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22 September 2005

I know! I made a post, hit refresh and everything changed. I like it!
posted by jrossi4r 22 September | 14:09
posted by Smart Dalek 22 September | 14:09
Whoo hoo!
I like it.
My compliments to the chef(s?)
posted by peacay 22 September | 14:11
Very cool! I like it a lot.
posted by gaspode 22 September | 14:11
The lowdown.
posted by peacay 22 September | 14:12
It's wonderful! I lurve it!!

posted by Frisbee Girl 22 September | 14:13
Love it. Bunnyhead!
posted by shane 22 September | 14:14
I didn't even know we were due for a refurbishment.

posted by mcgraw 22 September | 14:14
Damn, I posted too soon--

Love tragicmagichead too!
posted by shane 22 September | 14:15
Holy wow!
posted by mudpuppie 22 September | 14:17
posted by mayfly wake 22 September | 14:17
*Wipes lunch off screen*

I mean that in the best possible way. This is cool. I love the colors. Good Job Taz and DodgyG.
posted by safetyfork 22 September | 14:22
And, Shan Michael Evans! (just read peacay's link)
posted by safetyfork 22 September | 14:25
It's fresh and fun and charming and inviting.

Just like metachat!
posted by iconomy 22 September | 14:25

1. "Son, you got a bunny in yo' head."

2. "Eh! Steve!"

3. Nice!
posted by papercake 22 September | 14:26
posted by danostuporstar 22 September | 14:27
love. it.
posted by whatnot 22 September | 14:29
I can't take any credit at all.

Nice one taz and Shan.
posted by dodgygeezer 22 September | 14:31
Already have two other points, if I may:

-> I want to click on the "tragicmagichead" art and get to the Metachat homepage (I know I can click the phrase, but I just want to mouseover him and give him a click to go home. It's an urge).

-> The "posted by" square could use more contrast for comments that are further down in the white to blue gradient -- they wash-out a bit.

Something to consider.

Lively is another positive adjective I'm thinking of.
posted by safetyfork 22 September | 14:33
I love it!
posted by greasy_skillet 22 September | 14:34
I can't take any credit at all.

Too Honest!
posted by safetyfork 22 September | 14:37
Ah, yes... I meant to link the image: will do.

Also... I did change the box color... and then every time I was uploading the stylesheet to the test space at that point, the change wasn't showing up. So I figured I'd wait until the changes were made here and hit it again. I'll look at it again in the morning (well, my morning).
posted by taz 22 September | 14:37
I say: Great minds, taz!
I may have used my exclaimation mark quota for the day in this thread alone.
posted by safetyfork 22 September | 14:46
YAY! It looks tremendous. I thought I clicked on the wrong link for a minute there.
posted by LeeJay 22 September | 14:57
When I first saw the new logo, the "head" looked to me like a giant Jockey underwear (with the 'eyes' being the legholes) which the small bunny was trying to wear.

Yes, there is something wrong with me.
posted by wendell 22 September | 14:59
Love the new look. I er, never did like the bunny picture. I found it interfered with my reading the text.
posted by Orange Swan 22 September | 14:59
I already miss the bunny and carrot, but I am resistant to change, and the bunny did indeed make text reading difficult.

So party on, gentle duders and dudettes.
posted by loquacious 22 September | 15:06
I like it. Nice job.
posted by teece 22 September | 15:10
I lurv it.
posted by Capn 22 September | 15:17
omguh omguh omguh it looks great!
posted by WolfDaddy 22 September | 15:18
Excellent! Awesome! Yay! Exclamation point!
posted by me3dia 22 September | 15:18
Shan Michael Evans

This name contains 13 of the 15 letters in my full (first, middle, last) name. Wow.
posted by shane 22 September | 15:30
*prostrates before bunnyhead*
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by mcgraw 22 September | 15:33
The best thing about it is that my daughters are not constantly right behind me, looking at the bunny. This means I can swear like a sailor.
posted by Skrik 22 September | 15:34
...we should charge $5 for every new account!

Just kidding! HA!
posted by mcgraw 22 September | 15:41
Cool, I feel more at home.
posted by Chimp 22 September | 15:42
Yowza yowza!
posted by Specklet 22 September | 15:43
Howdoyalike our new playground!?
posted by mcgraw 22 September | 15:45
It scared the bejeezus out of me for a second (oh no—what happened to MeCha?!), but now that I understand what's happened, I like it. (^_^) It's both disturbing and cute, and I like the blending blue... but, I should have gone to bed 5 hours ago, so I hope this jolt will quickly fade from my system...
posted by MightyNez 22 September | 15:59
Talk about surprising. I had the tab open from last night, got home today, refreshed it, then froze for a second. Whow. Good work to all. And I like the drawing because I see the bunny sitting in his mouth.
posted by puke & cry 22 September | 16:11
All hail the new bunny head. It's fantastic!
posted by PsychoKitty 22 September | 16:26
good googly mooglies
this must be what i get for being itinerant and out of the loop
posted by ethylene 22 September | 17:07
posted by tracicle 22 September | 17:10
Awesome. The bunnyhead guy has a cool, Jhonen Vasquez-type vibe.
posted by BoringPostcards 22 September | 17:27
Was looking for a post that addressed this -- and knew that WOW must be it.

I second that!

Can we keep it?! Can we keep it?!
posted by dreamsign 22 September | 17:34
Howdoyalike our new playground!?

I think it's lovely, dear.

And boringpostcards is right: the head has a Vasquez feel to it. Exxxxcellent.
posted by Specklet 22 September | 17:38
posted by ericb 22 September | 17:47
Soooo nice. So so so so nice. I makes my crappy day so much better.
posted by muddgirl 22 September | 18:09
Most excellent! Well, at least I imagine it will be when I can see more than 256 colours. As it is, the fading is a bit stripey and includes several lovely shades of green and lilac.

I must say I don't miss that bunny at all, if only because it makes the site look so obviously not work-related. At least now all but the top of the screen looks pretty innocuous. plus, I hate bunnies anyway.
posted by dg 22 September | 18:12
Beautiful. I prostrate myself before the leet web skillz of the metachat administrators.
posted by seanyboy 22 September | 18:28
Whoa. Nicely done!
posted by deborah 22 September | 18:48
*places hands in lap in an ill-conceived attempt to hide bulge*
posted by quonsar 22 September | 18:56
I love it!

: >
posted by amberglow 22 September | 19:26
HandS? *slides closer to quonsar*
posted by WolfDaddy 22 September | 19:33
Well done.
posted by reflecked 22 September | 19:54
I got a little excited there. Thanks to whoever cleaned up my little burst of enthusiasm.
posted by cali 22 September | 20:31
So adorable, so stylish, so WTF -- Metachat perfectly expressed in a design nutshell. Well done!
posted by melissa may 22 September | 20:48
hi eth, we still miss you
posted by muddgirl 22 September | 21:22
Now that 8 hours or so have passed since I first saw bunny-head, I must say that I am falling increasingly in love.
posted by mudpuppie 22 September | 21:36
wow. it's brilliant!
posted by dhruva 22 September | 21:45
It freaked me out just now (I know, I've been too busy to visit for a couple days) but I think I like it. The only thing I regret is that the line "I want to see blood on the carrots when I get back" won't have as much meaning anymore.
posted by matildaben 22 September | 21:48
Does anyone else have a white bar about the size of your average horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page, no matter where you scroll? Or is this the Firefox hole I've heard so much about?
posted by Eideteker 22 September | 22:34
Not I.
posted by dg 22 September | 22:49
Me neither, too.
posted by mudpuppie 22 September | 22:58
Not me three.
posted by WolfDaddy 22 September | 23:07
Ugh. The bunnyhead guy has a lame, Jhonen Vasquez-type vibe.
posted by interrobang 22 September | 23:09
Thank you, interrobang. I don't like it either, but I liked the whole "bunny" thing less.

If monkeys and pirates are passe, then bunnies are too, dangit.

(the gradient blue thing is cool, though)
posted by yhbc 22 September | 23:40
Eideteker, what's your platform, etc.? Also, if you could send me a screenshot, I can see if I can figure out if it has something to do with any particular element in the layout.
posted by taz 22 September | 23:40
Sweet, this bug thats been annoying me since the site started seems to have been fixed. Must have been something in the stylesheet.
posted by puke & cry 23 September | 00:01
The white bar at the bottom is because the background image is 1000px high and you must be viewing it with a greater vertical resolution than that. I run at 1600x1200, and my browser's height is nearly that, so I get a white strip across the bottom whose height is the difference between 1000px and the height of the browser.
posted by George_Spiggott 23 September | 01:19
Damn, I go away for four days and y'all change the whole thing! I love it! Less sweet - less cutesy - all good.
posted by mygothlaundry 23 September | 01:38
I just totally had a brain flash.

See the bunny in the guys head? The bunny needs PANCAKES coming out of a hole in it's head!

Like so:

Guy -> bunny - > pancakes.

I guess the pancakes could be ON the bunny head, but it'd be cooler if it was nested IN the bunny head.

I can dream
posted by loquacious 23 September | 02:07
That fucking rocks.
posted by furiousdork 23 September | 03:33
Damn - I'm gone for two days for work meetings and whn I finally get back online I click on MeCha and see the makeover. Splendid. Great job. I feel so....alive.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 23 September | 08:01
Okay, that problem with the white at the bottom oughtta be fixed (or clear your cache)... or else you have the the world's biggest monitor. In which case, boo-hoo, poor you, you'll just have to cry all over your 18K gold keyboard, won't you?
posted by taz 23 September | 08:17
ah. I probably should have added: ;)
posted by taz 23 September | 08:31
I liked the old bunny.

posted by puddinghead 23 September | 10:31
i love love love it!
posted by Mrs.Pants 23 September | 10:31
You can have him (or maybe her?) for your desktop, puddinghead... Does that make you feel better, a little?

≡ Click to see image ≡

download here.
posted by taz 23 September | 10:43
*kisses taz*
posted by Frisbee Girl 23 September | 10:47
Yay! *hugs taz*
posted by LeeJay 23 September | 11:53
Get bunnyhead on a shirt sans anything else and I'd buy it in a second.
posted by dobbs 23 September | 13:41
Metachat Industries™ are currently in negotiations with Magictragichead Corp™ for worldwide distribution rights of the Bunnyheaded Zombie Boy™ image.

Once our crack team of lawyers has beaten up their crack team of lawyers in some dark alley somewhere we'll be sure to let you know.
posted by dodgygeezer 23 September | 13:57
Yeah, thanks, Taz.

*wipes eyes*
posted by puddinghead 24 September | 00:37
love love love it.
taz, would you please come redesign my life? (and bring iconomy with you!)
posted by madamjujujive 24 September | 01:25
*begins packing bags*

Oh, yeah - I like this idea: have bunny-ears, will travel. Like a whole MIB thing, except with chicks. And bunnies. And, you know, design instead of awesome weapons. And not quite so many aliens.

So, okay, really, nothing like MIB. But I still like Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.
posted by taz 24 September | 03:11
I hate the bunnyhead drawing. Hate it, hate it, hate it.
posted by interrobang 26 September | 01:53
Soldiers trade gore for porn. || I vote for Vampire Bunnies.