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07 December 2021

You. You OK? So we are coming up on two years of pandemic life. How are you these days?
XMAS music Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence!

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence!

There are many versions of this, from the soundtrack to the movie, the rereleased soundtrack, and live with verious other players but I like this unacompanied piano played by Sakamoto the best. Read more...

06 December 2021

XMAS music And another full album for you. Mother & Child (A Christmas Celebration Of Motherhood)

In 1995 someone at IRS records put together a Christmas album to try to hit the soccer moms of America right in the feels. They picked a group of performers from the mainstream pop, R&B, country, and religious charts and themed it around motherhood and Christmas.Read more...

05 December 2021

XMAS music Today a full album of old and new songs for Christmas from Molly Johnson, It's A Snow Globe World. A Pop jazz holiday.

Molly Johnson formerly of Alta Moda, and The Infidels used to host Blue Mondays at the Cameron House in Toronto back when we were much younger. Read more...

04 December 2021

XMAS music Another 80s song and it's another not so happy one. Prince - Another Lonely Christmas. This is the only time he played it live, December 26 1984 in St. Paul. Here is the story.

03 December 2021

XMAS music Blondie and Fab 5 Freddy's Yuletide Throwdown (Cut Chemist Remix) Pure early 80s sound with a more modern sensibility. I really like this mix.
BONUS holiday music Foo Fighter Dave Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin celebrate with The Hanukkah Sessions. Covers of Manilow, Amy Winehouse, Beastie Boys, Drake, Peaches, The Knack, Lisa Loeb, the Ramones and more.

02 December 2021

XMAS music Mariah Carey always shows up at Christmas and we're not gonna take it any more.
Eddie Mekka (aka Carmine 'the Big Ragoo' Ragusa') has passed away.

*raises Shotz beer*

01 December 2021

XMAS music Christmas isn't always happy for everyone and here is a darkwave celebration of that. It's Not a Happy Christmas (Radio Edit) from Read more...