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30 June 2005

i just ate a whole bag of barbq sunflower seeds a whole damn bag! my fingernail is coming off.[More:]i move my finger a little and it feels all quicky and the nail is pretty loose. what should i do to this little pup pup puppy? put a band-aid on under the splint and try to keep it on until it falls off or just close my eyes and give it a yank! hmm?
don't yank! leave it on til it falls off itself. bandaid it.
posted by amberglow 30 June | 00:53
the preceding message brought to you by MomCo™

; >
posted by amberglow 30 June | 00:53
some antibiotic and bind it until it dies off. otherwise it's just a world of ouchies until the nerves are covered.
or hurt yourself and deal.
liquid bandages work and figure greatly in a bad pilot i wrote
posted by ethylene 30 June | 00:54
mm. k. leave it alone then. but it is loose enough that i am sure it is coming off soon.
It's a test. What you do now will determine the course of the entire remainder of your existence. Choose wisely.

(PS: the sunflower seeds were also a test... but, oh well.)
posted by taz 30 June | 01:04
Wait. I've lost fingernails twice (and both grew back.) The longer they stay, the better. It's healing, don't rush it.
posted by warbaby 30 June | 01:12
you would have ate the seeds too. they were very seductive.
Hey- more mom advice. Use a band-aid gel strip, and keep it on until it falls off. It's waterproof and it'll keep you from messing with your nail (which will probably fall off with the band-aid, but by then you won't have to worry about an infection.)
posted by maryh 30 June | 01:27
Soak in water with epsom salts.

posted by Feisty 30 June | 01:31
The last person I knew who ate sunflower seeds and yanked his nail got gangrene and had to have his arm amputated at the elbow. Of course, they weren't bbq sunflower seeds, so this may turn out better.
posted by taz 30 June | 01:43
ooh! Look what I just found for you via mwhybark's Exciting Links post.
posted by taz 30 June | 02:11
We need an "ask quonsar" column here. Like a sidebar or whatever might work. Are you up for it, Q?
posted by Cryptical Envelopment 30 June | 02:22
That's such a great idea.
posted by iconomy 30 June | 09:57
ick! ick! ick! ick! just don't start talking about eyeballs now, OK?
posted by matildaben 30 June | 10:48
don't look me in the i
posted by ethylene 30 June | 12:24
So, matildaben, if your eyeball ever falls out of the socket and is just dangling there, the advice is about the same- DON'T YANK.
posted by puddinghead 30 June | 13:00
I broke my thumb when I was a kid and the thumbnail fell off in the ER. I would recommend leaving the nail on for as long as humanly possible - wrap your whole finger up in a band-aid if you can. Seriously, your nailbed is really fragile, and gross-looking. It looks kinda like red puffy zombie flesh, actually...
posted by muddgirl 30 June | 15:39
Gaaaaaah! muddgirl, why?!
posted by Specklet 30 June | 16:11
We need an "ask quonsar" column here.

Just use random extracts from here for answers; it's more or less what he would have said.

Say, what ever happened to GeneFilter, anyway? How could majcher close down something that brought so much happiness to so many?
posted by languagehat 30 June | 16:57
diamonds in a pile of poo || Back from the fireworks.