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15 June 2005

Oh, fucking hell, yeah. I got some pear brandy in the back of the fridge. And I got... some pretty good French sugar wafers. Girly, I know, but alcohol nontheless. Pour you a shot?
posted by puddinghead 15 June | 19:28
Sure. It's been a while since I've been girly.
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 19:29
I got homemade wine if'n your interested.
posted by arse_hat 15 June | 19:30
Made from ... ?
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 19:31
grapes. is that bad?
posted by arse_hat 15 June | 19:33
Grapes good.

Cactus bad.

Trust me.
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 19:35
Well, me and a hockey team once had a right nice evening with a bottle of cactus juice, as I vaguely recall the sordid details.
posted by puddinghead 15 June | 19:38
Did I just get MetaMeTaMeChaCha'ed? Woah.

I think maybe we started drinking already, hence the spillage. But another can't hurt too much, can it?

*leaves offering of an assortment of fine California wines*

Cactus isn't so bad. Just don't let the coyotes talk you into doing things you'll regret.
posted by loquacious 15 June | 19:39
"Grapes good.

Cactus bad.

Trust me." That holds true during sex too.
posted by arse_hat 15 June | 19:40
Did I just get MetaMeTaMeChaCha'ed? Woah.

Not you -- the shitters. Never you, loquacious.

Talking coyotes make me miss Johnny Cash. Sigh.
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 19:41
A toast to the Space Coyote in black *
posted by arse_hat 15 June | 19:44
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 19:46
Nice re- direct, mudpuppie.

My skin's too thin for this shitting stuff. It certainly wasn't your fault, loquacious, and was most unfortunate.

Anyway, yes, ".".

posted by puddinghead 15 June | 19:51
I've got about a gallon of really good homemade honey mead cut with about a cup of vodka, if anyone wants a cup or 3. No seriously, we made too much a year ago, and we've been trying to finish it off every since.
posted by muddgirl 15 June | 19:52
Hell, why not?

posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 19:53
I started without permission. Hope you don't mind.
posted by jonmc 15 June | 19:56
Permission granted retroactively.
posted by mudpuppie 15 June | 20:00
8. anything with vodka
posted by papercake 15 June | 20:17
Can I get some vodka with some vodka in it?
posted by loquacious 15 June | 20:24
It's too bad that I can't easily make vodka icecubes, otherwise I'd order a double vodka with a shot of vodka on vodka rocks. Brrr!
posted by loquacious 15 June | 20:25
loquacious, I'll drink to that.

*drinks to that*
posted by papercake 15 June | 20:27
How do you make vodka icecubes, and does it involve liquid nitrogen?
posted by matildaben 15 June | 20:31
I am drunk.
Besdt friend just got her results. bery, very peased. 1st.
ahahahah you fuckers - shane - ian.. you're so wrong.
posted by seanyboy 15 June | 20:31
It really was a made for tv moment.
nothing but a steiner school education, a life of busking and a sick dog.
the world and the narrator thinking they are somehow better or smarter.
struggling to stay in the first year.
in the end, everyone was wrong.
throw hats in the air. Get Matt Damon on board.

god - i'm so drunk.
posted by seanyboy 15 June | 20:38
posted by quonsar 15 June | 20:39
oh seanyboy
the pipes the pipes are calling
from bud to bed
out on a mountainside
but you'll be back
all sober and headthrobbing
oh seanyboy oh seanyboy
we text you so

posted by ethylene 15 June | 20:42
at 51 you better have been there, done that
posted by ethylene 15 June | 20:44
Yeah, I was thinking liquid nitrogen, or even better, liquid helium.

I have a friend that worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and he used to have a 4 liter Dewer's flask.

Needless to say he and his JPL buddies used to "borrow" a fair amount of liquid nitrogen for party tricks.

Well, once as they were driving out of the secured parking area, just as they were approaching the guardpost the flask tipped over in the back of the car, immediately filling the car with white vapor. Not to mention oxygen-replacing nitrogen gas.

The only thing to do in that situation is to roll down the windows and stick your head out to keep from suffocating, huge clouds of vapor pouring out and everything.

Luckily the my friend knew the guard on duty, and the guard was pretty familiar with their assgrabbery by that point. He said "I really, really don't want to know. I don't want to fill out the damn paperwork. I don't want to ask any questions. So, please, just keep driving and get the fuck out of here before anyone important sees you." And they did.

He doesn't work there anymore, but it wasn't due to his assgrabbery.

Hell, once he even had to hack into his own computer in his office, from his home unix server, logged into that computer from a remote location, with a man-in-the-middle attack launched from the home unix box. Of course, JPL takes their computer security very, very seriously. The intrusion and spoofing was detected. He had to simultaneously drive home to his folks house at highly illegal speeds to his personal Unix box and make a number of frenetic phone calls to keep the feds from busting down the door of his parent's house, where the personal Unix box was physically located at. And yet he still wasn't fired. Yeah, he's a smart cookie, but ill suited for government work.
posted by loquacious 15 June | 20:49
I would love to get drunk, but I have to go to work soon, so that is probably not a good idea. Not because going to work drunk would be a bad idea, but driving to work drunk would be.
posted by dg 15 June | 20:51
Get a bike. Biking really drunk is really fun. It hurts less when you fall over or run into fire hydrants.
posted by loquacious 15 June | 21:18
*have seen enough people just fall right over*
actually i know someone paralyzed waist down from just falling over on a bike
posted by ethylene 15 June | 21:24
he was sober
but you're all driving me to drink
*debates inproductivity*
posted by ethylene 15 June | 21:46
ahhh, good to have somene to blame...hic...
posted by ethylene 15 June | 21:47
I'll drink to that!

*drinks to that*
posted by papercake 15 June | 21:55
The guy I have a crush on is out with another girl, and stopped here to help me with a broken window with her in tow.

I need many, many drinks.
posted by kellydamnit 15 June | 22:19
Oh, damn, kellydamnit.
posted by puddinghead 15 June | 22:20
the guy i don't have a crush on keeps calling me his girlfriend to my old professors
does that help?
posted by ethylene 15 June | 22:22
Heh, I shouldn't even be thinking about guys yet. I haven't even been separated for three weeks yet. So I suspect it's for the best.
Still sucks, though. (beer #3)
posted by kellydamnit 15 June | 22:42
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To eyes that are bright as stars when they're shining on me!
Drink! Drink! Drink!
To lips that are red and sweet as the fruit on the tree!

Here's a hope that those bright eyes will shine
Lovingly, longingly soon into mine!
May those lips that are red and sweet,
Tonight with joy my own lips meet!
posted by Smart Dalek 15 June | 23:12
*breaks out dusty bottle of Grapefruit Grolsch*
posted by dreamsign 15 June | 23:53
Ain't no shouldn't in this case, kellydamnit. It is what it is.
posted by puddinghead 16 June | 00:33
yeah. I think it's a sign of how messed up I am that he admitted cheating on every girlfriend he's ever had, and I still want him.
posted by kellydamnit 16 June | 01:33
Gah. Aren't we a bunch of gluttons for punishment, eh?
posted by deborah 16 June | 12:56
Bring popcorn. || Hi