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08 September 2005

September 8, 2005
Chinese Eatery Sold Donkey in Tiger Urine
Filed at 9:52 a.m. ET

SHANGHAI, China (AP) -- A restaurant in northeastern China that advertised illegal tiger meat dishes was found instead to be selling donkey flesh -- marinated in tiger urine, a newspaper reported Thursday.

The Hufulou restaurant, located beside the Heidaohezi tiger reserve near the city of Hailin, had advertised stir-fried tiger meat with chilies for $98as well as liquor flavored with tiger bone for $74 a bottle, the China Daily reported.

Raw meat was priced at $864 per kilogram.

The sale of tiger parts is illegal in China and officers shut down the restaurant, only to be told by owner, Ma Shikun, that the meat was actually that of donkeys, flavored with tiger urine to give the dish a ''special'' tang, the newspaper said.

The report didn't say how the urine was obtained.

Authorities confiscated the restaurant's profits and fined Ma $296 it said. It wasn't clear what Ma was fined for. Selling donkey meat is not illegal in China and it is widely consumed in the northeast.

Ma had initially claimed that the meat came from dead tigers sold to him by the management of the Heidaohezi reserve, but later changed his story, the report said.

While Heidaohezi's director denied that claim, the reserve, with about 150 tigers, has been involved in similar controversies in the past.

Until China outlawed the trade in 1993, the reserve received most of its revenue from the sale of tiger skins, bones and other body parts, which are believed by Chinese to imbue vigor and sexual prowess.
posted by mcgraw 08 September | 10:28
Man, somebody was pissed at that ass.
posted by jonmc 08 September | 10:34
This is important news.

Do you suppose that, by "other body parts," they mean tiger penis?
posted by dfowler 08 September | 10:34
Man, don't you just hate that?
posted by carter 08 September | 10:38
I've been a cultural anthropologist "in the field" for years, and I find that contemptible.
posted by dfowler 08 September | 10:55
Waiter! Waiter! There's a donkey in my piss!
posted by dodgygeezer 08 September | 11:06
I want my $98 back.
posted by Hugh Janus 08 September | 11:28
Ain't that a pisser.
posted by me3dia 08 September | 11:43
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posted by Hugh Janus 08 September | 11:59
Hee hee hee heh heh a weiner dog! Get it?

That really did make me giggle. Weiner dog!
posted by Specklet 08 September | 13:27
"Urine a lot of trouble." - the cops.
posted by urbanwhaleshark 08 September | 13:56
mcgraw, once again you have undermined the honorable intent of this forum, blighting us with puerile anecdotes.
posted by dfowler 08 September | 16:07
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posted by mcgraw 08 September | 17:01
ARGH fscking deleted threads POINTY DEATH || CrudCrud is one of my favorite mp3 blogs.