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07 June 2005

FL Police use Taser on 6 yoa girl
Police Officers in Florida use Taser on 6 year old and on a 13 year old.
[via Cursor] USA Today url was too long for title on the front page - kept getting error message.
posted by mlis 07 June | 11:19
well, they wouldn't get out of the car!
posted by quonsar 07 June | 11:22
...or they wouldn't get into it.
posted by omiewise 07 June | 11:24
mcruff the crime dog tasered my cat.
posted by quonsar 07 June | 11:27
Nothing that happens in the smegma-encrusted foreskin of America known as Florida surprises me.
posted by jonmc 07 June | 11:28
bitch had it coming
posted by michelob 07 June | 11:29
jonmc-Do you read Carl Hiassen mysteries? The early ones are absolutely fucking brilliant and funny about how strange Florida is. The newer ones are a bit weak, although I just read the latest, which is better than the past three or so. His book on Disney is also pretty good.
posted by omiewise 07 June | 11:29
Do you read Carl Hiassen mysteries?

Yup. And Tim Dorsey, too. And I spent 2 years of my life living in the circus of the damned known as Dade County. Florida deserves it's own Fark tag, and it got one.
posted by jonmc 07 June | 11:31
Didn't this happen a year or so ago? Also in Florida, also a 6 year old? I think I even remember a mefi thread on it -
posted by mygothlaundry 07 June | 11:34
Steve Tuttle, a spokesman for Taser International, said in a statement that “the Taser device has been shown to be medically safe when used on children.”

Wow. I want to see the study that established THAT little gem. Whooeee, baby! Assuming this isn't just PR flack making stuff up, turn Nikki Craft and the anti-vivisectionists loose on those people. Yowzah!
posted by warbaby 07 June | 11:37
You leave Nikki Craft out of this. She's got enough to do.
posted by omiewise 07 June | 11:45
what if you used a taser on your smegma-encrusted foreskin? would it loosen up?
posted by mr.marx 07 June | 11:47
since I don't have a foreskin, I couldn't say. But if you want to experiment, knock yourself out.
posted by jonmc 07 June | 11:56
fucking florida.
posted by Wedge 07 June | 11:57
What do you tell a woman who has been tasered?

Nothing. She obviously didn't listen the first time.
posted by dios 07 June | 12:11
mygothlaundry: yes, there was a thread about it (earlier this year?). I think this article is referring to the same incident.

dios: bad, very bad but, saints preserve us, I laughed.
posted by deborah 07 June | 12:42
They're just building up an immunity to the taser so's they have an excuse to shoot them once they get older.
posted by longbaugh 07 June | 13:23
god, this thread is sick funny.
posted by dabitch 07 June | 14:29
In between tasering little kids and frying adults in electric chairs, I'd bet Florida's utility bills are shocking.
posted by AlexReynolds 08 June | 01:00
Speak roughly to your little boy,
And beat him when he sneezes:
He only does it to annoy,
Because he knows it teases.

posted by Wedge 13 June | 12:04
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