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Archives for: August 2005

31 August 2005

Hilarity! I don't know if anyone else can do this, but watching *any* video clip on while listening to *any* song from the Carl Stalling project works perfectly! Perfectly!
Got a good recipe for morel mushrooms?
Are they talking about this?
Driving yourself crazy Is it a short trip?
Rasterbation.
What random things have pissed you off today? Me: I got caught up in a gaggle of tourists at my subway station, including some who *stopped immediately after going through the turnstile*, thus causing me to delay several seconds,miss my train and have to stand on the hot hot platform for 7 or 8 minutes. Then I got to work and found that someone had been looking for something on my desk and messed it all up. Gah!
04/19/1995 1:00 AM

30 August 2005

Tech help needed, please!!
Jesus brings the pot and He-Man brings the papers. Now that's teamwork!
WDSU feed from Louisiana (They just switched to another feed from Oklahoma--a bad sign--consider this a Katrina update thread)
Titus Paulsel: A nice set of photos.
New Years in Septembre!
I lift my mug to growing participation on MeFi and MeCha, as it's New Read more...
celebrities as kids Hee: Demi Moore
Book Reminder. If you're submitting something for the Metachat book can I just remind you to put the word 'metachat' in the subject line. If you've submitted something and haven't heard from me yet then it's probably got lost so please get in touch. Thanks
pc / mac ruminations So, this is something that sticks in my mind: in some ancient AskMe thread, someone (I'm too lazy to look up), essentially responded to a Windows user who had concerns about installing updates, "if you don't trust the platform enough to install the official updates, why are you even using that platform?" /paraphraseRead more...
Cheap Shot: Buy a $30 one-time use digital camcorder from CVS. Mod it. Now you've got your own digital camcorder for $30.Read more...
Boot Sale Sounds MP3 blog with music gathered from thrift shops and yard sales.

29 August 2005

AskMeCha: Things I've always wondered.
Funny Bunny ... Now that we've got kitty cats in sinks here and at MetaFilter ... time for something more 'site appropriate', I'd say.
This next song is about the rise of fascism: or what I learned on my summer vacation.Read more...
Meetups on I don't know if this will really take off, but here's a pointer to it anyway.
Fuck you -- you fucking fuckity fuck fuck.
The Taking of the Orange Line 1-2-3 --a playlet about the DC Metro.
What do you wear (or not wear) to bed?
Today would be a good day to fill up your tank I just got a message from a friend who works for a fuel management company (the people who supply gas to gas stations). She says that her suppliers have stopped filling orders. That means that if you do not fill up your tank today you may not be able to later in the week, or at least will have to wait in line for the privilege. Read more...
I don't fucking believe what just happened to me Read more...
Dogville Confessions The American release of the Dogville DVD didn't contain any of the extras included on the Danish release, for nearly all of the 3+ hours of material is fascinating stuff, especially the hour-long documentary Dogville Confessions, directed by Sami Saif (.pdf file in second link). Not your typical marketing fluff piece, this is an extremely up-close-and-personal look at the often tense conditions on the set of Dogville. Saif set up a wooden video confession booth on the set, and the stars were encouraged to record their own thoughts and feelings about working with Lars Von Trier.
I want someone to buy me flannel pajamas. What do you want?
Thank you all for humoring me. So that went as well as could be expected.
My motto:
Bugmenot ID's,, everything2 etc. If this continues unchecked will Bugmenot kill communities?
Oh frabjous day! The AskMe search page acknowledges that "Google's index of Metafilter is complete pants". Or that Yahoo at least deserves top billing. Here's hoping the addition is made to the MeFi and MeTa search pages, too.
Paranoia Agent Opening Credits
Large, high quality AVI (59.31 MB)
Small, low quality MPG (18.18 MB)

This intro to the anime Paranoia Agent really creeps me out. It features the main characters laughing mindlessly in various strange locations.The show is pretty weird, too.

Official site - Quicktime trailer.

28 August 2005

Nerd, geek or dork? I'm a nerd, fwiw....

Be nice, it's my first post here.
Hey, Look! I'm so proud!
For Amberglow (and whoever else) Yeah, you said email it to you. But why not share with everybody. Yes.
KLF - Justified and Ancient
JRun. Consider this a follow up to the Hurricane Katrina related discussions on MeFi and MeTa. Particularly, what can we as a community do to help?
Profiles in Science by the National Library of Medicine
How I spent my summer vacation Yes, now it can be told. I've been on the biggest case in years and a sordid and rancid tale it is. Nick Johnson of Big Dead Place and previously seen in the Blue has weighed in to the battle for the soul of Professor Mills.

More news here (you have to download the entire issue #92 as a PDF, and then go to the top of pg. 3) I'd post to the blue, but it would be a self-link.
First Monthly MeCha Projects Round-up Thread! So we've all been waiting for MeFi-projects for what seems like years now, to no avail. Instead, let's have a project round-up thread here once a month! Announce your project inside.Read more...
I'm a Hippopotamus and I've Got Noodles on my Back
Lets all move to Menorca inspired by Italo Calvinos book "Invisible Cities", the entire hotels interior design is based on it. Also available the corner house next door.
Revenge of the Brick. Worth seeing for the end credits alone.
Open warfare/flamefest. Come on in and kick ass. Your mother wears Army boots!

27 August 2005

All in!
I'm Drunk. How 'Bout You?
This is what happens... When you let someone breed an Ewok with a dog.
A mix for you. This is a smooth mostly 'mainstream' trance mix I did last night. Read more...
A song for you. (This song, it taunts me this morning. Er -- afternoon.)
Nothin', but Nothin'. Beats Coming Home
Video: Just 2 Guyz
Adam, Eve and T. Rex Giant roadside dinosaur attractions are used by a new breed of creationists as pulpits to spread their version of Earth's origins.Read more...
:( I apologize for the Arab News link last night. Just one Sam Adams Light and I'm a staggering, mumbling, indiscriminately linking wreck. To make up for posting politics to Metachat, I offer you this photo of a squirrel eating a bird, via the ever lovable fantasygoat. Enjoy.
Randomiser II. We did this before, let's try it again. Fire up your MP3 player, set it to random and tell us the first five tracks it plays - no cheating and no skipping! I'll start us off again.
Here are the statistics on erect penis lengths for white college men, in quarter-inch lengths...
they're heee-re! The August emcee is now completely posted. *pant, gasp*
post by: taz at: 04:25 | 9 comments
Who is in love here
Angry make-up sex Or, you know, gardening tips. Whichever.
The Science Monster Home Movie Catalog Awesome little website chock full of retro sci-fi goodness. Read periodicals, technical manuals and old comics. Watch trailers for old monster flicks or enjoy a selection of full length features (inlcuding gems like Plan 9 From Outer Space and Attack of the Giant Leeches. Or maybe you would rather listen to some music? My favorite part of the site though has to be the listening room, where you can download all sorts of old radio shows. (The link to the listening room changes occasionally but is always accessible through the main audio page.) This is just one guy's hobby site so he asks that you only download one file at a time. A treasure trove of good stuff if you're into this sort of thing.
Ramble On I gotta find the Queen of all my dreams....

26 August 2005

Did you know that at Amazon's Marketplace, you can sell a used copy of "Selling Used Books Online: The Complete Guide to Bookselling at Amazon's Marketplace"?
Just a couple of Dicks, it's Dick One and Dick Two.Read more...
Ladybird (aka Helen Nodding). You've probably already heard about her moss graffiti project, but she's got some other projects worth checking out. Interview here.
This post has nothing to do with politics. Just some porn rendered in stained glass. (nsfw, obviously)
Fafblog Interviews: THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (with special guest star Hillary He-Man Clinton) -- hysterical.
End the debacle, Mrs. Sheehan. It's not the content I'm pointing out so much as the fact that it's on Arab News. Heh. I'm glad Metachat is here to give me comfort and solace in these trouvled days of confusion and downtime.
Website could not be reached.
Tramavirtual , a free mp3 compilation of new Brazilian music (via Things Magazine).
Cats in Sinks (Photo heavy page)
What's a good name for an imaginary friend?
Compatability, it's in the blood. What's your blood type, baby?
Okay, this is fun. It's Friday, it's Flash, and it's fun, especially if you feel like you've been running around in circles all week. Take this test, and if you find, like me, that you ain't going to heaven (no, nope, nada)... play Wheels of Salvation, and see if you can avoid the fiery pits of hell there.
post by: taz at: 06:04 | 6 comments
Server Error Not only does it fall over continually, even the server error messages are gramatically incorrect.Read more...
post by: dg at: 02:11 | 2 comments

25 August 2005

I'm so tired...I haven't slept a wink
How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Ever have one of those days...... My car was stolen last night, right off of my block. This is definitely the second worst day I've had in years (the first being Nov. 2nd). Has this ever happened to you?
star sign nonsense. Was talking to a friend just now, and she was talking about how all her creative friends were a certain star sign. (no, I.m not tellling you what it is) On average, what starsign is the majority of your creative friends.
Bunny suicides I find it hard to believe that this has not been here before, but I am too lazy don't have time to check.
post by: dg at: 20:27 | 5 comments
AskMeCha I want to make back-up copies of DVDs
post by: dg at: 19:32 | 5 comments
I had a great dream (more inside) I had the nicest dream last night...we're sitting in a living room with a family we don't know. There is a big black cat curled up on the coffee table, and a teeny calico kitten named Timmy wandering around.Read more...
How do you feel about getting older?
What if they mated? Intentionally bad photoshopping.
Tiny Houses Could you live in 70 square feet?

Maybe a housetruck is more your speed.
Woof, Woof, Grrr, Hai, Kerr-pow! What's a good name for a kick-boxing Russion Black Terrier? Why, Ringo Tsar, of course.
I'm calling you out Meef isn't fun anymore
Meef is a community site
+ We are all members
Let's make Meef fun!
What's a good name for a dog/cat hybrid?
Whatever happened to the Femidom? The Femidom, a female condom, despite evidence of qualities superior to the traditional condom, bombed in the UK but elsewhere has caught on as a way to give women more control over birth control, protection of their sexual health and even increased sexual pleasure.

24 August 2005

August Corpse? Hey gang,

Did anything ever come of the Corpse this month? I seem to have lost my bookmark to the text file, and the sidebar link to it is missing...or I'm blind from drinking the Dingle. ;)
Flying Spaghetti Monsterism! (I stole that from somebody.)
Spelling peeves. My writing skills are not very good, and I have terrible punctuation, but there are some common misspellings that drive me nuts. It makes me loose my mind if you catch my drift. Perhaps it could be looser, I don't know. Show me yours.
Is it just me, or do you find the MeeF less and less useful?Read more...
Dingle Tees & Mugs. me3dia has donated his world renowned Dingle label to the Metachat shop. Go to the US shop or the European shop and fill yer boots - and don't forget to check out the other goodies too.
Hey. How're you doing?
J Run, baby. You know?
Bubble Boy Chad Super monkey ball deluxe - not that that meant anything to me though.
What's a good name for a cat?
What about the Eyes? I got me a vampire zombie bunny army tee today, but there are no eyes. Are vampire zombie bunnies blind?
I'm back from my three-week long field trip to the Australian Outback. I brought you some bush tucker.
Damn you J-run! I wouldn't get so pissed, except MeFi is kinda like oxygen in my veins.
I prefer it flowing and usable.

23 August 2005

Saltacol (flash game) Click and drag the frog-snail to where you want it to jump to (wait for the tracking line) and find your way through five levels. You are on a love quest and the environment is hostile. Boa viagem!
Staple gun!
A tongue twister for you ...provided you're willing to sit through the boring story.
Carrot Top shows off his new look --more like Carrot Juiced? (maybe not safe for work or those with delicate constitutions)
What's a good name for a dog?
Dear Frisbee and mudpuppie. First time I clicked onto the link without knowing what it was. The second time, my computer logged me in automatically because it decided that's what you do when you disconnect a VPN session. Just so you know. Read more...
The Language of Auto Emblems Although car brands are among the most powerful on the planet, most of their origins are random at best.
ACK! Server error!! ...just in time for my first cup of morning coffee after staying up all night.
Y2K bug: portent of change
Look Bunnies! As in speech, not beer.
The Word of the Day for August 23 is: Read more...
Improbable inventions you'd like to see: List them here.

22 August 2005

Large iPod. Larger music collection. Suggestions? (and other iTunes/iPod Qs inside) Read more...
Help me find a comic strip...
Taz predicted it though I can't find where here, her clear see through backpack idea is now available to buy. Freedom bags show that you have no bomb.
Investigate songs with compatible melodies
Losing your digital virginity: What was the first glorious illegal mp3 you downloaded? Where from? When? Read more...
Adulthood Fantasies
Childhood fantasies
Serve 'em while they're piping hot,
There is no easy way to contact the site admins Read more...
Six Feet Under is now six feet under.
Why, oh why is raw honey so incredibly, indescribably good?
Internet gag t-shirts Ok, so I spotted a pink tee with a monkey on it that read "I fling poo" and guess who I thought of? ;) This guy had his camera with him and took a shot of "how about a nice cup..". Read more...

21 August 2005

Puppetfilm - Stop-motion animation from Eastern Europe.
Greetings from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Dropping my son off for his first year off college.
Dame mentions, "[wanting] a real partner." As much as dame and I fight like cats and dogs, there's a sentiment with which I can deeply relate. Do others of you feel this way?Read more...
Computer terms that sound dirty, but aren't. Inspired by a comment by the lovely Wendell.
Toy Fu --a comic
Los Exitos De Sex Pistols Por Los Punk Rockers.
Ugh. Lost my mail accounts on OS X Tiger Read more...
Searching for pg124 of DeLillo's Americana So there I am, sitting on the couch with what could be the last pleasure-reading novel I'll have the chance to enjoy for a while (school really limits these things), when suddenly I turn the page and oh my god, it's blank! (cue dramatic music). This is tragic, really. Anyone able to break out their own copy and scan/photograph page 124 for me?

20 August 2005

Drunk and Disorderly I looooove you guyshh ... oh, and you galsshhh, tooo ...
10 things. (including: It takes a gallon of oil to make three fake fur coats)
Metachat Voices Compilation I finally got off my butt and finished up the Metachat voices blog. Read more...
Bagels and Bongos a lost 50s album of Jewish/Yiddish standards done to a Latin beat by Irving Fields being rereleased. Hear a remix of one of them here (mp3)
Vegan & vegetarian brunchmeisters I need your help!
What did you want most? In your life, what's the one thing you wanted most at the time you wanted it? A bike? A boyfriend? To be a professional sock-puppet wrestler? Did you get it? What happened after? Tell me a story, MeCha.
Lessons for MeFi? “It's always been about the people who are the Well. There are no other tangible assets,” she says. --on the sale of it by Salon)

Metachat Book Collaboration piece. I'm probably going about this the wrong way, but I set up a basecamp site for everyone who wants to be part of the collaborative piece in the metachat book. Read more...
The 100 Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time? Guess which one gets the top spot. Yep, you got it. Agree? Disagree? (Special for LeeJay!)

19 August 2005

Fever (Sarah Vaughn remix) + Pied Piper? (qt)
Metachatters: Scare the Crap Outta Me
stuff i did while on a mecha holiday: moved all my computer stuff, dusted mightily, shaved part of head, saw movies, read books, ate food, had sex, pooped healthily, destroyed paper horizons and rebuilt new building-like piles, bathed much, prepared three corpses, fell a little more in love with steve carell over stephen colbert, gaza stripped and more--
RIP Stephen King It hasn't hit the newswires yet that I can see, but a friend of mine who works in Maine hospital just called to tell me that Stephen King died about a half hour ago. :(
I'm going to Reno. Anyone want to place a bet? I'll cover those I can.
Paris Cool ~ Excellent Photography ~
Ever fantasized about being killed by an angry car? How about catching a rogue lawyer in the act? Have you ever wanted to share the page with a line drawing of a stapler? Here's your chance!
Wrestle the future to the fuckin' ground. Write every day, for not less than twenty or more than fifty minutes, a scene with only two voices and no other narrative description; "Don't think about what it means, don't think about who they are"; and, above all, "Don't think about what you're going to write before you do it." - An excellent (and lengthy) article on David Milch, creator of Deadwood.
UpdateFilter Remeber the judge who wouldn't let divorcing parents expose their child to "non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals?" He's been overturned on appeal.
Zeigeist shoutout - SF It got a little worked over and was baptized by more than one beer (taz & me3dia being the big winners there), but here it is in all of its blurry, approaching midnight, beer garden glory.
Please don't look inside this thread.
MetaUBB This has probably been asked for before, but I'm both lazy and demanding...Read more...
post by: Capn at: 11:11
The inner workings of your brain. So this morning I had a semi-lucid dreamRead more...
Ask Ronald The Owl

18 August 2005

Leonard Cohen's broke - Interesting article on Leonard Cohen's fucked up financial situation. (Stolen from MoFi).
Purple Haze I fucking hate TSG's colour scheme but this is important.
I know this is petty. But I need a good comeback.
At last... a mecha dream! I dreamed that we were all staying (living?) in this treehouse, basically, but it was really big, on many different levels, and looked sort of like a cooler version of a ski lodge. It was beautiful, really - huge floor to ceiling windows, glowing, warm wood (like teak) floors and walls and great lighting!Read more...
MeTa & the 10k This comment prompted me to check MeTa. The most recent post is #9996. Who's gunning to take post #10,000?
Who wants to collaborate on something for the new metachat book? Looks like Frisbee Girl and myself are in. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on what we all could realistically collaborate on?
Look out! Up in the trees! JRUN!!! F.f.s. - right now I am at work and I can't browse... what am I gonna do?
Confused Lions Chase Small Cars After I get my Mini, I'll be careful not to drive it anywhere there's lions.
Do we have any Gene Wolfe fans on MetaChat? What are your favorite Wolfe books? How many times have you re-read them?
Quite a few pictures here.
On August 16th Captain Rob's Vikingship made of 15 million ice cream sticks was launched in the water... the ship passed all the ests and cruised the Amsterdam waters without any problems. [credit to Mr. StuporStar]
Pleistocene re-wilding A plan to move big game (elephants, lions etc) to North America.
What species would YOU relocate and where?
Quonsar's been quiet on Metafilter lately... Has he been banned? Did he quit? New name?
MetaMakeMeAngryAllTheTimeFilter It doesn't work. What a bother.
DTV: Internet TV on your Mac --from Participatory Culture Foundation. DTV is a new, free and open-source platform for internet television and video. An intuitive interface lets users subscribe to channels, watch video, and build a video library. Our publishing software lets you broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost. The project is non-profit, free and open source, and built on open standards. A Windows version of DTV and a full website are well underway and will arrive in the next several weeks.

17 August 2005

This is one feeling I wish he had fought. Warning: .mpg, sound, Hasselhoff
You Grok I like this.
Bay Area Bunnies! In case anyone's missed the posts in MeTa, tomorrow night, some folks from MeFi, MoFi and MeCha are meeting at Zeitgeist to celebrate the joys of BBQ, booze and Bendy's birthday. Details can be found here and here .
Just how dark is it?: A spoilery question about the Douglas Adams book Mostly Harmless that has been bugging me for some time...Read more...
Tonino Delli Colli: Lifetime Through the Lens "If anyone asks me about my films and about how I created them technically, I always tell them to watch them again because everything is right there. The magic of film can't be put into words."
Tonino Delli Colli, master cinematographer of 137 films -- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Once Upon a Time in the West; Salo; The Canterbury Tales; Lacombe Lucien; Fellini's Intervista; Accattone; Life Is Beautiful -- died last night in Rome.
More inside.
I got an asspocket full of whiskey...
Have at thee Ghandi! Since AskMeFi isn't the best place to ask, and since there are a lot of MeFi alumni here I've a question for you all :

In a proper Fight Club style hand-to-hand fight (no weapons) - Which historical/famous figure would you most like to fight with?

This bored office worker needs to know...
The Metachat Book. As some of you may recall I did a little survey a while ago to test if folks here were interested in contributing to and buying a Metachat book. Well there seems to be a lot of interest! I've prepared things at my end and I'm now ready for your submissions. For more info, read on Read more...
The first set of emcee 4 is finished. Since this month's full suite of corpses is going to take a little longer than usual, I figured I'd dribble the love out. Here's one of four. (NSFW if your work is strictly strict.)
Lebowski I only have it on video. This may call for an update. Solid film for sure.
Hats. Hats made of human hair.
When you diet, do you crave certain flavors? The ones that you find in calorie-laden toppings, gravies, dressings, and sauces? Now, you can satisfy your cravings with the new Flavor Spray Diet™! Note: opening flash animation has been sprayed with cheese™ flavor.
From The Let's Try This Again Dept. The Wierdest Foreign Language Cover in My Collection
iPood. Geekoid babywear (so popular, they sold out). Via daddytypes, a very nice weblog for new dads.
post by: taz at: 08:50 | 1 comment

16 August 2005

Gallery of the Project for the OLD American Century--some really great ones
The most elite competitors from all over the world will gather for the event. The competition includes events based on speed, length, and skill. There is also a freestyle event. The United States is currently selecting its team. Watch ESPN and ESPN2 to learn who will take home the gold in The World Pizza Championship!
ABC & CNN have been infected by the Zotob worm, which affects systems under Windows 2000. The Plug & Play Buffer Overflow Vulnerability seems to be the key.
Even after all these years the little prick makes me want to puke.
What Work Is Philip Levine is an identical twin.
Eight days away from Metachat! Can someone catch me up?
Stupid CSS question How do I float an element without actually floating it.
A couple of items... First... welcome your new iconomy overlord; ico has joined amberglow, dg and quonsar as a bunnymod, and now she can kick your bunny ass if she wants to.

Second, we still have four slots that need players on our latest exquisite corpse series. We had a lot fewer people signing on this time, so it turns out I set up too many sets. I suck, but let me know if you want to play!
post by: taz at: 08:23 | 7 comments
Tons of fun! Great conversationialists! Would login again A+++++++++++

15 August 2005

The faces of metachat. Post yourselves here, and tag with "metachat".
Etsy --all handmade stuff to buy or sell. (and you can search by color!)
At long last... it's a labiaplasty blog!
"word that rhymes with duck" New edition of Canadian Press handbook includes "infamous four letter word".

But the CBC apparently won't use it.
Mefi Mail Swap Internal Server Error Politics dictates that I post here about the Mefi Art Mail Swap... Updates on Images, Membership, latest Theme, and possible Protocols changes inside.
MeCha dream.
Let's go to Dollywood. I have this hankerin' to go to Dollywood next week. Look at what you can get to eat! If I go I'll send y'all a postcard.
Seattle Meetup There's a Seattle meetup tonight. Unfortunately I cannot link the MetaTalk thread because "document contains no data" - but be at the Big Time Brewery on University Way around 6 p.m.
Broken I think the 'filter is broke... Interesting screenshots inside.Read more...
Baby bunnies awwww...

14 August 2005

Go dg! It's your birthday! : >

*insert birthday wishes, presents, cards, etc, here*
MetaFatwa The other day, on The Daily Show's "This Week in God" feature, Stephen Colbert called the declaration against extremism by a group of moderate US Muslims a "fatwa against fatwas, or a meta-fatwa." Read more...
But I had data around here somewhere... "The document contains no data." Is anyone else getting this message today when loading Mefi pages? It's a new one for me.
I downloaded a game demo, and now I'm stuck. Can anyone help me?
It's Finally Raining And I am taking great satisfaction in my anthropomorphized cold front slaying the evil heat + humidity dragon.
Elephant throws out first pitch at Michigan baseball game. quonsar was unavailable for comment.
Spam on Blogger It looks like there are now scripts that will post comment spam to blogger blogs (even registering with Blogger to be able to do it). Will Google be able to stamp out this abuse, or will we all have to emigrate?
Strip Generator --an exceptionally cool comic strip generator. Here's mine

13 August 2005

The Unholy Marraige is Complete! Country & Heavy Metal consummate their union: The Supersuckers honky-tonk version of "Breaking The Law." (rapidshare, click free, follow directions) Get out your beers and make some devil horns. It don't get much better.
ARK II Warning: blurry real player video. Does anyone else remember this show? Also, for music lovers Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space via this fine collection of the theme songs you've always wanted.

crossposted to Mofi, albeit with a slightly different emphasis and format.
Images of Thessaloniki. Just a few. I took my new camera along when I went shopping today.
Mr. Billy Joe Shaver This song (via rapidshare, scroll down, click "free" and follow direstions, rapidshare is too slow) is one of a select few songs that can make me openly weep. I recently learned it was written after his son died of a drug overdose, making it even more resonant. I also use it people who say they hate country music. It's brought many people around.
The Duke of Slack. I was reading this today and it made me think of all the people I've worked with who have an almost heroic aversion to work. Not just people who sit around browsing when they should be working - anyone can do that - I mean the people who really work at not working, who go that extra mile. Tell us about the ones you've encountered.
since people are in a musical mood: I proudly present "LoveCats", the Cure song, as sung by...

12 August 2005

This is to discuss the latest mix Not to post track listings, but to discuss, compliment and ask "why did you end with that song?" and "where can I get that cd?"
Mix fixit Persons whose filesystems do not allow them to include colons in filenames will find that they can't download one of the files in my mix, called "04 - John Zorn - Filmworks X: In the Mirror of Maya Deren - 13 - Nostalgia 2 (cello).mp3". Get it here.Read more...
Sugar in the Gourd Internet radio. Old time, all the time. From the FQA:

The music you will hear on Sugar in the Gourd encompasses Appalachian fiddle tunes and balladry, early commercial recordings by Southern country musicians, and more recent performances by people who are trying to keep this music alive or maybe grow a new branch on this old tree. I reserve the right to also throw in the occasional blues, folk, or jazz tune that seems to fit into this tradition.
Corpse Tennis! Two new corpses for you to check out, one by taz and me3dia, one by ethylene and iconomy.
ARGH. Firefox + Win2K/XP problems?
Weasels ripped my flesh I'd just like to point out that Frank Zappa is now available on itunes. In case you hadn't noticed.
Shall We? [NSFW]
I'm not accusing anybody outright, but it whomever stole the Emperor Yammamoto's Eggs did a bang-up job of messing up MetaChat's sidebar. The poor thing's spitting up a crison MySQL error, like some albino offspring of jRun.
Les orgasmes dans le monde It's Friday, silly day, y'know.
The Mad Hatter - fun stuff to do with paper bags.
Random Tunes. A little thing I've made that will play you twenty random tunes from a list of 10,000. Enjoy!
Putdown of the Year A college teacher reminds her class of tomorrow's final exam. "Now class, I won't tolerate any excuses for your not being here tomorrow. I might consider a nuclear attack or a serious personal injury or illness or a death in your immediate family, but that's it, no other excuses whatsoever!"Read more...
I'm male, sex-negative, and a misogynist. Help me deal with my hard drive full of porn.
How to clean squid. An instructional song.
Petticoat Pond Here is a collection of Poufbunnies displaying their finery and telling us a little about themselves.

11 August 2005

Mr. Fastfinger - the way of the exploding solo. Or maybe a bouncy/gruesome Beatle tune. I can't decide so I won't. {Flash}
The Gay Blade(rs) Sweet little short (Quicktime) film about two gay rollerbladers. Here's their own page.Read more...
Modern Living/Neurotica Series Odd little interactive flash animations.
The Beaufort Scale One of the most beautiful pieces of accidental poetry I've ever heard.Read more...
I have a sad story about a baby bunny... Read more...
I just want you to know... I can't tell if this is the best thing I have seen...Read more...
"Git along lil' dawgies, HYAHH!"
Swedish Semen-Sniffing Dog My friend Dayv doesn't know where to start with the jokes about this article. Let's help him out. Read more...
Mixup Reminder. The mix swap closes at 7pm UTC tomorrow. Please note that unlike previous swaps I won't be letting anyone in after the deadline so please don't be late.
The Most Beautiful New Yorkers? --as chosen by various people who are friends with people at NY Mag. (jon and dame and i were too beautiful to be included--they said we'd throw off the curve) ; >
If Gene Ray STUPID UNEDUCATED TIMECUBE made fetish shoes. Or tried to make fetish shoes, and started a pyramid scheme. Or is this porn? I'm confused. And scared. (probably NSFW. via craigslist.)
It's my Birthday! So? What are you giving me?

Legal notice: All gifts are assumed to be implied, not expressed. No Metachatter shall be held liable for delivery or receipt of said gifts. Gift content may be used solely for information purposes, and use of any such product or service offered as a gift is governed by the terms and conditions in the agreement for that product or service as described herein. Except as provided in that agreement, Metachatters do not warrant that any gift descriptions or content contained therein is accurate, current, reliable, complete, or error-free.

10 August 2005

Quick Dumb Blog Question If you link to someone else's blog, are you supposed to ask them first? Tell them? Or is it permissible/nice/okay to just put the links up there on the sidebar and not worry about it? The etiquette of it all occasionally confounds me.
Legal threats What was the thread that Matt removed due to legal threats? Anyone know? Or can guess?
Indigo Children
The Vampire Zombie Bunny Army t-shirt and I saw Dinosaur Jr last night. It was awesome.
Question about networking terminology. The question, about some subtle distinctions between terms, is inside!
Leather Furniture... pros? Cons?
Midnight snack:
Hope Me MetaChat. I got my good friend a portable USB drive for her birthday and am looking for stuff to fill it up with. Read more...
Emergency CD burning! I have about 24 hours to burn my sister a ton of music. I was planning on burning her six CDs of music through iTunes, as mp3 CDs. How do I do this?

09 August 2005

Fascination not Degradation This to me is crazy! But I curiosity to be taken as insult, so I ask here: do you have trouble with left vs. right?
I'm looking for good chord chart/tab sites for my guitar students. Read more...
a good deed-- to wipe away the stench of Dobson--click for Cathy--this guy's sister is being treated at this tiny cancer treatment center...
How To Tell How Gay Your Gay Son Is (fafblog)
...Place two photographs in front of your son lying face down. On the left place a photograph of Tom Welling, TV's gay Superman; on the right place the stern but genial visage of James Dobson. Flip them over simultaneously. Which does your son look at first? If he looks at Tom Welling, he is gay. If he looks at James Dobson, he is gay with an unnatural fixation for James Dobson. ...
Pepsi Blue: $20 an hour I'm tempted. . . I'm tempted. . . I want to work from home! I wonder if you have to sign the contract with blood and if so, whether they can tell if you fax it. Hmmmm.
Wherefore art thou, Pretty_Generic...? Please come home. I think the storm is over.
It's about the links! Sausage links, that is. At home I have two packages of sausage in the fridge: a pack of cilantro & peppers chicken sausage and a pack of Boars Head red hot beef links?

Which should I fry up? I've got kraut, horseradish & mustard to complement either, and I'll get beer for accompaniment.
LiveJournal Feedage Since I didn't see one, I created a MetaChat feed on LiveJournal.
What does it feel like? When you're exercising and you get your second wind, what does it feel like to you?
Would you post about something like this? I admire her courage, and commiserate her tragedy.
meta:AnonAskMe Seems I miss all the interesting AskMe's, so what was this one really about? "question about finding a phone number in the corner of the house"? Que?Read more...
Huge TITS! the one fucking time i go in here and no one's there. thanks guys.

08 August 2005

Japander --celebs doing ads in Japan they would never lower themselves to do here (quicktime clips). Watch Brad talk about his ass, and more
Helen Clare is an upcoming new poet, a blogger and a seller of corsets. That'd be enough for other less discerning websites but this is metachat, and we demand pictures of cute bunnies.
Peter Jennings died and I don't care;
Peter Jennings died and I don't care;
Peter Jennings died and I don't care;
The media's gone astray.

07 August 2005

random pictures post random pictures. um. i'm bored?
Let's Go Shopping! I'm quite the retro/nostalgia fan, so running across Malls of America was a bit of a treat.
Vampire Bunny T-shirt as modeled by Mrs Geezer
New Diablo II patch is out! Also tomorrow they are reseting the ladder. I am guessing nobody cares but me. =)
Metacosmesis --art, embroidered and otherwise. (maybe NSFW) : >

06 August 2005

Corpse Rescue! I've been bogged down on a frightening number of projects, and don't really have the time to devote to finishing a round of Corpse Tennis with the ever patient Slack-A-Gogo. Someone up for taking over to ensure a stunning final product?
Show Us Yours Show us where you surf Metachat.

Here's where I play.
Pretty! (Shockwave)
Music Practice Haiku
Copy Protection. Does anyone know of any good reliable lists available online of CDs that have copy protection on them? I'd like to get the new Goldfrapp CD but the last one I bought had protection on it leaving it mostly unlistenable for me (and goddamn it, it's just the principle of the thing!).
The cat came back :-)
Brown tendrils sprouting from my plant... ? So I've had this plant for about 2 years and for the last 6 months or so there have been these brown tendril-like things growing out of the stems and shooting straight down.
IRC Hilarity
Friday night tomfoolery? gaspode, mudpuppie and I can't be the ony ones up. Come and chat!

05 August 2005

Marumushi --very cool
Distractions and timewasters. In honor of me being antisocial and deciding to defer a night of carousing to tomorrow, I give you two completely unrelated, totally irrelevant links:Read more...
Is YouSendIt secure/safe? (mi)
FREE! FREEDOM! I can smoke and drink and eat things! (but i still can't let the mobile phone people to talk to the instrument people)
let the debauchery begin!
THEY KNOW about the vampire zombie bunny army. What'll we do now?
Ain'T goT no how waTchamacalliT
These made the rounds a few year ago, but here's for anyone who missed them. Ultra-bizarre Japanese comics. My favorites: 6, 16, 20
Speaking of bibles... Fans of Stryper who pre-order their new CD through their website will get a free pocket New Testament autographed by a member of the band!
Happy Friday #2 Flipping through old bookmarks on my computer, I found this. MeFi's slow loading for me this morning, but I'm pretty sure it was posted to there a few years ago. However, rapping furries busting out boy band moves in the park are always a good time.
Everybody's prolly seen this but, geez, it's Friday, everybody needs some cookie monster on Friday.
I would like to hear music not picked out by MeChatters, but written by 'em. Got it? Bring it!
Metachat Mixup Returns! We'll be having another online mix swap session so get your mixes ready. The deadline is 7pm UTC on Friday 12th July. Please indicate in this thread if you intend to take part.
"It's Bible Stylish MP3 Player!" With "White Design". For great justice.
Time for emcee 4... with a twist? Exquisite corpses are yearning to be free... but what do you say we crank it up a notch this time? Instead of a totally free-form style, I'm thinking maybe we could apply a theme... and the theme I have in mind is "How naked go the sometimes nude".Read more...
post by: taz at: 05:57 | 8 comments
I just got a spam that accuses Microsoft of spamming. Quote: "Trusting Microsoft to protect computer users from spam is like putting telemarketers in charge of the do-not-call list."
Most self-defeating propaganda campaign in living memory? Worst case of Microsoft bashing ever?
G-D J-Run Damn I'm too tired for this. I'm going to bed - so here's my jrunned comment on
Romare Bearden. I'm damned if I'm wasting it. Rat fink effin jruns, grr, christ, grrrrrrrr. Read more...
if only i had a mike right now i would totally do this

04 August 2005

back pats and forethought: i found the stuff i hid for emergencies--
now if only i had hidden booze, food and--
The Dead Brothers Stomp Sounds like it could be a mid-80s Tom Waits instrumental track (until the vocals start)
See the tampon machine? It's the ladies' room, you asshat!
Spontaneous cat love thread in response to the main link in this thread.

Cats are cute and nice and pretty! Non-sarcastically!
Thanks haxx0r dudes! I just wanted to way a public thanks to trondant and agropyron for helping me with my problem finding an admin password for an XP machine yesterday.Read more...
post by: dg at: 18:51 | 3 comments
▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀
Falling Blair, etc. Like the falling bikini girl, but with Blair, Bush, Bono, OBL, and others.
NO LITTLE BLUE SQUARES ON THE FRONT PAGE this is an atrocity. an outrage. monstrous. barbarity. enormity. fiendish. heinous. horror. infamy. nefarious. shocking. villainous. wicked.
Baile Funk I don't know if anyone listens to this Brazilian music, or if you saw the recent MetaFilter thread, but I've been kind of hordeing the address of a baile funk MP3 site that I want to share. Funky Do Morro. There are literally hundreds of MP3s accessible through the links on the left of the screen. They ask for some bandwidth consideration.
Exquisite Codec An mp3 theme for the day: Try to continue on with some element from the song before.
So, when I post, say, "Cherry Bomb," by Magnapop, reply with "Cherry Bomb" by Joan Jett or "Summer Cherry Ghosts" by Tim Monger, or... Well, you get the idea. Should be connected by artist name or song name (or general theme. As time goes on, the connections can get looser...)Read more...
MadMeg's Digestion Notebook Mad intricate pen doodlings en Francais.
Dane Cook videos! [1] [2]
Dane Cook is my favorite living comedian. His new album "Retaliation" made me laugh really, really hard.
Lost songs filter... Since everyone's already busy fossicking in their music collections, here's my requestRead more...

03 August 2005

Brandy, you're a fine girl. Does anyone have an mp3 of "Brandy", by Looking Glass that they can email me? It's one of my favorite songs, and I really want to hear it right now.

I can reciprocate with Terry Stafford's "Pocket Full of Rainbows" or "Suspicion", if you want.
NewCarChat So... which car should I buy?
okay, i need an opinion: should i enter this on worth1000 or will i just get disqualified? it's for a ghost picture
Shivaree video --ooo (realplayer, from Quartermass' MeFi clip link)
meet Snuppy -- the first cloned dog. (his name stands for Seoul National University puppy, and he was made from a cell taken from the ear of a three-year-old male Afghan hound.)
did you do it? i got three things done, none on my list, but-- but what did you get done or plan to have done by time you put down your head?
Where're the bag hags at? In the spirit of Specklet's shoe post, ladies and bag carrying men, how many bags you got? What kinds? Which is your favorite? Am I the only one who gets really silly and stupid when it comes to bags?
I suspect I'm a MetaChat user, but the sidebar disagrees.
How many pair of shoes do you own? I'm a self-proclaimed Shoe Whore, but I'm wondering just how whorey I am...
Pony Request/Site Design When reading taz's post from earlier today I finally realized how much trouble I have telling where one comment ends and another begins...Read more...
Naff Songs What's the worst song you love?
Why would I want to buy your camera if it's "maliciously cared for"?
Futher Mucker! Did you ever work really hard on a MF post, then on preview have the link engine tell you it's a dupe? Just happened to me. Well can that noise, here's MY version:
You got the touch! *banah nah NAH*
You got the power!
*banah nah NAH*
After all's said and done
You've never walked,
You've never run,
You're a winner.
*banah nah NAH*
Thoughts on the Great Experiment (which began as a comment on anastasiav's "we have a winner" post, but became too big for its britches). (more inside)

02 August 2005

We have a winner.... Well, I emailed the contest winner about an hour ago. But before I post to MeTa, I'm interested to know which link from August 1st you would have picked?
looking for the billboard photography link from here
Important information for anyone who has ingested vodka, gin, beer, scrotch, or dingle within the past year.
Awesomest Sex Toy EVAH! you know you want it. that long pink tongue... admit your desire!
Captain Beefheart 6.5 MB video (AVI)
tomorrow is tidy up day: everything you've been putting off putting away, dealing with, or smacking down-- might as well get it over with, just don't sign anything
I'm posting this for the cheese factor, not because of the political stuff. I promise. (Turn your sound up.)
I just love me some gay elves. Embedded .wmv clip. Possibly NSFW if your boss doesn't like nearly naked and very gay non-human World of Warcraft videogame characters. I've been playing computer games for most of my life, and am just pleased as punch to see some gaymers having some fun and and sharing it around.
The Essential Hamlet
Your side, my side; what, is everybody that dumb?
Can't sleep, clowns'll eat me. Can't sleep, clowns'll eat me. Can't sleep, clowns'll eat me. Can't sleep, clowns'll eat me.
Delectable pop truffle Tuesday lives on! Devin Davis - Iron Woman (direct link to Mp3). Totally unpretentious, this song is part John Cougar Mellencamp / part Brian Adams with a little Bruce Springsteen thrown in for good measure; straight ahead pop-rock the way they used to make it in 1984. Check out that sax solo!
Retake Metafilter Back To The Future Day I will regift a $25 GAP giftcard to the best Metafilter FPP on 8 August 2005-- the best FPP that contains the words "ethereal," "bligh," and "smells".
The Dreamer of Dreams A collection of illustrations from children's books written by Mary Queen of Romania (1875 - 1938). Actually, the whole site has tons of neat stuff about Mary (warning: page full of photos - dialups beware!) and Queen Eliabeth, aka Carmen Sylva, quite a prolific writer in her own right.
Chill me. Post your cold photos here, and help me withstand the heat until I get my second a.c. installed tomorrow.
Who won? And who would you select?
Kometten Verbotten: Blocked! Why do new users get this message when they try to leave comments?Read more...

01 August 2005

jrun. fix your shit haughey.
I am Space Ghost, and I cannot lie. (Number three in a series)
So I know I already posted something today.
"kill my neighbor" means vastly different things depending on where you go
not to be confused with "kill my landlord"
Cattle wed in 2,000-guest Thai ceremony Farmer Amphol Wangboon was hesitant to give up his beloved Thong Khaow for marriage until he found her the perfect match and a dowry he couldn't refuse: truckloads of fresh grass, hay, maize and $2,400.
The Brillo® Connection Chat with hot blonde chicks about steel wool.
News from Colorado Pot-Bellied Pig Dies, Chicken Friend In Mourning. Unusual Couple Were Inseparable.
Pricing LPs (quick question for y'all) Hi folks; my Google-fu fails me. Read more...
Another weird dream...
MetaChat T-Shirts for US. They're now available in the US store, in many different styles. If you want this design in a different design or colour then just ask and I'll add it to the store.
Woohoo! MeFi tagline generator, courtesy of cillit bang!
post by: taz at: 08:37 | 5 comments
Eyes on the Prize. Today's MeFi posts seem to have started off with a bang. If you've got something good, now's the time to share. (MetaTalk thread.)
post by: taz at: 06:26 | 9 comments
A New Pony , courtesy of Logogle.