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06 June 2005

LazyDrunkFilter : Is there such a good thing as a good pre-made frozen margarita mix? Or do they all taste like Country Time lemonade mixed with ass? Gracias.
there's no quick fix to fresh
fresh is so refreshing
posted by ethylene 06 June | 19:36
i have to say, biting a hard peach and swigging raspberry stoli does not achieve the desired effect
posted by ethylene 06 June | 19:39
The short answer is no. Mixes are always second-best compared to fresh squeezed. For a really good margarita, you should presqueeze all the limes and adjust the juice with a little simple syrup or ultrafine sugar to get the tart / sweet balance right. I'm told that a little bit of fresh squeezed orange (like 5%) makes it better --I haven't tried this yet.

Also, using Cointreau as opposed to generic Triple Sec will make a big difference.

See here

When are we going bowling again? I just got my very own bowling ball.
posted by warbaby 06 June | 19:44
Just drink them faster - they won't taste any better, but that way you will not care about the taste for long.
posted by dg 06 June | 19:46
you're all conspiring to keep me less than roadworthy
*runs for the bottle*
posted by ethylene 06 June | 19:49
Hey guess what, warbaby wants to kick all of our asses at bowling again.

I usually mix all of my drinks fresh (gotta maintain my cred here so mlis will retain his crush on me and maybe peacay will get a crush on me too), but I specifically was looking for a lazy option in case of a party with large quantities of easy-to-impress people.
posted by matildaben 06 June | 20:09
a squeeze of lime will make you look like martha
a few thin sliced floaters will add to the mental cred as they stumble on moonshine
posted by ethylene 06 June | 20:12
just salt their rims
posted by ethylene 06 June | 20:13
eth, the people or the glasses? Hopefully the latter since I wasn't planning *that* kind of party ... yet....
posted by matildaben 06 June | 20:18
what kind of party is the question
or at least mine
posted by ethylene 06 June | 20:19
just salt their rims
posted by dg 06 June | 20:25
well now i hath drunk
razzy vod and sunny d

and i have to drive in a few hours and six feet will be on soon
posted by ethylene 06 June | 20:30
I love 6 feet under but I wouldn't dare watch it while under the influence of any substances.
posted by matildaben 06 June | 20:33
*Stands up, beats chest with fists, glares menacingly at Peacay*
posted by mlis 06 June | 20:38
i have to find a way to get a new friend a copy of the last season in time to enjoy some of the last one live.
it's so different than seeing them all at once.

i've been using all my netflix to get him season 3 and stuff like angels in america and the celluloid closet
posted by ethylene 06 June | 20:38
i just use frozen limeade.
posted by puke & cry 06 June | 20:41
I have only seen part of one episode of six feet under and thought it was cool. I especially liked the accurate depiction of gay men - the black police officer playing racquet ball and complaining about how his new boyfriend does not like shooting pool. OMG - a gay man not talking about clothes & fashion & style - who knew there was such a thing?
posted by mlis 06 June | 20:51
ok, mlis, where's your blog again?
posted by ethylene 06 June | 20:54
It's on the Internet.
posted by dg 06 June | 21:00
ethylene: OH PLEASE! Glass houses and stones.
posted by mlis 06 June | 21:02
If you decorate the rim of the glass with a lime wheel, people will be ever so impressed.

You have a blendor, Fred Waring's contribution to Western Civilization? Mix pitchers on demand:

5 parts ice
3 parts tequila
2 parts Cointreau
1 part lime juice

Keep all the ingredients in the freezer and only take them out to mix. If the tequila and Cointreau have pouring spouts, you can measure by counting: 1...2...3 is an ounce. This way, the ice doesn't melt much and it gets slushy easier.

I just got back from rolling three games of bowling and now I am having a martini:

2 oz. Gin
2 teaspoons Dry Vermouth
2 dashes Fee's Orange Bitters

stir with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with green olives on pick.

*Sip. Ahh.*
posted by warbaby 06 June | 21:29
One can of frozen limeade, one can of ice, one can of tequila, 1/2 can of triple sec, all in the blender, most delicious. Or maybe there's supposed to be more ice in there - see how it looks/tastes. Enjoy!
posted by mygothlaundry 06 June | 21:37
Grr. And I'm still at work for another hour at least.

OK, so what's the best tequila to use here?
posted by matildaben 06 June | 21:37
Silver is favored. Because it's a mixed drink, the fancier, aged varieties are mostly wasted.

Generally speaking, for blendor drinks, one notch up from the bottom will do it (i.e. don't use Monarch brand.)
posted by warbaby 06 June | 21:48
good tequila is worlds away from bad tequila
way to trip up a joke check, mlis
*salutes the library mitilia*
*checks on burning frozen pizza*
posted by ethylene 06 June | 22:09
I am an enlisted librarian, you do not salute me.

*curses at his foul-up*

This really is like being in HS again.
posted by mlis 06 June | 22:12
it's not unlike watching "the Comeback" played by random people on mechat
posted by ethylene 06 June | 22:21
posted by peacay 07 June | 08:45
Brand names, people, I want brand names.
posted by matildaben 07 June | 10:35
The secret of a good Margarita is beer. Swear to God. About two tablespoons of it. Sounds odd, but it's true. [I also like to add frozen blueberries.]
posted by lilboo 07 June | 11:01
Here's the Washinghton State Liquor Control Board Product Locater Fuffywhoffle

1) Select "Tequila" from the combo box at the bottom of the page.

2) choose any brand that is more than $11.99 per 1.75 liter

3) do the store locater thingy at the right to see if they've got it near you.

People in other states, cry your eyes out. We're high tech. (Though we have liquor and tobacco laws and taxes that are dumber than Mississippi's )
posted by warbaby 07 June | 11:29
Warbaby, you can beat me in bowling anytime (current high score: 68).
posted by matildaben 08 June | 14:47
Paranoia (The Destroyer) || It's contagious!