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28 August 2005

JRun. Consider this a follow up to the Hurricane Katrina related discussions on MeFi and MeTa. Particularly, what can we as a community do to help?
read metachat instead?
posted by matteo 28 August | 16:23
Well, I would think that MeCha/MeFi are really in the same boat on this one, so I guess I mean the whole lot of us across the sites.
posted by moonbird 28 August | 16:31
Dammit. First time I'm near a computer all day and MetaFilter is down.

Please let them know I'm okay so far, but scared shitless, since I'm in the direct path of the storm.

I'm operating a shelter for a lot of family and friends, so I'm not going anywhere. We've got a week's worth of food and water, a generator and enough gas for a while.

We're out of the possible floodzone (hopefully), but worried about the winds. This is going to be rough, but I'll check in when I can.
posted by ColdChef 28 August | 16:36
Good luck, ColdChef!
posted by interrobang 28 August | 16:38
Thanks for the update, ColdChef. Stay safe, and keep us notified when you can.
posted by brainwidth 28 August | 16:38
Where exactly are you at, CC? NO itself or BR or..? You have said before, but I forgot. Good luck.

I talked to a friend last night in southern Louisiana that is staying and he promised that if he talks to any media types he will say "Snakes on a Plane!" So if anyone catches that on CNN or something, post here. He might have changed his mind though, since it was not a damn Cat 5 last night and I have not talked to him today.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 28 August | 16:41
Live streaming local news with shelter info.
posted by moonbird 28 August | 16:44
Glad to hear it CC - and all the best of luck. I'm sending good vibes.
posted by dodgygeezer 28 August | 16:45
I'm near Baton Rouge. High land, but full of trees. Almost everyone I know is out of New Orleans, except the parents of a few friends.

Some people just don't leave. I'm not going to try to rationalize it, they just don't.

On the scarier side, I've got at least a dozen friends and colleagues headed IN to New Orleans to help with the evacuations (various doctors, EMTs, ambulance drivers, firemen, and...well...those fucking heroic types we all aspire to be.)

They are the ones in my thoughts tonight. Their plan is to be out about four hours before landfall. Too close for me.
posted by ColdChef 28 August | 16:47
Good luck ColdChef.

Katrina resources.
posted by peacay 28 August | 16:49
Shepard Smith from Fox News is on Bourbon Street, interviewing people who aren't leaving. He walked up to a guy walking his dog, and asked him why he wasn't leaving. The guy replied, on national TV, "none of your fucking business."

I love New Orleans.
posted by brainwidth 28 August | 16:54
stay safe, chef. a big hug.
posted by matteo 28 August | 16:59
Thanks, everyone. I'm going to log off now so some people can send some emails to their family members. Cell phone service is almost non-existant right now. Too many people making calls, I guess.

Talk to y'all soon.
posted by ColdChef 28 August | 17:03
Some good photos, satellite photos and mobile phone pics on Flickr. Here's the Hurricane Katrina Group.
posted by fiona 28 August | 17:08
As a non-USAian, I was wondering where the National Guard was - isn't this just the sort of thing they should be involved in, evacuating people and so on? I guess they may just have not been in the tv shots I've been watching; I saw a few outside of the Superdome, but that was it. Also, aren't there a number of (poorer? smaller?) settlements to the south of NO? A friend said that the Bayou would be hit badly.
posted by carter 28 August | 17:08
stay safe, CC, and go upstairs (and stock up on water, and board the windows, etc)

this really is going to be horrendous, they're saying.

the National Guard's in Iraq, unfortunately. There'll be looting afterwards.
posted by amberglow 28 August | 17:17
Since MeFi's down, I'll repeat my offer of shelter in Houston here: have a semi-furnished apartment available for up to two adults and one kid, with pets if necessary, for anyone fleeing my way. There are no beds, but there's at least a couch and a place to sit down and eat. E-mail's in my profile, both here on over on MeFi.

My thoughts are with you and your family ColdChef. Best of luck, please stay in contact as you are able. We worry.
posted by WolfDaddy 28 August | 17:25
There'll be looting afterwards.

Only if the looters have scuba gear and environmental suits.
posted by brainwidth 28 August | 17:25
Best of luck to you ColdChef. Keep safe. You'll be in a lot of our thoughts this week.
posted by maryh 28 August | 17:28
they're saying it's going to hit land at high tide too.

CNN is showing everyone waiting on line to get into the Superdome (2k on line and 10k already inside)...they're waiting hours. And they said they're not even sure it'll withstand the storm now--god.
posted by amberglow 28 August | 17:31
moonbird's link is excellent. 20 foot storm surge prediced at this time. Prayers for all.
posted by puddinghead 28 August | 17:31
Likewise, wolfdaddy... myself and several friends in the Asheville area are able to host for an indefinite period. I can hold up to three, and possibly pets. Asheville is a 10 hour drive (some say 8) from NOLA and we don't expect to be within the path of this one. Email (and phone, temporarily) are in the profile as well. Hopefully there are enough of us in the south like wolfdaddy and all the others in the MeTa thread that we can accomodate as many as needed. Good luck everyone, and Godspeed.
posted by moonbird 28 August | 17:35
Keep in mind that the storm surge is the increase in mean sea level across the front of the storm. There could be 20 to 50 foot waves on top of that.
posted by brainwidth 28 August | 17:35
One of the local stations (WDSU) is reporting that there are 4,000+ National Guard members in the New Orleans area. They're interviewing people in line to get into the Superdome - some are chanting "let us in" as they're standing in line.
posted by fiona 28 August | 17:36
Here's what a Superdome spokesperson said last year.

Take care out there ColdChef et al.
posted by carter 28 August | 17:40
Someone posted this link to a buoy wx station on the MeFi thread. Wave height is 30 feet.

posted by moonbird 28 August | 17:40
kos has a bunch of threads up too, with accomodation offers, etc.
posted by amberglow 28 August | 17:41
Coldchef, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

May you and yours be safe and sound...
posted by bunnyfire 28 August | 17:47
a really scary read
posted by amberglow 28 August | 17:50
have they forced all the bourbon st bars to shut down, or are they still open?
posted by amberglow 28 August | 17:53
My prayers are with you. You are a true hero to stay in there helping others. Godspeed.
posted by caddis 28 August | 17:53
Good luck, ColdChef. Hunker down, and take care - thanks for letting us know your current situation.
posted by yhbc 28 August | 17:57
As terribly scary as this is, the mayor of N.O. is on TV and the city has planned well for it's people. He is very calm and methodical. The busses are making a couple of last runs to get the last folk to shelter. The clean up is going to be awful, and the most helpful that we who are too far to offer shelter can be is to get ready to send $$.

I don't know how you all feel about his, religous or not,but I fell so helpless. Shall we all join together and think or pray or beam good vibes for our brothers and sisters? Let's give it a couple of hours- it will be 5 my time (Pacific). Shall we take a minute or two then to send thoughts all together in whatever way we each find meaning?
posted by puddinghead 28 August | 18:03
The wind is picking up, and we're starting to see dark clouds here in Lafayette.
posted by brainwidth 28 August | 18:07
I saw that Mayor puddinghead. If there's one guy you want in charge I'm thinking it's him. Cool and calm and really on the ball. I was really quite impressed. Not hard to see how he got his job.
posted by peacay 28 August | 18:12
I have a free bedroom & a couch in Asheville if it's any help. Must not be allergic to animals. Here we're all selfishly thankful that my older brother, who's in the merchant marine based out of NO and should have been on a ship in the Gulf right now, hurt his shoulder on his last run & is fortunately laid up at my mom's right here in WNC.

He says this is going to be unbelievably ecologically disastrous and the oil/shipping companies aren't prepared at all.
posted by mygothlaundry 28 August | 18:22
My best wishes to everyone. I've got my fingers crossed for all of you.
posted by seanyboy 28 August | 18:22
brain, is Lafayette on the Gulf?
posted by amberglow 28 August | 18:42
brain, maybe go more inland? are they evacuating by you?
posted by amberglow 28 August | 18:52
Layfayette is in south-central Louisiana. It is straight north of the bay you can see going into south central LA. Apachafala or something like that.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 28 August | 18:57
Oops. Sorry.

I meant to make a second post saying that Layfayette is inland a little ways since my other post did not make that clear.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 28 August | 18:58
ahh....still--the hurricane might go right there, no? (i cut the second one out)

stay safe, brain. all of you in the path--they're saying it'll still be a cat 4 on Tues.
posted by amberglow 28 August | 19:11
Yeah, Lafayette is maybe 45 miles from the Gulf, so we don't expect hurricane-strength winds here. Then again, the NHC keeps revising the forecasted path westward, so we'll see. I'll plan on posting updates periodically through tomorrow.
posted by brainwidth 28 August | 19:31
In case anyone missed it, insomnia_lj posted this LiveJournal roundup on the blue. Some of these comments are horrifying: "No evacuation for me. No way to evacuate, and no place to go. The City wants people to go into the Superdome. I'd rather take my chances here. Last place I'd want to be if the flood waters started rising is inside a sealed dome with 10,000 panicky people when the lights go out. Make a cool disaster movie, but I sure would not want a starring role in that movie! Not sure if the rising flood waters would kill more people, or the panicing people killing one another to get to high ground. They will have bad food, and the stink of fear would make it hard to breathe."
Jesus. This is so fucking bad...
posted by maryh 28 August | 19:50
meanwhile, MTV Awards just started--with a water theme.
posted by amberglow 28 August | 20:07
I'll be praying for ColdChef, brainwidth and everyone else in Katrina's path. Stay safe.
posted by LeeJay 28 August | 20:13
Haven't any the frickin upscale hotels or owners of other supposedly stable big buildings opened their doors to these poor people in NO who couldn't evacuate? And too bad the city/National government didn't have plans to help people without cars evacuate.

I'm also thinking of the poor in other areas who will suffer - like those in the fishing towns. And then there'domestic animals that've been abandoned. (I hope the wild animals sensed this calamity and have fled or hunkered down.)

On another site I frequent, I commented that I feel the way I felt after NYC was attacked - N.O. is one of those cool cities you have affection for, even from far away.

I've actually never even been there - but I hope you all ride this out, and I can come visit someday.
posted by NorthernLite 28 August | 20:13
New Orleans is wonderful--incredible food and fun people and great buildings, etc, and just a really cool vibe... too muggy tho.
posted by amberglow 28 August | 20:24
Hang in there, ColdChef. Don't let Katrina and the Waves mess with you. Hope to hear good things from you on Tuesday.
posted by iconomy 28 August | 20:43
I'll be blogging it here. It's easier than posting here, MeFi, and everywhere else.
posted by brainwidth 28 August | 21:10
You have a safe inside room, just in case?
posted by amberglow 28 August | 22:58
A cousin of mine and his family live in Chauvin. They're refusing to leave. I hope they change their minds.
posted by mudpuppie 29 August | 00:37
CNN has a woman on-air from Houma, saying 1/2 the people there haven't evacuated.
posted by amberglow 29 August | 01:03
I've got a lot of family in Baton Rouge and NO, but I think they'll be ok...I'm mostly worried about the old ladies...both of them almost 90, but we've got someone on the way to try and get them right now.

ColdChef, good luck man, stay safe.
posted by PsychoKitty 29 August | 01:25
aargh. Tons of friends in New Orleans (where I used to live)... and my family is in central Louisiana. I'm feeling very terrified and helpless.
posted by taz 29 August | 01:43
Guh! Hang in there, bunnies.
posted by Frisbee Girl 29 August | 05:29
I received two updates during the night from ColdChef, which I put on the main MeFi thread - they're a bit long to post here as well.
posted by yhbc 29 August | 08:44
it was good to see those yhbc.

now they're saying Biloxi and that coast is going to get the worst?

and the Superdome is leaking--jeez.
posted by amberglow 29 August | 09:11
I've just heard from my parents, and all is fine where they are in central La. So far, so good, on that front, though the worst of the storm is another five or six hours in the future for them. But they are west of the hurricane, and it will probably be okay.
posted by taz 29 August | 09:46
Glad to hear it taz. I was thinking of you before while watching the webcast. I was actually wondering if you had family there - I seem to recall you mentioning visits to La. before. It sounds like it's a tiny bit less severe than had been expected.
posted by peacay 29 August | 10:00
Louisiana National Guardsman tells Fox News that the two holes in the Superdome roof are pretty small so far. A hotel and an apartment complex have collapsed in Harvey, La, with people trapped in both.
posted by brainwidth 29 August | 10:00
it looks like it's breaking up on the radar, which is good.
posted by amberglow 29 August | 10:08
MSNBC has had still photos of the rather small, unimpressive holes in the dome for about an hour now. the category five whappa amongst the sensationally aroused is truly reaching epic proportions.
posted by quonsar 29 August | 10:18
Levee in Sector 9, near French Quarter, has been breached.
posted by brainwidth 29 August | 10:23
Jrun sector in the mefi quadrant has been breached too.
posted by quonsar 29 August | 10:29
Katrina has downed MeFi!
posted by brainwidth 29 August | 10:32
It's the MeFi tsunami!
posted by kmellis 29 August | 10:37
Times-Picayune news from the 9th ward earlier:
Scott said the group convinced a pregnant woman to leave and go a hospital Sunday night and had to flag down a police officer to pick her up. The woman's companion had already left the city after an argument over whether they should evacuate, Scott said.
posted by kmellis 29 August | 10:47
Call me a traditionalist but I mistrust anyone who uses the term 'blog' as a verb.
posted by peacay 29 August | 10:56
Call me a traditionalist but I mistrust anyone who uses the term 'blog' period.
posted by quonsar 29 August | 11:06
canal street
posted by amberglow 29 August | 11:07
and there's this really cool neighborhood just on the other side of the French Quarter--Marigny--that's all rickety little houses (many of which were for mistresses)--i wonder what's happening to them.
posted by amberglow 29 August | 11:11
Q....lots of people do use blog as a noun and I may have accidentally in the past too. I prefer weblog usually I guess. Masturbation would be sometimes more appropriate.
But this whole latterday business-style empowering of words beyond both their dictionary and common usage definitions just annoys me. The same people who tell me to diarize an event, change the name of Personnel dept to Human Resources.
posted by peacay 29 August | 11:18
peacay, it wasn't a criticism of you - just a general observation. blog, weblog, blogosphere, its all self-aggrandizing jargon foisted on the language by those desperate for attention. you know, like me.
posted by quonsar 29 August | 11:21
Oh I didn't take it as criticism. We agree...just for slightly different reasons perhaps.
But I would never call a blort a blog.
posted by peacay 29 August | 11:25
Faubourg Marigny
posted by amberglow 29 August | 11:50
Hey, has anyone heard a check in from Chef or the rest of our LA/MS group? Things are mighty spooky down there right now.
posted by PsychoKitty 30 August | 22:05
ColdChef?? You there buddy?
posted by seanyboy 31 August | 07:59
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