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26 August 2005

Oh-- sorry, thats "please feel free to keep metachat on metachat, thanks"

And you can keep the snarkish assholery over there on metafilter, where it's right at home.
posted by mcgraw 26 August | 10:53
Seems legitimate to me as a comment, but then what do I know, I'm torn between two worlds.
posted by omiewise 26 August | 10:55
This document contains no data.
posted by Smart Dalek 26 August | 10:57
Hasn't for a while.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 August | 11:17
This is just like when mommy and daddy started arguing.
posted by veedubya 26 August | 11:19
Eh, it was kinda a pointless, crap post and probably worthy of deletion. The stated reason, however, is utter bullshit. Mathamyn actually linked to metachat while saying keep metachat out of the blue!? It makes me wonder whether it was axed entirely on its lack of merit or rather as an example, a convenient way to send a signal about Capn's challenge since it was the weakest DoIt! post.

This is the second time a MeFi moderator (I don't know who deleted my FPP, I wasn't emailed) has alluded to a comment I made here while scolding my behavior on MetaFilter. (The first being an email from Matt about the 10,000th MeTa thread. If you don't think he is capable of extreme sarcasm, you are mistaken.) That's a little creepy.
posted by danostuporstar 26 August | 11:37
Why do the nasty people hate fun?
posted by seanyboy 26 August | 11:42
anastasiav's post challenge started here on metachat too. So hmpf on that.
posted by iconomy 26 August | 11:48
Defending dano.
posted by brainwidth 26 August | 11:48
please god no, not a metatalk thread
posted by dodgygeezer 26 August | 11:51
i remember the days before the Big Stoopit settled over mathowamyn like a thick, gangrenous blanket, smothering the fun out of the site in a misguided attempt to remake it in mathowamyn's own image.
posted by quonsar 26 August | 11:56

Look, this is the place for the completely silly threads, for sure; they're happy and content here... can't we all just get along?
posted by taz 26 August | 11:58
posted by peacay 26 August | 12:00
OK, so let's bring the blue-style FPPs to Metachat.

We'll take substantial and inconsequential posts here.
posted by mcgraw 26 August | 12:12
I lurve seanyboy's post. It's in the tradition of fun, creative, off-the-beathen-path posts like the BlogStop post, which I didn't contribute to, but enjoyed immensely. We need posts like that at metafilter occasionally. I also really dug Capn's Balloons! post.
posted by iconomy 26 August | 12:16
Why try to get along with a sysop who takes five bucks from you in return for sarcasm and snark, petty deletions and poor uptime? Matt Haughey's assholery is the 500 lb. gorilla in this room. What's wrong with meffy? The sysop's become a total dick.

I'm really sorry to weigh in on this issue. I told myself (and anybody who would listen) that I wouldn't, but it pains me to see my mecha friends wasting their time and money on that asshole.

Yeah, it's strange to mention money I gladly parted with, but the sysop's dickheadedness seemed to start when he started demanding money. You got it backwards, Haughey: paying customers get better customer service, not the round end of your ass.

Danostuporstar, your email experience with him sounds like mine. Offputting doesn't begin to describe it.

Yeah, I'm bitter. When I tried to keep it positive and cordial, that douchebag slapped me in the face. Hurts. So fuck him.

Sorry again to allow meffy to poison my pen.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 August | 12:21
This is why we can't have nice things.

posted by briank 26 August | 12:30
My honest feeling about this is that out of respect to taz and dodgygeezer, we should really keep this shit out of metachat.
posted by iconomy 26 August | 12:32
What's wrong with meffy? The sysop's become a total dick.
see what happens when you listen to the likes of quonsar? see?
oh, and it's pronounced meef-eye!
posted by quonsar 26 August | 13:10
I agree with iconomy for whatever my opinion is worth. This made me a little sad.
posted by Kimberly 26 August | 13:12
Now everyone follow me to the Ice Cream Precinct!
posted by PinkStainlessTail 26 August | 13:12
Actually, quonsar, it's what happens when I listen to the likes of Matt Haughey.

And my shocking vitriol didn't fuel any DoIt! posts, dersins.

This might have had something to do with it, though.
posted by Hugh Janus 26 August | 13:21
Ok who told?
posted by iconomy 26 August | 13:21
That's what I was just going to ask!
posted by interrobang 26 August | 13:22
So, now that our secret is out, we need to come up with some new secrets, right?
posted by interrobang 26 August | 13:23
Matt ALWAYS wanted to keep that site serious and funfree. Everytime people got a little unserious it was eventually stomped out. It is his site and I suppose he should have it the way he wants BUT let us just say I think he missed out on the best of both worlds. Fun AND good posts.

So, to whomever started metachat, a big *smooch* and a sausage biscuit.
posted by bunnyfire 26 August | 13:27
In that MeTa thread Matt doesn't seem to hate the DoIt! idea as much as, say, dersins. Apparently he didn't do the deleting.
posted by omiewise 26 August | 13:37
To sum up: Matt's cool with it as long as it doesn't get out of hand; Jessamyn was a little quick on the delete button but Dano admits his contribution was a little too strange and obtuse even for this one-day social experiment, so no real harm done by the deletion; Dios is a major dick. Others are lesser dicks, and can be safely ignored.
posted by yhbc 26 August | 13:45
The $5.81 I spent on cigs yesterday is already gone up in smoke. The $5.00 I spent on MeFi is still there. There's some sort of a lesson here...
posted by warbaby 26 August | 14:46
There's some sort of a lesson here.
yup. not even warbaby will smoke that shit.
posted by quonsar 26 August | 15:30
There's some sort of a lesson here...
If you buy enough sock puppets you won't need an iron lung?
posted by dodgygeezer 26 August | 15:35
To sum up:
Yeah that about covers it now that jessamyn has explained bringing up MetaChat to begin with. Though it glosses over the brilliance of gramschmidt's non-defense defense of absurdity.
posted by danostuporstar 26 August | 17:39
Why, dano, that document contains no data. Please find one that does, kthx.
posted by mudpuppie 26 August | 17:48
Oh, don't tempt me.
posted by danostuporstar 26 August | 18:15
Matt ALWAYS wanted to keep that site serious and funfree.

But at the same time he's Mr. Spirit Foam, and responsible for all sorts of lightweight fun (or semi-fun) posts too (much more tho in the past than lately). Wasn't Cat-scan him too?
posted by amberglow 26 August | 20:23
of course it's fun when HE's doing it...
posted by mr.marx 26 August | 20:39
More proof that power corrupts. The thread was pretty weak, but the reason for deletion sucks the big hairy one for sure. The DoIt challenge was an excellent cause, if somewhat risky in terms of being likely to backfire and in no way warranted that kind of bitchiness.

Maybe someone else is having a friend over to visit this week?
posted by dg 27 August | 08:19
amberglow said:
all good humor has a point.
posted by danostuporstar 27 August | 14:51
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