have no idea where to start but for the first time in a while i get to be still.
Youth on the March "Thank you! Let me begin with some sentimental appeals to our national myths; assorted clichés coined by the state; the ideological shorthand meant to sweep your private doubts [away] of this virtual training course. This portal; this Trojan Horse that you living idiots paid for and actually rolled into your own kids’ rooms."

Lyrics to the first new Propaghandi song ("Die Jugend Marschiert") to be realeased in 5 years. Punk! (Download here)
Some songs of Richard Thompson
What's your neighborhood's story? Every neighborhood has stories. Secrets. Things you have to live there to know. Read more...
United Negro College Fund --they need help to provide for all the NO and Gulf students flooded out of college. They're placing them in other colleges. It's very important--kids who drop out now may never go back and it's important for their futures.
post by: amberglow at: 17:34
Did anybody else hear Wolf Blitzer yesterday misspeak right before a commercial break? He was talking about the people effected by the hurricane and said "they are so poor and so (short pause) black." I hope it was a misspeak at least. I wish I had recorded it.
You Don't Know Jack. So, how long until Jack Thompson blames all this on SimCity?
Webgeeks, help
Queen? That's all they bloody need.
She said hotel staff encouraged guests to loot a nearby store for food, so that's what Dewey and her boyfriend did. Just one more story about the hurricane, but I thought this anicdote was intresting.
Baltimore Meetup Saturday Sept 3rd. That's tomorrow. 7pm, Max's in Fell's Point. Of course, I was writing the post, but now MetaTalk contains no data, so maybe it will just be MeCha's there. Obviously I can't include a link to the MeTa thread, but check there later if you want to do so. Oh yeah, apparently one is to look for the stuffed shark.
Nagin Interview from WWL-AM. Please host on your site and get his message out there. (Transcript.)
UPDATE: This interview is now also available at CNN.
What can we do?
Gas prices in your area? What were they for you last week? This week?

01 September 2005

Wahoo! I got 'em.
You like fun. I like lice. I was all like "Bitch, stop playin' head games wit' me!" and she was like, "But baby, they're EDUCATIONAL!"

(I woulda made this my MeFi post today, but I already made one... Maybe tomorrow...)
quonsar questioned by US Marshals
* hopes Gulf coast rescue efforts accelerate *
Eating for Five Big Ones (NYC) --Save money on food and donate the rest to RedCross. (don't skip the comments--more options listed there)
post by: amberglow at: 14:48
Really cool paper stuff! A working pipe organ, a working clock, a pinhole camera, Cinderella's Castle, Disney's Tower of Terror, a movable steam engine, Howl's Moving Castle, a working version of The Game of Life, and much much more, all found via the wonderful Paper Forest weblog, which has links to lots of paper projects, automata, ephemera, and art. One or two of the paper templates are for sale, but most are free and online for your downloading pleasure. I just love this weblog.
book me
The end of trauma medicine and an era of mass participation in extreme sports? Could you live longer if you trimmed off the old parts and replaced them with new one? This is BIG. This is real big. (via Slashdot)
Koders. Search engine for finding code. I'm still trying it out but it looks promising.
10[Powers Of]  • A website devoted to the famous film by Charles and Ray Eames. One of the Eames Foundation's sites featuring the legacy of this remarkable couple. I recommend The Films of Charles and Ray Eames, Vol. 1, as aside from Powers of Ten, it also includes a fascinating film documenting the complete dismantling of their office/workshop prior to shipping to the Library of Congress. Included also is the first draft of Powers of Ten. See also Bruce Bryson's web reimagining, and another from CERN.
On Stagnant Pond CyberSalute to the Pink Flamingo
Girl talk. Tampons! Yeast infections! Yeats infections! Yeats' inflections! Slang for genitalia! We got it all, baby!