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Archives for: June 2005

30 June 2005

In Hell !! This is a nice little collection of photos that people have taken of places that look like portals to the netherworld. The well in Sintra, Portugal, gave me nightmares last night. The sewer entrance in Dublin is a real heebie-jeebie inducer too...
since we're talking monkeys butt-- which is used as an expletive of awe--
where did the dog's balls come from? origins?
it better not be Agincourt again
DTE you suck! If the sweatiest, harriest, most unwashed taint in the world was suddenly transformed into an electric company, it would be Detroit Edison. Read more...
post by: dg at: 18:08 | 22 comments
Sex. Susie Bright expresses confusion and discomfort with "amoebas", her readers respond (including me). She says that the comments are collectively "the most personal and nuanced discussion of sex and aging I've ever read".
I'm a feelin' Bluegrassy... I like these fellers in the link (OCMS). I like the Gourds. I'm in the mood for some more smart, funny countryish, rootsish music... can you help a brother out?
Meltdown! Computers suck! Bring your pile-on! I want to MELT DOWN here today!
Bullets Over Las Vegas Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Tilly beat 600 players to win the Texas Hold 'Em event at the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas. She won US$158,625 at the two-day event, which features some of the top female professionals in the world.
Gem Sweater Video, sound, and bedazzled oddness
Hot, you say? An iglooful of vintage Chilly Willy cartoons (WMV format), from
post by: taz at: 12:09 | 5 comments
How NOT To Run a Secure National Archives :: "Garel said he had warned his bosses that rare items were going missing. The basement of the library's old building was connected by a labyrinth of underground passageways to nearby antiquarian bookshops."
Ad-free web Gawker without the ads, BoingBoing Lite, Page6 the Post... I see a pattern here, do you know of any more?
Back from the fireworks. Enjoying an Arturo Fuente and a Laphroaig on the patio now and I want to wish all the members from Canada and the U.S. an early happy birthday. I hope this year gives us all reasons to be proud of our young countries.
i just ate a whole bag of barbq sunflower seeds a whole damn bag! my fingernail is coming off.Read more...
diamonds in a pile of poo it's about the material
some frankly bad things i'm attached to

29 June 2005

Has anyone asked about RSS feeds? Like a metachat feed? If so, will I be attacked if I ask again?
belated Seany boys day! how many seans can you come up with?
How Stella Lost Her "Groove"--To Guys --nasty divorce, juicy dirt.
I have this theory...
Cast out! You see the cast list of a film and instantly you know it'll be a piece of shit. Why? Because it stars that actor or actress that is like a curse for movies - and it's not even because they can't act - they just have the midas touch in reverse. For me it's Sean Pertwee. He guarantees a poorly scripted horror/scifi/gangster film with poor special effects and a plot that would insult the intelligence of an eight year-old. Who's your cursed actor?
dg, don't you want to ask "How?"
Gary Glitter's Official Website. Pop's most famous collector of kiddie porn has one of the greatest websites I have ever seen maintained by his fanclub. Check the news section and read up on his attempts to reenter Cambodia! Check out the Top (10) Ten! But first of all please read this message by the producers of the site.
I have a challenge. I would like someone to make a blog entry about making a sandwich using leftovers, and then submit it to BoingBoing. Just call the sandwich a mashup and refer to your use of leftovers as remixing, and write the post is as overheated a style as you can.Read more...
Look What's for Dinner! Yum yum yum! And many other most wonderful recipes with pictures and helpful hints. via mofi via something awful
Strange Cover Songs I reccommend the Belgian girl's choir singing "I Touch Myself".
Best deadpan irony: I seem to recall visiting a site that had constant JRun errors, though I can't for the life of me remember where that was.
I cannot take this much cuteness. Who added this unbelievably cute bunny to the Bunnyscape? I can't stand how cute it is. Look at its cute wittle paws! CUTE! Read more...
Poll: Bush full of shit or dirty shameless liar?
How to Fold a Fitted Sheet This is something I'm totally hopeless at.
Curious Bunny: Lawrence Lessig's rousing 2002 speech on copyright has got me foaming at the mouth. Rather than send more money to the EFF, are there any equivalant organisations in the U.K. My current concerns are primarily to do with the corporate misuse of I.P. rights and I'd like something that explains and fights for the issues from a UK or European perspective. Bonus points for organisations that are linked to the EFF and don't get bogged down in other libertarian issues.
it looks congential: could it be the answer to a mystery?
It's STINKIN HOT here. How hot is it there?
Is this sheep a virus or dangerous in any way? I've seen it in various places over the years, now a friend's daughter wants to put in on her (the daughter's) laptop. Friend asks me if its dangerous? Now I ask you -- is it?

28 June 2005

In response to: qua? where is the mystery thread from recent comments? and hi
Title too long ... in Hell! I have a question about the Family song "Second Generation Woman". What the hell does that mean? Not only is she a woman, but her mother was too?
Presidential Address thread Just in case anyone's emotionally moved.
tetka.swf A scantily clad body falling through an endless bubble landscape. You can grab, throw and shake her too.
I'm naked. How about you?
No more JRun errors ever? Last time I got an error it said something about an "application server" instead of JRun. Does this mean that Matt permanently fixed JRun errors the same way that Microsoft fixed the Unrecoverable Application Errors in Windows 3.0?
I broke AskMe, and I really need an answer to this PHP problem.Read more...
post by: dg at: 17:58 | 35 comments
Nike apologizes for Minor Threat ripoff. "To set the record straight, Nike Skateboarding's "Major Threat" Tour poster was designed, executed and promoted by skateboarders, for skateboarders. All of Nike employees responsible for the creation of the tour flyer are fans of both Minor Threat and Dischord Records and have nothing but respect for both."
Artist's Pose Books? MetaArtists: Do you use pose books? Until recently I never knew there were so many. [MI]
Don't make me go back to Internet Explorer!
WARNING: Gratuitous self post pictures inside
[Not] Requested by MLIS There ya go. The most complete copy available on the net, I believe.
Mommy, my stomach hurts ... After a boy in Bangladesh complained of a stomach ache, doctors discovered a fetus in his abdomen. Apparently, the 4.5 pound fetus was 16-year-old Abu Raihan's undeveloped twin. Physicians at Bangabadnhu Medical University surgically removed it on Saturday.
BT Oddness Lately I've been trying to download a certain TV show, and I'm getting these torrents that say the file is 350 mb, but it's apparently 3500 mb. I get to the 350 mb point in the download, and the progress meter says 10% completed. Is this a case of the networks uploading bum files to frustrate pirates?
JRUN Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
Sunday night was fun while it lasted. But I'm not likely to show up at any more NYC meetups, as I'm now expected to behave.
It is much better to be the lightning bug, capricious and free, than the jar holder, chasing. But I chase you nonetheless. Did you know how you light up the night?
Quality check. I think we should aim for more posts of this caliber on Metafilter. Just sayin'.
caption please -- Obscene. Never seen anything so atrocious in my life.

27 June 2005

Should I bother? This is long.
Yearbooks just came in. I'll sign yours if you sign mine.
How to Beat Off Invaders From Space; or, What to Do When the Aliens Come. ...First, you have to forget the idea that aliens are all that. They are neither that nor a bag a chips. Who built the pyramids? Heavily beaten slaves. What is going on in the Bermuda Triangle? Homicidal whales. The probing? Do you really think that the only diagnostic tool available to beings that have traveled across the galaxy must be inserted anally? Please. ...
Why not?
post by: dg at: 18:42 | 26 comments
Gilbert and Sullivan for the 21st century.
Very engaging sketchbooks (carnets de digestion) at mad meg. You might like the creepy but well-dressed insects (les patriarches) or the fanciful blended beasts (chimères) as well. Just click on everything. One or two drawings NSFW. I wish I could draw like this with just a pencil or a pen.
welcome to javaone

i've just been to register.

Inspired by Specklet's profile - the very first drafts of really cheesy pick-up lines.
First Jrun of the day. Sigh
Big, fat books? I've got an Amazon (UK) gift certificate, and I want your recommendations for wonderful, "fat" books. My taste is pretty far-ranging, though I especially like sci-fi and historical fiction. some examples of hefty books I have loved are "Cryptonomicon" and "The Diamond Age" (Stephenson), "Perdido Street Station" and "The Scar" (Miéville), "The Secret History" (Tartt), "The Impressionist" (Kunzru), "Wicked" (Maguire), and "Winter's Tale" (Helprin). What are some that you love?

26 June 2005

Stella Fernbottom is talking shit about your country. I hate your President! I hate your country!
post by: dg at: 23:14 | 46 comments
Uniporn (NSFW) Sculptures and commentary. Also, fairies. Hot fairies. I sheepishly admit that I got this from memepool.
post by: dg at: 21:25 | 23 comments
A guilty pleasures (movies) thread-- but not yet, as far as I can see, a guilty pleasures (music) thread? Go ahead- spill.
Whaja do this weekend? If you forgot about the Okie Noodling tournament again this year, you can see some footage of what you missed. QT
Today's Japan Times Front Page Headline Ground Self Defense Force vehicle windshield damaged in Iraq blast
Uh oh...Advance Meetup Attendance Warning Well, who'da thunk? I'll be vacationing in New York for a few days in November / December, and it occurs to me "hey, I actually know of some mefi members in New York, I could go to a meetup" (whereas while I realize there are some mefi members here in Tokyo, their names don't stick to their personalities, so if I met up with them it'd feel like meeting strangers). So then I think, "Let's look at some meetup threads and see who's in New York".

Hey, jonmc is in NY!
Hey, amberglow is in NY!
Hey..uh oh...naxosaxur.

Guess I won't be bringing my camera.

25 June 2005

Very surreal Bunny Game Ok, you're a rabbit. Wearing headphones. Or something. Its an idyllic Wonka-esqe world. You hit giant appliances with a hammer. They turn into Pengins. Or something.

Just play it.

via wonderland
post glasgow meetup thread.....
Bunnylove. Just shut up and watch it. Flash; sound (omfg, the sound).
Misinformation. I was reading a book called Cider With Roadies by music journalist Stuart Maconie. In it he admits to writing a false story that dapper and mild mannered TV host Bob Holness played the sax solo on Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street. This story clearly captured peoples imagination as it still gets repeated as fact to this day. Have you ever spread misinformation for giggles? Have you lied to someone to make them look stupid? I once told David Bowie he'd look really cool doing a Nazi salute, and now the rest is history...
Ask MeatChat Advanced cable modem home self defense:
There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner, Or Grumps Unite.Read more...
total chatfiller morgan spurlock's show didn't totally suck and i'm free of the meattoy/meatwad for the time being:Read more...
Sorry to get all heavy, but....

24 June 2005

A question for the damned. What, if anything, in this world shakes your disbelief? Read more...
Guilty Pleasures? What's your guilty pleasure movie? It was never nominated for an Oscar. It wasn't even nominated for an MTV movie award. But it never fails to make you feel better.

I have two: Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and Eurotrip. With a side order of Mommie Dearest.

What's yours?
Friday Silliness The Shopping Game! (Invented by: me, Specklet) This is fun to play when you're out drinking with folks you don't know all that well, but I think it'd be fun here too. Here's the deal: you must come up with any four items that could be found at a store like, say, Fred Meyer. (This is a store that has a wide variety of groceries, but also has sporting goods, cosmetics, electronic equipment, clothing, etc. You get the idea.) The point is that the four items be innocuous in and of themselves, but in combination would completely freak out the checkout clerk, or at least make him/her wonder what in the hell you've got planned for the evening. This can get very amusing (read: peverted) quickly.
Which Hitchhiker's book is this from? There is a line in one of the Douglas Adams books, and I personally think it is the most beautiful sentence ever constructed (kind of like that whole "cellar door" thing). Something about "the sound of the rain on the roof of the shack"...

It's the book where the gang visits the man in charge of the universe... Which one was that? And is there any place online to search full-text of Adams' work?
Motorhead plays [whatever you want]. I've often thought it would be coolRead more...
L’étranger in a Strange Land French novelist Michel Houellebecq’s weekend in L.A.
Sometimes I feel doomed. Do you ever feel doomed? Do you ever convince yourself you aren't?
Rhyming headlines. And the stories they engender.
GoogleFight in the boxing ring of google, Metafilter wins over Jrun. wtf?
Frequent JRuns are back :-(
Alternative Colleges Worldwide What colleges in the world can be considered "alternative colleges" (offering independent study, non-traditional schooling or grades system, etc)?

I know of way too many in the USA - Hampshire, Reed, NYU's Gallatin, etc - but I would especially appreciate names from other countries besides the US.

Also, is there any discussion in the Grue (Green/Blue) about such a thing? Googling gets me nowhere.

Thanks :)

on preview: why is the preview date set to 1st Jan 2000? o_O
How It Feels The Eels' Selective Memory animated by Tom Croft. Old but sweet, and an illustration of exactly how my life is going at this moment. (.swf, sound)
Supercell thunderstorm producing baseball-sized hail and a powerful tornado. From above.
Meth Recipies Post 'em if you've got 'em.
*belches loudly, scratches ass*
Dear MetaChat... Now that you all have your fix of "Best" Links, perhaps you can help me fix something.

A few weeks ago I bought this great Nikon Coolpix 5600 digital camera, and I'm really enjoying it, except for a slight problem....Read more...

23 June 2005

Best Music Video The JCB Song posted by lemonfridge.
Best Metafilter Posts of June (so far): Back by popular demand!

Best Unappriciated Post: louigi's Identity Theory

Best Nostalgia: Dr. Wu's 78 RPM Jukebox

Best Use of Propaganda in a Post: kirkaracha's The Art of War

Best Use of the Letter O in a Post: grumblebee's Doodles!

Best Page I Almost Posted Myself: pyramid termite's African Dress Traditions

Best Tinfoil Hat Comments: mk1gti's SpaceFilter

Best Post for Geeks Everywhere: KS's Marvel Value Stamps

Best Pop Art: madamjujujive's Andy Warhol Time Capsule 21

Best Overexposed Link: srboisvert's Celebrity Ping Pong

Best Face of Mother Russia (tie): arse_hat's Russian Urban Exploration and iconomy's Unrealized Moscow

Most Illuminating Post: hortense's The Illuminated Middle Ages

Best 'Possibly Offensive' content: mischief's Monster Magazine Covers

Best Do-it-yourself Indictment: boo_radley's Exploring Enron

Best Americana: matteo's Lee Friedlander Post

Best NewsFilter (60 Years Overdue): zarq's Nagasaki A-Bomb Reporting

Best Page Killed by Metafilter: Orb's Barbie Deconstructed

Best Example of Better Living Through Stolen Office Supplies: ColdChef's Elvis Post-It Note Mosaic

Best Impossible Dream: 31d1's Mathmatical Paper Folding

Best Obit: peacay's Life of Allison Crews
Surreal AskMe post Whoever it was that was doing the "Most ... post of today" stopped doing it. I liked that, please bring it back. Anyway, here's one that caught my eye.
Dear Tivo-ites, I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a copy of this morning's Today show?
Gah, Jrun. So let me tell you about some local news. Read more...
I can't access MetaFilter, due to errors. This makes me irrationally angry. I may post myself to the blue.
Continue the Story. The Drabbles thread the other day was many gorgeous little stories. Knowing what gifted writers we have here, maybe another mental exercise might be fun? Just continue the story...a word, a sentence, a paragraph. Illustrating the story or providing a graphic is good, too, if that's more your thing.
Pedantisms. You're not lecturing at the Sorbonne, you're simply chatting with a friend, maybe over a gin & tonic or two. You come out with a statement that you know is lazy and factually incorrect but your meaning is crystal clear. Your drinking buddy can't let it go - they feel compelled to correct you. I think of these statements as pedantisms, statements that bring out the annoying pedant in everyone. I hate them - are there any that annoy you? I'll tell you which ones annoy me.Read more...

22 June 2005

Best/worst comeback you've ever spit out?
Don Asmussen, Bad Reporter --cute editorial cartoon--part of an ongoing series--archive here
Tales of Sleep Deprivation I'm finishing my third night shift in a row (now you know why I seem to be on Meta all the time). Shifts are 13.5 hours, meaning, after travel time home, showering, etc., I've got about 7.5 hours to sleep. Unfortunately, Outlook crashing, various work related phone calls, and paying bills means I've had only 4.5 or so hours per night (and I tend to sleep a lot). So now I've got the hazy headed sleep deprivation blues.

That said, other people get much more sleep deprived than I do, and apparently hallucinate. I never have, but a friend in high school started ranting about smelling fried chicken, even though we were in his house and there was no chicken around. So I'm wondering: what tales of sleep deprivation do y'all have? (and no embellishments, please)
Mantovani. No matter what the weather, Mantovani pursues us from climate-controlled interiors all over. A string orchestra in a cathedral? Egregious glissandi? Sign me up. Come over and give me a hand with this, Mantovani fans.
These would look great on Oolong's head... At last, an amusing ebay listing.
Joni Mitchell. It's the hottest day of the year so far, so I've been giving The Hissing of Summer Lawns another spin. I love it more with every listen and thought maybe it was time to buy some more Joni for the summer. Can any Joni fans offer advice for what I should get next?
Bellingham meetup If you're in the forgotten corner this Saturday night, c'mon by. I'm having cocktail hour and a few friends will be over. You can make it one of the first MeCha meetups. (I'm just across the street from "A")
Michael Stipe's Skull "Doug [Coupland] once told me that if you want to be remembered 100 years from now, you have to invent a haircut... I think I am the first man to have shaved his head, because my hair was thinning and it was embarrassing. So I would like to lay claim to that haircut, if I may." Is Michael Stipe the first male celebrity evar (Sinéad O'Connor is the first woman, I guess) to completely shave his head? Can you think of others who did it before Stipe?
ass crack--not just for women anymore "They’re using their ass cracks as a lure for attention and love."

21 June 2005

Lions rescue kidnapped girl I know it's not bunnies, but this is pretty interesting.
Quick! Somebody say something funny! It's an emergency!
Lame question d'jour: Alien vs Predator. Jason vs Freddy. FictionalCharacterX vs FictionalCharacterY. Who would you choose?
Did anyone else notice that Uncle Junior was convicted of manslaughter?
Problems with MeFi CD Swap Is anyone else having problems getting registered on the website for the MeFi CD Swap?Read more...
Genetic Determinism as a Basis for the Defense of Homosexuality.
Your thoughts? Especially those of you who are gay and/or involved in gay rights? Posted here because I didn't think self-posting was disallowed and this community is one from which I'd like feedback.
AskMeCha (Gospel Singing and Faith No More) Here's hoping y'all can help me on this so I don't have to take it to AskMeFi and get one of those callouts that's all the rage. [MI]
first of the day. Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
Could not connect to JRun Server.
Does anyone else have a Livejournal? Or am I the only one? I'm always looking for new reading material.

Mine's here.
Drabble. Let's do some Drabbles. Write a short story containing exactly 100 words then post it here.
Fate is an insanely fun Diablo 2 clone and can be played for just a few minutes at a time if you want. Read more...
Too good to last?
The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: CFQUERY
Please try the following:
* Enable Robust Exception Information to provide greater detail about the source of errors. In the Administrator, click Debugging & Logging > Debugging Settings, and select the Robust Exception Information option.
* Check the ColdFusion documentation to verify that you are using the correct syntax.
* Search the Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem.
* If the above fails, go to
post by: dg at: 00:20 | 9 comments

20 June 2005

When is the new mix swap? I'm growing impatient here people.
MeCha Mix Project: Your Mix in Others' Words Now that we've listened to the mixes we got (for me broken puter + download limit + torrent ignorance = not all mixes), let's descibe other people's mixes.

Mr Marx: Louche Sunday afternoon confectionary goodness.

Your turn.
TYSON’S CORNER by David Remnick.
Asked what he might do next, Tyson said, “I’m going to look into doing missionary work.” Maybe in Africa, maybe Bosnia. He was unsure how he would pay his bills. Maybe he just wouldn’t. He was sure, he said, only that the ferocity was gone. “I don’t have it in me anymore,” he said. “I can’t even kill the bugs in my house.”
Another day, another dream - this one was about mathowie and quonsar.

Have you made the news lately? Just wondering, because this morning I had my yogurt while reading an article about dabitch. :)
TypeDrawing is grooovy. Click on the header or text in the first screen, then on the next screen click "enter" to get into the Gallery/Drawing area. Once there, click "Requested TYPEDRAWING" to see my masterpiece. To make your own, click "Drawing" (and let us know what you've created!).
post by: taz at: 06:34 | 3 comments
Oh, the horror! Oolong would be sick.

19 June 2005

Tomkatfilter Tom Cruise's adventures in starlet seduction. Apparently he went through Scarlett Johansson, Kate Bosworth and even Lindsay Lohan before settling on Kate Holms.
EDSAC - home of the first videogame, OXO.
Scratchpad now has color. Well two out of four do. So you can draw more realistic penises I guess.
Quote of the Day: See any good ones lately? Post em here. Mine is inside.
This is fun: The "Polaroid-o-nizer" turns any image into a faux polaroid. For example, this image becomes this cute "polaroid".
"Holy exposition Batman! A prequel that works?!?!" Yep, I've seen Batman Begins. Read more...
Bisexuality: Classic or Dud? Bisexuals: How do you manifest your orientation? How do you integrate your affection for each gender into your romantic life? Do you?

Het's, gays, and lesbians, how would you feel if your partner suddenly said he/she were bi?

*Waits for straight male chorus of "Honey, this is the best Christmas ever!"*

In a "post-gay" age of pan-, poly-, and ambisexuality, is bisexuality even relevant anymore?
F DUBYA What could the mystery bonus gift be? I guess you'll have to buy it to find out.
MeFi and MoFi: Teaching resources? Yes. I've started bookmarking some recent posts for my wife, who starts teaching high school history in the fall. In among all the posts about computers and graphic novels, there are some really useful posts!

18 June 2005

Element CNT is undefined in NEWASKLINKS. Well, at least it isn't Jrun.
emcee ii, part two, is now up! Which means our two sets of Exquisite Corpses are completed, and emcee-June is finished, with 12 players and 14 panels altogether. Here's the first exquisite corpse set, in case you missed it.
Imagine if the biggest rock band in the United States was fronted by someone who looked and sounded just like George W. Bush. note: salon link, requires viewing ad. but you knew that.
BitTorrent? Piffle! This site makes DVDs available of old otherwise unobtainable TV shows. And no eBay in sight. Keep it quiet though, I think it's meant to be a secret.

17 June 2005

Dylan tip (Bob, that be)
Piracy, arr. All the torrents I've been using recently have resulted in a LOT more garbage data uploaded to me than in the past. From various networks and trackers. Does anyone know who's behind this? MPAA, or just random hackers? (I'm downloading TV shows).
AskMetachat [title will not fit on this line] How Do I Remove My Name From MP3's & MS Word Documents?

I do not use SoulSeek or share my iTunes b/c all documents & MP3's (or other audio format) are saved with my name in the string (C:\Documents and Settings\Joe Smith\My Documents).

Is there a way to change this so my files are anonymous?
Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby. Robot deemed too life-like.
Best. Image. Ever. Okay, fine. Everybody's definition of what makes a good post or a bad post is different. But I'm sure we can agree on the best inline image, yes?
Best. Post. Ever. But seriously, since we've already explored the Worst Possible MetaFilter Post, what would it take to achieve the BEST? Something that everybody, left and right, oldie and newbie, techhead and luddite, blogger and blog-adverse, Mac, Linux AND Windows, Miguel and quonsar, would like? Is it possible? Something that could bring us all together?
Worst. Post. Ever. If you had to write the worst possible post for Mefi what would it be? The post that would be the biggest stinker of all time. The post that everyone would point to as the nadir of Mefi. The post that would see your name mocked across the internet for all eternity. Surely we can do better than a pair of scientoligists getting engaged.
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics 45% of Americans don't realise the Sun is a star? 96% of candles are purchased by women?

Yeah, it's weak as all fuck but I'm bored at work and this would never get a pass on MeFi...
BlogStop: Where the last word of an entry must be used as an acronym for the next entry. Simplicity itself.
emcee ii collaboration: The first series of our emcee exquisite corpse project is up. The second one will probably be up tomorrow...
Shamelessly self-centered post I'm leaving for California tomorrow, where I'm due to run the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run next weekend.Read more...
The worst album covers in the world. From the Guardian, stolen from a comment by bargle, in MeTa. Anybody got any more contenders?
Four golden rules "With films such as Taste of Cherry, The Wind Will Carry Us and 10, his digital feature set entirely in a car, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami has in recent years become a critics' favourite on the international film scene, even though he has been producing a stream of magnificent work since the early 1970s. Lucky for me, then, to be one of 20 students chosen to take part in an eight-day workshop, organised by the London Film School, on digital film-making led by one of the masters of that particular species of cinema. Here are four central ideas Kiarostami had us consider throughout our week together".
when korean kids draw it out the Bunny-shaped Country and child laborRead more...
Pride Parade June 26th Local church is having a sign-making party. Slogans are needed.

16 June 2005

I had a lucid dream last night. I think. Read more...
300 free truetype fonts --for Windows and OSX (a mixed bag, and not great for printing, but good for online and playing around)
Are previously banned members welcome here? So far as they behave themelves and chat?
from that thread: lyrics anyone?
sometimes the names are not enough
Reminder: Share The 9622v2 Love There having been a worrying downturn in new contributions to 9622v2, I enjoin, entreat and implore all and sundry to participate in this history-making endeavor.
How many hours do you work in a week? Do you get paid enough for working that much? If you work significantly more than 40 hours per work, are the extra hours as productive as the first 40?
In this thread we will only speak in song titles.
Earthquake--in Sensurround! Anyone feel it in CA?
anyone want to get drunk? you don't have to have sobered up from yesterday to join in.
Animal paintings usually aren't my bag, but this is some fine work, really. I want to hate it, but it won't let me.
The Miracle of Life (warning: 14.6 MB QT but worth it.)
MetaFilter? Down? Holy smokes, MeFi is giving me a JRun error! What's going on? Has this ever happened before? What's the protocol? Who do I email? Bloomsday!
Lookin' for new RSS feeds What are your favorite:
News feeds? Looking for a good general news feed that would preferably lean more toward serious news, and less toward Michael Jackson news.

Humor feeds? Especially funny blogs like Skot's, or Lore's.

Or Miscellaneous, just to open it up for you.
What's on your mind? If you'll forgive the overstatement. Celebrity insults: excellent curmudgeonly comments by famous people.
post by: taz at: 03:20 | 7 comments
Gay weddings on TV Former Kid In The Hall Scott Thompson sets up weddings for gay couples. I just caught a couple of episodes. The most striking thing about the show is how the couples are so much like just any other soon to be married couples.

15 June 2005

Holy. Shit. (warning! Flash, loud music, delusions of grandeur and possibly the scariest Michael Jackson link ever: His own website.)
So, who thinks Alex Reynolds is fabulous?
think we'll make it to rabbit year? (i call it cat)
yes, it is the year of the cock--
new rules for soldier's blogs ...Under a threat of court martial, soldiers must register with their unit commander any blog or unofficial website, including the hosting company, IP address, and the webmaster's name. ...
Campari. Who thinks Bill Murray was really drinking it straight in The Life Aquatic?
How old are you?
Bring popcorn. Smells like santorum.
Self-Use Ear Irrigation Syringe "....after all those years of telling doctors that there was something going on in my left ear, Ear-Clear found and removed the culprit. After 4 or 5 refills using the Master Blaster for the first time in my left ear, not only did a serious clump of wax get expelled, but also a 'twig' about an inch long (see picture). Must have been in my ear for 15 years!" Tony F.
"Pretty soon we’re going to be able kick back in the War Room, drink us some Mr. Pibb and rum, and watch as the mechasaurs destroy each other in our name."
I wanna have that etched on my tombstone!
What was your first experience of porn? Mine was a 256 colour bitmap on my harddrive-less Acorn A3010. "Wow, so women have indescipherable blurs between their legs!".
Your Going to Hell Whose going to hell? My going to hell.
(beware: music)
Well, I just got my green card Spent the last 90 minutes at the federal building in Baltimore getting interviewed by a nice INS official. My husband was way more nervous than me, because he was convinced that I was going to crack "marriage of convenience" jokes. (NB: it is not!) Glad it's over...
Not enough threads.
I agree. Way, way too many threads.
There are too many threads on Metachat, no?
All Mercedes drivers are (potential) terrorists. This evening, cycling home, I saw that the space betwixt Buckingham Palace and Victoria's statue was chocka with Mercedes Saloons. The police were pulling over each and every Mercedes heading away from Trafalgar Square, and searching them. Cue a horde of disgruntled Merc drivers, and a happy me.

If this continues, and the idiots that drive these huge cars through London in rush hour are forced off the road, I'll finally have something good to say about the War On Terror.
Shut down by the MAN Well, okay it was Jrun.
MetaChat, a home for my stupid questions This one is about computers, customer service, and Tekserve. Please, AskMeCha, help me gain the social skills I never had.
This Vibrates? Gillette's new Vibrance razor (with disposable blades no less!). Safe for use in shower or bath! And best of all - no embarrasment going through airport security. Not that I would know anything about that. [ via ]
MetaChatFilterFilter Hey - my friends and I were talking last night and I started wondering: If you were chatting, what would you be chatting about?
best linx distro for lazy expert? no way am i wasting an askme question with this, so you lot will have to do instead. [mi]
Have you dreamed about anyone or anything online recently? Read more...
Poor girl's AskMefi - OMG WorldSmart Bling Bling 19 weeks. 18 cities. 7 countries. 1 experience of a lifetime. 0 clue what I'm doing. Help!Read more...
The Dinner Party Amberglow's suggestion to loquacious' comment in the Farenheit 451 thread reminded me of a game my friends and I used to play called 'Dinner Party'. The rules aren't hard and fast, but the idea is this: you're having a dinner party and you can invite up to 7 people - whomever you want - real or fictional, famous or not, dead or alive. Who would they be and why?
Bumperball Harder than it looks...
UFOs. Oddly enough, "Try not to lose your marbles" indeed.


14 June 2005

MeCha has become the dating game
Scratchpad No More? I was just playing with it and got disconnected. Anyone able to access it?
I finally quit...eating meat. So your friend tells you that s/he has quit smoking. Your obvious reaction? Congratulations, words of encouragement, and a generally positive and warm response.

Let's do that again, but this time your friend tells you that s/he has stopped eating meat. Read more...
Saucy! So, kids, what's your favorite color? Mine's rabbit-nose pink. Happy hour elephant pink is nice, too.
If you were a cleverly marketed entertainment package, what would be your theme song?
MedicFilter List your favorite "Go to the doctor, dammit!" AskMe post here. (Most recent entered for reference purposes only.)
Tie a Yellow Ribbon round that old dead Pope... Does this mean Support our dead Pope? Get the Pope out of Iraq? Bring our Pope Home? My Pope can kick your War's ass?
Boy is my face red I shouldn't have made that MeTa thread.
Question: In Farenheit 451, people would learn (off by heart) one book. They would then *be* that book and could be read by whoever. If you were a book in Farenheit 451, which book would you be? (out of date meme shamelessly stolen from the internets)
Money, Music, Mixes. So we'll have another swap next month but i'd like to discuss the way
we do it.
Did you tape or Tivo the Tonight Show last night? From what I heard, Leno showed the correction to the major gaffe in this article during his headline segment and said my friends ad agency name... I'd so love to show it to them!
Bunnyscape: I've started a metachat bunny gallery for us at photobucket. If you find any cool wabbit art, go to photobucket and see if you can figure out the username and password to log in with (I bet you can!); then upload the image. If you found it on the web, please include the address of the site where you found it in the "tag or title" field.

13 June 2005

Can't get my CD burner to work and it's driving me nuts. I've always just used Windows Media Player and it's always worked fine, but now for some reason, it arbitrarily closes the disc at some random point, long before the CD is done. It's maddening. I think I've wasted about 14 CDs tonight, trying to get a full copy of a MeCha mix. Is there any free software out there that'll do a decent job of burning? I don't really care if it has any other features.
not guilty eee! eee!
*grabs crotch*
Metachat Mix-up! The files are all in and everyone who uploaded a mix should now have received an e-mail with more details on downloading. If you haven't submitted a mix, then sorry but you're too late. You can use this thread to discuss the mixes as well as posting tracklistings or mix descriptions.
Meta Cookbook matildaben had a great idea in dame's too hot to eat thread.

Share with us your absolute favorite recipie!
Weblog Woes Whenever I rebuild my MT weblog, it seems to "forget" about portions of the stylesheet. If I re-FTP the stylesheet, all is fine again ... until the next time I need to rebuild the site (say, to despam it). Can this be fixed?
Completely Bogus or Leftfield Wisdom on 9/11?
"A former chief economist in the Labor Department during President Bush's first term now believes the official story about the collapse of the WTC is 'bogus,' saying it is more likely that a controlled demolition destroyed the Twin Towers and adjacent Building No. 7."
The article is by Greg Szymanski and the link is to the original. It's being repeated verbatim at Conspiracy Planet & Collective Bellaciao but nowhere of substance.
An economist giving engineering opinion?! Ummm? Trying to get back at former employer??
So, do you ever get too hot to eat? Summer has come here in New York, and it's as disgusting as usual. (Oh, for it to be February!) All of a sudden though, I'm too hot to eat. The very notion of food nauseates me. I grew up in a hot place and have lived here for five years, but this has never happened. What's wrong with me? Has this happened to you? What do you do?
Scapegoating Outrage : USDA Forest Service claims Native American maize cultivation 1,000 years ago led to freshwater mussel decline.
Optimistic much? So MetaChat is no longer a place to "commiserate and bitch when MetaFilter is down" (or something like that - I can't remember the exact phrasing that used to be there)? Are we that confident that the jrun beast has been slain?
No Rock and Roll Fun. My new favourite blog.
write your own personals ad: blank is looking for blank who can blank like a blank while blanking blank on a blank--
will write my own if i have the time of this doesn't entirely suck. remember, only the truth is really funny:Read more...
Mega Quiz: If you can't find your way through the doors, and you only have one typing finger left, use it to play Inspiration Gallery's Mega Quiz, with 1500 questions in 50 categories. Game description inside...Read more...
post by: taz at: 02:09 | 3 comments
mony mony you make me feel like a pony

12 June 2005

Ty Pennington and Madonna got me wondering Who would you pick for a celebrity caged death match? Two walk in and only one walks out (and gets put down like a wounded horse. So hey we all win!)
Brandon stories Do you know anyone to whom Interesting Things Just Happen? You know, the kind of person who is the life of the party because of all the neat stories he or she knows? I have known two:Read more...
Too trivial for AskMe: Does anyone know why there hasn't been a DVD release of either If... or O Lucky Man!? It seems the only one of Lindsay Anderson's "Mick Travis" films to get the DVD treatment is the infinitely inferior Britannia Hospital.
Madonna: Superbitch! Her demanding nature, fake accent and diva-posturing in this video clip are very telling.
Metachat Mix Swap: Less than 24 hours to go. Please upload your mixes by 7 pm UTC tomorrow. See more details here.
Moratorium on "telling" Can we have a moratorium on the expression "that's very telling"? (Voluntary, of course). It's just a way of accusing someone of something based on nothing more than a hunch, but phrasing it such that it doesn't sound like a hunch but a fact.
blogs don't verify! oh noes! Former reporter who's now a blogger and studying to teach decides to attack all blogs for not confirming accuracy, and spreads the attack around to poynter, and wonkette and mediabistro--smackdown ensues. (this picture was the trigger)
A Killer Comeback. At 69, his face puffy and jowly, Jerry Lee Lewis moves so slowly backstage that you wouldn't want him near a treadmill without paramedics in the building. Watching him slumped in a chair, it's hard to imagine him being able to do anything more onstage than accept an award. Then again, people have counted Lewis out for decades — only to see him bounce back, from delicate stomach operations and career-threatening scandals. And sure enough, this night Lewis not only makes it to the piano but comes alive once his fingers hit the keys, pumping out that distinctive Lewis groove that is part honky-tonk, part boogie-woogie, part juke joint and all magic.
Motion Picture Purgatory Click the drop-downs top left to select a movie and see a cartoon review by Rick Tremble. Constantine, House of Wax, Blade 3 and Revenge of the Sith are worth a look. [some images may not be safe for work]
I don't know where I am... I don't know what I'm doing here. I just know I have to get out.

The Doors is another one of those "find-your-way-out" Flash games like The Crimson Room. Not too hard, though I'm kind of stuck on the last little bit at the moment.
Sarge Shoots: Not sure what competition sgt. serenity is speaking of in this MetaTalk comment (maybe this? You can find his photos by searching "Steven Reynolds"), but you should go check out his Flickr photos - really nice images there.
I want to draw like common people More artists should emulate Jamie Hewitt's comic version of Pulp's "Common People." I'm imagining a Marjane Satrapi version of "Silent All These Years." Or Harvey Pekar illustrating "The River." What about Britney's "... Baby one more time" illustrated by Michael Manning?

11 June 2005

Like Hitler, Like Bush 1. President George W. Bush, like Adolf Hitler, came to power legally, but not democratically. The majority of Americans and the majority of Germans did not elect either leader. Both were appointed. No one expected either one to rise to power.

2. Both are fundamentalist Christians. The problem for both these fervent Christians was how to keep power. Both Hitler and Bush court the conservative Christian right, and implicate their acts of aggression into holy war.
Good News From Iraq™ --skylights installed in Fallujah schools!
When Does Exclusive Cross the Line to Racist? Via LA Times: "It is graduation season again. Last month, my wife and I happily participated in this privilege by observing our last child graduate from one of California's state universities. Because our daughter is African American, we had the dubious honor of attending two ceremonies — one for African Americans only, and then the next day, one for the general population of graduates. This was our third child to graduate from college, and all three universities — two in California and one in Washington — had these twin exercises."

I was quite surprised to hear about this practice — is it common in the States?
48K of Joy. I had a Spectrum when I was a kid so this site brings back all kinds of memories. You can see all the details of the old games including tape inlays and pages from magazines such as Crash. Best of all though is that you can play the games in your browser. It's good to see that Dan Dare is as great as I remember.
MetaChatTalk Is self-linking allowed on MetaChat?
Do you work online? How many of us earn a living all or mostly online? And what do you do?
Incurable romantic seeks filthy whore. [via ad-rag]

10 June 2005

Is Metafilter Being Hacked?
I'm starting to wonder if someone other that Mathowie or Jessamyn has gained access to the MeFi code, and is actually the source of some of the mysterious disapering comments
but then again I've had quite a bit to drink
the fringe of language "We do not talk only in order to reason or to inform. We have to make love and quarrel, to propitate and pardon, to rebuke, console, intercede, arouse. "He that complains," said Johnson, "acts like a man, like a social being."
-- C.S. Lewis
The menu bar doesn't render right for me. See?
Terror allegations disappear from court filing Different affidavit in Lodi, CA father-son case given to media than used for court.
The Twelve Tribes of American Politics Did you know the Religious Left is just as big as the Religious Right? The groups that make up the U.S. political landscape are much more nuanced than you think.
Honduras art: Chamo, Céleo Ramos, Mijke Bos, Bobby Handal, Roberto Brevé, Alejandro Corpeño, Maria Marta Nemes, Luis Gustavo Rivera, Ricardo Lagos, Ana Aguilar, and more.
Oh dear. Trendy youth pastor discovers and, thinking it a geniuine site, allows the girls in his care to date boys in an attempt to lead them to God. Only - as any fool knows - it isn't a real site. Pregnancy ensues.
JRun ning on empty
JRunning blind
JRunning into the sun
But I’m JRunning behind
-- daily JRun error is already with us.
Vrooom When I went to the bowling alley yesterday, there were a lot of cops next door at the Harley dealership. They've busted the Banditos again.
Breaking stuff. Tread carefully folks because I've made a big change to the site. You can now post images in comments. No, no, come back! You won't see them unless you click the IMAGES ON link up there.Read more...
Waking Dead. Now that's what I call an immersive experience (video; dubious and probably immoral Derren Brown experiment)
Musique noir The twenty-five most depressing songs.

09 June 2005

When a crazy person from your past finds you through Google, what do you do?Read more...
CD Swap is back! Dreama's official Metafilter CD Swap is back! D'ya think it was us made it happen?
Tell me about your workday I've always been fascinated with the trivialities of other peoples's jobs. Exactly how do you spend your day at work? How much actual work do you get done? What's your routine when you arrive? Regular coffee breaks? I need to know!
screenshots from a Soviet film, 1946 We're working on the Steppes,
before the sun comes up,
so we have bread to nourish
our athletes and heroes...

(or maybe it's 2 films?)
''I challenge people to come up with another disease so tied to poverty".
The story of Father Thomas G. Streit, Roman Catholic priest and biologist at the University of Notre Dame, head of the Haiti Project to eradicate lymphatic filariasis (with an annual per-capita income of $425, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere)
Laundry-Related Does anyone have advice on getting barbecue stains out of sweatpants?
JRun sang bass... windows sang tenor, ole cold fusion joined right in there...
Celtschmerz! I like Richard Thompson. Anyone else?
What's your favourite movie? Last New Year's I bought myself a used TV and DVD player after having lived without a TV since 1996. I'd never lived with a DVD or VCR. I also couldn't afford to go to theatres very often. So I've got a lot of catching up to do. What's your all-time-favourite, changed-your-life-philosophy, heavily-quoted-from, social-network-injoke, personal-frame-of-reference movie?
C'mon...don't be us your mug! Isn't it about time? I'll go first. Here's mine .
Every time it deficates defecates, a kitten destroys a city. Please think of the cities.
Okay, opinionated people... Dodgy's working on producing some form of opt-in image-enabled page view (for comments at least) to allow images without risk of inadvertant knifebuttery appearing on the user logs of "safe-viewers". Also, he's addressing a "recent comments" page (which is like this right now, and may work fine as-is). Here's where we ask what else you would like to have.

Obviously, there are limitations in terms of how much time he can spend working on everything, but basically - What do most people want the most? This will help to establish a possible do-list by priority (and feasibility).
Site notice. If you encounter any errors on this site could you copy and paste the error into an e-mail and send it to me, along with a brief description of what you were doing. I can't fix problems without it. Thanks.
metafilter's down.
My favorite new blog. Puff Doodles the Clown, splendid drawings of Courtney Love and Mickey Rourke, the horrifying Collegenus Lip Inflatus; it's not just gossip, it's art.

08 June 2005

Confess! Or make someone else! oh mechat, i have sinned--
point the finger, throw the stone or throw yourself down on your knees!
Blogs of War Scroll down for reviews of Soldiers' Blogs
post by: mlis at: 22:03 | 1 comment
what do names mean to you? (i don't advise clicking, but what a weird thing to find) Favorite names and handles and why? Which do you like and do your impressions:
Tell me about your hometown.....
MetaChat Music Swap Questions about doing the CD cover. What's the best format to save it in? Will it print out the exact same size I make it on all printers, or should I make it a pdf for more uniform printing? Will a pdf take up a lot more space at Loadstream than, say, a jpeg?
New anti-rape device causing uproar in South Africa.
Metafilter is exercising! It just went for a JRun.
It is a - most - provoking - thing when a person doesn't know a cravat from a belt! film, tsunami vs Africa what a way to make the numbers real. QT Film.
Cold Fusion, for real For the last few years, mentioning cold fusion around scientists has been a little like mentioning Bigfoot or UFO sightings.
I like the cows. Do you?

07 June 2005

I want to be cool.
The Cost of Corruption An interesting series from American Public Broadcasting.

Some of the sourcing seems weak (The 20 Most Corrupt Countries source: "As defined by perceptions of business people and country analysts, both resident and non-resident.") or at least poorly explained.
post by: mlis at: 22:18 | 1 comment
Lately, I’ve been having stability problems with one of my servers. By Matt Haughey
Trends in change lately? is it hair cut season or is everyone just game for a change?
Wee Beasties In the I Compute Naked thread, mygothlaundry linked to her flickr stream. I stalked clicked on the link and found this:
Mr Bill and Oliver - separated at birth?

Yes, this is permission to post your pet's (pets?) pictures. You know you wanna.
London Calling I just decided that London Calling is my favorite album. Do you think it's a mistake to pick that album, do you think it's a mistake to think in absolutes? I have to say that listening to London Booted not only confirms my choice, it may have been responsible for solidifying it in the first place.
What the hell happened?! Someone please give me a detailed description of the last five minutes of The Ring. I was watching it on TV last night and for reasons I won't go into, missed everything from when she found the guy to the credits.
I compute naked. What do you eat for breakfast?
Rude Pundit. In August, the Rude Pundit will perform a one-man show at the New York International Fringe Festival.

The Rude Pundit in The Year of Living Rudely
The Rude Pundit
Writer:Lee Papa
Director: Mark H. Creter
Based on the cult blog with thousands of fans worldwide, the Rude Pundit attacks assholes and pisses on the powerful. In this (very rude) one-man comedy, he gives a scatological skewering and a pornographic wedgie to preachers, politicians, and presidents.

Anyone hear about this? Anyone going? I'd kill to see him live.
Feature Requests for the MetaFilthy Extension I want...
What's on your desktop? I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
Why have my drop-downs disappeared? Dunno what's going on, but on my work laptop all my right-click drop-downs are "invisible" until I scroll over them - then they appear, as if by magic. Same goes for many of my file menus, except for my IE favorites which are always there. How can I fix this without resorting to the drones at the help desk?
"Everybody in the Bible is thought of as white It's reflected in all the Catholic statuary. We just say, 'Enough already.' That's simply not historically accurate. We are trying to challenge this Europeanization of the whole Bible, which is perpetuated even by the Vatican on one hand, Hollywood on the other," Cain Hope Felder, a professor of New Testament languages and literature at Howard University and an ordained United Methodist minister, said in an interview.
The text of the Original African Heritage Study Bible is the King James Version but, in a marked departure from traditional Bibles, it highlights all the passages that refer to Africa or Africans and includes commentaries putting such history and culture into context. It also contains maps of Africa and illustrations of Bible characters — Moses, Jesus, Mary — all with dark skin and curly hair.
FL Police use Taser on 6 yoa girl

06 June 2005

Does anybody really know what time it is? What time zone is MetaChat set in? Also, because I am incapable of carrying out basic calculations, is it possible to have an indication of "current time" in whatever zone that is displayed somewhere?
post by: dg at: 23:55 | 22 comments
Best Shock of Recognition Thread nitsuj's Why do bookstores and libraries make me poop?
It's contagious! ERROR
The requested URL could not be retrieved
While trying to retrieve the URL:
post by: dg at: 20:41 | 6 comments
LazyDrunkFilter : Is there such a good thing as a good pre-made frozen margarita mix? Or do they all taste like Country Time lemonade mixed with ass? Gracias.
Paranoia (The Destroyer) I just wanted to thank a certain user for alerting me to amberglow's comical bit of fluff from three days ago. Amber himself didn't bother to email me, so I'll give him the same discourtesy.

Losing The American Revolution A profound transformation is occurring in America and those responsible for it don't want you to connect the dots. We are experiencing what has been described as a "fanatical drive to dismantle the political institutions, the legal and statutory canons, and the intellectual and cultural frameworks that have shaped public responsibility for social harms arising from the excesses of private power." From public land to water and other natural resources, from media with their broadcast and digital spectrums to scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs, a broad range of America's public resources is being shifted to the control of elites and the benefit of the privileged. It all seems so clear now that we wonder how we could have ignored the warning signs at the time.
Office of Cannabis Medical Access (Canada) The Office of Cannabis Medical Access coordinates the development and administration of the regulatory approach permitting individuals to access marihuana (cannabis) for medical purposes. The Office also coordinates other Health Canada initiatives related to marihuana, including the establishment of a reliable Canadian source of medical research-grade marihuana.
“You’re Jewish, aren’t you, Seymour?”. In all our previous conversations, I’d been “Sy.” I said yes. “Let me ask you one question, then,” Haig said. “Do you honestly believe that Henry Kissinger, a Jewish refugee from Germany who lost thirteen members of his family to the Nazis, could engage in such police-state tactics as wiretapping his own aides? If there is any doubt, you owe it to yourself, your beliefs, and your nation to give us one day to prove that your story is wrong.”
That was Watergate, circa 1973. The Times printed the story the next day, and Kissinger did not resign.

Timing out, JRunning, internal server erroring, the moon in June and sleep till noon. Spend my evenings in the Van Gogh museum.

What a dream, Van Gogh museum.
The Metachat mix swap is on! If you want to be part of this months round and swap mixes online with other folk then here's what you need to do:
Lets meetup at the top of Mt Everest. I'll take the chopper, see you there.
Spanking Jessica Cutler and Robert Steinbuch reminds me a lot of this MetaTalk thread about pictures. "why was he doing them in the first place? We seem to want ... privacy when it's convenient, but we also want the freedom..."
Greetings fellow butt-drinkers. I am moving at the end of this month. The room that I am moving into is slightly larger than my current room, but does not have a closet. I have a lot of things in my closet. Like latent homosexuality. Not really, it's more of an admiration for respectable men. I could use a hug. Anyways, I have a lot of things like stacks of Field and Stream, and I was wondering how you cope with possession depression. I look at all my possessions and I just cry. Because little boys like Michael Jordon fondled died for them. For the oil that went into the detergent that washes my soiled underwear.
Taking Names: Attention all metacorpses! Time to start emcee #2, which we've decided to do as an exquisite corpse. I've put a quick and dirty guide to how it will work here.Read more...

05 June 2005

4th25, part of Iraq's Task Force 112 --their video and song...warning: images you don't see on the news.
This is a useful and informative list of labels releasing non-mainstream jazz.
FEATURE REQUEST Pretty, pretty-please with sugar on top could you change the tab order so that the "preview" button is first, instead of the "bold" button? TIA
Sometimes you just don't know the answer, man What do you think about people who get too eager in AskMe and answer every question, whether they have an answer or not? Some folks have racked up 1,000+ answers, many of which read like: "I don't know the answer to your question, but my uninformed guess is such-and-such."
Cheap Chips Rule! Y'know when it comes to some foods, like cheese and seafood, the more you spend, the better it tastes, generally. With chips, the opposite seems to hold true. The exotic upmarket chips like Terra taste lousy and dull, whereas the bag of Herr's Bacon & Horseradish Chips I just bought are positively sublime. (this is of course putting aside all the health arguments, and if you believe in healthy living what are you eating chips for, anyway?)

But it's nice to see the best stuff going to the cheap seats. I'm sure there's other examples.
What's with all the spam on the front page of the Wiki? I hate them comment spammers.
After yesterdays randomiser thread I thought it might be interesting to have a Metachat CD swap. But then I remembered what a bloody hassle it is getting CDs together, packaging them up and traipsing down to the post office. How about some private file swapping network where we could zip up some tunes and everyone could download any they like the look of? Would Waste do the job? Anything else out there that could do this? Bad idea? Good idea?
Orson scott card: asshat mefi's downness has caused me to check out kuro5hin of all places. Ugh.

I did find this article mefites might enjoy, though about Orson Scott Card.
Metafilter: Poop Stain Connection Failure Error
the Freaky Universe of McDonald's Advertising --a bunch of ads from the 70s on. (commentary not that great tho)
Throw hardware at the problem? Mefi just had a petite mal for a few minutes, causing me to come here. I wonder, would a bigger server aleviate mefi's problems, or no?

Maybe we could all pitch in so matt can buy a new machine.

04 June 2005

pleasure of the flesh or distract me from working on stuff as i wonder what needs to be done as i missed the postal pick up
The randomiser thread killed WMP Okay, so during my 8th random song (Wilco, In a Future Age), my Windows Media playback started skipping. Read more...
Are we allowed... complain about other sites being down? Because Gmail is "temporarily unavilable". Bitch.
hiding behind little girlie noises. ok, in an attempt to be more user-friendly and less abrasive i'm asking for advice. what is a suitable way of replying to comments like "all those code thingies make me fall asleep with in 30 seconds". especially when their homepage mentions "architecture/art/design/community"? [more]
Randomiser. A music mag I get does this as a regular feature and I'd be interested to see what results we get from people around here. Get your MP3 player out, set it to random and then tell us the first five tracks that come up and tell us a little bit about them. Resist cheating.

I'll start us off.
Got an Ipod? Get money. Due to the sucky batteries, there's been a class action lawsuit. This is the link to the claim form (you need your ipod's serial number)
If a Third Generation iPod plays for four hours or less or a First or Second Generation iPod plays for five hours or less, you have a “Battery Failure” for purposes of this Settlement. (i'm at about 3 hours on my 3G.)

03 June 2005

Got an idea and need help. (And y'all are nicer than AskMe.) I run an organization/website that's devoted to free speech issues.

We're undergoing a redesign. As one of our new features, I want to implement a series of "tell us about your free speech battles" interviews with celebs. (more!)

META-OUTRAGEOUS Monday morning wasn't the first time Michelle Bradford received a ride from Beaver County deputies. The office had placed Bradford, a 39-year-old homeless woman who can't speak or hear, in a motel and twice helped her go to a homeless shelter in Cedar City.
But this time, Beaver County law enforcement took her over the Millard County line to a service station at about 1 a.m., then drove away.
I found some lint in my navel. Discuss.
So what are you wearing? Me: Jeans (Acne), yellow t-shirt (Penalcode), blue sweater (Mixwell). Black noname socks, black noname undies. Beer (domestic). Semi-hardon (natural).
I am currently feeling bowel pressure. You know, I just don't think this is working out. 10% of you want to fight, and the other 90% are just completely pedestrian.

When I'm drinking at the bar, all I can think about is how much I'd rather be at home posting on Metafilter. All those wonderful quips and attempts at dry, instantly forgettable jokes, I long for them while I'm sitting at the bar having real conversations and hitting on attractive women. But alas, I am exiled, away from my computer.
Tactical posting--ok or no? So JenLeigh posts an old story from 2 months ago smearing Sy Hersh about how he's a liar, just a judge has ordered the release of the torture and abuse pics and video that Hersh told us all about.
JRUINOUS Server Error: The Final Insult
3 million unique users a day Interesting article on how the BBC News website serves 24m pages every day. No mention of Coldfusion.
Down down down Mefi died in the middle of a post :(
Music For Servers To Break Down By. Let's compile a list. Inspired by jonmc's comment in another post, the compilation definitely needs "Don't Fear the Reaper" on it.
One wheel for children Harvard Divinity School student Zachary Warren plans to break the world record for a 100-mile unicycle ride in order to raise funds for the Afghan Mobile Mini-Circus for Children, a nonprofit organization.
Kittenwar!!! The naught version of amihotornot - it's WAR! Mjauw!
Metafilter is unwell It's got the Jruns again
ah, Wagner, you will ever be best as a bugs to me, and more music burned by associationRead more...
Saucy Self Link. "How kind of God it was to give you a body! I hope that your body will not get hurt."

02 June 2005

someone get that comment compiler of meijers or machjers or whoever

let's we what we look like in random brevity.
And where's the toggle? has no one created their own toggle page?
and where is my pipe and my bowl?
Really bad. Oh dear lord...
¡Hola Metachaterios! I am sauntering around Peru and in my brief moment of internet connectivity I just wanted to send a big garlic breathy shoutout to everyone. Consider this a postcard but you have to supply the picture. Cheers from Cusco and I raise a glass of Cusqueña to ya!
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The MeFi Cult of Celebrity So, is it a good thing or a bad thing that a handful or personalities dominate discussion on the site at a given time? Why do threads frequently stop being about whatever link was posted and instead become discussions about a given high-profile poster? Not trying to grind an axe here, I'm genuinely curious as to what people think...
This page has just been updated and I am excited.
Create Your Own Captions. Let's just say that Brad and Tom would probably have liked to have the negatives for these pictures, but now that we have the intarwebs, they exist for all eternity. Lucky us!
These are not the droids you are looking for. Mind control gets worryingly closer with new oxycotin results. Methinks I know what that new "Apple Store" smell is.
Purty. Colorful, fun, collage-style art by Phyllis Bramson (three pages). Kitten-loving perverto mefites should especially enjoy this one.
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01 June 2005

I know this is mean, but I can't help it. First place award for Best Portraiture by Home-Schooled Children with Parents Who Claim Questionable Artistic Provenance goes to...

These People!
This is my first post here. I could introduce myself, but I think I'll just go straight to the goods and share what appears to be a rock sphincter with you instead. (This came from loquacious' google image search on "fulgurite.")
Momo! I will never get tired of that site. Click on the parts about Momo. *waits for deletion* =P
How many MeFites, do you think, would self-identify as bloggers?
Of them, how many does it take to screw in a quonsar?
Gah! The curse of MeFi strikes metachat. Looks like we got a bit of myximatosis for a while there but we're back now.
You've been waiting for this... the offical website of Trygve Lode. He says that he's an actor, but his real claims to fame are his Barbie autopsies, and all the uncanny ways he is able to pose with his finger placed somewhere on his face. He's also very good at posing with shiny metal things in front of one of his eyes, drawing with markers on the arms of women with long blond hair, and covering himself with fake sweat or chains, or in some cases, both.

Merry Christmas!
All of my posts are being deleted. Maybe the BOFH could email me at mean_mr_bucket at yahoo dot com.
Barbie does birth. (NSFW, flash) More in the anatomically-correct doll series.
metafilter: babbling dullards fresh off the boat time for thismorning's regularly scheduled outage.
I've added emcee #1 to the left sidebar. Do we want to talk about what to do for the next one now? An exquisite corpse or photoshop tennis kind of thing? Something completely different? The same kind of thing as edition one? What do you think? Read more...