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19 June 2005

posted by Pretty_Generic 19 June | 10:22
Menabrea is good, also. and I love Chimay. and American beer haters probably forget the excellent Samuel Adams
posted by matteo 19 June | 13:31

(Excuse me, it's the first great beer I was introduced to, and I can't help myself.)
posted by languagehat 19 June | 14:36
I haven't had that Badger beer. Now I'm sad. I think I'll go drink now. I'll probably just have the Spaten in the fridge, but I wish I were drinking a great microbrew from Washington State, USA: Mac 'n' Jack's African Amber. Hmmmm...Fat Tire is nice, too. And I guess there's always Guinness. And, Boddingtons. Not to mention some pretty good beers by the folks at the Brooklyn Brewery, like the Brown and the Lager. And I have to say the Corona I had at the barbecue last night was tasty with the lime. Shoot, even Dos Equis with lime is doable. After the Corona ran out I had a Budweiser in a can, now that's a fairly laughable beer, but I'll drink it.
posted by safetyfork 19 June | 17:13
Mahou is my favorite (& Estrella Damm's good too & Berliner Kindl)
posted by amberglow 19 June | 17:20
You can order it direct.
posted by Pretty_Generic 19 June | 17:33
Fin Du Monde and Victory Hop Devil.
posted by AlexReynolds 19 June | 17:38
Highland Gaelic.
posted by moonbird 19 June | 20:52
Fin Du Monde is indeed exquisite. NTM, the alcohol content gives it an effect bordering on the narcotic.

The Lindeman's Peche Lambic I'm drinking tonight is quite excellent as well. Complements the fried flounder and fries from the Greek joint down the street nicely.

Of course, yhis is on top of the 5 Budweisres I had at the bar across the street during my laundry's dry cycle. The bar featured some once-possibly-hot junkie chick runniing the same card through the ATM 20 times as if it were a slot machine. The only other people in the joint were me, the black female barmaid and this scruffy white dude playing video poker. When the white dude started yelling at the junkie that she had to order something or leave because she was stinkin' up the place, the mischeivous/compassionate instinct in me kicked in and I bought the junkie a a coors light. She musta thought the scruffy guy bought it because she immediately sat next to him and began pawing him and babbling incoherently. The barmaid told me in an aside that she found it all amusing because the scruffy dude was her boyfriend. When I went out for a smoke, junkie girl followed me, and when another neighborhood homeless guy named Albie passed by, she stuck her had inside the crotch of her jeans and started shouting "Hey, Albie, you want my purse or my pussy, baby?!" She eventually vamoosed. Life in the big city, right?
posted by jonmc 19 June | 20:58
Of course, yhis is on top of the 5 Budweisres I had

You don't say ...

I like Lindeman's lambics a lot, but I think that's because 1. they're sweeter than other lambics (most cherry lambics I've had are sour-sour-sour and need addition of sugar to be palatable) and 2. I don't really like beer.
posted by kenko 19 June | 21:05
When the white dude started yelling at the junkie that she had to order something or leave because she was stinkin' up the place, the mischeivous/compassionate instinct in me kicked in and I bought the junkie a a coors light.

You need to check out the microbrew crowd. Fewer junkies.
posted by AlexReynolds 19 June | 21:08
I've had my share of microbrw's, dude. and this place is a dive, but usually a better class of dive (they even serve Newcastle Brown Ale) but it was sunday afternnon. Strange shit happens.
posted by jonmc 19 June | 21:31
It was this place in case you're wondering, across from the House of Sudz laundromat. It's usual a qite convivial neighborhood bar. I did get to watch the Mets get shellacked by Seattle and listen to "Ol 55" on the jukebox.
posted by jonmc 19 June | 21:37
My favorite brewery is Red Hook...especially the IPA and ESB. My ex swears by the peach lambic...
posted by Schyler523 19 June | 21:40
The junkie didn't even finish her Coors, or she walked off with it. It was funny watching her paw the scruffy white dude, and listening to him scream "Stop toching me you filthy junkie!" "But we could have sex right now!" "Ohh, lucky me!"

The barmaid said she had come in around noon, sat down and proclaimed "I have herpes," then claim that she was marrying Tom Cruise, and what did the barmaid think of that. But the corner grocery had sophisticated potables like Peche Lambic and Fin Du Monde. I love my neighborhood.
posted by jonmc 19 June | 21:45
Can't wait to hit this place up again...and again. Only surpassed by Jack of the Wood imo...but if Flatbranch were in Asheville...
posted by Schyler523 19 June | 22:04
Waits or Eagles?
posted by kenko 19 June | 22:27
I like the Waits version better, keno, but the Eagles was all this dive had. I did mention to the bartender that "Tom waits, who's fuckin' brilliant," wrote the song and she gave me a nod that said "you're buyng drinks, so I'll humor you, you crazy fuck."
posted by jonmc 19 June | 22:40
Mmmmm Lindemans. I also like the Abita purple haze.

But my favourite everyday old beer is Yuengling. It's such an easy to drink yet tasty beer. It's always in the fridge.

Other than that: Chimay and Emerson's London Porter. Emerson's is a fantastic brewery in Dunedin, New Zealand. I love their beer so.
posted by gaspode 19 June | 23:50
I'm always up for:
- Big Rock's Traditional Ale (and most of their others. I miss Magpie)
- Fin Du Monde (wins an award and everyone knows it. but DO try Blanche de Chambly, Maudite and Trois Pistoles. Not so crazy about Ephemerere and Raftman)
- Newcastle Brown
- KLB Raspberry Wheat
- Grapefruit Grolsch (if I can find it)
- Guinness
- Kilkenny
- Strongbow, if I may make the cider addition
- London Porter
- Boris, cause it's fun to drink out of tiny bottles

Come to think of it, we have half of those in the fridge right now. Hold on a sec...
posted by dreamsign 20 June | 00:34
Oxford Class, out of Linthicum, MD.
posted by Hugh Janus 20 June | 11:24
There are three count'em three beers available for purchase and consumption in the comfort of your own home where I live in the wilds of Korea.

They all suck.

I drink them anyway.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken 20 June | 22:18
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