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23 June 2005

Best Metafilter Posts of June (so far): Back by popular demand!

Best Unappriciated Post: louigi's Identity Theory

Best Nostalgia: Dr. Wu's 78 RPM Jukebox

Best Use of Propaganda in a Post: kirkaracha's The Art of War

Best Use of the Letter O in a Post: grumblebee's Doodles!

Best Page I Almost Posted Myself: pyramid termite's African Dress Traditions

Best Tinfoil Hat Comments: mk1gti's SpaceFilter

Best Post for Geeks Everywhere: KS's Marvel Value Stamps

Best Pop Art: madamjujujive's Andy Warhol Time Capsule 21

Best Overexposed Link: srboisvert's Celebrity Ping Pong

Best Face of Mother Russia (tie): arse_hat's Russian Urban Exploration and iconomy's Unrealized Moscow

Most Illuminating Post: hortense's The Illuminated Middle Ages

Best 'Possibly Offensive' content: mischief's Monster Magazine Covers

Best Do-it-yourself Indictment: boo_radley's Exploring Enron

Best Americana: matteo's Lee Friedlander Post

Best NewsFilter (60 Years Overdue): zarq's Nagasaki A-Bomb Reporting

Best Page Killed by Metafilter: Orb's Barbie Deconstructed

Best Example of Better Living Through Stolen Office Supplies: ColdChef's Elvis Post-It Note Mosaic

Best Impossible Dream: 31d1's Mathmatical Paper Folding

Best Obit: peacay's Life of Allison Crews
Wow, when I read matildaben's comment I didn't recall any "Best Of" posts, but having seen the goods, I must agree -- they're too good to die.
posted by agropyron 23 June | 19:07
Yay! Anastasiav reads all of MetaFilter so I don't have to!

(no really, thanks!)
posted by yhbc 23 June | 19:08
posted by taz 23 June | 19:20
the post-it-notes weren't actually stolen since they were used in the office under the direction of their boss.

errr - I mean, thanks for the round up :)
posted by puke & cry 23 June | 19:44 did I miss half of those posts?

Specklet's comment in the thread about paper folding killed me. I never knowed she was so cute.
posted by iconomy 23 June | 20:21
ah specklet is a girl.
I hate hate hate that I assume everyone is male until proven otherwise.
posted by mr.marx 23 June | 20:38
Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes

I've embraced the dark side of the force AND the softer side of Sears.

posted by Feisty 23 June | 21:17
Most of those costumes aren't too bad. I've worn far, far worse.
posted by puke & cry 23 June | 21:50
Where do I pick up my prize check?
posted by ColdChef 23 June | 22:01
Where do I pick up my prize check?

You win a free, lifetime subscription to Metafilter. Plus, bonus! Free livetime subscription to MetaChat, too!!
posted by anastasiav 23 June | 23:55
And now, by the way, I hope some of you nice people go comment on louigi's post.
posted by anastasiav 23 June | 23:58
I probably would have commented there, but I had already seen the site because of a post semmi made on viewropa... and I didn't want to say "nice site - I've already seen it", but I do find it strange that it got so few comments. Too much information in the presentation, maybe?

I wonder if it would have received more feedback if louigi had selected only one article to focus on, then just mentioned that the site was full of such gems?
posted by taz 24 June | 03:18
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