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29 June 2005

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet This is something I'm totally hopeless at.
Great visual aid...I suck at this too. I always end up with a huge crumbled ball, and then I convince myself that that's the way folded fitted sheet are supposed to look, and the only reason that they look good when you buy them is because of that sheet of cardboard they always sneak in there.

You reminded me of one of my favorite mf posts of all time. I subscribe to the rhyax method of folding sheets.
posted by iconomy 29 June | 09:31
This is basically the method I use, except that I don't have to lay it on the bed or nuthin'. I can just grab it, tuck all the corners into each other, and it ends up all nice and neat. I didn't understand why people have such a hard time with this until I remembered that I'm a three-dimensional designer, and some part of my brain just works this way. Give me a standardized test, though, and from my score you'd think I was too stupid to breathe...
posted by Specklet 29 June | 12:56
I asked my Home-Economics-Challenged boyfriend to fold a fitted sheet for me once. 15 minutes later he handed it back to me, folded in half and then rolled up around his arm. I, too, never understood the problem some people have with it...
posted by muddgirl 29 June | 13:14
OCD to the rescue. Instead of scooping out thick substances (tomato paste, pumpkin. etc) from cans:

1. Use can opener on one end, remove lid
2. Holding can over mixing bowl
3. Open other end, keep lid on
4. Push lid through the can
posted by Feisty 29 June | 13:20
I am horrendous at folding fitted sheets too. Or any sort of folding. Okay, anything domestic, really.
posted by sisterhavana 29 June | 14:00
I love to fold. It's sick, I tell you, sick. My linen closet is a thing of beauty (and smells like lavender). Sick, sick, sick.

That's not actually true-it just gives me comfort to know that in some small corner of the world there's peace and order.
posted by puddinghead 30 June | 00:07
I'll try that because this one sucked when I tried it. This one is good for napkins though.
posted by tellurian 30 June | 21:37
Brilliant, tellurian, I love stuff like this! I'll have to print it out and put it in my Special Napkin Drawer (sicksicksick).
posted by puddinghead 30 June | 23:43
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