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29 June 2005

it looks congential: could it be the answer to a mystery?
i wish i could find a better picture but especially in profile, Mr. Sean Gunn (who i adore) has got one odd bod.
I don't think they've definitively figured out the deal with Aknaten but his figure has bothered people for ages. literally.
posted by ethylene 29 June | 02:51
what can i say: god bless a heretic and i blame his sternum.
or possibily his evil twin.
posted by ethylene 29 June | 02:55

I like this question.

But I have no answer.

(How zen, or traditional religious definition of "mystery," or something of me.)
posted by shane 29 June | 08:53
I've never watched GG so I had no idea who you were talking about. I googled his name and found some pics of him, and in the tut article, many of the characteristics they attribute to him can also be attributed to Sean Gunn. Very interesting. Did you notice this yourself?
posted by iconomy 29 June | 09:08
oh, mea culpa, baby
and what a long strange trip it's been. i just stumbled on a top googled article for the post.
posted by ethylene 29 June | 09:12
i'm a fan of both the character actor and the heretical/mythical

it explains so much, no?
posted by ethylene 29 June | 09:14
I'm a huge, GG freak...and I have to tell you, the steam room scene with Kirk, the Elders and Luke had more people on Television Without Pity talking about weird Naked Kirk than anything else.

Your theory is as good/better than anything anyone else has come up with. I think the writer's should work the Egyptian thing into Kirk's fact, I think I'll suggest it to them. (With attribution, naturally.) :)

Because, really Kirk running around next season in Pharaoh garb would be hysterical!
posted by PsychoKitty 29 June | 10:40
well, i really like talking about kirk and luke and having starwarstrek fans all freaked out for a second
and he pulled off a mighty jesus

any show that can functionally recycle sally struthers and sebastian bach, you gotta respect.

Seriously, though, and i ask because he is a public figure and all, on display, in the name of that merciless god of comedy: i wanna know what condition his condition is in

and i wanna see the whole of his david lynchian short film.

and refer to me as "another fake tv korean"
posted by ethylene 29 June | 10:54
great question.
posted by dabitch 29 June | 12:55
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