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10 June 2005

the fringe of language "We do not talk only in order to reason or to inform. We have to make love and quarrel, to propitate and pardon, to rebuke, console, intercede, arouse. "He that complains," said Johnson, "acts like a man, like a social being."
-- C.S. Lewis[More:]
as much as i hate linking to amazon: the fringe of language
from this thread causing this thread from this momentary confluence

i say we use rosbliuto to mean "i supposed too much" or some word for "cranky right now"

it's all for fun, but a unity of language is a mark of a culture or community
posted by ethylene 10 June | 20:29
crap, ok, it was suppose to link to mr. hat's outrage

i have to clean my freakin keyboard
you want my delete to work, don't you?
just nod
posted by ethylene 10 June | 20:36
don't make me go all j. mimpton cleeb III on your ass...
posted by quonsar 10 June | 23:37
i am the other
cleeb away

*just got back, plans to be very very intoxicated*
*lost all optimism somewhere around albequirky*
posted by ethylene 10 June | 23:53
what am i talking about? you're the other
c'mon, gimme a good word
embrace the otherness, that's what makes a freak
geeks yearn for normal
weirdos are another story

same time, same planet, very different modes of transport
*the meattoyboy behind me is reading "goodbye, chunky rice"*
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:13
goodbye chunky rice--nah...

goodbye, hello, auf wiedersehn, salaam...
posted by amberglow 11 June | 00:14
a nice short foreign expletive for cranky would be good, and used often i'm sure

how goes the mugginess, ab?
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:18
no good shows tonight? (performance or tv, i guess)
posted by ethylene 11 June | 00:19
It's muggy as hell, and I'm getting crankier by the minute. But I like the Lewis quote. And also the embedded Johnson quote: "He that complains acts like a man, like a social being" should be the official MetaChat Motto.
posted by languagehat 11 June | 12:56
What about "The difference between men from the 1950's and men from today, is that in the 1950's men didn't complain and they didn't dance in the end zone" (Calvin Trillin?)
posted by mlis 11 June | 13:36
well, only the usual bar dramas last night, was a little less muggy last night but still like August here.
posted by amberglow 11 June | 14:15
mr. hat, it's from that book you "warned" me against linked above.
and as it's probably both too late and pointless to upload my mix, track down "Honey, Complain" by the Solipsistics, and "So What If Here Heart Is Broken" for me
posted by ethylene 13 June | 01:23
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